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Dr Maheeru please help, Urgent

Hello doctor,
Could you please help me urgently ?
I am too much tensed and overwhelmed with so many responsibilities all of a sudden. My husband is in the hospital for 10 days now. He had a stroke and is paralyzed right hand and right leg. I was already going through so much and this incident is making me too much stressed out. I am feeling handicapped, lonely, and too much worried. I am not worried about my husband but I am worried about my own health, about my daughter. I am feeling like, my husband is an additional burden for me now. He has never given me any happiness in life when he could use his hands and legs, now he has become more dependent on me. Which is making my life more miserable.

I am too much tensed. I have a huge head congestion, headache. And I am kind of lost too. I can’t decide what to do, what not to. I am so much irritated and furious. I am yelling at almost everybody. I hate to go to the hospital every day every night. I am not able to go my work because nobody is there to take care of him. This has happened all because of his fault. He is very careless and drinks alcohol often which is very harmful for him. He has a history of high blood pressure and high blood sugar. Still he didn’t take any precautions, never took medications for those conditions. And now he is in bed and giving me trouble. I need some financial help at this moment butnone of my inlaws are ready to help me out as they don’t trust my husband that he would ever return their money.

Please help me getting rid of this stress and depression.
I took 3 doses of Calc Carb 200 few days ago. Which helped me just 20%. And then I have been taking Kali Phos 6X every 2-3 hours. Kali Phos is helping me about 30%. Please suggest if I am doing correct. Please suggest any remedies
  depression1 on 2019-06-12
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
I do not think I can help with this right away. Due to the schedule, I'm not taking new cases for a few days but will continue to advise on other aspects.

On the other thread addressed to Anuj, you were taking Ignatia, now you are taking calc carb and K phos. If you are taking them under any advice you can continue else try to get professional advice because during such desperate times, one can go wrong with self medication. Or see if anuj can help you!
maheeru 11 months ago
Dr Anuj is not responding at all. It was a long time ago, I was taking Ignatia. I was taking Ignatia for the grief of my uncle’s death. I was okay after I took some doses of Ignatia. ( I never knew I had a prescription from you for more of Ignatia dosage until I logged in back to my post two days ago, I logged in late because nobody had responded to my very first post immediately and I needed help immediately) So I took Ignatia on my own.
When My husband got admitted about 10 days ago. Since nobody responded to my post immediately, I thought of taking some remedies by my own and I did not check the post for long time. so I took Calc Carb 200 by my own but that didn’t help me much. So I took Kali Phos 6x after that and I am still taking Kali Phos 6x by my own every 4 hours as written on the bottle. I wanted to know if I am taking the correct remedy. Kali Phos 6X is still not helping me much. If you could advise me anything in this situation, I would appreciate it.
My head is congested and burning. I am so much irritated. I feel overwhelmed even with a small thing.

Please suggest
depression1 11 months ago
You probably should have used Ignatia here as well. Try Nat. Mur 30 or 200 and see.

If N. Mur does not work, do not go on taking medicine on own. Calc. seems to be a so-so choice and some symptoms could be from the medicine. Try to get professional advice.
maheeru 11 months ago
Thank you Dr Maheeru,
I will take Nat Mur 200 c. I usually take 3 pills each day for 3 days. I hope that is a correct dosing I am doing. ( my former homeopaths used to give me such dosing pattern)

About taking professional help, I am not financially stable for that and the homeopaths here charges a lot. I don’t believe in conventional medicines for mental conditions. I have been benefited by homeopathy earlier as well. It’s just that I have nobody to guide me this time.
I would highly appreciate if I can get advice from you regarding my condition.

Thank you so much once again for the remedy suggestion.
depression1 11 months ago
Use one or two pills at a time for a dose. Don't do it 3x3 for 200c esp. for deep acting medicines. Do it either twice a week or once a week.
maheeru 11 months ago
Thank you so much for the information, Dr Maheeru. I will do the same. But for how long do I have to take the medicine, if I take it twice a week ?

Appreciate your help.
depression1 11 months ago
You can take till it works and helps without any negative effects. If you need a number, you can go upto 8 doses and review how you are doing.
maheeru 11 months ago
Hello Dr Maheeru,
Please help me.

I have had 4 doses of Nat Mur 200 so far. The first 2 doses 12-13 days ago seemed working 50-60 %.
I took another 2 doses this week and it is working only about 20-30 %. My head congestion is not going away. I still have overwhelmed feeling of responsibilities.

I feel like my mind/brain is WOUNDED.

I feel bit suffocated. I am feeling stressed out eventhough there is not much to do at the moment.
My husband is in his sister’s house for right now but I don’t want to hear anything from him or I am not asking him anything about his condition which may not sound nice but I am avoiding any kind of stressful situation or I don’t want to hear such things which give me added stress. I am keeping myself in a Shell. I avoid talking to people even my mom.
I couldn’t sleep well last night. I was thinking about how to manage my expenses.

This incident took my confidence away. Made me sick and weak.

Please help me cope this stress. I don’t want to give up on Homeopathy. I know I will be better only by homeopathy.

Thanking you.
depression1 10 months ago
You could try one dose of Sulphur 200c.

For your husband, arnica 200 in wet dose may help for his post stroke management.

It seems a vicious cycle for you. Medicines can do only so much. Need to look ways to eliminate or minimise the maintaining cause. Also need to change the way one looks at adversities or the way one reacts to adversities once it's known that one's life is not going to be a smooth ride. Remember--- what you are going to focus on, is going to grow and grow and what you are going to ignore and neglect is going to shrink and wither away.

So try to ignore your weaknesses, your problems and focus on your strengths and your happy moments/relationships.
maheeru 10 months ago
Thank you, Dr Maheeru.

I will try my best to focus on good things as you said.

This headache and head congestion is keeping me from doing anything.

I was so brave and confident before, even I had managed everything by myself for 5 years without my husband or anybody else. This tension is an added one on my life, which pulled me down and taking all my confidence and energy. I don’t know why my mind is not under my control. It’s hard.
But I will try my best to get back on the track again. Thank you for your support and encouragement. I really needed them.

I appreciate your help.
[Edited by depression1 on 2019-06-29 17:18:22]
depression1 10 months ago
Thank you Dr Maheeru,

As per your advice, I took a dose of Sulphur 200 yesterday morning.
I am so relieved now. I am feeling like I am about 70% okay than before. I am not suffocated anymore. My headache and head tightness have been improved by 70-80%. I am not irritated and frustrated as before. I am taking good care of my husband now. I am not thinking negative about him. I am not restless like before. I am less stressed out now.

Thank you so much for the remedy suggestion. You and homeopathy are life savers.

Should I take more doses in near future or not ? Please suggest.

I really appreciate your help.
depression1 10 months ago
Thank God! Desirable and great response.

When a dose of a medicine works like this, there is no need to repeat soon.

After two to three weeks, if there is a NEED(it should feel like the improvement has come to stand still and still you think you need medicine to clear out the remaining problem) you can repeat one more dose.

Glad to be of help.
maheeru 10 months ago
Hello Dr Maheeru,

It’s been more than two weeks now since I had a dose of Sulphur 200.

My present condition:

-Since my husband had a stroke, I have not gone to work. It’s been a month now. I think now, I have lost my confidence on things that I had been doing before. I am so reluctant now to go back to work and face the work environment again.

- I am fearful about any more bad happenings in my life, now. I feel like I have had enough of bad things happened in my life, now I deserve some happiness.
Because of this fear, I am scared to try new things, new jobs etc. thinking that what if I fail ? I can’t stand failures.

I hate to be controlled by anyone rather I would like to control people or things which might affect me or my daily life routine e.g. my daughter and my husband.

- I am scared about my health as well. I have been having pain on my pelvic zone for long time. I am fearful about having any dangerous disease. I am scared to go for a check up as well, as I can’t hear any bad news anymore.

- I am scared to go outside alone or with my daughter as I think somebody will do something bad with me or with my daughter. I have become so protective about my daughter. I can’t trust anyone for my daughter.

-my head is congested and heavy. I am feeling lazy. I am sad. I am irritated. I don’t wanna meet people. I don’t wanna talk to anybody, Specially my in-laws.

- Do you still think I should take another dosage of Sulphur or I need another remedy now ? Please suggest.

Thanking you.
depression1 10 months ago
Before making a switch, need to give an opportunity to the old remedy that worked well in the recent past. So yes you may go ahead with a dose if you think it's time you needed a stimulus.
maheeru 10 months ago
Hello Dr Maheeru,
Please help me. My head is so congested. I am so tensed. I am running out of money now. I am worried about my Rent and other bills for coming months. Too much financial burden and My husband hasn’t recovered yet.
On the top, I am so hesitant to go back to my work. I am feeling like what if I have forgotten all the things that I had been doing in the past. What will people think and say When they see me after such a long time. I don’t wanna talk about what happened and what’s going on. I have lost my confidence. I am hesitant to face people at work. I don’t think I am confident enough anymore to accomplish anything now. I am fearful about any failures.
I have to go back to work any how and I am scared of what’s gonna happen. I am so forgetful now. I can’t find words easily to describe things. Too much tensed. Loss of memory. Too much irritated and frustrated. Too much of a thinking about what people would say.

I took another dose of Sulphur 200, about 10 days ago, which is not helping me on my current situation. I was arguing with my husband last night and couldn’t sleep the whole night.
I am so much worried about my future. I needed a strong person to lead my life and here I am leading all three of our lives. I am not strong enough to take too much of responsibilities. My mind gets exhausted easily. I get anxious and panicky. And here I have two dependents.

I am still feeling that I am inside a barricade of bad happenings and I have to get out of that to live a normal life. I fear of anything bad happenings anymore.

Please help me clear this fog out of my head.
I appreciate your help.
Thank you for hearing out to me.
depression1 9 months ago
Hey dear, maheeru chose for you Sulphur, if the same old symptoms reapperd again which responded well to Sulphur you should try Sulphur again.

It is possible that it is a question of potency. The same potency some times don't reach the same goal again whose did the first time. It is even possible that it create and add more symptomes cause the vital force already is usual to the stimulus from the remdedy and don't respond as well.

So my advice, you can try it, I think it will not harm you cause you already had a good response to Sulphur.

And do it only if the situation is familar to whose of responded well to Sulphur. Otherwise you should ask to find out a new remedy, if you are in a total different state.

So give 2 globes from Sulphur in a bottle with 200ml and wait for dissolve.
Then you can take a sip from it and wait how the situation develop. If you get better, wait. If symptoms come back agitate the bottle, try it 5 times, and then take another sip. If you react to strong, I mean, if situation aggravate each time you take a sip, and then after a few hours you get better, try to take instead from the bottle a sip one teaspoon from the bottle and dilute it in a cup of water, stir it 2 times and take a sip/teaspoon from it.

If you feel that the remedy don't respond anymore or there are new (not old) symptomes whose added by the remedy take a sniff from a camphor oil to antidote, cause that would mean that the remedy is creating symptomes in you.

You can try. For further questions ask maheeru, maybe he can find you a new better remey. But for the good reaction to sulphur you can try this method. I would not allow me the judge, but read your post and see the good results after sulphur you should give it a new chance.

And wait before antidoting, it is possible that it is a slight aggravation. But you nether had an aggravation after sulphur 200C so I don't think that will happen.

I find myself in a same situation and styding better and also through maheeru I found out that sometimes, or often, it is a question of dilution.

So try it out if you feel. Wish you all the best.


Luca W
lucawi 9 months ago
Diluite 2 globes in a 200ml bottle filled with water and add some vodka/or pure alcol to conserve. Agitate the bottle each time you feel to need the remedy again. If you aggravate after each assumation, diluite in a cup of water, stir it some times and take a sip.

Eacht time you take the remedy again, agitate the bottle. You can try it from 1-12 times to give you some idea. If you react without aggravation and feel better you found the right dose for you. If you aggravate, I mean, if your actual state aggravate without adding new symptomes or only a few it means that the remedy is right and you should change the agitate it less time. If you not react try to diluite the remedy in less water.
I think if your case still indicates Sulphur you can move forward with this method.
It's the question of the right remedy, right dilutio, rihgt dose. So try to adjust but follow roughly the advices.

And If you have more question about it, ask maheeru, he is expert in it and can help you forward.

All the best
lucawi 9 months ago

I'd want you to try a still higher potency of Sulph., before moving on. So you can either try a dose of sulph. 1M two pills under the tongue, or dissolve 2 pills of sulph. 200c in a bottle (200ml) and shake the bottle up and down for 7 times gently and during the downward motion, the bottle needs to be hit against the inner palm of the other hand just before the dose, and take a sip from this bottle as a dose.

As I said already medicines can do only so much. Medicine can not change your financial status or presenting situation. These are maintaining causes to your problem. Try to change things that are in your control. Your attitude and behaviour for instance is one thing. Next when you need all the support, reconsider antagonising your in-laws and even your husband---try to give love and affection another opportunity---hatred has rarely worked anywhere. And certainly stop thinking about what people would think if you go back to your job. All the time people take breaks due to reasons they can not control and have returned to their jobs. I think apart from medicine your case requires some counselling and some change of situation. For example if you are in a new place, you can try going back to your old place or a still newer place.

You didn't say if you are giving any homeopathics to your husband. A few posts back I suggested you to use Arnica wet dose for him as a start. A few homeopathic remedies should help him improve a good deal.
[Edited by maheeru on 2019-07-31 22:15:31]
maheeru 9 months ago

Nice seeing you here :) Man you are certainly improving from your issue I think. Otherwise it's hard to listen to others and advice in their best interest.

Luca there are huge sections of people who are not familiar with later editions of organon and thus to wet dose and LMs, many asian countries still are on Organon fourth edition and dry doses. In fact dry dose prescription is the norm in many parts of the world--thanks to Kentian way of thought. They would not take to wet dosing that easily. But we can try. People are seriously divisive about that they are black and white, either they are for dry dosing or for wet dosing and they never acknowledge the grey in between who can do both. I belong to that rare place. Without a dichotomy, I can employ both modes of remedy disposal. With sensitive people and those people who are familiar with wet dose already and for conditions that require more doses I go for wet dose and if not I go for dry dose.
maheeru 9 months ago
Hey maheeru,

i gava a look on the forum and this posts attract my attention. I really feel much more better, it was a question of dose and dilution, so I red this posts and at the same time was studying the book "how to mantain the simillimum" from luc de schepper and though it would be a possiblity try wet doses for her, cause she already had the 200C and diluting it in water would increase the potency so she could easily try...

Yes, what a pity that not more homeopaths prescribe through the 6 edition of the organon, Hahneman studied all his life to improve the method and still many people follow only the dry dose which is in many cases marked by aggravations and steps backwards,...
lucawi 9 months ago
Yes Luca Dry doses can come with aggravations esp. with high potencies and frequent repetition. Dry doses have a place, we simply can not rule them out.
maheeru 9 months ago
Hello Dr Maheeru,

Thank you for the response,

I haven’t given any homeopathic medicines for my husband because he said he doesn’t want to add any kind of medications on the top of his regular conventional medications.
How should he take Arnica and of what potency ? I will try one more time to convince him about the remedy.

Regarding my situation, I don’t have control over my mind. Thoughts come in my mind so suddenly and I can’t stop them. I start brooding over to those thoughts. My emotions are not stable. Sometimes I hate my husband for not realizing any responsibilities towards me since the marriage and now on the top he puts lots of loads on my mind which is overwhelming. I can’t take too much on my mind. Sometimes I feel too sorry for his condition and try to ease him and help him more with anything I can. I don’t want to hurt his feelings as well. I don’t want any bad things happen to him. I am not a bad person, I just can’t take too much of bad happenings in my life. I want to be happy as well. It’s only my financial security which is keeping me from being happy. I am not materialistic, I don’t want any luxurious life but I also want a life without doing too much compromises and sacrifices.
He is my husband so I expect things from him as well for our better lives. But he never shows any acts towards his responsibilities. He had a stroke because of his negligence and irresponsible behaviors. He was drinking alcohol without any limits, chewing tobaccos. Not taking his blood pressure medications, go eat out most of the time etc ...So at the end I suffer because of his behaviors. How fair it is for me ?. Now this is an additional burden he has put on me without my fault. In this situation, it’s hard for me to act normal. Still I am trying my best.
Still I am hopeful that homeopathy will help me a lot as it’s been helping me for long time now.

Thanking you for your help.
depression1 9 months ago
For your husband: Start giving him Arnica 200 in wet dose. If you report after a few doses, based on his symptoms I can suggest a few more remedies.

You can go ahead with sulph. doses as mentioned in the last post. Additionally you may take Bach Flower essence Elm two drops once or twice daily for some days---will help with fear of failure.

I would have given a detailed response to your post but want of time is preventing me but still it's reasonably a long post. Lot of people defensively say 'How fair is it to me'. Please remember Life is not fair. Whether one is righteously or erroneously stressful, it doesn't matter, ultimately the stress would consume anybody (I'm treating a couple of women with cncers who had righteous anger towards their spouses and the unfairness that was meted out to them by their spouses and life in general and this continous long term irritation has transformed into cncer--this is just an example, any thing that irritates physically or mentally long term can produce cncer but that's not my point, what I'm trying to say is fair or unfair/just or unjust strong emotions can keep anyone in disease cycle forever and become a source for further worst things to come). Organon I think aphorism seven talks about causa occasionalis and how a healer needs to remove it to cure the disease. If the maintaining causes are going to stay, it'd be difficult to provide a lasting cure. Atleast in people with terminally advanced pathology, one can not remove the actual maintaining cause to help with the stress the condition creates, but in other situations, if patients try to improve things under their control, then prognosis becomes good for them. I generally advice people with mental issues to take up a cause(preferably a charitable cause) and visit places where sorrows abound(like hospital emergency wards, orphanages, courts, prisons, auction sites where mortgages go bust, morgues, immigrants deportation centre, refugee camps etc) and spend some quality time there to understand how things can go really bad and worse than what one's experiencing already. Many people have got better seeing/hearing far worse things than that have befallen them and be grateful to what they have been blessed with already--of course medicines, counselling and moral support from family all play their part. This is not an over-simplification of emotional and mental ailments, but to let you know that a small degree of self-control, self-discipline, self-will based on the blessings one have already--- can bring in a positive change for long run.

You seem to be literate and have a good command over the language. If your financial state is due to current job, what harm in switching to a new well paying job? Well be this, or how you are going to conduct yourself with your spouse, in-laws is totally your personal sphere, but I needed to ring certain bells so that you realise certain things. Homeopathy will help good deal no doubt, but if you want to feel happy and content and have a lasting cure then you need to work with red flags I have raised. Long usage of homeopathy is said to desensitise people to remedies, but my opinion is--long usage of homeopathy without concrete and lasting results sometimes leads to increased sensitivity thereby reducing the chance of getting even temporary relief from medicines.
maheeru 9 months ago
Dear Maheeru,

i follow this post cause a gave some advice and feel to be in a similar situation, it's quite different but you know, some paralles I can find.

You gave the advice to visit places where people suffer, and you know, it's quite the law of homeopaty "similia similibus curentur", so confront oneself with a bigger suffering cures for a time his own suffering.

And thats what all the people do, the watch horror movies, war movies, documentary about horrible things and last but not least the "the news".

Unfortunatlly it doesn't heal people but can give some reliefe. But it can lead also do don't change his own situation and stay there.

But i find it's an interesting base, it also help me but I hope one day to don't measure my situation with others to feel better, I feel just good and be happy.

But I don't won't do confuse, it is my point of vision. I suffer from schizophrenia and have a really big problem with compassion, so don't listen to me.

I just won't to wrote down my thougts.

All the best

lucawi 9 months ago

Thanks for your inputs. I see a distinction between disorders like schizophrenia, bipolar on one hand and depression, obsessions on the other hand. Besides I never said to watch movies, horror stuff ---all those things are fictional, and if you re-read my writing you would read me mentioning about 'quality time' spent on these activities and not just to visit. The quality time is the actual learning time.

Funny you should mention 'news' on the horror lines, but true to an extent the stories, news shows, breaking news have all become cacaphony devoid of substance. As if this is not enough they have also become outrage manufacturing boards using flimsy political correctness. I have stopped watching news on TV because of this and I use radio and Internet to aggregate news.

Self-pity and sense of victimhood are dangerous things though they may feel justified and righteous and even natural with the given circumstances. It requires a painful breaking of shell to come out--and this usually comes with pain, empathising with suffering or with religious/spiritual understanding. But once you break this shell a lot of improvement can be seen. I never said these things to be stand alone healing factors. In addition to medicines, certain mental issues require counselling, support and also change of situation.

There are medicines for accidental burns. But if one keeps the hand in fire and continues to take medicine, what do you think would happen? First you need to change the situation by removing the hand out of fire. If the causative situation is not removable at all, then it's a different thing, but if it's removable, definite attempts should be made.

I did not advice these things specifically to depression1 or anyone else, I was just talking about how other supportive measures, strategies have helped people. My specific advice on here to depression1 the original poster was to do her bit on improving her attitude or the way she reacts to particular stimuli. She is already sensitive to poverty, and if she stops going to job, then she makes her fears about poverty into hard reality which in turn is going to get her in a serious mess!!
maheeru 9 months ago

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