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Fibromyalgia, Vaginal discharge, digestion probs

Hi please help me as I have a bundle
Of health issues and it has depressed me so much. I am 30yr old female. Very happy by nature, optimistic, funny, efficient,talented, quick tempered and calm down fast. Creative and have lots of hobbies. Like decorating my home and a lil clean freak/germophobe.
Feel like drinking water a lot. Not much physical exercise due to ill health. Just some walking sometimes. Late sleeper and late riser. It has gotten too bad. Don't sleep before 3 to 4 am. Wake up by 11 am or so. Have wierd social anxiety at present. Avoid people's phone calls and going out with them. Even though I am quite fun when I am with friends and am the funny and mischievous one.

1. I have chronic yeast infections since I guess I was 8 or 9 (even before getting periods). I had no idea that it was yeast as in my family such things aren't spoken about usually. I haven't tried homeo for this issue.
2. I have constant indigestion. I am bloated most days in the upper part of stomach. Anything I eat causes gas. Nat phos has helped relive gas for me and sometimes nux vomica has helped with digestion. But I haven't gotten long term relief yet! My husbands grand mother is a well read in homeopathy and she suggests me the medicines I told. But now she is too old and I live in US and she in India. Hence communication is tough.

3. SLIP DISC : I have been using homeopathy majorly since 3 yrs for my multiple slip discs and fibromyalgia pains. I did feel lot of relief in the process but still struggling is all I can say.

3a) I had multiple slip discs, 3 yrs back due to repeated motion injury during moving houses. My L5-s1, C 5-c6 and also somewhere in the middle back I have protruding discs. At present my cervical disc hurts more than others. It pains on the right side of my neck. Sleeping on my right helps. Turning fully to my left anytime aggravates symptoms. My L5-S1 seems to have become lot better but I still get mild pains if I sit for more than an hour or two. Hence traveling or social occasions are stressful. Mid back is fine now. Also muscles feel very achy around the spine at times.

3b) FIbromyalgia :- this was diagnosed by my MD rheumatologist in USA and also couple of other doctors here and in India. I take cymbalta 40mg for this and also my back issues. I have also tried various homeopathy meds. I can give u the list of 1 ms and 10 ms I took for reference. I remember taking ruta 10 M. Rest I can check and mail u.

Symptoms- since my childhood I was mentally more energetic but physical couldn't ever match up to what I felt like doing. Waking up with tingling legs and body aches was common. Never felt fresh in the morning in school days. Couldn't bear sun so would avoid most sports. Would also sweat, especially from head too much which made it tougher to be active. My family would always land up pressing my tiny legs in morning to get me
Going for the day. But eventually I would feel normal by the evening. I guess I had phases of years when I was better and then phases when I was worse. After I got married 4 yrs back to my love, it got worse. We had an intercaste marriage which wasn't well accepted by my inlaws and my husband felt quite sandwiched. I was too naive to understand such complexities and felt alone and cornered by inlaws and my husbands behavior of not supporting me was taking a toll on me. I come from a very normal
Middle, upper middle class with practical approach Mindedness. I have never seen violence as a kid or anything. But I found out the hard way tht my husband would have a voilent nature when he got angry. Like break things around in frustration and harming himself by punching fists in the wall. I was schoked and in trauma. This made a huge impact on the health (couldn't tell anyone). I was going through all this alone when I already injured my back and one thing led to another. I fell weaker and weaker and my usual body pains rose like anything. And I believe my doctors feel that some emotional trauma caused
This fibromyalgia. Which I can totally believe. Good thing is everything is more or less sorted. My husband took some therapy and realized how he was and had changed tremendously. My inlaws started loving me and feel now That caste has nothing to do with a person. Thank god I could win over them finally. With the help of my parents morals Ofcourse.

I am an MBA but can't work here due to visa. Hence I find it hard to suppress my depression sitting at home. My confidence which is usually less took a toll due to not working in US and adding weight. . I know cymbalta makes me feel much happier. I can feel it. But I want to get off it due to side effects like constipation. But without it (tried reducing dose) my fibro pains are very bad.

Please help me feel better. Thanks a lot.
  Nitz7 on 2013-07-31
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
write yes or no in capitals in front of the u/m symptoms.will review the case.
[message edited by anuj srivastava on Wed, 21 Aug 2013 07:27:30 BST]
anuj srivastava 9 years ago
Sudden, intense ailments from fright. No
Anxiety and restlessness with complaints. Yes
Fears that do not subside. Yes
Faintness or dizziness upon waking up. Yes
Sudden fever with one cheek red, the other pale No
Intolerance of pain. No
Painful urination with anxiety No
Pains followed by numbness and tingling. Yes
Eye pain and injuries No
Throbbing headache.Yes
Unquenchable thirst. Yes

Emotional upset Yes
Fear Yes
Anxiety Yes
Extended period of unusual or continued mental exertion Yes
Dizziness Yes
Diarrhea No
Craving for sweets and salt. Craving for strong flavors. Yes
Enthusiastic and suggestible, with a tendency toward peculiar thoughts and impulses.Yes

Anxious Yes
Anxiety associated with later stages of head cold, with sneezing No
Asthma worse after midnight, fears suffocation while lying down No (do get sleep apnea sometimes)
Fearful Yes
Irritable Yes
Restless Yes
Sleepiness but insomnia Yes( have been sleeping better on Cymbalta but that’s fading now)
Thirsty for frequent small drinks Yes
Weak and exhausted Yes
Desires air but sensitive to cold Yes
Vomiting with or without diarrhea after eating and drinking No

Increased perspiration Yes (too much compared to others espl frm head)
Night sweats Yes (since on Cymbalta only)
Cold hands and feet :No
Dizziness Yes
Nausea Yes
RaveNous hunger Yes
Aversion to fats Yes
Craving for eggs No
EYes sensitive to light Yes
Pale face No
Large appetite with slow digestion No

Nervousness Yes
Apprehension Yes
Anxiety prior to an examination or public performance Yes
Fatigue and aching of whole body Yes
Limbs, head, eyelids heavy No
Headache Yes
Scalp sore to touch No
Sore throat Yes
Lack of thirst No
Dizziness, trembling, fatigue, dullness Yes

Vomiting No
Sensation of a lump in the throat No
Chills with fever No
Thirst during chills No
Chills relieved by warmth Yes
Cramping pains in the abdomen or back No
Headaches that feel like a nail driven into the side of the head No
Skin very sensitive to drafts Yes
Introspective Yes
Sad Yes
Brooding No
Tearful Yes
Rejects company Yes
Disappointed Yes
Grieving No
Insomnia from emotional distress Yes
Nausea relieved by eating Yes
Eating intensifies hunger No

Exhaustion Yes
Deep anxiety and inability to cope Yes
Headaches Yes
Jumpy and oversensitive Yes
Startled by ordinary sounds Yes ( in phases Not always)
Backaches Yes
Nervous digestive upsets Yes

Shakes head without any apparent cause No
Facial contortions No
Gassy, constipation or diarrhea Yes for gassy and constipation
Sour belching No
Claustrophobia Yes
Irritability Yes
Digestive upsets with gas and bloating Yes
Craves sweets, warm food and drink Yes
Night cough No
Wants to be alone Yes
Cranky on waking No
Bullying tendency No
Fear of failure Yes
Breaking down under stress Yes

Tongue feels dry No
Mucous membranes dry No
Nausea Yes
Insomnia Yes
Claustrophobia Yes
Migraine headache No
Vomiting No
Pains around eYes No
Craves salt and dry foods Yes
Weepy but won't let others see it. (Wants to be alone to cry.) Yes
Consolation aggravates them No
Angry from isolation No
Fright, grief, anger No
Nervous, discouraged, broken down Yes
Depressed Yes

Anxious Yes
Fearful Yes
Weak Yes
Associated with hoarseness No
Tight heavy chest No
Dry rasping cough NO
Burning pains in stomach, abdomen, between shoulder blades No
Thirst for cold drinks that are vomited No
Nausea Yes
Night sweats Yes ( only on Cymbalta)

Sensitive Yes
Weepy Yes
Wants attention and sympathy Yes
Changeable symptoms and moods Yes
Craves open air Yes
Sensitive to heat Yes
Dry mouth with lack of thirst No
Rich food upsets stomach Yes
Insomnia from recurring thought Yes
Head colds No
Loose cough, worse at night No
Delayed menstrual period with scanty flow: Delayed Yes, scant No

Worry Yes
Overwork No
Headaches Yes
Difficulty concentrating Yes (since on Cymbalta)
Exhaustion, Yes
Over sensitivity Yes
Overreact and devote attention to tiny details Yes
Low stamina Yes

let me kNow the color of your tongue.

1.yellow deposit on the tongue No

2,Tongue clean, slimy, small bubbles of frothy saliva on sides No

3.Thick, moist, golden yellow coating of the tongue and palate No

4.Dirty, brownish green or grayish-green coating on the root of the tongue. No
white or gray exudations and a white or gray coating of the tongue. Yes

5.Clean red tongue. No

6. ANY OTHER CONDITION OF THE TONGUE. Today morning I saw part of my tongue as orange though I didn’t eat anything like that. Usually I have a clean tongue but since 2 weeks its white coated after a food poisoning episode

BODY ODOR? No (only happens when I am ill with upset stomach or say fever)


feeling of suffocation when wearing a tie. Yes

any funny sensation in the body,delusions etc since a year I have sensations like cold drops are falling on me on my back and sometimes on my knee and other joints..it has become more rare Nowadays.

YOUR PAST TURMOILS? Please can you rephrase? Didn’t understand

sleeping habits,and any other peculiarity under the sun your body and mind is experiencing which is Not Normal.
I fall asleep very late as my mind is super active and keeps getting various thoughts, ideas etc. then I don’t sleep continuously and keep waking up to check time on my phone. I eventually sleep in the morning and wake up very late.since childhood I hated sun. got headaches every day I was exposed to it. Felt too hot , sweaty and uncomfortable.

(Note: - Sensations are also important and should be especially Noticed. The special sensations may occur in any part of the body, or internally or in the head or extremities. Give the sensations in your own language to express it. No matter how simple or even ludicrous, it is necessary to give it.)
Examples: - It may be like a mouse or bug crawling; like wind blowing into the ears or eYes; as if someone was pulling a hair; as of a blow on the of a band or cord around the head; as though you had a cap on or hat; as a plug in the ears or some other place; as if aNother person lies along side of him, or that one limb is double; as if abdominal muscles were pushed out by arm of a child ;
as if boiling lead were pushing through rectum ; as if anus would fly to pieces during stool ; as if moisture, or a drop were running through the urethra back ; as if the year was grasped by an iron hand ; as if claws were grasping the bowels; as of a splinter in the throat or flesh like a string of thread on the tongue or in the throat; as if joint were dislocated; as; as if legs were made of wood.

(Note: - These are merely illustrations, a few which have occurred to other person, and are given that you may understand what is meant by sensations. Always give the locations as well of the sensations.)

(Note 1 :- This section refers to each disease, each sickness and to every symptom. No matter what the trouble may be it is necessary to be refer to this section. Be sure that the aggravation or amelicration you Notice is from the course given.)
(Note 2 :- The time of an aggravation or amelioration refers to the year, the month, the week, the day, the night, or the hour.)
State at what time your troubles or any single symptoms, is made better or worse. Mornings are the worst, gets better later
- State what season of the year (winter), what time in the month (all), whether the phases of the moon cause either (fullmoon days I feel worst), what part of the week (No such thing), what hour of the day or night the trouble or single symptom comes on or is made better or worse (always mornings).
- Is there any position which you may assume that causes a particular trouble or any single symptom to be better or worse? It may be when you first lie down; or after lying down awhile or rising after sitting or on sitting after standing, walking; walking much; walking in the house or in the open air, or in the cold air ; or at night; running, running rapidly or slowly; when stooping over, after
stopping, or on rising from stooping; leaning the head backwards, forwards; to one side or leaning the head on the table or the hand; lying with head high or low; lying in some particular position ; crawling on the hand + knees or some other or many possible positions.
Usually when I lie down it’s the best. But when I feel very sick I like to walk around the house organizing, cleaning and working.i feel best to sleep sideways on my tummy with one arm under the pillow. I always lean and sit on my right due to my protruding disc pain on my cervical place.

- Does anything cause the trouble or a single symptom to be better or worse ? It may be reading ,writing , music ascending or descending the stirs or a hill, biting the teeth together ,blowing the Nose , before or after one of the meals, breathing, breathing deeply, when chewing food, when eating or drinking, closing or opening the eYes , looking up, down or sideways, from heat, cold, from warm or cold air heat of stove or sun, dry or moist air going into the air or going into the warm, sunlight or lamplight from excitement, fight, grief, grief, sorrow fasting, some kind of food or drink
motion or quiet, when Nose is discharging or is dry, from gratification of passions , scratching, rubbing, beginning of sleep, during a storm, thunder storm, sNow storm, swallowing food, drinking of saliva, talking, singing, hearing other talk or sing, music touch, turning over in bed, covering up or uncovering, wet dry, windy or cloudy weather.
(Note 3:- The above is given to impress on the mind the great importance of Noticing what may seem to be little things.)
Breathing deeply helps,
Venting out helps,
Choclates make me happy
Talking helps
Singing, painting or creative work makes me very happy
Bending forward with neck or back aggravates the protruded disc situation I mentioned in the first post
Loud music and Noises makes my pains and mood iiritable
Sadness after a fight at home make me very ill

At what age did you have your first menses? 11yrs
- Had you any trouble before or during the first period? No
- Have you, at any time, had you menses stopped or decreased by getting feet wet, from a general wetting, from cold, fright weakness, sickness or any other cause? Yes, cant remember what happened but I missed quite a few times including the last one. Usually miss in stress
- Have menses been irregular or painful at /since a particular time? Yes since I came to US from India 4 yrs back same time I was married and same as the highest stress point in my life
- Are your menses too frequent, too seldom, delayed, regular, early, and late? If so how often do they come?
- my cycle is ususally for 35 to 37 days. They do get delayed and sometimes I miss them like I did last month. Last one I got was may 29th
- Do you have menses during the nursing of your child? N/A
- Do you have the whites or Nose bleed during menses? No
- How long do menses last? 7days
- Do excitement of exertion bring menses on? No
- When does the flow increase, decrease or cease? AfterNoon, day only, evening, lying down, morning, motion, at night only, walking? Mention only things that affect the flow? Reduces 4th day in general. Less at evenings and very less at night lying down.
- Character of the flow, describe the flow very carefully acrid, black, bright red, brown, changeable, clotted, lumpy, conspicuous, dark excoriating ( making parts sore) , fetid or foul ,greenish , gushing hot ( unduly so),membraNous (shreds), milky, mucus, its dark red , sometimes blackish red lumps come out, sometimes membraNous, ends dark brown .
- What is the odour? Not pungent. Last few days like coffee
- Is it pale, profuse, protracted (lasts two long) scanty, stingy, tenacious, thick, too thin, viscid, watery, dark clots to bright blood, etc. Give exact appearance and odour of the flow? its dark red , sometimes blackish red lumps come out, sometimes membraNous, ends dark brown .

Before the menses
- Various troubles of the abdomen. Loss of a very great appetite. Troubles of the back. Difficulty in breathing. Troubles of the chest. Chill, chilliness, costiveness, cough, delirium, diarrhea, ear trouble, eructation, eruptions, eye troubles, face trouble, fainting, cold feet
head troubles, headache, Leucorrhoea, pain in arms or legs, swelling, itching and soreness of the breasts, mental changes Nausea or vomiting, bleeding of Nose, ovarian troubles, pain restlessness, sexual excitement, urinary trouble, great weakness or weakness, Describe all such troubles, and others as directed in various sections.
Before menses for about a week or more I get extreme restless less, tender breasts, high temper, super emotional can cry any moment, sexually excited, overall pains of fibromyalgia seem elevated, lower back pain, bloated tummy, added weight, coffee and chocolate craving, low apetite, acne, weakness

During Menses; - This refer to the time from the starting to the ending of the flow.
During menses: Least amount of fibromyalgia pains, lessen restless legs, better glowing skin, better moods, low apetite, sweet craving, coffee craving

After The Menses: - Many of the troubles referred to above may occur after the menses. Give all the complaints carefully as above attach sheet.
Pains elevate after menses again, slowly restless legs and body pains start coming back as suall..

Leucorrhoea (the whites ) :- AlumiNous (like white of an egg ), biting, black bloody , brown, burning, clear, cold, cream like, dark, foetid or foul, like jelly, greenish, in gushes, honey colour, lumpy, mild or bland , milky, mucous, opaque, profuse purulent (matters) ropy, scalding, scanty, smarting, causing soreness, starchy, sticky, stiffening the lines, suddenly coming & going, tenacious, thick, thin, thready, transparent, watery, white, yellow
I just got diagNosed today by my gynac that I have bacterial vagiNosis. I was having white mucous thready watery starchy discharge for last few weeks. I was treated for yeast and Now I don’t seem to have any discharge but my labia seems slighty sore and very occasional itchiness with No odor. I have chronic yeast infection(that’s what I think it is since I was 8)

do you have a mind which you feel is perverted? Yes

are you arrogant? Yes

do you over estimate yourself? No




palpitation AND TREMBLING ABOUT THE LIMBS DURING EXCITEMENTS? Yes when I was small on stage







Nitz7 9 years ago
1 Nux Vom 200
15 drops in a cup containing an ounce of water, sip one third of it, 15 minutes later sip the next third of it, and 15 minutes later take the last third of it.HALF AN HR BEFORE DINNER .dont repeat.

2 calc carb 200, five pills on day 2 at night, dont repeat.

3 kalimur 6x ,5 tablets three times a day from day three every day.

will review after a feed back on the 4th day.
anuj srivastava 9 years ago
I will gather the medicines and let you know ASAp.
I should have most of them at home. But if not where can I order?
Thanks for the prompt reply
Nitz7 9 years ago
If you are in usa
order off of abc remedies shop nux vomica 200c, Cal Carb 200c.
Order the cell salt Kali mur 6x from vitacost online or get it
from Whole Foods- it will be hylands brand and they are tablets not
homeopathic pills.

If you are in Europe or UK order from Ainsworths homeopathic
Pharmacy if you need to get the cell salt- you have to put the cell
salt into the search box, and it shows up on a separate page
at the bottom. You can order the other remedies there also so
you just have one shipping charge.
simone717 9 years ago
Hi ,

I have a question. I have about 5 pellets of nux Vom 200 left at home. Will that be sufficient? . Also have about 15 pellets of Nux Vom 30 left.

I just want to know if I should do what u asked with the 5 pellets of NM 200 or should order a new one. As that might take time.
Nitz7 9 years ago
you can have 5 pellets,there is no prob,but what abt other medicines,do you have them? if you are ordering them then order NV ALSO.

having those 5 pills today and 15 as and when they arrive will do you good.
anuj srivastava 9 years ago
Thanks for the prompt reply again.
Me and my husband are very impressed with the service you are doing through this forum.

I have to get Kali mur. Will order Numvom too. Have Cal Carb 200.

Thankyou. Will start it tonight.
Nitz7 9 years ago
Dear Mr. Shrivastav,

Sorry for the delay. I was trying to arrange meds and also fell sick with some food poisoning n Gerd issues.
In the meantime I had an appointment with my gynecologist and she tested me and found that I have bacterial vaginosis. She tested me 4 times in last 2 and half months and this result came constant. She prescribed medicine to be taken vaginaly and it seemed to heal the Infection in the beginning. But reappears. I Don't know if I start to get yeast by the end of the course or what. She told me that she thinks I don't have chronic yeast but rather have chronic bacterial vaginosis. I am super stressed with this now. Have to do another 5 days course and then take it once a week for a month. I feel discharge increases if I have intercourse (which is rare due to my issue). We use condom as protection and I am now wondering if that's any issue. I doubt though. Is there any cure for BV in homeopathy. Thanks.
Nitz7 9 years ago
Sorry I forgot to add. Haven't gotten my period since June Not pregnant.
Like I told u before. Have irregular ones when I live in US
Nitz7 9 years ago
1 Nux Vom 200
15 drops in a cup containing an ounce of water, sip one third of it, 15 minutes later sip the next third of it, and 15 minutes later take the last third of it.HALF AN HR BEFORE DINNER .dont repeat.

AURUM MET 200,five pills on day 2 dont repeat.

day 4 onwards pulstilla 30 5 pills three times a day.every day.along with nat sulph 6x ,5 tabs three times

feed back after seven days.
[message edited by anuj srivastava on Wed, 21 Aug 2013 08:49:48 BST]
anuj srivastava 9 years ago
Unfortunately my Nux vomica is almost over. Did u mean pallets when u sd 15 drops of Nux 200? Because drops would mean mother tincture right ?

Thanks again.
I will order the other med aurum met u sd too. I have pullsitilla 30 at home.
Nitz7 9 years ago
not tincture it is liquid in 200 potency.
anuj srivastava 9 years ago

I am sorry. But I have an update. I ordered the medicines and right after that my doctor calls me to say my latest lab result show negative for bacterial vaginosis and yeast. It's very confusing why she said yesterday that I have BV. However the Tests show negative. She also updated me that my blood test for HSV 1 came positive and it doesn't confirm if it spread in my vagina too. However, I am getting some boils/bumps on my vulva and near the thigh joint since few months. I had them
Some years back too. Off and on.
I still have some discharge whitish to thin.
Now do u want me to go ahead with the med u said?
Sorry for all the confusion.
Nitz7 9 years ago
yes pls
anuj srivastava 9 years ago
Ok thanks. The ordered is placed should get medicine by this weekend. Will report in 5 days
Nitz7 9 years ago
Hi ,
I got the meds. Will begin tonight.

However, I had a question. Not sure if I can ask here. Got my test results back. Like I told u before my periods are getting irregular and last one I got was on may 26.
My progesterone level came .56
Reference Range:
Males: 0.28-1.22
Follicular phase 0.15-1.40
Luteal phase 3.34-25.56
Midluteal phase 4.44-28.03
Postmenopausal 0-0.73

Not sure if this is to worry. But fact is when I am in India I get periods evry month and never have an issue. Hav rarely every missed one. May be once in 3 yrs. but whenever I m abroad this happens. Even last yr when I was in India with my parents for 7 months I got them regularly. Once I came back to US in 3 months slowly they got irregular. True I am more stressed here. But worries are te same wherever I may be.
Nitz7 9 years ago
worries are increasing with a sense of insecurity in foreign country .could be because of that.
anuj srivastava 9 years ago

I have taken NV and Au met as per u sd. Then gave one day gap and started nat sulp and pulsatilla. Today is the 5th day of taking both. But not every day I could take 3 doses of each due to some traveling schedule. I atleast took two doses though of each. I still didnt get my periods since may29th week. But yesterday I got very little brown spotting once and today and little more like 2 drops of spotting brown again. (Only when I wipe tissue). I have terrible pms like symptoms since a week. Like legs pains and slight bloating. Moods are ok since 2 days. Not feeling too stressed though I have lots to worry. But 4 days back had some bad temper after long and got very emotional.
Still waiting on periods.
Pls ask If u require any other info.
Nitz7 9 years ago
one more dose of aurum met.

rest of the medicines to continue as advised.dont have any medicine on the day you have aurum.

feed back after 4 days.
anuj srivastava 9 years ago
Ok will take aurum met today. Then from Tomrw will resume nat sulp and pulsatilla and will report in 4 days
Nitz7 9 years ago
Hello i continued having pullsitilla till sep 4th. Then on 5th as u said I took aurum met again (no other homeo). I told you that on sep 3rd and 4th I got brownish spotting. Then after taking aurum met in morning on sept 5th, at night I got a little blood. I thought I finally got my periods. But since next day again it stopped and now again since 6th morning no more discharge. How can I induce my periods?
Btw I am continuing the pullsitilla
Nitz7 9 years ago
continue pulstilla for 4 days,
pls get hold of calc phos 6x and have five tablets along with puls,three times
anuj srivastava 9 years ago
Ok will start cal phos 6. Also wanted to update you that after two day now past midnight at 2:30 am I started getting bloody discharge again.
Nitz7 9 years ago
good .any way get cp and keep it.if the flow starts dont have.if it does not pls have as advised.
anuj srivastava 9 years ago

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