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Dear Sir,
As informed you via email, I am suffering from PCOs since last 11 years. The answers to the 20 questions are under.

1. Age: 24 years

2. Male or Female or other: Female

3. Single/Married: Single

4. weight: 56 Kgs

5. Height: 5'3''

6. country: Pakistan

7. climate: Humid / Monsoon / Winter / Summer

8. List of your complaints
- Since my periods started when I was in grade 6, it came in maroonish brown color, smelly and with no pain. Later, I experienced my periods are absent for 2-3 months, then they came and again they are absent for 4-5 months. The span got increasing and my mother took me to a gynecologist she gave me Diane 35 birth control pills with which my menses were artificially got normal. When we were told that this medicine is having side effects including facial hair growth I stopped using it.
- I moved over to some homeopathic medication by one of our family Dr. I don't know what medicines he gave, they were in small balls form. This was the worst part of my life where I started bleeding but didn't actually managed to stop it. I bleed for 1 year and yes heavy bleeding with clots.
- I then again went to gynecologist and started Diane 35 again as no other option was left. I took a course of 12 months in this span I was gaining weight and losing it at the same time.
-I developed severe acne too, zitts with pus.
- I switched many Drs but ultimately no progress made. Finally with all distrust in Drs and only trust in Allah I started taking herbal medication "Arq-e-Mako" , "Sharbat-e-Bazoori" and "Supari Pak" (Hamdard medicines). They actually helped me a lot.
- My periods became normal when I take this but when I stop consuming it they again stops.
- I switched to herbal medication for acne, cured it to a great extent but after stopping medication again experienced them and now not only on my face but also on my back.
- I have gained weight, acne, unwanted thick hairs on belly, inner thighs and legs.
- My periods take around 10-15 days and starts with droppings only.
- Since last 2 months, I use to have them on my date a day earlier or later, but I do not bleed. Instead the same maroon brownish smelly discharge.

9. Since how long are you suffering from each complaint: Details given above.

10. Diabetic or non-Diabetic: Non-diabetic

11. Desire sweets/sour/salt: Desire sweets

12. Thirst: Less, many times just for 1-2 glass of water. However, increased consuming it. But use to have frequent urination and irritation in urine. I cannot hold urine for longer time.

13. Tongue and Taste: Tastes are normal.

14. Current Blood Pressure (without medicine and with medicine): It fluctuates, sometimes I feel dizzy but on an average 100/60. I am not taking any medicine for blood pressures.

15. One situation that had a
big effect on you?
I am a positive person. Sometimes I feel so low and sometimes I manage to stay happy and make people around me happy too. My mother experienced no pulse back in 2008 which really had impacted me.

16. Important Question.
Current and previous remedies/medicines you are taking or took in the past?
Diane 35, Homeopathic, herbal, arq-e-mako, sharbat-e-bazoori, supari pak

17. Educational Qualifications of the patient
I am a business graduate. Doing my MBA in evening and job in morning.

18. Nature of work, what do you do for living?
9-6 job, sitting in front of computer screen.

19. Important Question.
Mind-behavior, anger, irritability, hurry,
impatient…and so on..
Cool minded, but get angry very quick. Sometimes burst out in tears many of the time do not express anything rather stay quite and pretends that nothing is disturbing me inside. gets irritated if very tired, patient, positive.

How are you different from other persons, public speaking or not, you can describe all of the details about your behavior, love and affections.
I use to be a public speaker, , I am confident, jolly, mentor, loves to act as advisor and to help people with my suggestions and support, love my friends and family and want to do everything and anything that can make them feel happy. my behavior is good with others.

20. Color of the secretions/discharges e.g
Pus, urine, stool, sputum, Saliva etc.
acne pimples have green color pus, I oftenly experience lychorea specially when I walk a lot or tired it is in white jelly color sometimes green too, usually experience constipation and my stool seems to be brownish or yellowish brown sometimes, sputum in white or green color, saliva thicky white.

For Females Only

21. When is the period during the month approx. date?
it takes around 10-15 days, starts with droppings and increase gradually. But since last 2 months just experiencing droppings and no blood flow instead maroonish brown discharge.

Any monthly cycle issues? Regular, early, late, before problems, after problems,
pain, any other discharges?
Sometimes early , sometimes late, no such pains, clotting.

22. Are you pregnant? If yes, please give pregnancy start date? Any current issues?
  110Khi on 2015-10-13
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Dear 101Khi:

My prescription is based on your following feedback

"Sometimes burst out in tears many of the time do not express anything rather stay quite and pretends that nothing is disturbing me inside. gets irritated if very tired, patient, positive." Beside the other symptoms you mentioned.

Please get hold of Pulstilla 200 and Gossypium herbaceum q (mother tincture). When you feel that your periods dates are near (1 or 2 day before the expected periods date), take the medicine as detailed below:

Puls 200 - 1 dose
Gossypium herbaceum Q - 10 drops in half glass of luke warm water - drink it slowly

Repeat after 2 hours
Total three doses of Puls and Gossypium herbaceum alternated. Then stop the medicine.

i.e. if you took puls and Goss at 10:00 am, repeat at 12:00 pm, and again at 2:00 pm. Afterwards, no more medicine.

1 dose = 2 drops of remedy in 2 teaspoon of water, sip-up slowly - Use disposable glass

Feed back the progress.

Write me if you need any clarification.

[message edited by mani_jee on Tue, 13 Oct 2015 08:55:21 UTC]
mani_jee 7 years ago
Dear Dr. Mani,

Thanks for your reply. Please tell since my periods are here but they are not normal as only droppings. Should I take the advised medication now or wait for the next month's period?
110Khi 7 years ago
when did it start?
mani_jee 7 years ago
on 6th October
110Khi 7 years ago
Then I believe you are close to its ending dates and the remedy would not be of use. My recommendation would be to take the medicine on next cycle.

mani_jee 7 years ago
110Khi 7 years ago
nawazkhan please reply
110Khi 7 years ago
If you want nawazkhan to take up with your case, kindly re-post with 'case for nawazkhan' in the subject line.

He might not see your request in this post.

Kind regards
mani_jee 7 years ago
Hi 110Khi,

Sorry for the delay as I was visiting your beautiful country.

Please trust Mani Jee to help you.

Many prayers for you.
nawazkhan 7 years ago
Dear Nawaz Khan,

Can I meet you in person if you are in Karachi Pakistan?

Dear Mani jee,

Thanks for your reply. As you have been through to my case study. What you can advise me as my periods re not properly coming and neither ending. Please reply
110Khi 7 years ago
Dear 101khi:

Since your are still left with 5 days to go - as per your statement, that it continues for 10-15 days, I would suggest to take the medicine as prescribed earlier.

Keep me updated.

Dear NawazKhan:

I am really pleased to learn that you are in Pakistan. When are you planning to come to Islamabad, kindly drop me an email, so I can share my contact # with you and if possible we can arrange a short meeting.

mani_jee 7 years ago
"Can I meet you in person if you are in Karachi Pakistan? "
I was in Lahore. Last night, I came back to Atlanta.

Insha'Allah, you will be healthy soon.

Many prayers for your good health and happy life.
nawazkhan 7 years ago
"I am really pleased to learn that you are in Pakistan. "
Missed the opportunity to meet you. Due to work schedules I had to fly back last night.

Please help 101Khi asap. Also, consider, Pulsatilla 200C, for irregular periods. Pulsatilla 30C for early periods and Pulsatilla Q works best for late periods.

Many prayers for you Mani Jee.
nawazkhan 7 years ago
"Puls 200 - 1 dose
Gossypium herbaceum Q - 10 drops in half glass of luke warm water - drink it slowly"

Manijee, you are advsing me to start these medicines now? as I am still having periods.

Dr. Nawaz Khan my special prayers are for you and Manijee. May you get everything you desire for.

One more thing, my sister is facing PCOS problems too. Her periods are not stopping since last 2.5 months. Can anyone of you advise any medication for letting it stop and regularize the cycle??
110Khi 7 years ago
Since your periods last for 10-15 days, i believe you are still 5 days away to ending date. So it is good if you take it by tonight otherwise you need to wait till next cycle.

You may send your sisters complete history, so i would prescribe for her.

mani_jee 7 years ago
Dr. Mani,

Please clarify me to understand the procedure.

Puls 200 and Gossypium herbaceum Q- (Both of their 10 drops in half glass luke warm water??)
110Khi 7 years ago
Puls 200, 2 drops in 2 teasepoon of water

and Gossypium herbaceum Q- ( 10 drops in half glass luke warm water)

Repeat after 2 hours
Total 3 doses of puls and 3 doses of gossypium. Then stop remedy, no more doses.

Report post
mani_jee 7 years ago
The remedy is for 1 day? I mean I don't have to continue it?
110Khi 7 years ago
Yes, 1 day only
mani_jee 7 years ago
My sister had this issue 13 years back when she started having her first menses cycle.She had faced irregular periods, heavy bleeding which lasts around 6-8 months. She got cured with Homeopathic medicines whose names are not known and the Dr who did all the treatment is in U.K somewhere.

Current situation is that she is having irregularity since last 4 months. Droppings, improper flow, long due periods and currently bleeding since last 2.5 months, itching, weight gain specially in lower legs, body allergy, hair thinning, tiredness, anxiety, depression and laziness. Periods are black in color and not stopping from 2.5 months.

Please advise.

May you'll be blessed always!
110Khi 7 years ago
Please fill the form for your sister as you did for yourself (check your first post) and send it to my email id, i ll look into it and then prescribe. I might require further details based on info you provide.

mani_jee 7 years ago
Thank you Sir.

My sister will write you herself. I have given your email address to her.

Many prayers for you.
110Khi 7 years ago
Hello Dr. Manijee

Hope you're doing well.
Due to some severe emergency in family I wasn't able to update you my condition.
Sir, I started bleeding severely on 27th of October. I haven't took the advised dosage until now.
Today they are like as when being ended.

Now advise me shall I take the previously advised dose or will you recommend me something else??
Please note that I started having periods on 6th october they are continued and I am expecting that this interval will end by tomorrow. Hopefully.
110Khi 7 years ago
The advised medicine will increase the flow. Since you are already on closing dates, I believe taking the medicine at this point of time would not be effetive. Moreover, as per your given detail, it seems that you had normal periods this time, though a bit longer, its already 1 month, so my recommendation would be to wait till next cycle.

mani_jee 7 years ago
Thanks for your reply Sir!

So, you recommend no other remedy for the ext cycle to be proper and timely??

I also have acne problem. This time I am having zits with puss around the area of my chin and beneath it.
110Khi 7 years ago

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