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Bleeding in early pregnancy.

hi, my wife is 31 years old. She is now pregnant of 1month. She is slender. 45 kg weight. Very lean. Since 10 days she has some bleeding once a day from vagina only in the morning. She lost 4 kg of weigt in past 7 days. She has become very weak. Can anybody advise the medicines to be preferred. So far we have not used any medicine. Help me at the earliest.
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  ravikiran.cv on 2011-03-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Give her apis. 30c 2 pills/drops twice daily for three days.
maheeru last decade
Dear Member ,
Thank you for your advice. We used APIS 30 THRICE a day for 3 days. But we have not observed any change. Moreover she has the hunger but doesnt feel any taste of food. So became very weak. Kindly advise on this.
Waiting for your reply.
Thanking you.
ravikiran.cv last decade
Please give her Vibronium Perns.mother tinture(Q)20 drops per dose and repeat the dose after every 3 hours till the bleeding is stopped.Report after 3 days.Hopefully It will solve the problem.

dr. mahfooz
Mahfoozurrehman last decade
Dear Dr.Mahfooz,
Thank you for your reply. But i want some more clarification sir. It bleeds only in the morning in the first nature call, when she goes for bathroom. Later on the whole day there will be no bleeding. Our local homeo doctor advised to take VIB OPLUS Q. for thrice a day for 3 days. Can it be used? Can it be repeated 4 hourly once though there is no continuous bleeding? Secondly she wants to eat food and feels hungry. But she doesnt find taste in any food. So she became very weak. She neither sleep nor sit. She has backache just below the waist. At present we are using APIS 30. Should we continue it or stop? Along with this she also takes CALC PHOS 6X 3 TABS THRICE A DAY. And FERRUM PHOS 6X 3 PILLS TWICE A DAY. So kindly go through the symptoms and suggest some medicine to recover at the earliest. Waiting for the remedy.
Thanking you sir.
ravikiran.cv last decade

Please stop apis. Continue with the tissue salts and Viburnum opulus Q.
Answer a few more questions:

1) what is the cause for this problem?

2) Have you shown this problem to your physician and gynecologist? what are their opinions?

3) Is this her first pregnancy? If not, has she got miscarriages in the past?

4) You have mentioned she neither sleeps nor sits. Can you give more details about this symptom?

5) How does she feel with heat or cold and with different climates?
maheeru last decade
Dear sir, Thank you for your reply. Answers for the questions.
1. What is the cause for this problem? A) On 5 th evening we had physical closeness. Then there was no problem. She was alright. The next day morning this problem started.
2. Have you shown to this problem to your gynecologist? What are their opinions?
A) yes. Our gynecologist prescribed PUBERGEN 5000 IU injection which is anti gonado tropic injection used to prevent from abortions. We have taken it on 7 th. But later i came to know that when a woman who once had a normal delivery has no use of using PUBERGEN. We report about the bleeding even after the injection to gynecologist. She said that there would be changes in the body. So that your condition had become like this. In a short period everything would be alright.
3. Is this her first pregnancy? Has she got miscarriages?
A) no. Its her second pregnancy. The first delivery was a normal one in 2008 september. She did not have any miscarriages at any time now or in the past.
4. You have mentioned she neither sleeps nor sits. Can you give more details about this problem?
A)She is unable to take food as usual so became weak. So she cannot have enough strength to sit or walk for some time. And by lying down more time she got back ache at her waist and near shoulders. So she neither sleeps nor sits or walks comfortably.
5. How does she feel with heat or cold with different climates?
A) She reacts sensitively for all climates. That is she cant bear colder as well as more heat conditions. Feels comfortable if the climate is normal. In the winter she feels very shivering. In the hot summer feels bad. Her skin doesnt sweat as others. There will be only little sweat from her body where others sweat more and more.
Kindly go through these symptoms and give us the remedy which would solve this problem.
Thanking you sir.
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ravikiran.cv last decade
I do agree with mahreeu, but would suggest you the vibronium Perns. should be used first untill the blood is oozing and when it is stopped then start vibronium Op. Asa tonic Cal Phos. Kali Phos and Ferr Phos in 6x potency will solve her other problems.

Mahfoozurrehman last decade
These are so safe remedies than Apis.

Mahfoozurrehman last decade

Please continue tissue salts and Viburnum Prunifolium Q for 3 to 4 days as Mahfooz has advised.

If symptoms do not stabilize in 5 days then use a remedy called Sepia in 30c a few doses.
maheeru last decade
We are using as it is said. My wife doesnt sweat normally. So she always suffers from excess of heat and mouth ulcers. Now also she is suffering from mouth ulcer on lower lip. Kindly suggest me some medicine.
Secondly our gynecologist prescribed FOLIC ACID tablets and CALCIUM TABLETS. Can they be continued. Are those necessary? Are there any equalent medicines in homeopathy. If so Plz suggest me.
Thanking you.
ravikiran.cv last decade
Ravi, Calcium tablets might not be needed. You already are giving it's equivalent in calc. phos. Folic acid tablets may be given for a small period. Though not necessary.

How is she doing with bleeding and other symptoms?

As i said already, giving 4 or 5 days gap, give her sepia 30c twice daily for 3 days. Will also help with ulcer on lip.
maheeru last decade
Thank you for your reply. She is recovered a little. Now able to walk, sit for some time, and do her works without help. 1.Still bleeding is there as it is only the 3rd day we are using VIB Q. 2. Taking food in small quantities but not enough and not as usual. 3. Suffering due to weakness.
4. Has back ache near the shoulders, just below the neck. Can RT be given for this?
5. May we use NM 6x, Silicea 6x for ulcer on lower lip. Bcoz she has the ''suppressive sweat'' disorder.
6. yesterday we consulted our gynecologist as she asked, she said that the baby age is 8 weeks 3 days as per scanning. And advised to continue with FOLIC ACID TAB. What are the equalent medicines for FOLIC ACID TAB in homeo. Kindly suggest me based on above symptoms.
Thanking you.
ravikiran.cv last decade

Is it viburnum Opulus or Prunifolium she is taking? Let her take viburnum prunifolium if she takes viburnum opulus.

Folic acid is vitamin B9. One can prefer good nutritional food or can take vit. supplement. No equivalent for folic acid in Homeopathy.

NO need to put in RT, nm, silicea now.

Go ahead with sepia doses as stated earlier. Will help with back pain, ulcer etc.
maheeru last decade
Dr.Maheeru, we stopped using VIB OP Q,and using VIB PRUNI now. Yesterday bleeding stopped. But today in the evening, nearly after 36 hours it again started.
Moreover she is not at all feeling good. Unable to take food now. Back pain is moving from one place to another place. There was some pain around the chest today.
No taste. Very Bitter taste. Weeping severely. For some time she is ok. Immediately after some hours symptoms changing rapidly. Yesterday taken food. Today vomiting sensation. Condition becomes worst. May CALI CARB 200 be used for pains and back ache?
She is in deep sorrow and thinking. Her height is 5 ft 8 inches. Weigt 40 kilos now. Lost 5 kg weigt in past 20 days. Some of the symptoms might have repeated. Never mind. Kindly suggest treating as emergency.
Thanking you.
ravikiran.cv last decade

Stop vib. and tissue salts. I'm not sure how you gave viburnum but it ought to be given 10 drops of Q in 50ml of water twice a day. Follow this if we have to restart this.

Go ahead with a dose (2 pills or drops) of Kali carb. 200c. Report in 4 days.
maheeru last decade
Sorry to interfer again. I suggest you Stopp all the medicine and start the following protocol: you will see result within couple of days:-

> Single dose of 5 drops Ippeco-1M on first day morning or evening and then start

>> Vib.Per.Q 20 drops per dose after every 3 hours along with Mag.Phos-6x (atlest 6 tablets)

and report after 3days.

Mahfoozurrehman last decade
Dear Dr. Mahfoozurrehman,
We thank you for the care and the concern on curing the problem. But we had already started the remedy said by Dr. Maheeru. So I had continued that and the following symptoms occurred.
Dear Dr. Maheeru,
1. We have started using VIB.Pruni on 22-03-2011 and still using it. Bleeding is stopped three days ago.
2. She had recovered from the bach ache nearly 90%.
3. She is suffering from minor weakness now.

Now kindly advise me the next schedule to be followed and clarify me the doubts.
1. Do we have to continue VIB.PRUNI now? If so what is the dosage?
2. Do we have to continue with CALC.CARB 200 as said earlier?
3. Can the TISSUE SALTS be continued? If so what are the doses? Any additions?
4. The last menstrual date is 15-01-2011. So approximately she is now a pregnant of 2 months old. Kindly advise me are there any other medicines to be taken periodically i.e., month wise?
5. Will there be any side effects of using homoeopathy medicines for a pregnant woman. Bcoz what i usually found no woman use any medicines for any illness in the pregnancy. Either it might be Allopathy is not safe to use or they might not have the idea of using homoeopethy.
kindly suggest me.
I once again thank you for your response and concern.
ravikiran.cv last decade
Dear Dr.Maheeru, could you Plz suggest me the schedule ? Kindly go through above post and reply us. Thank you.
ravikiran.cv last decade
Ravi, Continue Vib. Pruni.Q till 5th or 6th of april. Then you may stop it. 10 drops of it in 50ml of water and whole of the 50ml has to be sipped for a dose; twice daily.

Yes give her 2 more doses of Kali carb. 200c, each dose a fortnight apart. Stop with the third dose.

Ferr. phos. 6x, Calc. phos. 6x, Kali phos. 6x two pills twice a day for two weeks in every month is good dosing schedule. (This is about tissue salts)

If she has further issues after kali carb. post here will guide you further.

If the directions are followed in letter and spirit, then homeopathic remedies are safe and gentle and beneficial to pregnant mothers.

Just ask her to take rest and be safe during those days when periods would be expected normally if there's no pregnancy.

Also make her take nutritious food. She must include green leafy vegetables, fruits, water in plenty.
maheeru last decade
Dr.Maheeru, thank you for the guidance. You had not mentioned about SEPIA 200. Whether it to be continued or stopped. She often feels BACKACHE.May Kali.Carb 30 twice a day or 200 once a day be used when necessary? Are there any monthly doses like TUBERCULINUM 1M etc, to protect the baby from genetic diseases.
Kindly suggest. Thanking you.
ravikiran.cv last decade

Let her continue with Kali carb. 200c 10 days apart. Report after 3rd dose. Also get kali carb. 1M. NO sepia or another remedy now.

How is she feeling with respect to sleep, energy level and emotional sphere?
maheeru last decade
Dr. Maheeru, thank you for your concern. She is suffering from little bit of weakness.
Gets sleep after mid night and the early morning. But not in early nights.
We are continuing VIB.PRUNI and tissue salts now.
Some times she feels 'weight and pressure' like feeling in the chest area. Is it normal or anything to be used Dr.?
Thanking you.
ravikiran.cv last decade

Ok Thanks for updating. Make the kali carb. dose from 2 pills to one pill. Let's see how it goes.
maheeru last decade
Dear Dr.Maheeru, she again got some bleeding today nearly 4 to 5 drops in the evening. She had done some home work like cooking, arranging things properly in the home etc., i.e., little bit excess work than usual.
Felt tired in the afternoon and bled in the evening.
At present using VIB.PRUNI. Only along with tissue salts as advised.
Is any other remedy to be used or it might be because of work? And stiffen muscles in the back side of the right thigh is also seen today.
No other symptoms and complications as of now.
Kindly give your opinion and advice.
Thank you Dr.
ravikiran.cv last decade
Dr.Maheeru, we are in need of your immediate help. My wife got bleeding four times today.
We are using VIB.PRUNI only 3 times a day now. Kindly respond.
Waiting for the earliest solution.
Thanking you.
ravikiran.cv last decade

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