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Help me to narrow down my remedy

I have psychosomatic disorder with the right side of my body for almost 10 years . i have had visit to 3 homeopaths in my country with no success when i decide to go on my own remedy prescription (low potencies ofc) in the last 4 years.
Till now i have taken next remedies and potencies (that i remember) with no success who where prescribed by doctors homeopaths:

1st Doctor gave me this after using some kind of machine brain waves

Phosphorus 30c /200c / 1M (made me happy but not the right med)
Arsenicum album 200C (i felt great tension in the body )
Calcarea Carb. 30c (started to sweat a lot during sleep )
Natrum Mur. (on my suggestion)
Nux Vomica 30c (don't remember the effect)

Looked like she doesn't know what is doing with changing remedies and potencies every 2 weeks so i went to another doc.

2nd Doc. gave me this after interview

Medhorinum 30c (bad experience with very bad nightmares)
Lycopodium 30c (good result , last very shot period , my abdomen was about to explode )

Bach Flower:
Rescue remedy

Schussler salt:
Kali Phos D6 (D6 , not sure about potency)

No ethic in this doctor behavior , did not respond to my calls after last med. so i had to visit 3rd doctor.

3rd doc gave me this after interview

Arsenicum album LM1
Next month
Arsenicum album LM2
Next month
Arsenicum album LM3

With very small almost no improvement from the arsenicum he decide to give me
Natrium Muriaticum 30c for the next 3 months .
I was against Natrium Mur. since i had prev experience with the 1st doc and it was not the right remedy (i started to drink alcohol like a lot and end up in emergency 2-3 times).

But i took it anyway and after 2-3 months with no improvement i decide to go on my own prescription.

So i started to treat my self with the the next remedies and potencies:

1st order:

CHELIDONIUM MAJUS 30c (not good i throw it after taking 1 dose)
Lycopodium clavatum 30c (i took this bc i had good result except in abdomen with the 2nd doc. but now had no improvement and throw them)
Ignatia Amara 30c (i felt much better after taking ignatia)
Staphysagria 30c (not good also throw them after 1 dose)

At this point since i had improvement with Ignatia amara 30c i decide to go with higher potency Ignatia amara 200c.

With this potency i started to feel pain in abdomen on the right side , and after few months i end up in surgery.

I had appendix surgery removal and than happen weird thing.
few days after surgery my symptoms on the right side of body started to improve. at first i thought its from some meds they gave me at hospital after and before surgery but i was wrong. that improvement last only couple of days. I will explain in text below at the time come why i was wrong.

After this "adventure" i put myself on break from homeopathy for 2 months.

In this 2 months i was reading and reading and searching and somehow i found complex homeopathic formulas from one online store and ordered this two products :

1st formula was about Anxiety Relive with the next "ingredients" :

Aconitum napellus 9x;
argentum nitricum 8x;
arsenicum album 9x;
aurum metallicum 8x;
gelsemium sempervirens 8x, 30x;
hyoscyamus niger 6x, 12x;
ignatia amara 6x, 12x;
kali carbonicum 12x, 30x;
moschus 12x;
natrum muriaticum 6x, 12x, 30x;
and piper methysticum 3x, 6x, 12x, 30x.

2nd formula was Calming with the next "ingredients" :

Chamomilla 2X,
*coffea cruda 10X,
*humulus lupulus 2X,
*ignatia amara 8X,
moschus 10X,
*nux vomica 30X,
*passiflora incarnata 2X,
*sulphur 12X,
valeriana officinalis 2X,
*veratrum album 4X

*Natural Ingredients

At this point i started taking from both meds and felt some good and bad effects.
After couple of days "mixing" i notice the 2nd formula is the right one since from 1st formula i had bad effect .

I'm sure about the right formula and here is where i need help .

I need to narrow down which one is the right for start from this 10

Chamomilla 2X,
*coffea cruda 10X,
*humulus lupulus 2X,
*ignatia amara 8X,
moschus 10X,
*nux vomica 30X,
*passiflora incarnata 2X,
*sulphur 12X,
valeriana officinalis 2X,
*veratrum album 4X

the improvement i felt is in my abdomen above navel and i was very relaxed , had no worries no fears no vertigo in high places (balcony) i felt great and 90 % improvement like never before in the last 10 years.
Its like my abdomen (above navel) was bloated and now was coming to its place and all parts from my right side of body was coming to its place.

Here is the almost same thing happen after the surgery that i had 6 months ago when my abdomen/stomach was empty couple of days and i felt the improvement (which i thought is from meds) but now it was much better.

Only "negative" effect from this complex formula was that i had very vivid nightmares.
Here i decide to continue but with drinking mint tea as i tho my nightmares will stop. But they did not stop and i throw away the bottle after 2 days. The irony is that i recall few days later that nightmares are normal process of improvement...

Now i'm still waiting my second order of the same medicine also ordered Sulphur 30c even tho im not sure about sulphur.
Meanwhile i took Kali Carb 30c as it stated for "pent up emotions in the abdomen" but i felt very little improvement.

At the end it all comes to those 10 remedies and the question is which one is the right for bloated abdomen above navel with right side from head to toe symptoms.

I wrote all other meds that i tried and effects from them as i don't want to think outside of this box :

Chamomilla 2X,
*coffea cruda 10X,
*humulus lupulus 2X,
*ignatia amara 8X,
moschus 10X,
*nux vomica 30X,
*passiflora incarnata 2X,
*sulphur 12X,
valeriana officinalis 2X,
*veratrum album 4X

Please help or give me some advice , or any question that will help me narrow down the right med. Thanks in advance.
  Doomure on 2018-07-09
This is an internet forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You may take Coffea Cruda 30C and Moschus 30C one by one sometime in future and note its response.
kadwa 9 months ago

Thanks for the replay kadwa , i ordered those remedies u stated, will write the respond in approx one month .
Doomure 9 months ago

Ok ,So after a few months trying to narrow down , i came to this.

First i took Moschus it was fine , but not good enough
i continue with Coffea , it makes me very tense , so i skip that and went on Gelsemium, Argentum Nit , Causticum , Kali Phos and Chamomile. All in 9C potency.

Here things got better but i couldn't tell which one at the time, so after few weeks of back and forth i got it , i need Chamomile, im taking 9C potency.

At this point i need help , what potency of Chamomile should i continue and how frequent should i take , do i need higher or lower potency.

Other advice i need is how to antidote the other remedies i took since i feel sever pain in left kidney are , which i guess is from arg-nit,(i read that nat-mur is antiodote i took 30c , but duno how often and how long to antidote and im not sure is it from arg-nit the pain i feel or the rest.).
Doomure 2 months ago


1. Please go to your real MD and get correct diagnosis
For the kidney pain. If there is something amiss,
You need to know. And use meds( whether homeo
Or other ) based on Real facts for this.

2. Try cham30c. Take one dose and keep track
Of your reactions- results and how long they lasted.
You could find one dose worked for 8 hours or two days and then
You take another dose when you feel that dose
Has done its work. Too much Cham will make you
Irritated ,and then wear off. You might find one dose lasts two days and then the next dose lasts 4 days- then one week, etc. Everyone is
Different and dosing is based on results.
simone717 2 months ago

Sulphur30 and ignatia.ammara30 ..
Ibrahim3 2 months ago

Thank you simone717 and Ibrahim3 for the replay.

I ordered online all 6 above in 30c porency , it will take approx 3 weeks to arrive.

Meanwhile i will try to explain the amelioration that i felt from this med's last couple of weeks , it might help to narrow down even more ,because i'm not sure yet with cham.

These are the last 6 that i'm taking lately.
Arg-nit, Gelsem, Chamomile, Coffea Cruda, Kali Phos, Causticum. All 9c potency. Only once i took Nat mur 30C with idea to antidote Arg nit bc of pains , but they are almost gone now, w/o going to MD.

Fist physical improvement i felt was in navel area and below navel. Like my abdomen was bloated and now getting less bloated, in same time i felt great improvement in rectum , like it was drown downward and now was going upward and improving , and like my organs was coming to their place. The improvement was go great but it last very short , only 1-2 days.
So from physical point of view , i felt great improvement in organs in lumbar and sacral region. Like there was heavy load and now was gone. And like organs where misplaced and now where coming on their place. Also in rectum was like in position for diarrhea which i don't have now, but i have had it for 2-3 months 10 years ago when all my problems started.

Second psychological improvement was that all worries where gone my sleep improve for a bit and (my mind was in present moment (i hope this will not mislead), before that and now i'm always thinking what can go wrong or what will happen, and what will i do after that happen if it happen.) Unfortunately this improvement also last for 1-2 days. But i'm glad since i got clearer picture of my "symptoms".

Also this might be helpful symptoms in narrowing
- i have a great fear being alone especially at night
- i feel like i want to get rid of something (i cant say what), (which i guess it manifested the diarrhea at the time).
- i feel dizzy crossing bridge (hope this will not mislead (i know its Arg nit sympt. though i took arg nit for digestive disorder rubric)).
- i feel great fear in driving car,(had 3 accidents like co-driver 12 years ago. luckily no causalities ).
- i lack self-confidence
- i always think what would others do or would it be wrong or right if i do that or that.(confidence issue i guess again)
- i'm easily offended, i avoid looking people that i don't know in the eyes.
- im getting angry very easy , but i keep that inside me .
- i feel like im on break or my life is on pause and i have some unsolved issue which hold me.
- im 35 yo male, 195 cm , 110 kg

This is all i remember at this moment.
Any help or suggestion or advice with homeopathic remedies will be appreciated a lot.
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Doomure 2 months ago


No one can help you if you continue to take
All these remedies -

You have to stop all for at least a week and then try
ONE remedy at a time .
simone717 2 months ago

Sycotic miasm .... read thuja ocidentalis or Medorrhinum medicine. Read several times. Observe which one is more closer to your mental symptoms and physical symptoms. Than take 4 drops once in life only in a separate disposable glass with some water in it.

Sit a side. Keep calm and notice changes for the next 10-15 days. Simone is saying right as well.
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Ibrahim3 2 months ago

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