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Hello Dr Kadwa,

I just viewed your message. Thank you for your remedy suggestions. I would like to share you somethings before I take them:

yesterday morning the hatred towards my husband has minimised significantly. I was not yelling at him or at my daughter like I used to do before on every little things. I am calmer than before now. Eventhough if I see my husband at home and not at work I am not mad at him like before now. Sorry I wanted to write to you about this earlier, but I wanted to see if it was only temporary, so I waited for a day. I haven’t still argued with him since yesterday. I have been focusing on his positive deeds. I think I am more better than before now. It’s like 40% better

But i am too tensed and my head is too congested at the moment. I had an argument with my brother the other day and last night he sent me a satirical note on my phone which hurt my feelings and my self respect. He humiliated me and blamed me for a thing that I didn’t do. I always wanted and wished for his betterment but he is very suspicious. He suspects me in whatever I do. Actually our dad stayed with me for 2-3 days and when he went back to my brother, my brother called me and said that I put something in my dad’s ear which was against him and because of that it destroyed his schedule and his plan. Whereas my dad and me never talked about the thing he was blaming me for. He’s always been suspicious towards every single thing in life. He acts like a detective and thinks that he solves every problems because he’s a genius. My dad was like that before and now my brother acquired those qualities.
My brother was trying to attack me emotionally and mentally. I couldn’t sleep last night. My head is hurting a lot. My ego is hurt, my self respect is hurt. My confidence is hurt. I didn’t reply him anything for his rude sentences.

I am not being able to ignore these things. I have been thinking about it repeatedly and being tensed since last night. I don’t want my sleep being disturbed again as I need to remain active the next day to manage everything.

Should I still go ahead and take those two remedies that you have suggested? Please advice. Please don’t get mad at me for bothering you again eventhough you prescribed me remedies already.
Dr Kadwa only 7 months ago

One has to develop some sort of objectivity vis-a-vis oneself. Whatever we like won't happen and we have to accept it. You may go ahead with the remedies if you are still upset.
kadwa 7 months ago

Hello Dr Kadwa,

I am okay with my brother’s issues now but my husband’s irresponsible behaviors still annoy me a lot. He is very careless and carefree. I try to ignore these things a lot but I don’t think any kind of response gonna help him being responsible or being sensible. His immature acts always irritate me. I an too much frustrated and irritated. I am so sad and depressed. I feel like I am being exploited by him. I feel like he’s taking me As granted, he’s taking advantage of me. Every day I think about my marriage and the moment I married to this guy. I am so helpless, as I can’t leave him yet, I can’t stay with him. This relationship is bothering me a lot. I fear of being alone so I am spending my life with a person I don’t like. I was never happy with him. I don’t trust him for anything. I can’t rely on him if I have any bad days. He needs my help in every little things. He can’t do anything by himself, these characters of him annoy me a lot. I feel very insecure about my future. I am not financially stable but I tend to save as much as I can because I don’t want to live the poor life again. I hoard money eventhough my income barely fulfill my daily needs. I am not greedy though. If I see any needy or poor people I give money to them.
The fear of loneliness has been embedded on me since my childhood. I am trying to come out of this barrier of the feeling of helplessness. I am too suffocated inside my negativity. I am exhausted.
I am fatigued as soon as I get home from work. I am too tired mentally as I worry too much. I know I can’t change himbut I need to be strong enough to cope with these frustrations. My main complaint is he makes so many lame excuses to make money. He’s not earning enough to have a good life. I am expecting from him as he has a Phd degree from USA. And it’s going on waste as he is not trying to get any job using his degree. He loves to do easy things. He doesn’t want to work hard and get better life. I had a lot of expectations from him and I am seeing my dreams are vanishing away. I don’t see him doing any significant in life. It’s been 12 years I have been on a hope that he would do something good for me one day. But now I lost every hope from him. Now I don’t wanna be fooled by his excuses. I wanna get out of this tensions and tiredness. I wanna be happy. I don’t wanna expect anything from him. Just wanna live my life fearlessly. I don’t want any luxurious life but I want to be financially stable enough to get a good life for me and my daughter. I want to work hard and be successful. But my headache and head congestion, forgetfulness, depression and anxiety are on my way as barriers. Sometimes I feel like I am having hearing loss too( it may probably be because of too much stress and anger).
Thinking about these things makes me feel weak.
I am too tired physically as well. I have to wake up at 4 in the morning for my work but nowadays I feel so tired and My back hurts. I feel so gloomy.

Please doctor Kadwa, if you could help me out of this situation, I would appreciate it. I will try my best at my end.

Thanking you a lot for listening to me and helping me out.
Dr Kadwa only 6 months ago

day 1 to day 3
lycopodium 200 twice a day.

day 4 to day 10
causticum 200 in evening.

You may use 30 potency if you wish.
kadwa 6 months ago

Hello Dr Kadwa,

I took the remedies Lycopodium 200 and Causticum 200 as per your advice. The last dosage was 4 days ago.

Sometimes I feel I am better like 50-60 % but some other times it’s like just 30 %. My mood is fluctuating. Just from a while ago, I have been feeling so depressed as something triggered my nerves and I became gloomy again. My nerves have become so jittery now that I can’t hear about any diseases especially about any mental illness. I put myself in the same scenario and same situation which scares me a lot. I fear of insanity and death.

My current situation
My head is congested, felt squeezed. Gloomy, depressed.
I have forgot to smile. My daughter always asks me why don’t I smile or laugh. I am extremely fierce with my husband that I am not talking to him for about 20 days now. He did something against my will, against his responsibilities, just to please her sister. He never cared about us but he can’t see his sister even in some small difficulties.
I feel jealous and I feel like she is invading my personal life. I never was this jealous before. I don’t like nobody now. I feel like my husband has ruined my life, he was the one who snatched my happiness. He is the reason that I am so unhappy in my life. Because of this bitterness, I don’t like my inlaws. I hate to talk to anybody. I feel like I am stuck in this sadness, I can’t come out of it. I just wanna run away from this environment. I feel so overwhelmed taking care of my daughter and other responsibilities now. I have stopped being organized and being a good person. Its too much for me now since my mind has too many negative feelings because of my husband’s irresponsible behaviors.
I wanna leave him. I wanna be strong mentally so I can raise my daughter in a positive way. I am worried about her and her future.
I feel like i have had enough of this negativity. I wanna cheer up. I wanna live my life happily with my daughter but this depression and anger is not leaving me. My mind is not under my control. I am trying to get out of this but this negativity is pulling me down and making me tired.

Please help.
Dr Kadwa only 5 months ago

Please help, dr Kadwa,
My depression is not getting better. My head is burning. I have muscle pain on my left chest. I wanna be aloof and alone. Every responsibilities seem too much for me. I am still too much furious with my husband. His presence is making me more sick. I hate people. I don’t want to talk to anybody. My head is congested.
I can’t tolerate any kind of loss. I want to win. Any failures make me depressed. I feel like I had a breakdown and my brain/mind is wounded. I am so frustrated and irritated. I want to say everybody around me “LEAVE ME ALONE”
My nerves are so sensitive and jittery. I am tired and not feeling energetic in my head. My head/brain is wounded and I am feeling sick.
Please help me. It’s affecting my life. My daughter has started hating me as I yell at her all the time. I am pouring my husband’s frustrations on her. I love her to death. She is the only positive thing I have. I don’t wanna lose her love. I have gone through so much raising her alone.
Please help me, I wanna get better.
Dr Kadwa only 5 months ago

Hello Dr Kadwa,
Recent update.
For the last few hours, I have been feeling better than before. The tightness on my chest muscle is not as bad as before. It improved by 50 %. But If I touch there It’s sore. It hurts.
The tightness on my head has been decreased by 50%. The depressed feeling has been improved by 50%.
My jittery nerves have calmed down by 40-50 %.
I still have congestion of head by about 50% and also has burning feeling of 30-40% inside. I still have 50 % tiredness. I still have a wounded mind feeling.

The irritation towards my husband became little less. He is not provoking me lately. I am not sure how will I react if he irritates me again. But I still hate him. I feel like this marriage was a betrayal. I hoped, I would have a very good marital life since he was so educated, but despite his PHd degree from A well renowned university here in the USA, he has been driving UBER. Still he doesn’t want to work hard on driving either and earn a good money. He works for 2-3 hours a day.
I have been compromising a lot for the last 13 years in the hope that he would give me a very good life later, but now I don’t see any of my hope or dream coming true. I have struggled financially, my whole life but now I feel its too much. I wanted to be financially stable, so I and my daughter won’t be facing any difficulties in life.
I cannot take too much stress on my mind so I am doing a less stressful job which does not pay me much. Whenever I am stressed out, I feel like my mind is wounded and sick. If I were strong mentally, I wouldn’t have that much complaints about him being not able to use his high degree for a betterment of our lives. I am too tired of compromising now. I feel like I am stuck in this marriage. That’s why I hate him a lot, I have lost faith on him, I have no respect, no love anymore for him. On the top what irritates me the most is his irresponsible behaviors

I still hate to be controlled by anybody, rather I wanna be a boss in my home. I want everyone be responsible and respect their duties. I want everything organised so it would be easy for anybody to accomplish anything in life. But my home is not organized. I am not a cleanliness freak or too much organized. I don’t have any OCDs.
I hate carefree and careless person. I want to do everything on time or before time. I hate to be late. Time is not ever enough for me. I am always in a hurry.
I hate any kind of failures. I am still less confident about trying a new things or new places. I don’t wanna hear any bad news related to me or my surroundings. I am still a jealous person, I wasn’t a one before. Jealousy has been started for about 5-6 months ago.
[Edited by Dr Kadwa only on 2018-11-23 22:34:01]
Dr Kadwa only 5 months ago

Please take Hyoscyamus 200 in evening for 3 days and see how that affects over 15 days.
[Edited by kadwa on 2018-11-27 05:55:27]
kadwa 5 months ago

Hello Dr Kadwa,
I didn’t have the remedy on hand so ordered it online, but it’s gonna reach me in few days.
In the meantime Could you please recommend me anything for my overwhelming stress ? I am so much stressed out with all the responsibilities. I feel like it’s too much, now. My brain is not working. I tried to avoid talking to or meeting people. I am too much stressed out. The left side of my chest has become heavy again due to stress. It’s unbearable. I am shouting at almost everybody. I am not able to handle My daughter’s tantrums. My head is too congested and burning. I am depressed.

Please suggest me something for this situation.

I have these remedies readily available in 200 potencies

Kali Phos
Ars Alb
Calc Phos
Calc Carb
Anacardium Or
Rhus Tox
Nux Vomica
Lac Canninum
Lithium Carb
Nitricum Acidum
Aurum Met
Kali Bromatum
Nat Mur
Arnica montana
Mag Phos
Phosphric Acid
Argentum Nitricum
Ruta Graveolens
Apis Mel

Please suggest if I can take any of this in the meantime?

It’s urgent!!
Dr Kadwa only 5 months ago

Please take Apis Mell 200 twice a day for 3 days and see how that affects over 10 days.
kadwa 5 months ago

Hello Doctor Kadwa,

I took the remedy Apis Mell 200 for 3 days as per your suggestion. It’s been 10 days now. The pain in the chest is gone now. I am 50% less stressed out now. The pain or discomfort in my mind because of the hatred became less now. Overall I feel 50% better, now.

My current situation:

I still worry about what people think about me or anything I do. My main focus always is on What Others think about me. Recently my husband back bited about me to almost everybody in his family and my family. He said so many bad things about me. He made me bad infront of everyone now. This was totally humiliating and disrespectful for me.

My brother and my father came to me saying that my husband doesn’t want to stay with me. They kind of warned me if that happens, it’s not gonna be good. People want me to tolerate everything. They are like “ Eventhough you are in a pathetic situation, you can’t cry or complain “. They said because I am a woman I need to tolerate every small and big matters and I should try to solve problems by being STRONG. It’s like someone hits me and I can’t even say OUCH ! in pain.
I freak out thinking about my loneliness, if he Goes Away. My situation is : I can’t stay with him but I can’t live alone either. I feel like I am trapped in a situation that I can’t come out of, ever. I am too suffocated staying with him, I always think about running away from him. But if I run away, later on I blame myself for my difficult situation if ever occurs.
I fear of my own mental disease. Whatever decision I take for my own betterment, later on I regret on that. I don’t have trust on myself because of my mental disease.
I strongly fear of INSANITY. My head is too tight and I feel like I am losing my thinking power. I am indecisive, forgetful and losing memory power. My head is burning like acid burning feeling. I fear of insanity. I have become too quiet at work. I don’t make friends.
I hate my two sisters in law so badly now. I freak out if I have to hear anything about them. The reason is my husband always focus on them rather than me and my daughter. I have been expecting him to do some significant things for us but his priorities are them. That’s why I hate them or may be jealous with them when my husband even mentions their name. I REALLY HATE THEM.
I wanna run away from everyone, except my daughter. It’s like I hate everyone. I am trapped inside this society and it’s norms where people don’t mind their own business. I am so fed up. I am so restless. So suffocated.

P.s. I have also received Hyoscamus 200 by mail now.
Dr Kadwa only 5 months ago

i have ordered your list of remedies.

arg nit
aur met
calc carb
calc phos
kali brom
kali phos
lac can
lith carb
mag p
nat nur
nit acid
phos ac
kadwa 4 months ago

Anger creates a vicious circle. An angry person is disordered and a disordered person is angry. This is everybody's life.

Please procure Tarentula Hispanica 200.

You may use Anacardium 200 or Apis 200 meanwhile.
kadwa 4 months ago

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