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Help with chronic Ecoli UTI

I am a 60 yr old woman who has had a recurring UTI for over 4 years (e-coli always confirmed by lab testing). I have been on antibiotics for this UTI repeatedly for 4 years. It goes away when taking antibiotics and comes back 3 days after stopping antibiotics. I have burning during and after urinating. I have nitrites on urinalysis sticks every morning along with leukocytes and sometimes speckled blood. I have been controlling the infection by drinking the juice of one lemon, 1/2 cup water, and 1/4 tsp baking soda twice a day. If I do this I only have nitrites first morning urine. If I do not do this, I have nitrites all day and the infection gets worse.

I did a very thorough and successful candida cleanse and healed leaky gut. A homeopath in here was helping me with my UTI but is no longer available. Here is the list of remedies he had me try:

Advised to try Cantharis 30C 1 pill 2x/day for 2-3 days - nitrites changed to light pink, leukocytes went dark purple.

Advised to try Cantharis 200C 1 or 2 x /day for a few days - no change in symptoms - nitrites so dark almost red

Advised to try collibacillinum 30C: (I ordered 200C by mistake) and took 1 pill 2x/day - Headache in my temples ( both sides ) and at back of my head where neck joins is tense. It also feels as if I had a sinus infection. Pressure behind the eyes, across bridge of nose and under eyes. No pain when pressed. I had chronic sinus infections in my mid 20's/30's always treated with antibiotics repeatedly. I have post nasal drip (one nostril is always plugged and has been this way for 3 decades - the stuffiness moves from one side to the other and always has) so the post nasal drip isn't new but the amount of it is more I think. Foggy brain, slower at thinking and doing things. I have to think before speaking or doing anything. Can't find words etc. I felt as if I could stay in bed all day. UTI symptoms still show nitrites and leukocytes and sometimes speckled blood but speckled blood is less. Nitrites showed up on sticks slower than usual. Usually it is pink/dark pink immediately when dipped. 

While the headache and sinus like symptoms are subsided, my right ear started to ache. Through my 30's/40's I had chronic ear infections in the right ear. Always treated with antibiotics. My right ear has crackled for about 20 yrs since the ear infections stopped. I have gone through bouts of chronic infections my whole life. Small child to teen = chronic tonsillitis repeatedly treated with antibiotics. Then they suddenly stopped in early teen years and then I developed chronic strep late teen years until early 20's always treated with antibiotics and then that stopped. Then late 20's into 30's chronic sinus infections always treated with antibiotics and they too suddenly stopped, 30's to 40's chronic ear infection always treated with antibiotics which of course suddenly stopped and now here we into my 60's with chronic UTI 's .
Lots of tonsil stones coming out. 
UTI symptoms the same

Advised to try collibacillinum 200C: One dose per week for a few weeks. NO change in UTI symptoms. Ear crackling is less but still there. Fewer tonsil stones but still there. Less post nasal drip but still there

Advised to try Merc Corr 30C and purchase 200C as well: Homeopath who was helping me will not be online again for a long time.

I am looking for someone else to help?

  Juniorcat on 2018-08-27
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please take the following remedies;

Medorrhinum 200c once a week for 4 weeks and

Staphysagria 30c twice a day for 2 weeks then report back in 3 -4 weeks.

1 dose is 2 pills or drops.
Tui 4 years ago
Thank you! I will have to order some staphysagria 30C. Do I take both the medorrhinum and staph at the same time or do I take the medorrhinum first and then at the end of the 4 wks take the staph?
Juniorcat 4 years ago
Start taking the remedies at the same time.
Tui 4 years ago
Thank you. I have ordered the staph and will post after 4 wks of taking Medorrhinum & 2 wks of staph once I receive it.
Juniorcat 4 years ago
Tomorrow will be my 4th dose of Medorrhinum 200C. I have completed 2 wks of staphysagria 30C twice a day and have so far taken 3 weekly doses of medorrhinum.

Day 2 of staph 30c caused an increase in UTI symptoms. Burning urethra, stinging before during and after urinating.
Nitrites leukocytes speckled blood on sticks AM urine
Leuks specks rest of day. Nausea most of day. But not much else as far as UTI goes. I am not sure if staph helps with old sinus/ear infections or not but I have had some symptoms of that as well.

Some days I had diarrhea multiple times.

Each weekly dose of medorrinum causes increased UTI symptoms for 2 days or so with feeling sick, tired, lethargic, clammy, stinging before and after urinating, increased DARK pink nitrites, DARK purple leuks & speckled blood then back to the usual irritated urethra, pink nitrites, light purple leuks after a couple of days.

Each weekly dose of medorrinum also brings out sinus infection feeling for a few days. Pressure across nose and above eyes. Stuffed head feeling, malaise, unwell feeling and right tonsil felt swollen but not sore. I have had quite a few tonsil stones come out on right side which taste horrible but glad they are coming out. Right ear still crackles but less pressure than before. Thick post nasel drip draining. Tastes of infection. Lots of throat clearing.

Had a couple of dreams. One was a small tree being cut down. Remember nothing else in that dream or other ones.

Morning urge/sting of urethra not as intense as before when first waking up.
Juniorcat 4 years ago
Is there any new symptom? something that you have never had before?
Tui 4 years ago
No nothing at all. Everything that I have been feeling are things I have felt through my life during chronic ear , throat, sinus and UTI infections
Juniorcat 4 years ago
ok, so you are having the return of old symptoms. They usually will last for a few days ( or sometimes weeks) then recede. And they will not return again.

A return of old symptom is usually mild and short lasting, but if your symptom is severe, then you may stop all the remedies and wait until it subsides.
Tui 4 years ago
Ok I can handle how I am feeling so will continue on and take my last dose tomorrow. Do you want me to report back in a week?
Juniorcat 4 years ago
Yes please. thank you
Tui 4 years ago
Well it has been a week. There has been a little change in the UTI symptoms. Still have dark pink nitrites every morning, and during the day they are lighter IF I DRINK lemon water all day long. Leukocytes are slower to show up. Blood specks are much less on some days and much more on other days. Urgency is still there although not as bad. Irritated feeling urethra still there. Anxiety has increased from what it was. I also now have some discomfort right side below ribs, mid belly sort of. I also had a dream that I can remember parts of which hasn't happened in years. I'm not sure if you are interested in dreams so I will put it in here just in case. I was somewhere like a mall but it was also like a home. I got on a small train to go upstairs. When I got upstairs I realized I left my purse and phone downstairs. I couldn't find my way back downstairs. I asked a stranger if I could use their phone to call my husband but that phone would not work. I asked another stranger and again that phone would not work for me. That is all I remember. I was not anxious in the dream or scared. I was worried that my husband would not be able to find me.
Juniorcat 4 years ago
I suggest you see a urologist to determine the cause.
This has gone on too long and it may now be affecting your kidneys.
simone717 4 years ago
Any pain before or during or after urination?

Can you tell more bout the anxiety?

Is it panic attack or more like general anxiety?

Also it may be a good idea to go check with a urologist as Simone has suggested...
Tui 4 years ago
I've been to the urologist. Everything looks fine and all they do is throw antibiotics at me so I am not going anymore and that is why I am in here. The anxiety is general. I have generalized anxiety disorder they say but it has flared up more since the last dose of medorrinum. No pain before, during or after urination. Mild stinging before and after though.
Juniorcat 4 years ago
Please continue with the following remedies;

Medorrhinum 200c, one dose every other day for the next 10 days


Pulsatilla 30c twice daily for 10 days

Arnica 200c, one dose every other day for 10 days

Report back anytime.
Tui 4 years ago
ok thanks! so all three at the same time yes?
Juniorcat 4 years ago
Tui 4 years ago

Looks like you have interstitial cystitis.pls check symptoms.

I also used to have e coli.. there may be several reasons for same.

Start using d mannose powder or capsules.its natural And it's specifically for e coli.you can get it on Amazon. brands now or other.

Check for possible infection causes.l Ike dirty water, unhygienic washrooms,use cotton n clean under garments.
Check for moulds in house.

Star using probiotics
Eat healthy diet only.

P.s u have suffered a lot reg e coli.
Change of food (I take anti inflammatory diet)
Using d mannose
Are saviour

P.s can u help me how you cleansed with gut n candida
Boom 4 years ago
Tui, do I take the medorrhinum one day then the arnica the next, alternating or do I take them both on the same day every other day?
Juniorcat 4 years ago
boom I did it through my naturopath and it was based on what I needed so I cannot help with that. Regarding your other suggestions, I already do all those things and have tried all those things. Thank you.
Juniorcat 4 years ago
alternate medorrhinum and arnica.
Tui 4 years ago
I thought so haha. ok thanks!
Juniorcat 4 years ago
Hi Tui

Much much less urethral irritation, stinging, urgency. Good change!

Feel “relief” after urinating (that “ahhhhh” - nice feeling that I have not felt in 4 yrs) and barely any burning afterwards.

I have no stinking or urgency upon waking so that is a good change.

Each dose of arnica really brought out anxiety - social anxiety mostly as well as fear but no idea what the fear is of…fear of ? I don’t know

Each dose of medorrhinum I would be calmer again

Urinalysis sticks look much better. Leukocytes are there on and off instead of all the time

Nitrites are alternating between very light on first morning urine to darker on other mornings instead of always very dark pink

Speckled blood on and off and much much less.

One thing I have noticed
When there are nitrites on the sticks, there are no leuks or blood specks
When there are leuks & blood speck, there are no nitrites.
Juniorcat 4 years ago
Continue with the remedies for another 10 days and report back any changes.
Tui 4 years ago
Ok thank you! :)
Juniorcat 4 years ago

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