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AloeVera is also an alternative for psoriasis

hi all,
I am shilpa sehtiya from punjab.i was suffering from psoriasis for 3-4 years. But now it is somehow suppressed. I have taken homeopathy medicines for 1 whole year along with aloevera products from Forever living products.

homeopathic medicines were:
sulphur 30
sepia 30
graphites 200
petroleum 30
Arsenic album 30
all these one dose a day

and silicea 1M once a week

along with that i have taken aloevera gel
and aloe propolis cream from forever living products.

at present i have not got any prominent marks of psoriasis.

but as now with changing weather i am again getting the symptoms of this disease.

I drop this detail here so that i can help someone.
and also I want some suggestions to stop my growing disease.

  shilpasehtiya on 2005-08-21
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Which of the remedies you listed above are you taking today ?
Which remedy did you discover was the most effective ?

I would suggest that you use Arnica 6c in the Split Dose made up as follows:
Get a 500ml bottle of Spring Water from your nearest supermarket.
Pour out 100ml
Drop in 3 pellets or 1 drop of liquid Arnica 6c into the 400ml water
Cap the bottle tightly and succuss it 4-6 times by banging on your palm and look out for the air bubbles to fizzle up from the bottom.
Pour out 1 teaspoonful of the potentized remedy into half a cup of pure water and stir it gently.
Sip just 1 teaspoonful of the water from the cup twice daily.

Please note that the water in the cup should be used almost immediately as it seems to lose its effectiveness if kept over.

Please report any response in your Psoriasis either positive or negative after you have taken the Arnica 6c for a week.

Stop all other remedies that you are now taking if you use the Arnica 6c.
Joe De Livera last decade
I have asked patients with Psoriasis to use aloe gel - not the bottled stuff, but gel from the plant. It makes a tremendous difference. Aloe is one of the wonder plants and has such positive effects on the skin - I wish everyone would grow the plant and use as ness - wonderful for burns too. Eating a small piece of aloe for a week at a time is good too- however, it should be 'peeled', since the outer grren bit will cause diarrhoea (I am interested, though, in knowing a) if, used homeopathically, it'd cure diarhoea b)the action on a constipated person. It'd have to be taken in tiny bits tho - the green bit for diarrhoea, I mean. Far as the gel goes, about a half inch square is enough to start with, going upto an inch square.
Minsa last decade
I have observed that a patient who was suffering from Psoriasis all over his body was helped with Arnica 6c Split Dose. I cannot state that he is completely cured but he does feel far more comfortable with the Arnica than ever before. His lesions are less defined and the itchiness is gone and it is possible that he will be cured in a few months.

I do hope that shilpashetiya can also benefit from this treatment.

I had tried the Arnica 6c dry dose but this did not help the patient who responded within a week to the Split Dose which I must confess is mind boggling in its effectiveness. I cannot rationally work out how when the dry dose does not work or may even cause aggravation, the Split Dose works like magic.

This is the thrill of Homeopathy.

A question for you.

Have you cured any cases of Psoriasis and if so what are the remedies you used ?
Joe De Livera last decade
dear joe and minsa
thanx for replying.
i want to state that i am not a homeopath practitioner. i am just a patient of psoriasis. At present only 0.01% of my body is affected by psoriasis. only my elbows and scalp. otherwise i have some marks on whole body but no any leisons. I just want to get rid of these ugly elbows.

and dear joe, the way u have explained about the medicine, i am unable to understand. first tell me what is spring water and then how to succuss.
Is this medicine ok for such a low percent of disease? Are you a doctor? please give details.
actually i dont want to take risk somehow.

thank you.
shilpasehtiya last decade
My last post was not addressed to you. I had adddressed it to Minsa.

Spring water is the drinking water that you can buy from any supermarket. Check the small print to verify if the water is sourced from underground springs.

I am not a doctor as are most who term themselves as such when they get a diploma in Homeopathy. I have however about 30 years of close study of Homeopathy and 20 years of active involvement in helping others.

You do not have to risk your life by using Arnica 6c that I prescribed although many people that used it reported very positive results.
Joe De Livera last decade
The worst case pf Psoriasis I ever treated , had to stand on a sheet when she undressed to catch the scales that dropped off her skin .

It took two years to clear it and I used only high potencies of nosodes.
Did not touch Arnica.
walkin last decade
Sulphur, Psorinum, Thuja, Petroleum - not all together or all on the same patient, but depending on the person's symptoms and traits.
Joe, I would be worried if anything I gave for a long-term problem caused the problem to vanish or ameliorate too quickly - may seem contradictory, but I believe in removing from root, not pushing in.
Minsa last decade
I too have used Sulphur, Psorinum, Ars Alb with some degree of success for Psoriasis patients. None of these remedies seemed to show signs of helping to ameliorate the lesions after a few weeks use, but with the addition of my favourite remedy Arnica 30c Split Dose, there was a perceptible amelioration of the patient's condition.

It is reported that the possible cause of Psoriasis may be due to the absorption of some part of the food which is normally not absorbed and is sent out to the colon, being absorbed into the body. I prescribed Nat Phos 6x on the basis that it would help to accelerate the passage of food through the gut thereby reducing the possibility of full absorption of the elements in the food that may have been the cause of the Psoriasis. I cannot state that it worked but it certainly helped. I would like others too who read this post to please experiment with Nat Phos 6x, Arnica 30c in addition to other remedies for Psoriasis and record their findings.

I agree with you that in the case of a long term ailment like Psoriasis it would not be wise to stop the problem immediately but this does not happen with Psoriasis which is usually treated with Corticosteroids and other dangerous drugs which usually make a bad situation infinitely worse.

However an interesting case of cure to follow up your point is that of my curing many Asthma patients who had been using inhalers sometimes 2 types twice daily (4 puffs). I have been able to 'cure' them in a few weeks and they are all off their puffs. Those who were mild were surprised to discover that their problem did not recur after a week but others who were chronic had to use the remedy Nat Sulph 6c Split dose for a few months.

None of these cases showed any problem with Eczema which is supposed to follow if this condition is treated successfully and 'cured' suddenly.
Joe De Livera last decade
Yeah, maybe its worth a try - anything that can help anyone is worth a try. May I make a suggestion to you, Joe? Start documenting your cases - as in keep records of history, prescriptions, and LONG-TERM follow-up. That will increase the value of your suggestions tremendously - you will have an answer to the commonest concern to quick-fix solutions. And, if any problems come out over a period of time, you can use these as a learning experience. I hope you will take this in the spirit its meant.
Minsa last decade
I already have a list of ailments that I have prescribed Arnica for which I have recorded in Excel format and I have recently posted this list on 2 Forums. I believe I entitled it " The varied uses of Arnica"

I am simply amazed that this remedy which I consider a Miracle Remedy can can be used for so many varied uses ranging from a chronic Headache to ED. The thrill is when other remedies have failed and Arnica delivers the goods.

I hope others like you will also use it experimentally whenever you are not sure of which remedy to prescribe. This was the case with my first patient with ED and as I stated at that time, he was all smiles on the morning after.

I believe that it is important that those of us who are dedicated to helping anyone in distress who seek homeopathic assistance should do so freely and what is more important is that we should share our 'discoveries' in the use of remedies with each other on forums such as this and otherhealth.com so that this precious science may progress with new ideas instead of remaining the private preserve of the so called 'classical' homeopaths from whom I attracted so much flak in the recent past.
Joe De Livera last decade
Yes,I'm aware of that, Joe - what I am suggesting is to keep individual histories and records of patients, and insist that they continue to give you feedback over a long period of time(we all know how difficult that is) - and I mean LONG term. That will provide a more detailed pattern for you and all who are willing to follow your suggestions. I would definitely try your suggestion of Arnica for, say, a sleeping problem, but I feel no remedy should be used constantly - or be required to be used constantly - but that's only my opinion. One more thing - you will find that Arnica 200 1M will ALSO promote sleep (I have seen this in patients who take it for injuries/ physical trauma) - and probably other potencies as well. Of course this is just for info - I realise you can't suggest high potency use every day. Similarly, except for a few remedies that have contrary action in high or low potency,most remedies can be used in potencies other than the ideal (to the practitioner, anyway) - by adjusting the frequency of dosage. IMO, better to use whatever you have, even a close remdy than none, unless its no great hardship - in which case, why take a remedy at all?
Sorry - rambled on too much!
Minsa last decade
The ideal would be for everyone who uses a remedy prescribed on the forum to have the courtesy of noting the response good or bad on the forum after using the remedy prescribed for a few days.

Unfortunately this is very rarely done by the majority of patients and I am quite used to this lack of response which I interpret to be positive and that the patient was helped by the remedy. This is human nature for you but it would be nice if people who post their ailments on this forum remember that we who like to help them with our experience in the use of Homeopathic remedies would also like to have their feedback as it is through this learning process that we too know that any given remedy has helped.

I note that you do not recommend the use of any remedy on a daily basis. This is precisely the theory that I too was lead to believe as the 'truth' but it is only after taking Arnica nightly for almost 10 years that I have come to the conclusion that this is perhaps the only remedy that can be used in this manner. The proof of its efficacy can be seen if you see my photograph as people who meet me cannot believe that I am 76 years old. If you will please give me your email address, I can send it to you.

I have carried out tests by stopping this remedy some months ago and discovered that after about a week off the Arnica, I was beginning to feel not quite as vibrantly live and by the end of the third week, I was getting aches and pains in my body and was not feeling like doing my daily 45 minute walk in the park opposite my residence in Colombo. My BP also increased from 120/80 10mm upwards. I then stopped my experiment and started back on the Arnica and in a week was back to square one.

As I said before, I feel that Arnica is indeed the one remedy that can be considered a Miracle remedy which can be used daily.
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe, just mailed you.
Minsa last decade
I was going thru the forum. I am a psoriasis suffere since 15 yrs. I've tried homepathy but since I was in uae where homepopathy was not permiited I could n't get a better follow up and stopped. Aloe vera I have tried and has not helped much.

Now the lesions are very extensive all over the body and was seen by a homeopath 3 days back and started with ars. album fior one week. Then he decides what to give later. What are the food restrictions while having homeo medicines can someone help?
evenmart last decade
Psoriasis is a difficult ailment to be cured even with Homeopathy.

I am glad that you have seen a Homeopaht in your city and it is best that you count on his expertise to cure you.

The only restrictions are Coffee, Cola drinks and preserved meats containing saltpeter all of which antidote the remedy.

Please record your progress on this forum with details of the treatment.
Joe De Livera last decade
Joe, Thank u
what is best emollient I can use, (Olive oil, vaseline, petroleun gelly ... ????)
I have severe itching.
evenmart last decade
I do not think that any of the emollients that you listed can help.

I would like you to use Arnica 30c in the wet dose in the manner that I have detailed above and use it twice daily and report your response in a week.

There is a possibility that it can help as I have used it often to help chronic cases of Eczema which although it is different can also help Psoriasis.
Joe De Livera last decade
can I take arnica with other medication,as i told i am on ars. album.
evenmart last decade
I note that you are on a week's course of Ars A. Suggest you keep on this therapy and use the Arnica next week in the wet dose.

In the case of Psoriasis there is no specific remedy for this ailment. You have stated that you have suffered from it from age 15 but did not state how old you are now. Also we do not know if you are M or F.

Homeopathy has cured many cases but each person is distinctly different from another and in most cases it is a case of experimenting with remedies which have been known to help the ailment.

You must be patient and we will all try to help you to overcome it.
Joe De Livera last decade
I'm 39 yr old female, indian, and have psoriasis since 15 yrs, Obese. Also it started after coming to Abu Dhabi, where I have to adopt a very diffierent life style from which I was brought up. lesions are very extensive, both in body and scalp and most of the time handful of scales can be taken while changing dress.
evenmart last decade
I have taken a course of injection enbrel,TN alpha antagonist and help a lot to clear the lesions, will it be ok if can take those inj. with the homeo medicines. this is because of the suffering
evenmart last decade
I am indeed concerned at the suffering you are now undergoing but I feel that it may also be in some way due to the medication including injections that you are now using. I doubt very much that these injections can be of any assistanct to you as you would no doubt have realized by now. Psoriasis cannot be treated with drugs including steroids and at best they can only help with a temporary reduction of the severity of your ailment which invariably recurs with increasing discomfort when you are compelled to stop them.

I do not state that I can cure your condition but there are many who have successfully cured this ailment and if you are prepared to use remedies that I and other can suggest we can start whenever you are ready to stop all other drugs, injections and remedies that you are now using. Homeopathic remedies will only help when used alone and you are only wasting your time using them with the injections that you are now undergoing.

When you are ready to start again please contact us.
Joe De Livera last decade
Thank u for the concern. I think I did not mention clearly. I took those injections (ENBREL) in May-June period. 28 doses only. Since it is expensive, ($300/each) I could not continue. Then in July the lesions started appearing and since two weeks it is very extensive.

I started homeo med. only on 9 Sept. 05. and I am not on any other medicines. and my problem is my homeopath is a visitor to this part and not available always. Now he left two days back will come only in Nov. Also he asked to stop ars. alb and gave some high potency med, as he said and it is not named. so I do not know what it is.I will try to get the neame from him.
evenmart last decade
Hello Joe---

U r really a very humble person to share ur precious knowledge.

Dear Joe--I have one patient of mine--who is suffering from erythodermic psoriasis. He is having redness, visible flaking and only on the exposed areas--like face, hands and legs. He is not having much of itching.He was given Nat Mur 200 2 dose by our Sir-- which gave him a very temporrary relief.
Now he is on biochemic kali-phos 6x bd. He is a very nice gentleman who rarely complains although he is still the same. I want to help him--with his condition for which i need ur expertise.

nupur last decade
Hey there... Your topic line just caught my eye. Looks like the experts have probably taken care of you, but just thought I would mention that on another forum someone mentioned using 'honey water' (3 parts water with 1 part honey) for rinsing hands to cure a skin disease. Figure it couldn't hurt you and might help. Good Luck!
justmebyanyname last decade

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