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Astro Homeo-Biochemic

New mechanic to identify your ailments or likely to occur depending upon your planetary condition of the body has been developed.

Anybody desiring the results, please provide your Name, Date, Time and Place of birth.

Your ailments and the Homeo-Biochemic remedies will be suggested.

  Rajendra on 2010-06-04
This is an internet forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
try your luck.

all bodily ailments can be identified for lif long cure.
Rajendra 8 years ago

dear dr,
please analyze my case and make suitable remedy suggestions:

10:17 pm
kharagpur (west bengal)

sriram 8 years ago


Your liver is very weak. It is affecting your digestive system and blood circulation. It may cause pain in lower legs i.e. below knee and above ankle.

You are having poor water distribution system in your body i.e. either Excess perspiration in certain parts of the body or dryness in some parts of the body, on tonnge and eyes. It may lead to some heart problems.

Difficulties in breathing system are also indicated.

If you confirm the above and also provide me descriptions of your problems in your own words, I may suggest the remedies.

Dr. R.S.Gupta
Rajendra 8 years ago

Rajendra, which astrology system do you believe or use?

Vedic/sidereal or actual?
girilal 8 years ago

Dear Dr.,
Thanks for coming up with the analysis quickly.
I will go through your statements one by one and give details about my problems.

'Your liver is very weak. It is affecting your digestive system and blood circulation. It may cause pain in lower legs i.e. below knee and above ankle.'

My digestive system has been HAYWIRE since several years - ie more than past 20 years or so. No doubt about that. I also had one attack of JAUNDICE in 1991. Subsequently all liver test results appear as normal although i have great difficulty in digesting oily / fatty foodstuffs. If I take oily food, it tends to cause terrible acidity, heartburn, acid reflux, GAS and i feel very weak. In fact it was discovered by one Dr that they cannot administer me any Ayurvedic medicine which contains oil / ghee. I have a perennial GAS problem.

The other important problem is the Constipation. I suffer from incomplete evacuation of bowels since many many years. Several visits to the toilet are warranted and I end up wasting most of the morning due to these frequent visits. This is the oldest problem.

The stool is more or less soft but i can feel lots and lots of trapped GAS - and unless that passes out, i feel very uncomfortable. It is as if the intestines are closed with some cork and the gas is unable to escape downward.

This flatulence results in severe distention and I feel very bloated. Even a little food is enough to feel satiated. The bloating is terrible after eating. I cannot tolerate any kind of tightness around the abdomen, neck etc. I have to loosen my clothes after eating.

I had been also a sufferer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) in the past with the dynamics such as Constipation alternating with diarrhea. Due to frequent distention, I developed INGUINAL HERNIA on the RIGHT side which has still not been corrected by surgery. Once I also developed some problem which was diagnosed as Subacute APPENDICITIS which was corrected by a course of antibiotics without recourse to surgery. (I feel many of my problems are on the right side of the body).

I have not experienced any pain in the lower legs so to say. Some years ago, I used to get severe knee pain (right side only) during winter months - but now even that is absent.

'You are having poor water distribution system in your body i.e. either Excess perspiration in certain parts of the body or dryness in some parts of the body, on tonnge and eyes. It may lead to some heart problems.'

Definitely there is excess perspiration which is mostly in the occipital region of the head. This can get real bad while eating (and sometimes when I sleep). The tongue feels quite dry at times and very sore some of the time.

Also, in the summer months, when there is terrible heat, humidity etc, I tend to suffer from severe depression. I have checked my thyroid and found to he very badly HYPOTHYROID (TSH has gone upto >100 in the past - I dont have any recent test report.). I am not taking the allopathic medicines for this as it tends to mask the symptoms making it difficult to cure with homeopathy. I am very sensitive to cold and can take cold easily - but I am also sensitive to hot humid weather (as in coastal cities such as Chennai, Trivandrum etc). If I catch a cold, it invariably tends to move towards the throat (infection) and onward to the chest - and I get diagnosed with bronchitis.

I am sensitive enough to detect even minute changes in the temperature!

'Difficulties in breathing system are also indicated.'

This is SPOT ON! I am a chronic asthmatic suffering since past 17 years or so. During my college days, I used to be awake until past midnight and I often found that the longer I was awake, the more would be the sneezing which is how things started. The sneezing would be terrible in the morning immediately upon waking and soon led the way to asthma. Just before this, I was wrongly dosed by an allopathic Doctor with Quinine suspecting Malaria.
Full fledged asthma attacks started a few months after the death of my grandfather. (I did not weep or cry when he died. I was silent throughout).

Over the years, I have suffered from Pleurisy, Pleuropneumonia, Bronchitis attacks (during change of seasons) and so on. My father and his father are also asthmatic.

The asthma is worse in cold wet weather (rainy season), cold dry weather (winter season here) and in hot humid weather and really worse in Cloudy weather. I get asthmatic attacks when I am in a warm room or in a closed room. (When I enter a closed room, I fear I might suffocate). Acidity (acid reflux) aggravates the asthmatic condition. Tightness of clothing is also another factor.

Even before the asthma problem started, I was affected by a severe dandruff problem and also severe urticaria like symptoms on the skin (face, shoulders, chest, hands etc). The skin is very sensitive. The funny thing is if the powdery dandruff scales fall on any point on the skin, it would pain like something stinging and then there would be a rash on that very spot. Now-a-days, this problem is much less.

I frequently get problems connected with Cervical Spondylitis - which developed much later compared to the asthma. Here, I get severe inflammation, pain, stiffness in the neck, and the neck gets bent to one side. The pain in general tends to extend to the RIGHT shoulder and the back of the right shoulder invariably tends to be inflamed with stone like swelling. As I write this, I am going through one such attack.

In terms of food cravings, SWEET is the 1st choice and SALTY is the 2nd choice.

I hope I have clarified sufficiently. In case you need to know anything more, or you have specific queries, feel free to ask me.

sriram 8 years ago

So the analysis done is 100% correct.

Your these problems can reoccur any time depending upon your immunity. You require long term medication to correct your planetary weaknesses in your body as most the problems are inherent in your sysem.

Once they are corrected your physical and mental conditions will improve and you will have better prosperity in your life.

What is your profession. Can you eloberate?

How are your children?

Their Birth details also to be analysed as oherwise they may also suffer and their careers will get affected.
Rajendra 8 years ago

Dear Dr,
Thanks for replying promptly. This is a very long post. Kindly have the patience to read through.

I have never had peace of mind in life owing to all these problems and more. I still can not sit / work in an air-conditioned room. Whenever I think of a routine job like my friends, I feel I am doing something very wrong by joining a routine job.

The fact of the matter is also that I cannot follow any kind of routine in life - first of all if the digestive problems are corrected to a great extent, a routine will be made possible. Otherwise the whole morning will be lost in preoccupation with the bowels.

I often feel that I can not take any more suffering and tend to shy away from good opportunities considering the pains, and difficulties that I would have to face.

Regarding my profession, I am a very confused person. I worked for a few years in the software line(instrumentation to begin with), then moved to system software, then to instrumentation, then to the telecom sector, then to Application Software, then over to the Wind Energy sector - with gaps in between - I have been a rolling stone / unable to decide where to dig my well! I also am a jack of all trades and master of none. Even eminent astrologers have been silent about my career options - they merely say, 'you can do just about anything.' [You can see that there are as many as 4-5 planets in the 4th house all viewing the 10th house and also the presence of Rahu in the 9th house - bhaagya sthana. I do not blame my horoscope for all my ills - but I haven't come with much good karma into this janma - I feel.]

Right now, the predominant feeling in me is that I am a spent force - my good times are over - and that there is no hope of recovering from this mess. I am unemployed now and do not feel interested to go for a job inspite of being married. I am totally resigned to my fate and am doing nothing to modify it as I feel totally powerless and overwhelmed by all that has happened in my life.

I find it very hard to work under someone nor do I have any great business ideas or acumen.

I tend to take everything to heart easily - which means, if anyone calls me names or shouts at me, i take it quite seriously and ponder over it and it works like a negative hypnotic suggestion. Any negative statement is a potential destructive suggestion right into my mind. I am extremely sensitive to insults, chastisement, rejection, humiliation. I am also very conscientious and fastidious by nature. I tend to be a PERFECTIONIST - and I expect others around me (especially my family members) to be PERFECT. I am not comfortable when people try to console me - Consolation merely fuels the fire! I tend to hide my difficulties (hold back my emotions) from others as much as possible. All the same, I can be quite short tempered, irritable and fly into rage at my own family members. It is as if I tend to obey the bosses submissively without question and vent out my anger at my family members.

My 'interests' range from Homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies, Ayurveda, Yoga, Meditation, Qi Gong, Classical Music (several instruments) and so on and so forth. I have not been able to decide in which of these fields to settle down.

I also tend to be very tentative - vacillating - unable to take decisions - moving back and forth from one choice to the other - feeling lack of self confidence and self worth etc.

It is as if I have no specific desire / ambition OR I don't know my own inner calling / WORTH.

A Sannyasi who was an expert astrologer once looked at my horoscope and told me that I would not have much of material desires which is really true. If I had material desires, I would be desperate to satisfy them and would have gone to any extent to get some work and satisfy the desires - but there is no such thing with me!

Several years ago, I wanted to be a musician but the move was vehemently opposed and prevented by force by my parents. I was forced to pursue Post Graduation in Engineering from one of the Premier Institutes in the country. I did this course quite well to satisfy my parents. After this, I lost my sense of direction in life.

To answer your question, I am married - its now the 6th year now. I do not have any children luckily. I often feel that if I had children and they happen to follow my footsteps in life, they had it - Oh my God!

My father also had a serious mid life crisis - but he went on long leave from his job, did some Ayurvedic treatment at a hospital, fully recovered and then resumed duties. he never changed jobs.

It is as if I have a Radar exclusively for negative energy which tends to attract more and more negativity!

sriram 8 years ago

I hope by now you have some faith in my line of action.

Don't get upset. Have faith in God. Everything will be alright.

You start taking the following :-

Digitalis Q (15 drops in a spoon of water three times a day

Chelidonium Q 15 drops in a spoon of water before 15 minutes of your meals.

Must report after a week. Remain in touch till you are cured.

I have put you on High Priority list.

Dr. R.S.Gupta
Rajendra 8 years ago

Dear Dr.,
Your questions have all been very very pertinent and relevant. No doubt about it.

Regarding the medicines, is Chelidonium Q to be taken before every meal?

I will procure the medicine tomorrow (Monday) as soon as the shops open - so you can expect that I will start with your recommendations tomorrow onwards (07-06-2010).

Thanks a lot, will keep you posted.

sriram 8 years ago

I have suggested another medicine also i.e.:-

Digitalis Q (15 drops in a spoon of water three times a day

You have to take both. One any time (three times a day) and the other Chelidonium Q befoe meals.

Dr. R.S.Gupta
Rajendra 8 years ago

Dear Dr.,
I did not mention Digitalis Q in my earlier post simply because I had no doubts to ask you about Digitalis dosage!

I have purchased both medicines (Digitalis Q and Chelidonium Q) and have started the medicine. Will report back in a week.

sriram 8 years ago

Dear Dr.Rajendra thanks for your astro bio-chemic salt remedy topic.In this connection i would like to request you what zodiac sings you are using.Dr.George W Carey of USA ALREADY USED THIS ASTROLOGY SYSTEM.He has told that ascertaining the date of birth,helps to find our corresponding health salt.He also advised to keep bio-salt always handy to restore health whenever disturbed.Before restoring to any other treatment.This will help every one cent percent.After geting date of birth a bio salt is instantly comes in our hand and as par disease of salt help us to select homeopathic medicines.If we get the date of birth from 19th April to 20th May,a remedy comes to our hand i.e Natrium Sulph.If we see the diseases of Natrium Sulph then eassily we can select related homeopathic medicines.My question your post is very much appreciable and if you can please share it here in the interest of homeopathy.Warm regards.Malaker
Dr.Haran ch malaker 8 years ago

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