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Aurum Metallicum & heat

I have taken a total of two doses of Aurum Metallicum 30 (spaced several days apart). It has had almost miraculously positive effects on my mind and emotions, but has aggravated symptoms of feeling excessively hot and sweating. I am waiting on Aurum 200 to be delivered because I think that is really what I need instead of the 30. But I am just wondering if the heat aggravation is normal? I am 26/female and I have always had this problem of feeling too hot & sweating too much.
  vatagirl on 2018-12-03
This is an internet forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Whenever a symptom is aggravated by a homeopathic remedy, it starts the process of cure.
kadwa 2 months ago

Thank you!! I was worried that it might have been impacting my hormones too much or something, because there's very little else I can compare my experience to except extreme hot flashes. Almost like I am about to spontaneously combust! But from what I've read about Aurum personality-wise, that kind of makes sense.

If I have any more questions once I start the 200, I will come back to this post. I appreciate your response!
vatagirl 2 months ago


Every person responds differently to a remedy and potency..
Once there has been a reaction, one waits to see
What happens. Remedies work when they are a good match-
That is because the human body will not allow
Two similar off balance states. The body responds
To the match by raising your life force to CLEAR the highly diluted remedy and at same time it starts clearing the
Matching real problem.

Often old things one had before start appearing
Because they are releasing from your system.
You do not take more of a remedy when there
Are reactions because it is overdosing and
Your vital force releasing will be overwhelmed.

You are thinking of meds as if they are western meds-
Please google Herings law of cure and see what
Homeopaths look for after taking a remedy.
Wait and observe now - at some point when
You feel you are going backwards that is when
You take another dose of 30c.not 200c.
simone717 2 months ago

Oh, thank you so much Simone. I think we posted at the same time! I will follow your instructions :) This is very helpful!
vatagirl 2 months ago

Ok, I definitely see what you mean about all of this. I guess I had the incorrect assumption that you pretty much experience change immediately, or VERY soon after taking a remedy at the most. Which is true in a way, because when I took the Aurum the first time I had an instantaneous experience of lightness & happiness (which I'm definitely not used to)! Although my last dose of Aurum was days ago, I think what I am experiencing now is related. My body feels heavy & immovable, and it seems directly correlated to deep sadness/despair that is coming up. Obviously there's nothing to worry about, as it seems the remedy is doing its job, but I am little confused about how I will know when I am going backwards, like you mentioned.
vatagirl 2 months ago

Your last sentence is why even homeopaths get treatment from other homeopaths. First off, it is very hard to choose the exact right remedy
In chronic cases. Often it is a partial match and
That takes care of many things, then one sees what is left.

But while one is going thru reactions it can also
Be confusing - I have seen a lot of ignatia cases
Where people are releasing different emotions and past states
For days.

I suggest you do not overthink this- you are reacting to the remedy
And observe for at least a week. See what your status is then-
You can report on here.
simone717 2 months ago

Update: I think I went through quite the "healing crisis" since I last posted on here! But last night I started feeling much better. There doesn't seem to be much to report right now. I was tempted to post many times over the last week because I felt SO horrible and had many different old symptoms return. I was confused at some points because I thought that aggravations were supposed to be really mild & fleeting, and sometimes I was having intense problems that seemed to last longer than I expected. But at this point, I am doing rather ok. What I am experiencing right now is a little bit of anxiety and restlessness, still some sweating. Definitely not as overheated as before though, and not as much sweating.

One thing that may be important to mention: back in 2017, I started to get this overwhelming fear of death (my own death and the deaths of certain others; people & pets). This had decreased a bit in recent months when I started taking other homeopathic medicines (especially Phosphorus -- I REALLY noticed an improvement on all levels, without any aggravations, from taking Phosphorus). The death fear returned strongly a few nights ago. I almost took Arsenicum Album because I was freaking out. But I decided to just let it run its course. So the fear is not as bad right now.
vatagirl 2 months ago


You are sensitive and probably one dose only would have made for a milder aggravation. Good you are able to understand
And let all these things release. You can write anytime on here as you
simone717 2 months ago

Feeling in general much healthier & improved on many levels. But having a problem with extreme "swings" -- not just mood/emotional swings, it's more like this: I will feel energetic & emotionally good and then will drop to total fatigue/depletion/exhaustion + emotionally down. This isn't new for me per se, but I haven't been emotionally well and haven't had much physical energy for quite some time so THAT part feels different. Should I just keep observing? Does this all mean that the remedy is continuing to work?
vatagirl 2 months ago

Yes, the remedy is still working . Continue to wait
And observe.
simone717 2 months ago

Hi, I have been doing alright but there is something that has come to my attention in recent days. Bones in various parts of my body are very clearly misaligned/asymmetrical. What I mean is, one collar bone is lower than the other, one ribcage is lower than the other, etc. I have noticed this before (for several years), but now it is definitely much more apparent. There are also bones protruding in several areas when they shouldn't be. Is there anything homeopathic that I should or can do to assist with fixing this? I am currently wearing a posture brace, hoping it will help.
vatagirl last month

If me, I would check with an osteopath physician.
Find the cause. Various things can be done, as in a good chiropractor or deep tissue massage - acupressure or shiatsu if it is
Muscular related.
[Edited by simone717 on 2019-01-01 01:39:08]
simone717 last month

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