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Ear pain/Abscess

I am suffering from severe ear pain the last 2 or 3 days.
I have not been able to look inside the ear but clearly there is a swelling in the external ear canal, I am guessing it is some kind of abscess.

This is the left ear and it feels stuffed up. The pain feels like deep throbbing pressure which extends to the forehead on left side as deep constant pressure. But if I close my nose and blow it feels the pressure briefly relieves so maybe it is fluid accumulation in eustachian tube.
Pain also extends below the ear towards the end of the mastoid, just under the bone and also a bit further behind. Gentle massage and pressure alleviates the symptoms a bit for a limited time. Some sub orbital pain for eye on left side but clearly secondary to the ear problem.
There is no substantial fluid discharge from ear but if I try to clean inner canal with gauze it sometimes gives a bit of brownish waxy fluid like loose ear wax.

Head feels heavy so it is hard to concentrate and do mental work.
Symptoms are very clearly worse with cold and better with head. It came about at almost the same time as a sharp cold turn in the weather. If I heat the house or wear warm clothes symptoms feel better. If I wear a cap that covers ears when I sleep symptoms feel better.

But when drinking water it does not need to be hot, room temperature or slightly cool water is fine. I don't crave warm drink or food. Just warm air and body.

I am not sure of diagnosis but from a quick look I tried Lycopodium 200C, twice a day since yesterday. It feels like a slight improvement but that could be just placebo effect since I usually expect a sharp improvement in a day. At least it is not getting worse for last 24 hrs. Possibly from Lyc but maybe unrelated.
I try to sleep on the left (affected) side. But sleep is difficult because of throbbing pain.

Does anyone have suggestions for what I can take? I also have higher potencies of Lyc but I am not confident taking M potencies without hearing other opinions.

Thank you in advance for any guidance.
  mmene on 2019-11-09
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
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freehomeoforall 2 years ago
Aconite may still be helpful at this stage especially if the pain came on suddenly with a cold weather.

Spigelia may be helpful if you have deep pain in the left eye with the stuffed ear.

If you have the abscess, Hepar sulphur is the good remedy for this type of ear problems.

So you can start with Aconite 200c, up to 3 times a day for one day and see if that reduce your pain, if not try Spigelia 200c then Hepar sulphur 200c in the same way as Aconite.

And I don't see Lycopodium for the ear pain but if you feel that is helping, you may repeat 200c 1 -2 doses today and see how you feel after that.
Tui 2 years ago
Also Mullen-Garlic Oil, three drops in the affected ear three times daily may help to reduce the pain. When you use the oil, first warm the oil bottle under the faucet. Put a piece of cotton in the ear after inserting drops to prevent the oil from coming out.
Tui 2 years ago
My deepest thanks to both of your for such quick replies.

Though the problem came on rapidly I don't feel it came on at Aconite speed. But probably more like Belladona speed, it took one or two days from symptom onset to peak.

As soon as I saw Mr. freehomeos suggestion I went and looked in the mirror. My face does not look red and flushed but when I think about it, my body definitely feels hot and flushed. Odd hot and cold sensation. So possibly Belladona is a good guess, I should have considered it.

Even though I started with Lyc, I myself don't have much faith in my diagnosis, especially since this is so left sided and relief is marginal.

Combining both of your advice I think I will start with Belladona and consider Hepar later depending on progression. Regarding Spigelia, I feel that abscess is a more dominant symptom than eye pain since it started in the ear with no other symptoms and then progressed to other regions.

I will definitely let you know progress and thank you for your graciousness.
mmene 2 years ago
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freehomeoforall 2 years ago
Would you have any concern with garlic oil antidoting the homeopathic remedy?

I don't think I have garlic oil, but I do have raw virgin coconut oil and Tea Tree oil. I have tried infusing coconut oil with a little Tea Tree and putting it. But since the canal is so clogged it will not penetrate much beyond outer/middle ear.

Regarding non homeopathic remedies I have also increased intake of Turmeric with fresh black pepper.
mmene 2 years ago
On reviewing all the information you gave and considering Mr freehomeos endorsement of Tui, I think I will start with Hepar Sulph 200 C and review progress with you.
mmene 2 years ago
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freehomeoforall 2 years ago
It has been close to 24 hrs and I want to give a quick follow up.

I briefly tried Aconite and as I expected it did not cause much change. I switched to 200C Hepar Sulph and it was an almost immediate improvement:
- Within an hour Ear inflammation and pressure reduced.
- Eye pain was almost eliminated as it was secondary to ear pressure
- Residual pain in surrounding areas like mastoid continued at reduced level. But it was much easier to eat food (it was harder to use jaw with force earlier due to pain in mastoid muscles)
- Sensitivity of ear to cold air is greatly reduced to almost zero.
- Brain fog and difficultly to concentrate is gone, probably because no continuous throbbing pain/pressure

But one interesting thing I noticed was, I had to go outside my home for some work and my throat sharply reacted to cold dry outside air. Almost immediately developed postnasal inflammation/congestion. From back of nose to upper throat.
This inflammation has persisted after coming home for several hours. I have tried drinking hot drinks, taking soup with turmeric, etc.

Maybe I did not notice but I don't think I had throat sensitivity to cold air earlier, only ear sensitivity. Not sure if this implies I need a second remedy but until I hear back from tia or freehomeo I will continue Hepar Sulph due to the obvious improvement.

As an additional note, I did try coconut oil with tea tree in my ear. Ear pain is 80% eliminated but there is still difficulty hearing out of that one year. In vital force terms I would say clearly that ear is on the right track though the problem focus has moved to throat.

If you have any follow up suggestions please let me know.
mmene 2 years ago
Another quick update:
My inflamed throat I mentioned earlier is steadily getting much worse though my ear is getting steadily better. Almost feels like a second remedy situation.

Left side of throat/post nasal area feels raw and inflamed. As I breathe air I feel the rawness. It hurts to swallow, especially liquids. Cold liquids are worse than warm liquids because I feel the cold against the raw throat surface.
Again, breathing cold dry air, especially outside the house makes symptoms rapidly worse.

From past experience my expectation is if I go to sleep then from lying down I will get congestion in my lungs and dry cough when I wake up. But that is my guess.

The onset of throat symptoms was extremely rapid when I left my house which means I think I should consider Aconite. Though I am not accustomed to Aconite as a second remedy.

Please advise if possible whether I should continue Hepar or switch remedies. Or take multiple.
mmene 2 years ago
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freehomeoforall 2 years ago
Thank you freehomeo, I was hoping Tui will respond as well.

There is some residual pain in head, I am not sure I would describe it as radiating though.
The pain is increasing in intensity rapidly, every message I type it is more. Now like a stabbing pain left side of throat. Head is heavy, hard to concentrate from the pain.

I want to read materia medica but hard to concentrate. Speed on onset made me thing of Aconite, the depth of throat pain made me think of Lachesis. But I need to understand instead of guessing.
mmene 2 years ago
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freehomeoforall 2 years ago
You could repeat Hepar sulphur as it has a symptom, throat pain goes into the head.

Other left sided remedies are; Lachesis if you feel the most pain when swallowing, and the pain often goes from left to right. Other remedy is Mercurius iodatus ruber. The pain is mostly on the left side, worse from swallowing food, also from getting wet or weather change.

Generally, when the symptoms are moving downwards, it's a good sign.
Tui 2 years ago
Thanks Tui. Based on freehomeo's earlier suggestion I briefly tried Bell 200C as well. I did not have it at home and had to buy it at a store so I only tried it once. I was improved but I cannot say it was a significant change from earlier.

I will continue with Hepar 200C for 24 hrs more as per your suggestion. I assume you are saying I should use 200C, not less or more potency. Will there be a benefit to split dose in water?

I did have very severe left sided pain when swallowing 24 hrs ago, almost like a blade in my throat. But it has greatly reduced and now while there is swallowing pain, it does not significantly impair eating.

To summarize current symptoms:
- Mild residual swelling blockage in left ear but not active inflammation
- Some amount of dry flakes come out of left ear periodically
- Distinct throat pain, left side of throat but reducing and becoming a little more symmetrical.
- Aversion to cold drinks, warmth generally alleviates symptoms & cold makes worse
- Worse with cold air but not as much as 24 hrs ago
- Slight periodic discharge of mucus from left nostril neither fluent nor difficult
- Some postnasal inflammation and rawness, but much reduced from 24 hrs ago
- Feeling of heaviness in chest like breathing is a little bit more labored or less lung capacity than normal
- Improvement in mood/energy level but not yet normal, maybe 50 to 75% of normal.
- Symptoms are not worse from getting wet, a warm shower is very helpful. Clears up lungs and reduces inflammation in airways.

I will update again in 24 hrs unless there is some sharp deterioration.
mmene 2 years ago
Yes Hepar 200c as it worked so well so we don't want that to let go until it doesn't work anymore.

You can put a few pills or pellets in some water and sip it all day but if you feel that is too many repetitions, then put a few pills in 125 ml - 150 ml water, and take 1 tablespoon every 3 hours ( depends on severity, if the symptoms are very severe, you can take it more often like every 30 mins ).
Tui 2 years ago
Also, don't forget to succuss (before taking each dose )the bottle if you are putting the remedy in water.

A general guideline for succussions;
2 -5 times succussions if you are hypersensitive.
5 - 10 times succussions for average person.
10 - 12 times succussions for non reactive person.
Tui 2 years ago
Thank you Tui, you are expanding my knowledge a lot!
mmene 2 years ago
Next 24 hr update:
- Left ear is much better today. Feels close to normal including hearing but sometimes suddenly with some motion there is a brief intense stabbing pain
- Headache is greatly reduced and only a minor issue now
- Pain in jaw/mastoid area is largely gone
- But now there is a pain in the throat area along the left side of gullet. Not there all the time but suddenly there is an intense stabbing type pain along the length of the throat. Hard to reproduce as I don't know the exact motion that causes it. But it is superficial enough that if I palpate deeply with a finger along left side of throat I can feel the muscle that hurts running the length of the throat. Pain clearly feels more muscular than internal/external surface inflammation
- Possibly something like a yawn or facial expression triggers the pain but can't pin it down exactly

- Nose does not feel inflammed any more but there is some catarrh and occasionally I blow a little phlegm out of left nostril. Breathing through right nostril feels normal, a little labored through left
- Congestion seems to have moved lower and now there is feeling of heaviness and fullness deep in lungs. Like capacity/volume of lungs is reduced.
- Very very dry congestion in lungs and though I will have a periodic short, dry, fatiguing cough, there is almost no expectoration.
- Periodically small amounts of very thick dry phlegm will come up throat, but unrelated to coughing.

All in all, the most distressing symptom is the dry congestion of lungs and fatiguing cough. It drains my energy and makes it harder to work and focus my concentration.

I have been taking Hepar Sulph 200C as per original conversation for 3 days now but I am wondering if possibly it is time for a second remedy.
mmene 2 years ago
tui, I hope you can give some advice because I think Hepar benefit is reducing.
Something I forgot to add earlier is that the cough is clearly much worse from talking or if I inhale with my mouth. The longer I go without talking the less I cough.
mmene 2 years ago
Dry fatiguing cough worse from talking or inhaling open air is Rumex crispus.

Other possible remedies are;
Bryonia if you also get pain somewhere in the body evertime you cough.

Spongia also has a dry suffocative cough which is worse from dry cold wind.

Sumbucus nigra has a dry cough with nose blocked and sweat so much at night.

So read your Materia Medica, see which one matches the most with your current symptoms.
You can start with 30c, up to 4 -5 doses a day and see how you feel. And if you don't get any relief, move on to another remedy.
Tui 2 years ago

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