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34weeks pregnant Insomnia and persistent heartburn Page 14 of 16

This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Quick side question, my son just got up onto my kitchen counter and opened the bottle of alfalfa q and dumped over half of it into my fish tank. Do you think that it’s going to harm my fish?
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rom109 last year
No its not harmful. In many places they give alfalfa as protein supplement to fishes. But if tank was small and water got saturated with this there could be trouble as they can not get sufficient breath.
maheeru last year
Huh. That’s interesting. Well they’ll be super healthy little fishies I guess. I’ll do a water change though because it’s only 2 gallons —that was probably a lot lol
rom109 last year
Speaking of my two year old son, he had a 24hr flu about three months ago and I gave him a dose of Gelsemium 30 which basically cured him, I gave him a second dose on bad advice(and against my better judgement), and it made him a little crazy. I was told not to worry and it would wear off; well it didn’t.
Ever since then he’s been super hyperactive, defiant, and his once ravenous appetite is diminished to peckish at best. He also gets very emotional when he is told no.
The appetite thing is really boggling to me because ever since he has been eating solid food he has eaten so much— he’d happily eat, and quickly...basically shovel it down. Now he hardly eats a few bites and after that it’s a fight for him to eat every bite thereafter. But of course fruit and sweet treats aren’t refused. His favorites are bananas, avocados, and chocolate.
He loves to drink water though. Like an insane amount. No question on his level of hydration! Lol

I had asked for help a while ago on this and the person who responded got weird on me and asked to communicate via email, and then all the sudden wouldn’t answer any more questions unless we were on some wechat app or something. Creepy.
Anyways, I digress. What can be done for him?
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rom109 last year
Is he sensitive to h'pathic medicines as well? Has he always reacted a bit more to h'pathic medicines?

How does he do with heat/cold?

Any other miscellaneous or other information on him or his ailments?


You see below every post there exists an exclamation mark sorrounded by a triangle, if one clicks that-- there are some choices, one can choose 'Prescriber Requesting offline contact' it's a fourth choice and click the 'Report post' thereafter to report a post if somebody insists on offline contact without a valid reason. Moderator will then take care of it.

This reporting functionality was built-in after complaints came in that some prescribers tried to take the patients away from the forum to make them pay(money) and some male prescribers were trying to dirty talk to female patients.
maheeru last year
AH, good to know about reporting! Thanks.

My son does not like to be too hot. The cold doesnt bother him. He always kicks off the blankets in bed, even if it’s chilly. He is fairly sensitive, I think. Average I would say. I have not given him many.
He is very tough, if he gets injured he usually shakes it off pretty quickly, as in, is not upset by it. He doesn’t have many other ailments. He has multiple bowel movements per day, very soft, almost diarrhea status. Especially after he eats anything sweet.
That’s all I can think of ...
rom109 last year
Ok give him a dose of Sulph. 200c. Just one pill/drop as a dose.
maheeru last year
Okay thanks. I have Sulph in 6c, 30c, and 1M. So I gave him 30. He was super extra hyper that evening. Two nights ago. Since then his appetite seems to be coming up a little. And he’s not having AS many bowel movements.

So I think my body is finally getting the message to make the appropriate amount of milk! I used up the last of the Alfalfa Q and began using my 6x that I have. I just put about 10 drops in my 30oz water bottle every time I fill it up, and drink it through the day.
Two days ago my daughter looked up at me with a milk-drunk smile after nursing ....FINALLY. I have not seen her look like that after nursing ...ever. So that is a huge relief, I can feel confident again that I am meeting her needs. She is much more content after feedings and in between naps.
My hormones are still wonky, though. I thought I was going to have a period again but it was just three days of extremely light spotting.

I think I’d like to give it a bit more time to see if things level out and can become consistent in some pattern before any more medicines. I will update you in a week or two :)
rom109 last year
Ok, good.
maheeru last year
This is normal, the whole pregnancy was with heartburn.
Adele2 last year
This is normal, the whole pregnancy was with heartburn.
Adele2 last year
Yeah I know it is a common pregnancy symptom. This wasn’t my first rodeo. Doesn’t mean it’s right or healthy. Homeopathy can help.
Some women don’t experience heartburn during pregnancy. That tells me there is hope.
rom109 last year
Hi Maheeru,

I've got some interesting things to report.

Just fyi, since we last spoke I have taken two additional doses of Nux V. 30c in the way you instructed. There was about 1-2 weeks in between each dose. The last one I did not notice any improvements or changes.

So I have been sleeping kind of not great again. I feel pretty groggy and stiff/achey in the morning. I have very vivid and emotionally wrought dreams. There have been two nights where in the dream something scary is happening and I feel like it is real and it wakes me up with a jolt.
I've had a couple re-occurrences of extremely sad/emotional/depressed feelings thinking about my horse that I had to give away to a new home last year. I have dreams about trying to find him, and I am on the verge of crying if I let myself think about it too much. I know this is partially a normal grieving of loss process, but the coming and going and the intense emotional upheaval makes me think it could be more of a symptom....at least I could hope that because then something could make it go away.

The other very odd thing is my memory. It is often very fuzzy and disoriented. The strangest thing is in the way that I am remembering things at times. For example,
I will have a conversation with my husband on say, Tuesday night, and then Wednesday morning I will recall the conversation and in replaying what was said in my mind, all of the sudden the thing I told him seems hazy like a dream, and I start to question whether or not I have told him that already, even before the Tuesday night conversation.
As if the memory is double deja-vu. If that makes any sense. It's very weird to me. And I don't like it.

I have had no re occurrences of bleeding or spotting, which is great. I do feel like my hormones are more balanced now. I am no longer needing to take Ashwaghanda or Shativari at all.

I have started taking an appetite suppressant supplement. It has 5HTP, Chromium, L-Theanine, and Caralluma Fimbriata.
The reason being that I have the tendency to feel like I need to be constantly snacking. I have been gaining weight in my mid section. A lot of my snacking is sugary stuff. I never feel satisfied. Full yes, but not satisfied.
I eat out of boredom, and when I am eating I have the tendency to eat very fast, as if I can't get enough, or I need to scarf it down to get it into my system as fast as possible.

The supplement is helping curb that quite a bit. It's also making me feel more relaxed and just kind of laid back attitude.

I've also been working on cleansing my system of toxins and poor food choices. Since I've cleaned up a bit, I have noticed that I have low tolerances for certain foods. Avocados, Bananas, Cashews, Strawberries, and wheat...those are all foods with high histamine levels. My body is reacting to them. they make my throat and mouth feel swollen, and my tongue feels a little prickly like slivers all over my mouth. Then my stomach feels either bloated, or I get gas and diarrhea.
Gluten gives me a sore throat and my ears and sinuses feel like I'm coming down with a bad cold. It goes away in about two days.

That's the jest of it. What do you think?
rom109 last year

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