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eczema? suggestions.

Where to start...

I've always had minor skin problems since young... I mean minor!. Dandruff, scaly eyelids, dry skin. About in my mid 20's, the skin on my face would occassionally become very very dry with lotions not helping. I also started getting fluid excretions from my ear. It would be yellow with the excretions lasting 2 weeks or so. They wouldn't stop until I stopped picking at the "scab".

About 4 years ago (I'm 41 now), I developed a severe case of "dry skin". Happened while in Thailand. The Doc I went to see told me it was eczema and gave me a strong cortisone to clear it up (triamcinolone acetonide). Worked like a champ. Cleared up in 2 days. I've had a couple of cases since then an d used the same treatment. I never looked into eczema any further since the outbreaks were easily cleared up in a day or two.

I should say here that personality wise... I'm fairly laid back... But.. I worry about a lot of things as well. Relationship wise, I have had a fairly traumatic time the last 4 years. That's as much as I want to go into personality stuff right now. Be happy to go into more detail in PM's if that is necessary.

Since that first outbreak, I've also had extreme dry skin on my forearms (right being worse). It would be itchy, but not excrutiatingly so. I've also had a lot of hair loss on my arms. My face also began to itch occasionally, with no signs of a rash... just the sensation that I really needed to scratch.

Fast forward to this past Christmas. I now live in Thailand for about 6 months out of the year. During Christmans, my elbow had what looked like small bites and my arms and face began to itch like crazy. Went to the doc and they gave me more cortisone cream. 3 weeks ago, I came to Japan to work (where I am now) and the itching began to get really intense. I also started to see what looked like insect bite marks on my legs, my right torso, and my arms (right side being worse). Went to the doc here (u.s. military doc) and he gave me calamine and benadryl. After a week, the "bites" went away, but the itching became really intense on my torso, arms, and face. My face is extremely dry as well. Doc gave me more cortisone, and said it was because of the cold weather.

At this time, I started researching heavily what could be wrong with me and came upon this site (among many others).

You know... if you plug in "whatever" and eczema on Google, you will get a hit... geez.. just about anything can bring on eczema... a little overwhelming. Anyway, I filled in the online Remedy Finder using both the full up generalities and also leaving out the generalities. They cam e up with recommending Sulfur and Arsenicum Album. I purchased 2 bottles (80 tabs each bottle 6c strength) of each.

My question is, how much should I take? Should I just take the Sulfur first and then the Arsenicum Album, or take them in combination? Should I just take until the symptoms clear or should I take them longer?

I've also read a lot about taking Organic Apple Juice Vinegar. Should I take this at the same time.

Sorry if these are silly questions. This whole thing has kind of taken me by surprise, and I want to get back to normal as soon as possible. Didn't get much sleep last night as everything was itchy. I tried to not itch, so had to put on some cortisone.

I have no idea what brought this on. I didn't think I was allergic to anything. I had been eating a lot of shrimp. The water in Thailand isn' exaclty the cleanest and I suppose that could have contributed. The water quality is also pretty bad, so I suppose that could have contributed as well...

Thank you for reading.
Any help, advice, whatever will be very much appreciated.

P.S. My heart really goes out to those folks who suffer from very bad cases and have suffered for a long time.
  ItchyMike on 2006-02-01
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
In miasmatic terms you have had a fairly light case of eczema suppressed - i,e. driven into the interior of the body -- off the surface .

Here it is causing more serious problems of the psoric class -- whose prime symptom is the itch.!

Do NOT take more than ONE remedy at a time.

Sulfur has the character of hot untidy , little or no breakfast, early morning bowel motion - temper like a rocket , up and over rapidly.

Ars on the other hand is very , very tidy and tends to be a "control freak" . Drinks water in small sips and likes head cool and body warm in bed.

These characteristics only apply to the high potency tablets -- 1m up wards-- but these potencies will be required to deal with problem.

The following is an item from my website which may clarify matters.

Generalized Pruritis Its relation to disease of the central nervous system.
As a miasmatic homeopath one is compelled to accept the life force as a practical system that can be diminished by such diverse agents as stress , unbalanced diet , the inappropriate intake of chemicals such as tranquilizers , azo dyes , antibiotics , vaccines. The life force can be stimulated and increased by a relaxed life style , a balanced wholefood and organic vegetable diet and the exclusion of many drugs and chemicals, which are unfortunately, the lifeblood and profit of commercial pharmaceutical companies. Interesting as the pro's and con's of the above may be it is all based upon a grouping of hereditary genetic characteristics that largely determine how a weakened constitution/ immunity will react in terms of symptoms produced when under pressure or attack. I do not have an axe to grind as I do not believe it to be important weather homeopathy, acupuncture, naturopathy, reflexology etc. is used to treat the symptoms , so long as that treatment is effective. I merely wish to point out that homeopathy in its miasmatic grouping has had for some 200 years a theoretical structure that accounts for facts as yet mysterious to orthodox medicine. In Harrison's " Principles of Internal Medicine " 9th Edition, P. 247. under Generalized Pruritis (itch) it states " There is not one single agent that is effective for generalized pruritis." (itch). This is the statement of an internationally recognized orthodox medical textbook. Since the late 1700/early 1800's the progenitor of modern homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann , put generalized pruritis as the prime symptom and head of the homeopathic class or grouping named PSORIC. I will not bore you with the details of this psoric grouping but wish to draw your attention to an interesting recent development in ' mysterious phenomena ' . " Scrapie " is 80 called because for some 200 years or more it has affected sheep, who damage precious fleece by rubbing against posts , rocks and anything handy to ease their itch , or "generalized pruritis ". It has now been shown that Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (B.S.E) is related to Scrapie ( Veterinary Record vol. 123 p 407.) . BSE was identified 3 years ago and now affects some 600 farms in England and Wales. It is generally agreed that a sub molecular " PRION " agent is be involved '. Scrapie and B.S.E are members of a cluster of slow viral agents -affecting the central nervous system. In humans such agents appear in the fatal "Creutzfeldt Jakob diseases (connected to AIDS ) and in KURU, where it is apparently transmitted by the brains that cannibals eat. All these diseases have the characteristic that they produce large numbers of tiny protein fibres as they progressively destroy brain cells. These are known as ' Scrapie associated fibrils ' that can only be seen by an electron microscope. It is noteworthy that scientists investigating Alzheimer's disease describe a protein problem in the cell processing within the brain " This piece of protein known as A4 is commonly found in Alzheimer patients tangled into fibres within nerve cells and in plaques outside them, interfering with the nervous function. It may be the final cause of the disability." In homeopathic theory Hering's Law was first postulated in the early 1800's by Prof. Constantine Hering of the USA It states that " The direction of disease is inwards and upwards and the direction of cure is downwards and outwards." So that under homeopathic treatment any symptom that either moves deeper into the body and off the surface , or towards the head may be considered dangerous, whilst any eruption upon the skin , or discharge from a lower orifice , or neurological symptom moving from the head towards the feet would bee considered favorable. It will then be seen that any medical treatment that drives skin conditions off the surface, or cures ' inflammation such as urethritis proctitis etc. with antibiotics , all tend to drive disease symptoms inwards and upwards. The exact direction of these inwardly driven forces will be determined by the hereditary genetic " path of least resistance ".
walkin last decade
Thanks for your quick reply walkin.

Well, looking at your indications for Sulphur and Ars. I kind of fall into both categories.

For sulphur, I rarely eat breakfast. I used to get angry very quickly... now I'm in more "control". Overall though, laid back.

For Ars, I'd say I'm very tidy and definitely a "control freak". I'd guess I prefer my head to be cool and my body to be comfortable (not hot, not cold).

Since I've already ordered the 6c tabs, should I start out by taking 2 tabs 3 times a day and see how that goes?

My family background does have a history of "mental illness". For example, my mother has had several nervous breakdowns. My brother has tourettes, OCD, and he's bi-polar (he's a wreck). Through my father's side, there have been issues although all of his siblings haven't seemed to have many issues.

Thanks again for your info. I'd appreciate any additional info you or others may have.

ItchyMike last decade
Sorry... meant to add on the previous post, I'm going to try the Arsenicum Album first.

ItchyMike last decade
Thought I would bump this up. As I sit here at 4am working (night shift) I feel like I want to scratch the skin off my neck. Luckily, nothing else is itching, but the itching on my neck is and has been so intense this evening... making it hard to work.

This is starting to get to me.... I've never had/experienced anything like this before.

For some of the experts on here. As soon as I get the Arsenicum Album what dosage should I take given that I only ordered the 6c tablets. How long should I expect it to take before the itching starts to subside. How long should I take it? What should be my expectations?

I've looked at many other posts, however homeopathic "cures" seem to more of a personal cure based on the individual. Kind of hoped I would get a little more information from some of the experts.

I understand from "walkin" I've only got a "minor" case, but it sure as hell hasn't felt minor the past 2 weeks and especially the last couple days.

Thanks and Regards,
ItchyMike last decade
I wish you luck treating your eczema. I know how it feels, as I currently suffer from eczema myself. Am trying to look for a homeopathic remedy myself, and hopefully manage to get rid of it.

I have posted the following thread....might help you too:


Take care and goodluck. Try and avoid scratching...meditation might help!!
stickyfingaz99 last decade
Thanks for the link stickyfingaz. I'm probably not a Calc Carb type person. I'm not a fitness addict, but I am "fairly" fit. 41 years old, 190lbs 6'3". While working here in Japan, I have a daily workout regimen I do in the room. When back at home in Thailand, I'll ride 30km a day on my bike. The heat in Thailand doesn't bother me at all, In fact I prefer to ride my bike in the middle of the afternoon. My apartment doesn't have air conditioning. The fan blowing on me is good enough.

There has got to be something that has brought this on... this bad... all of a sudden.

If I were to look at remedies, I really feel like I fall in to the Arsenicum Album category. At least I'm going to give that a try.

I've done my share of drinking as well.. unfortunately. Not every day, but when I do, I do it "right". I'll be cutting it out (hopefully for good). I'll also cut out shellfish as well, since I had been eating alot of that as well. Lots of fresh fruit, but unfortunately a lot of it is covered in pesticides... I must say, that I never was off my fruit before I eat it... I suppose that could have contributed as well..


Anyway... thanks for your reply and understanding. I hope you find a cure or at least a relief to your condition as well.

good luck.

ItchyMike last decade

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