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How to cure side effects of masturbation

My name is khan and i m patient of over-masturbation.Dr i m 17 years old and i have been doing masturbation for 2 nd half yeear.I started it when i was 14.i did it twice a day.Some of my friend recommended thi as a good thing actually i used to tell them taht i have wet dreams once in a month and they said i should start masturbationwehich will reduce them.But it rather excacerbated everythng.Now i m suffering from the following side effects of over-masturbation.
1.Extreme weakness
2.muscle cramp easily
3.When do workout some( one to two) drops of sperm without colour leaks
4.when get excited about sex drops of without colour sperm leak
5excess wet dream approximately every day
6.no memory if very weak as i can't remember what happened day before yesterday clearly
7.at night penis get erected without feelings
8.immune system is very poor
9.back pain
11.muscles become very loose
12.black circles around eyes
13.my face muscles r loose
14.growth of hairs early on allover the body
15.loose belly
16.sperm is colourless like water
nd may others.
Plz help to cure all these side effects of masturbation,I shall be very thankful.I saw ur comments on abchomeopathy forum nd i believe u can help me.plz doctor help me to regain my physical fitness and smartness as i don't wanna live like this.I also have sometimes sucide thoughts.plz help me before i do sth harmful,dr i also have the fellings of guilt and want to kill all those friend who told me about this.I think i wanna live rest of life in prison.I thinks masturbation has imprinted psychological effects on me.PLZ HELP
Warm regards
  Eagle shines on 2013-05-11
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
staphysagaria 1m weekly dose for one month along with china 30 two times daily for 15 daysa along with agnus castus 30 one dose at bed time for one month report. dose is 4 drops in two table spoon of water for all medicines
akshaymohl last decade
Thanks akshaymohl.plz can u be more specific as can u tell me the medicines u prescibed are whether in Tablet form or liquid.PLz write their full so that it willl be convenient for me to get them.Plz also tell me specifically their taking times.I m immensely thakfull to u 4 ur reply.May god bless u.
Eagle shines last decade
pl purchase in liquid form. stahysagaria 1m evening only one dose to repeat only after 7 days rest china 30 after one hour of lunch and dinner and agnus castus at bed time
akshaymohl last decade

[message deleted by tupacshaw on Tue, 14 May 2013 07:45:51 BST]
tupacshaw last decade
akshaymohl thanks veryy much again.U r really an angle who cam eto help when no one did.Thanks again i don't know how to thank u.
akshaymohl i have some confusions plz can u clear them.

1.should i take stahysagaria 1m on evry evening for 7 days not alongwith other medicines u prescribed( china 30 and agnus castus).
2. should i start taking agnus castus and china 30 after taking stahysagaria for one 7 days.
plz clearify i m little bit confused.Alot of thanks again.Plz tell will i be able to get back what i have lost in over-masturbation.THANKS AGAIN.
Eagle shines last decade
akshaymohl thanks veryy much again.U r really an angle who cam eto help when no one did.Thanks again i don't know how to thank u. akshaymohl i have some confusions plz can u clear them. 1.should i take stahysagaria 1m on evry evening for 7 days not alongwith other medicines u prescribed( china 30 and agnus castus). 2. should i start taking agnus castus and china 30 after taking stahysagaria for 7 days. plz clearify i m little bit confused.Alot of thanks again.Plz tell will i be able to get back what i have lost in over-masturbation.THANKS AGAIN.
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Eagle shines last decade
staphysagaria 1m to be taken one dose after 7 days and not daily rest is clear.the other guy can start the same with whitechest nut bach flower three times daily with olive bach flower one hour after white chest nut for three month the same staphysagaria 1m as weekly dose and china and agnus castus the same way whitechestnut will break the habit of repeating one act again and again and olive for mental and physical weakness due to this .staphysagaria will remove guilt and improve confidence china will cover fluid loss and agnus castus will give strenth to organ
akshaymohl last decade
U are already under advise of an adviser. So I will wait until u finish working with him other wise his works will go in vain if I snatch ur case from middle of the road.

Dr. Showrav
Dr. Showrav last decade
Hey dr.showrav i am facing lots of problem in here i am a 22 years old guy its been 8 years i have been masturbating and now its reduced by the post i read i took salix nigra q for days and now i am taking alfalfa for gaining weight which i lost due to over masturbation you wont believe i used to masturbate for 10 times in a day i got used to it and i spend years and years to quit it but didnt work so please can anyone help me in here i lost weight i went dark
acne on back and face acne ,premature ejaculation,erectile dysfunction and yes also along with masturbation i did smoking, drinking alcohol,which i have dropped now and i dont get harder erection now as i am getting married in 7 months so please anyone could help me with this
plz someone help me using my name at the start of the post. .
tupacshaw last decade
Eagleshines- and Tupacshaw-

I am writing out your prescriptions from Dr. Mohla -

Eagleshines ( get liquid remedies)

( I am making up a day for staphysagria-) you pick the day and then do
the same day FOR One Month

Saturday-staphysagria 1M (4 drops in two tablespoons of water) ( one month)

FOR TWO WEEKS- Take china 30c one hour after lunch.( 4 drops in two
tablespoons of water) China is called
Cinchona Officinalis **************
Take Agnus Castus 30c at bedtime. ( 4 drops in two tablespoons of water)

You can take the china and agnus castus on the day you take staphysagria..

Tupecshaw-this is your prescription from dr. mohla-in future if you
report in- go to front forum- see low left button- post new topic.
make a new thread- put dr. mohla 's name in the headline. post
your prescription and then write about results on there so you have your
Own treatment thread. Otherwise things will be confused on here.

Your prescription from Dr. Mohla is:

FOR One month- pick one day of the week. Take Staphysagria 1m on that day.
( 4 drops in two tablespoons of water)
take White chestnut ( bach flower remedy) 3x a day ( 4 drops or 8 globules)
take olive bach flower 3x a day ( 4 drops or 8 globules)
( white chestnut breaks the habit, olive is for mental and physical strength)

take china 30c- one hour after lunch ( 4 drops in 2 tablespoons of water) China is called Cinchona officinalis.
Take agnus castus 30c- before bedtime ( 4 drops in 2 tablespoons of water)
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simone717 last decade
Thanks Simone for proper guidance to both.I am really grateful.
akshaymohl last decade
You are welcome Dr. Mohla-nice of you
to help these guys out.
simone717 last decade
Dr. Mohla i m very thankful 4 ur assistence.I don't get just one thing that after singling out one day of week which we have to follow 4 the rest of a month,let's suppose be it SUNDAY , should we take staphysagria after lunch, breakfast or after dinner,Plz clearify this rest is 100% understood.Thanks again
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Eagle shines last decade
Take Staph in the morning- that way
there is a good gap between the other
[message edited by simone717 on Thu, 16 May 2013 22:00:08 BST]
simone717 last decade
Hi, simone717 i have got ur point but I have a problem in buying ur prescribed medicines.i could n't buy buy these medicines because i was having malaria so had to finish my malaria course first.But i m sured of malaria and
I went to buy ur prescribed medicines from many pharmacies but they didn't know ur prescribed medicines.Plz tell me how should i tell them the name of ur medicines.
Plz respond asap.
Thanks to all.
Eagle shines last decade
pl go to homoeopathic medicine store and ask for staphysagaria 1000 .China 30 agnus castus 30 .whitechestnut is a Bach flower medicine and can be purchased from good homoeo store
akshaymohl last decade
Sir akshaymohl i m very thankful for ur help.plz i have one more question as my hairs have startedd to reduse from foreheah as well as from skull.will these medicines cure my harifall which is also one of side effects of over-masturbation?
Thanks again
Progound regards
Eagle shines last decade
Eagle shines,

did you get the medicines?


Cinchona Officinalis is CHINA- ask for Cinchona officinalis 30-
bc someone else on here asked for china and they gave him Cina
which is a worm medicine- do not get confused on this one.

agnus castus

white chestnut
simone717 last decade
Dr simone717 i have checked all homeopathic stroes in abuja but i could not get the medicines.actually these nigerians are not used to homeopathic medicines i think or they r not qualified as our drs.plz prescribe me alternative medicines that r easily available here.
Regards to all dr.
Eagle shines last decade
Hi simone717 and akshaymohl.plz prescribe me other or alternative medicines as these medicines are not available in here.plz prescribe me mdicines because my hairs from forehead and skull r sheding,plz help.
May God bless u!
Eagle shines last decade
Hi EagleShines,

Ok, here is two places to order online.

The first is the homeopathic pharmacy in south Aftrica. The site
is a little odd- bc it does wholesale, but you can contact them
and request exactly what you need. The company is called
W-Last homeopathics.

Staphysagria 1M in liquid or pills
Cinchona Officinalis ( china) 30c liquid or pills
Agnus Castus 30c liquid or pills

( see if they have Bach flower or not) if not google Bach flower
remedies- they are not homeopathic just a flower essence-
and many people sell these from all over the world.

Many homeopaths like the liquid, but in usa where I am, liquid
is twice the money, get the best for your budget.

I would think South Africa would be faster to get things.
If you have trouble then just go to Helios Homeopathic Pharm
in the UK and get the #6 pills or liquid if you prefer.
Helios takes about 5 to 7 days to get there.

You have to get the remedies prescribed.
(btw I am not a doctor, but askshaymohl is Dr. Mohla)
[message edited by simone717 on Sat, 22 Jun 2013 18:18:56 BST]
simone717 last decade
Plz if u can directly send me the link of this pharmacy i will be very thankful!
Eagle shines last decade

helios is

wlast-. call them at +27 (0)11 682 -1691 links will not work on here.
[message edited by simone717 on Tue, 25 Jun 2013 17:24:31 BST]
simone717 last decade
Hi Dr. Showrav , will you help me too at http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/486891/

Can I take treatement you mentioned on your this thread because I doubt that as in my case it is more than 8 years.

I will be highly thankful to you
ichigo231 8 years ago

This is Dr. Mohla's prescription, not
Dr. Showrav.

You can do a new thread for Dr.
Mohla and tell him 8 years of this
and what is specifically your symptoms.
[message edited by simone717 on Mon, 17 Aug 2015 01:58:47 UTC]
simone717 8 years ago

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