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Please help me! itchy scrotum all of the time


For the past 7 years i have been constantly itchy around my genitals.

I have been to the std clinic, tested for all the usual which came back -ve. However i found out i was not tested for genital warts or herpers (crappy NHS in the UK say they have no test for this). I have also paid to see a demotoligst but he thinks i have hyper sensetivity in the affected area. They all seem to think the itchy problem is in my head.

It is not, i am constantly itchy throughout the day, the area feels moist and sweaty but the skin seems dry. The pubic hair feels bristle and prickly but has not been shaved, only trimmed. I also have what appear to be large hair folicals on my genitals. I guess the itchyness could be related to them because it is in the same area. All around the scrotum and base of penis. When I get itchy it is sometimes like a sharp pinching pain in all different parts of the affected area.

ifeel very self concious of this problem and when I itch you can sort of see my mouth move, it makes me tense and and my mouth does not sit comfortably closed.

Please, please can u help me, any ideas of what you think is wrong, this is driving me crazy.


  budtoka on 2005-10-26
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
initially change your washing powder to an unperfumed and non-bio one. AVoid using soap/shower gel etc. when washing this area, use only water.
try then putting some pure aloe vera gel on the area after washing (most comfortable probably if you do this at night when you can leave the area free of clothes - in rare instances people can be sensitive to aloe vera so only continue if it helps and stop if it makes it worse - I would recommend using the fresh juice from aloe vera cactus plant rather than the stuff bought in a tube then it is purer.
the remedy sulphur may help as may the remedy croton tiglion. read about these and see if you think the symptoms match your symptoms.
I am sure the doctors would have said if they suspected herpes, warts or similar - it sounds more like a kind of eczema?
Do not worry about the appearance of the hair follicles, just keep the area comfortable, clean and aired. Avoid tight underwear and tight trousers.
erika last decade
It is possible that Arnica 6c can help your problem. Dose 3 globules twice daily.

Report response in a week if you use it.
Joe De Livera last decade
thanks you both for taking the time to post.

i will deffintly try washing my clothes with non bia, and i already dont use shower gel in the area. I will try and get hold on some aloe vera cactus plant, if not i will have to use the gel.

I will see how that goes first then i will try some homeopathy stuff. i will let u know,

thx bud
budtoka last decade
I also had an itchy scrotum for a number of years. The, for unrelated reasons, I stopped using hair conditioner in the shower. The itch disappeared. Coincidence? Possibly,but my shower has a large mirror, so it is difficult not to notice that most shower water runs down the torso to the scrotum, which must, filter all the soaps etc. that are used.
amberwitch last decade

How did you get on with homeopathic remedies? I have a very similar condition to that you've described. I also went to the std clinic but wasn't diagnosed with anything. Your description of a sharp, pinching pain very well sums up the sensation I experience (although much of the time it is a less specific itching). Occasionally, the itching is highly localised and I've scratched away at one tiny area until it becomes incredibly sore.

I have a certain sympathy with the hyper-sensitivity theory. About 5 years ago, I caught scabies from an infected mattress. Scabies is associated with a lot of itching, especially in the genital area. It's hard to say after the event (because at the time, I wasn't expecting the saga to continue, so didn't pay that much attention), but I have the sense that my genital itching has persisted from that time (i.e. from when I got rid of scabies). This suggests that the scabies led to hypersensitivity in that area.

If it is 'all in the head', that's annoying, as there doesn't seem to be anything concrete that can be done. That said, anything you can convince yourself 'works', should do the job. I'd be very interested to hear whether you've had success with anything.
samedeal last decade
There are a number of meds in homeopathy for this...however all meds don't work for every one.

The only one that works for every one is URTICA URENS....take in mother tincture form...5 drops in 1/8th glass of water ..four times a day.

Don't use soaps. Also change your diet...chances are there is extra Uric Acid in your body.

Eat more alkaline foods..reduce on meats, spices, acidic foods etc.

For list of alkaline foods ...search on the net thru google.

Also run your symptoms on the Remedy finder here and post names of top three meds that emerge as result on Remedy Grid.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
I forgot to tell you one more thing.I used to have rashes when i got this initially but eventually went way.So,there are no rashes on my genitals now, just some decolorisation on scrotal part.Now i have only itching,crawling,stingy(some times), sweating on the butts, scrotal and bottom of the penis where it touches scrotum.I cannot really wear anything tight, it gives some kind of feeling.
cooldude06 last decade
ok so i used to have the exact same problem u descrive,i went to all kinds of doctors ,got all kinds of tests including the stds one they all came negative, so one day i went to this one doctor who told me to try to applay baby powder on the area i didnt think that was going to work because for the time he told me that i already had tryed all, any way i gave it a try and he turn to be right it was hypersensitivity because of the hair on the area i mean i got that answer before but nobody told me what to do to make it better. if ur skin is to damge from scraching get a prescription for cortisone and use it with the baby powder, when u finish with the courtisone just keep going only with the baby powder, use the powder at least 3 times a day after a little time u wont even gonnna need to use it more than once a day some days you will not even be needing it at all.

bytheway i suffer with that for more than years before finding the cure
jhon08 last decade
post here if u get better,please!!!
jhon08 last decade
Not really a bad idea.

Baby Powder is 90% Hydrated Magnesium Silicate and 10 percent all calcarea derivatives including Silica.

One can use it as cellsalt also (after proper dilution and potentizarion).
kuldeep last decade
Cooldude...you did not report this progress on your own thread. I was looking for the feed back there.

Keep taking Urtica Urens...if it has benefitted you.

Pankaj Varma
PANKAJ VARMA last decade
Sorry pankaj,
By mistake i posted here.From here on i will post my feedback
only on my own thread.
Jhon:- i don't think cortison will help me. i tried zeabsorb powder and cortisone creams separately.Even if it makes me feel better, it is temperory.Thanks for your suggestion john.

I believe only homeopathy alone can help me.I am following Pankaj's prescription right now.
cooldude06 last decade
Hi I have a 1yr old baby that has been tested for fungal infection etc. The doctors say that nothing seems wrong with him. Although you can see that his scrotum is very red. He tries to itch like crazy and you can tell it is driving him mad. He does not have nappy rash. Please advise how the treatment has worked for this as I can not bare watching my sons torture/frustration.
nickyatbaldeynet last decade
You give him three doses of Rhustox 30C, on three consecutive nights.

One dose is two pellets dissolved in a table spoon of water.

Make sure that there are no odors on you, aroung you, and in his mouth, while taking the medicine.

gavinimurthy last decade
The symptoms you are describeing sound a lot like pubic lice.That can be picked up in ways other than sexual contact,If you havent looked into this maybe you should research it a ittle.
itchy9 last decade
i have suffered from the same itchy genital problems many of you have i tried everything i could think of with little success.I did notice tripple antibiodic ointment bought over the counter at any drug store helps.I use it after sex and showering in generous amounts to get in the folds etc.I also noticed it helps to shower more ofter like after the jym or a run or any sweaty activity as heat and sweat irritate my condition.thanks for all the other posts and good luck.
itchy9 last decade
I figured out what works for me, let me know if this helps you. Try just washing the area more frequently then you would wash the rest of your body, because i dont care how clean you are, it gets moist down there and thats a breeding ground for bacteria. when you scratch your skin in just causes microscopic scratches in your sweat-moistened skin, exposing your irritated skin to even more bacteria. Try wiping your sack down in the bathroom and even puting some deoderant on your balls, as well as some lotion, so the skin doesnt get too dry, because remember our bodies are intended to be naked, so you have to regulate the amount of moisture that builds up down there, hope this helps player!
Jammminj003 last decade
I have the same problem. I noticed that it started very shortly after amy vascectomy. I have been to the dermatologist, the allergist going back to the urologist all tests negative yet still no relief. It has been going on for over 8 years, it got really bad last summer (my dad passed away - a very stressful time in my family)it has only gotten worse since then.....please if you have found relief can you outline the process you have used...this is getting unbearable. Any relief would be appreciated.

thx in advance
buyzinc last decade
also make sure that you wear
cotton underwear and not synthetic
alangail1 last decade
Hey there. My balls have itched just like yours for many years. Through asking around, I've developed a system that really helps the symptoms.

1. CLEAN and clean well. Antibacterial shower gel does a MUCH better job that bar soap or non-antibacterial gel. Clean those balls!!!!

2. DRY. Use a blowdryer on your balls and get all the moisture. Heck, I bought a woman's blow dryer and set it on medium (so i don't burn myself) and it does a great job.

3. I've actually found athletes foot spray a great thing to keep away fungus. This may not be your thing, but it seems to work well. Try to get the non-powdered kind.

4. Remember to always use powder. There are two kidns of powder. USE CORNSTARCH BASED POWDER!!! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! Talc based powder will eventually cause very uncomfortable rashes and chafing. Wal-Mart sell their equate version of Gold Bond for reallll cheap.

Welp that's all I have for now. And yes, my balls still itch a lot.... But if I didn't do this every time I took a shower I'd be itching a lot more.
jedipopz last decade
also check your soap powder
fabric softner,
my husband had an itch problem we changed to diffent brands, if thats not what its,
could be what you have eaten.
do you have cats and do the lay on the bed or get in you washing because that will do it too
alangail last decade
hi guys. I too suffer from these horrible symptoms. I have not found a cure yet and was actually surprised that my dermatologist said I had 'itchy red scrotum'. Yes, that is the technical name. I also found it was surprising that he said that there is no real cure that works for everyone and that we would have to try a lot of different things to see what works. Unfortunately sometimes one of the causes is using medicine too much. I hope i find a cure some time soon. Anyway, I really wanted to say that you should not put cortisone on anything down there unless a doctor prescribes it, in which case he won't especially if the problem is due to yeast. Also, VERY IMPORTANT, DO NOT APPLY ANYTHING OR GIVE ANYTHING ORALLY TO A BABY!!! Hope you all find a cure soon.
slingblade31 last decade
I have been suffering the same for many many years. I found out that I am allergic to food/drink with refined sugar, meaning any sweet things, such as soft drinks, candy, ... I found this out by tracking down the food I ate.

The best medicine is Synalar Gel. This medicine would not cure the itch, but it'd make it stop.

However, this medication is not available in the US. Synalar cream is available in the US, but the result is not as good as the gel. I googled this product and I found it's available in Canada. So, you might want to buy on-line.
cvv1234 last decade
Guys i found the answer, after a year of torture its finally working. Its because I wasnt intaking enough vitamin B2. Here is the link, load up on B2 for 2 weeks. Please help me spread the word and post this answer on as many forums as possible, I dont want other people to suffer like i did.
i cant link URLs, but do a search for vitamin b2 deficiency. Im taking around 15mg of it a day now and going to do it for at least 2 weeks.
plasticsupplies last decade
I too have been having the itchy scotum for several years. Been to a couple of doctors, pills, creams, overcounter, prescriptions. Nothing worked. Last week I was digging in the medicine cabinet looking for something to relieve the itching and I spotted the Caladryhl gel for poision ivoy/oak and minor skin irratations. I used a little dab and there was some stinging as I have scratch so hard I get bleeding at times. However, that went away in less then a minute and slept all night. I did not have the urge to scratch but if I did scratch then it was itching. I have been using this now for 5 days and I have to say. The itching is completely gone, even if I test scratch the area I don't have the urge to continue scratching.

This is great, after several years I seem to have found something that works.
It is made by Parke Davis.
itchnomore last decade

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