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Premature Ejaculation



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premature ejaculation

I am 54 yes old. I am suffering from p.ejacu. it takes2/3 second time.I am married amd have three children.In my early aged ei. frm 12yrs to 22yrs i was habituated in masturbation.though i spend my married life good as my penis would erected after ejaculation.but now it does't happen.please suggest me medicine.
  shakhawat on 2011-12-25
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
dear experience semior doctors till no one is responding to my disease.please help me.
shakhawat last decade
Baryta Carb 30 is almost specific remedy for quick ejaculation, continue to take it once a day only, you will feel the improvement from the very first day,continue taking it untill you are completely cured.

Dr Syed Zaair Husain Rizvi

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Dr Zaair Husain last decade

Thank you for your prescription.I shall start taking Beryeta carb 30 immediately.If you permit me than i can describe some more troubles of my body in next post.

shakhawat last decade
Dear Sir Sakhawat,

How is ur PE condition after taking Dr Rizvi remedy Brayta Card 30??

Please post ur feedback ur condition of PE.. so that any needy one can get the benefit it as well..
Buqraat last decade
Brother Sakhawat,
whether your PE problem is cured with barayta carb 30 as prescribed by dr ZAAIR HUSAIN sir, he prescribed u this wonderful meds r u cured iam curious to know..plz reply iam planning to take the same plz bro reply.
sadanand305 last decade
the cure is very very simple please read carefully it worked 4 me when ur about to ejaculate first squeeze VERY hard lower part of the penis with one hand and top of the penis with other hand when u do this sperm can not come out
imagine you penis is like a pipe you squeeze lower part of the penis very hard with ur fingers around the lower part of the penis the other hand squeezeing top of the penis VERY hard with fingers round the penis head its important u do this when ur jus about to ejaculate with ur both hands squeezeing at the same time
when i say lower part of the penis its very lower part of the penis
when sperm dont come out for few months u will get better its worked for me the advantage is u get the satisfaction but do not lose energy. recovery can be slow but u will recover when u do this breath in and out sometime u have to push the testicals gently down so its easy to wrap ur fingers round the lower part of the penis
when ur getting better please let me know i will be happy vishnu05hotmailcom
vishnu5 last decade
Dear Sir,

I am suffering from the same problem of PE.
I am using homeo medicines for last 4, 5 months but not cured yet. I have also used the barya carb 30 for 15 days but not cured yet. I have used Selenium 3x & 30, satphisagaria 30, lycpodium 1M 3 doses but none of them worked yet.

please help me.
eusaphzaee 9 years ago
Dear Sir Sakhawat,

Have you taken Baryta carb 30? what is your PE condition after using it?
plz update..
Buqraat last decade
Dear Buqraat,
To say franckly I have taken 2or3 dose of it but i did not feel any action.Due to some other reasonb i stop it.i shall take it lateron.u can try and tell me ur experience. thank u.
shakhawat last decade
Ive taken baryta and it has cured my PE. Seems to have lowered my sex drive but have lots of pleasure without an uncontrollable urge to ejaculate. I reach climax a lot longer giving me time to stop and the urge would subside. Before the urge would come in a second and i would come. Less sensitive but to last 30 min now has made me and my wife very happy. Thanks for the advice doc.
Mjboot 9 years ago
Very good and advise to all PE patient to try and give feed back atleast after 15 days .
akshaymohl 9 years ago
Dear Mjboot,

Could you please explain about the dose of Baryta carb 30 that how did you take it and for how long?? in how much time you noticed that ur PE is cured?

Kindly elaborate the dosage and timings that you take medicine.

Please update so that so many can get the benefit from it.

waiting for your reply....
Buqraat 9 years ago
I am taking 10 drops in half a glass of water. I felt better the first week but after a few months it has cured it that it takes longer to reach climax giving me time to stop and begin again from the start. Sensitivity is less in all areas except the head of the penis which became more sensitive. I also feel more blood in the penis. And I am doing kegals. And I watch my diet.
Mjboot 9 years ago
I don't know whether it will help you or not

but i was also suffering from same problem

and i have taken online treatment at

www. completecare .eu.pn

you may also try or as u wish
gud luck
ramesh57 9 years ago
Dear Mjboot,

Thanks for your reply. I m glad that you feel better now May God gives you health n prosperity Ameen..

Mr Mjboot could u plz tell that before taking this prescription what was your Ejaculation Latency time? in how much time you ejaculated earlier?? You didnt tell how many doses you take in a day and what time? also you said after FEW MONTHS it has cured, can you elaborate how many months so that one can stick with the prescription instead of loosing hope.. further u said you watch ur diet.. please tell us how do u watch ur diet bcuz may be it plays a vital role in helping Baryta carb 30 to workout!! Do you smoke?actually i am smoker and need to know if i have to quit it before starting the dose..

once again thanks for your cooperatrion Mr Mjboot
Buqraat 9 years ago
My sex drive starts off iless. Everything seems to take longer. I try to eat less red meats to lower cholesterol. Drink more liquids. I've always had poor circulation. But niw i feel better with more energy. The key seems to improve the circulation of blood to your penis. Your endurance depends on blood supply to muscles. And your penis is no exception. The moment you wrote you smoke tells me your circulation is not good. I took it twice a day. I would last less then a minute. Yes I've taken it for about 6 to 8 weeks, and have seen an improvement. Everyone is different. You may take longer to get better. But you have to avoid red meats,drinks lots of fluids to have thinner blood to circulate, don't smoke, and walk and don't be over weight and take the drops. The drops won't be as effective if you keep throwing gasoline on the fire. It's a combination of both things. . I am over weight but I've improved my
circulation with the other changes. I think I have room for improvement . At 3 dollars a bottle what do I have to lose? And to think I used desentising cream a few times to not feel anything. Remember the key is CIRCULATION to your penis area. Drops with change of lifestyle and diet. Hope it helps you as it helped me. Good luck.
Mjboot 9 years ago
Try to take it morning and nite. And do kegals. Remember your penis will ejaculate fast because of the poor circulation. Doesn't want to risk getting soft before.
Mjboot 9 years ago
Dear Mjboot

Thanks for your advice and update the post :-) I really appreciate your concern! Yes you are right what to lose if $3 bottle healing you slowly.. My case a bit different actually.. i have no erection issue..I can foreplay for almost 20 mins But all i have is PE which let me ejaculate as soon as i enter.. unable to control my semen and ejaculate by just pushing 1 to 2 times..i think the organ head becomes so much sensitive..the more i think of the situation i am in (having sex) actually gets me more aroused and takes me to point of no return with in seconds..but sometimes when i tried to distract my mind from the intimate moments i get in,gave me few more seconds. Too much excitement and thinking that i am getting inside a woman actually make me cum earlier than the normal time. I dont want to be a superman i just want to stay inside my wife at least 1 full minute and give at least 15 to 20 strokes..
Do u think that this Baryta carb 30 will work in my condition? You didnt tell which brand medicine are you using? German Wilmar Schewabe?? or any other? please mention.
I will try to do thing that you mentioned in ur last post..
Kindly update
Buqraat 9 years ago
Just because you can get an erection doesn't mean you have good circulation there. I had poor circulation and had erections easily until one day I got ED. Homeopathy helped my Ed and PE over time. It doesn't happen over nite. Do you have a rapid heart beat? You could have anxiety, poor circulation and prostritis. Curing those I believe will cure your PE.
Mjboot 9 years ago
I take a brand called Haasler.here in Mexico. I went to a doc who studied Chinese medicine and how to diagnose on what you have by checking my eyes,ears and tongue. And she told me I had poor circulation. And she was right. Only problem she gave me diluted drops which would take longer to cure me. But I did see results. Just try what I told you. Diet, lifestyle change and drops.
Mjboot 9 years ago
Dear Mjboot,

This is the main factor i think.. The brand! so many people have already used the same medicine Brayta Carb in same potency for many months but found NO Result!!! Most of the people used German brand called Wilmar schewambe which offcourse is well known name but pp got no result as You did!! i dont think ur brand Haasler is available here in pakistan.. cuz its made in Mexico and we dont have mexican medicine available in the market.
Mjboot would u mind sending me this brand medicine from there? i will bear all shipping charges n stuff..

please let me know ok
Buqraat 9 years ago
Bugraat I think your medicine are fine. Like I told you before your smoking, diet has something to do with it. Believe it or not I have gotten better with more pleasure and lasting longer. I now use a teaspoon of baking soda with water and I put 5 drops of carb. My wife is very happy. I believe I still have room for improvement. Give that a try. Arm and hammer is cheap and so are the drops. I've spent lots more on other stuff with no results. Drink it after eating in the morning and after dinner.
Mjboot 9 years ago
Dear Mjboot,

Thanks for your reply. Ok if you insist i will start taking Baryta carb 30 (what potency u used? 30 or 200?) We are having Ramadan here so i will start it right after Ramadan. But Please clarify one thing that you mentioned in ur last msg that you used Baking soda with water and put 5 drops of bayta carb in it and then use it. Where is this Baking Soda formula come from? any one told u about it? will it get the better results if used with baking soda? please clarify.
Thanks again for your concern
Buqraat 9 years ago
Look i have made a conection with diet, poor circulación. Etc. I have had bad circulation. I went to the doctor and he also said my stomach was inflamed. I also have hemmorrhoids. I have heart burn. Which tells me I have an acidic diet that gives me inflamation of the stomach and veins and arteries. I eat a lot of meat. The baking soda is a way to lower the acidin your blood and raise the alkaline. Doing this will lower the inflamation in your veins and arteries which means better circulation. I have felt better so why stop. You should Google it. And read up on it. I still have a poor diet but it's better then before. I'm drinking lots of tea and less soda. I could be wrong about you and your eating lots of fruits and vegetables,salads and little meat and drinking lots of water and you exercize and don't smoke. So if this is your case then maybe you have another problem. Test your alkaline to see if it's to low.
Mjboot 9 years ago
Baryta seems to drop my arousal and seems to circulate more blood to the penis. Before I would reach a point of pleasure and I would ejaculate now I don't. One day I ate nothing but fruit and salads when I still wasn't fully cured and that day I lasted long with pleasure without the urge to cum. Before I was cumming sooner. And I read somewhere on the Internet that eating fruit ,vegetables etc would cure premature ejaculation. So I think cutting meats out of your diet is a key. I love eating meat so I'm trying to enjoy both and so far it's working out. You are what you eat. You take care of your body and your body will take care of you.
Mjboot 9 years ago

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