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Dc. Kadwa, Jawahar, Reva

Hi doctor JAWAHAR, KADWA AND REVA, I´d appreciate some advice if some of you can.

I took lycopodium 200ch for 10 days, 1 dose daily for hypotiroidism.
It worked wonderfully for me. Several physical and mental symptoms were improved, but
at some point I had to stop it, since I had hair fall, intestinal gases, pain all over my body (column, hips, heels, feet and neck), so I stop taking this medicine and took only one dose of calcarea iodata 200ch for hypotiroidism and uterine fibroid (I have only a small one, but it´s located in a place that causes me a lot o pain and heavy periods).

But I guess 200ch was too strong for me, since I had taken calcarea iodata 30ch before lycopodium and it has worked well, but after taking 200ch I got very asleep, really cold, with lack of energy.

At the next morning (today) I took a very strong cup of coffee in order to antidote it, but my condition only improved a little. In the middle of day I felt some heat again, and I don´t fell asleep anymore, but I am eating a lot of salt and all sort of spice like garlic, pepper, parsley.

What are your opinion about that? Should I antidote it or not? Does my craving for spicyes and salt means that my thyroid is worse?

Also, should I try lycopodium in a higher potency?
What are your opinion about thyroidinum 5ch?
My doctor gave me thyroidinum 5ch + T3 4ch and T4 4ch (I am not sure about the potency but it should be right).

  sacha1 on 2018-04-05
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Puls 30 may be used to antidote ill effects of lyc. Thyroidinum 5 is a good choice.
kadwa 6 months ago

May have remedy relationship issue. About Calc. Carb., we know that, Sulph. follow Lyc, but Lyc do not follow Sulph, except the cycle Lyc>Sulph>Calc.Carb. But I do not know about Calc. Iod.
sadeqahmed 6 months ago

Dear doctor Kadwa, I am not trying to antidote lycopodium, since the bad effects mentioned vanished completely after stopping taking it and this medicine has done wonderful thinks for me.

I am asking about calcarea iodata 200ch.

I guess you misunderstood me :)
I wanna know if you think the symptoms described seems as a need to antidote it. What do you think about it?

Also, since lycopodium has such a good effect on me, I'd like to know if you doctors think I should take a higher potency of it. I think the aggravation only happened because of repetition of potency 200 (we are not suppose to repeat high doses of lyco, right?) not because it was a bad medicine for me.
maybe if I had taken 3 doses of 200 and then taken 1000ch, the effect would be completely different. What do you think about it?

How long shpuld I wait to start on thyroidinum?

sacha1 6 months ago

i don't agree with the classical approach that a homeopathic remedy in 200 potency can cause any aggravation. If some symptoms seem to have aggravated they should be dealt with appropriately with the indicated remedies.
Similarly i am not averse to using more that one remedy at a time. In the course of time i have become a great admirer of multiple remedies at a time that work as an integrated similimum.
kadwa 6 months ago

I am glad for your attention!
but I dont understand you. What did you mean about it? what should I take? what should I antidote?

Thanks a lot!
sacha1 6 months ago

Dear Sacha,
If any remedy cause aggravation, then higher potency will obviously cause more aggravation. As your aggravation has stopped and good affects are remaining, so you need to just wait and enjoy the result.
sadeqahmed 6 months ago

but I thought the agravation was because of repetition. and if I take 1 dose of lyco 1000 it would be diferent.
isnt it? So you think I shouldnt take lyco 1000ch right?
sacha1 6 months ago


Each person will have their own unique response to a remedy.
That is why there are different potencies. I disagree
With kadwa. I have had many experiences where
I aggravated or had proving symptoms from a 200c. I waited till they
Subsided for a couple weeks and then took 30c of the same remedy- which
Cured the problem with no aggravation or proving symptoms.

When a remedy is having a good effect, this means it has triggered your life force to cure. You do not take more or higher potency-more is not better. It’s like thinking
If you took an antacid tablet and your stomach felt better, you would not go out the next day and take a higher strength antacid tablet .

Remedies work because the human body will not accept a second similar
Disease state. The right remedy matches your symptoms. It is a highly diluted molecule substance. If it is a good match,your body thinks this is a similar disease. The body then raises life force to get rid of the remedy
And at same time it will target your real problem. The life force is doing the work. So if you take too much, or a higher potency when the life force is already working? You are disturbing and overwhelming what is working.
Again, everyone is different in how their body is going to react to a potency and amount of doses. In your case the life force is working and you would not want to take another dose until you go backward. And then repeat the same potency and observe how long it lasts.
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simone717 6 months ago

ok. so let me see if I understand: I should wait until all bad symptoms is gone to take lyco 30ch?

The only bad symptom still remaining is hair fall which I don't think it is going to stop unless I take another medicine because it is a problem that appears with some frequency in my life.

I am also sleepy but I think it is because I am getting a flu. It could be because of hypothirodism but maybe it is only the begginig of a flu.

Should I take pulsatilla again? It made me feel calmer and I guess it was equally helpfull. I have a uterine myoma and I could observe the improvement during my period since the flow was still painfull but not so heavy than before taking puls and lyco.

When should I take pulsatilla and lyco again? It is difficult to simply choose one of you doctors to follow since there are so many opinions.

Please, give me a light on how to proceed.
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sacha1 6 months ago


When was the last dose of lyco taken?

You said your dr has given you thyrodinium and
T3 and t 4 ch. Was there a dosing schedule given?
How often have you been taking these?
simone717 6 months ago

Hi Simone!
I took 8 doses of lycopodium 200ch and the last dose was taken on april 1st, since it gave me pain on hips, neck, column, heels, shin and lots of hair loss I stopped taken it. All the pain vanished as soon as I stopped taking lyco, but not the hair loss.

on april 3rd I took one dose of calc iodata 200ch (I had previously taken this medicine on 30ch and it has worked weel) but this potency gave me a ravenous appetite, as never felt before in my whole life! So I really don´t wish to take it anymore.

on april 4th I felt enlargement of breasts and also pain (which is a symptom I was cured for such a long time!)

on april 5h I took thyroidinum 12ch, thyroidinum 5ch, T3 6ch and T4 6ch. Only on drop of this mix and my breasts got really REALLY worse!

Since then, I haven´t taken any medicine anymore. Today is the last day of my period and I don´t know how to proceed from now on.

When I was taking lyco every day, I felt a lot of energy and for someone whose one of the main problems is hypothyroidism it is wonderfull!

Here are some positive changes made from lycopodium and pulsatilla:

mental energy
physical energy
improvement on my vision (it got really bad in the last couple of months, I couldn´t stay without glasses anymore! I have farsightedness/hypermetropia) but now I am not using glasses again!

less fear of exposing myself in front of a public
wonderful results in my job because of my mental state
feeling the same way I felt when I was a teenager. It is a different mental state I have no idea it existed.
I am less needy, less irritable, more independent, calmer
lost some weight (but now I guess I have recovered it all again)
balanced appetite
improvement on the state of the psoriasis
the sweat on my feet disappeared and also the bad smell (that is a condition I had for the last 6 months and now it is gone)
night sweats - don´t have it anymore
and I am sure there are more, since I always forget to tell something
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sacha1 6 months ago


A homeopath told you to take thyrodinium and the t 4 and 3- you have upped the potency- is a homeopath directing you ? Or are you self prescribing?

Please do not take anything for 10 days.
After that you need to list all problems you have./ when they began/
What you have tried in allopathic and homeopathic.

List meds taken for the last 6 months, potency/ doses and reactions to them.
A 200 c can last for two weeks and it can bring up things you had before
And then they leave. You cannot keep switching meds like you are doing-
Because not enough time is being given to let results happen-
Results have to be studied to see what is next. Please google herings law of cure- homeopaths use those guidelines .

I would ask for Maheeru to help guide you, if he has time.
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simone717 6 months ago

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