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I just got my blood tests result and my ferritin level is very low.
I have been feeling tired, light headed, and my body feels cold.

My hemoglobin is fine but ferritin is low.

I have the IUD inserted so I get my period three days after four weeks and they are heavy for two days. I am taking an oral iron supplement for many years.
I have a history of heavy periods and anemia.

What should I do?

  pollen on 2020-03-17
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
1. Ferrum Phos 6X (Biochemic)
6tablets 3 times a day after meal.
Drink a cup of hot milk after taking every dose
2. China 30- Pill Form
6pills 3 times a day in empty stomach

*Give more details about your periods.
*2 remedies above are to recover soon. We should stop the main reason. Give details about your periods. Then we may approach to finally stop the problem.

***Don't be confused by different foolish comments by different persons in this forum.
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freehomeoforall 2 weeks ago
Thank you so much for your advice.
I will take the two remedies immediately.Do I take only one dose of each?

I will provide you with details about my period and other relevant information later today.


pollen 2 weeks ago
Continue accordingly. 3 times a day. No problem.
freehomeoforall 2 weeks ago
I meant to ask: how many days do I take them?
pollen 2 weeks ago
It is not easy to tell. You may diagnose to know the ferritin level after 7 days.
freehomeoforall 2 weeks ago
The lowest range is 6 and my ferritin level is less than 1
pollen 2 weeks ago
Okay. Take the suggested. Those are for your problem.
freehomeoforall 2 weeks ago
Do I take both remedies for a week? or longer?

pollen 2 weeks ago
You may continue. Make a blood test after 7 days and let me know the level of ferritin. If it becomes normal, You may reduce the frequency.
[Edited by freehomeoforall on 2020-03-18 13:36:38]
freehomeoforall 2 weeks ago
Thank you for your advice, I took two doses of Ferrum Phos 6x and feeling a little better. I am still dizzy while sitting down.
Here's a detailed description of my symtpoms:
Age: 46 yrs, female, married
Profession: teacher (higher grades) in Canada
Supplements: Iron (Feramax), vitamin E, vitamin D
Surgery: Appendix removed
Pregnancy: 1 (normal)
I do not consume: alcohol or tobacco
Personality: mature, caring, cranky when not well, never loud, quiet when upset, respectful, calm, funny, optimistic, and hard worker.

Hypothryoid for 14 years (two years after the birth of my daughter who is 23 yrs old now.)
Taking allopathic medication. TSH and T4 levels are normal for the past six years.
I have always had excess facial hair.
The hypothyroid does not run in my immediate family. My mother is now old and has slight hypothyroidism and is on medication.

Five years ago:
I had a weakness that was not going away for 1.5 years. My TSH was fluctuating.
I had a nerve pain in my right cheek (sometimes left too) that started from the jaw joint and spread outwards. The doctors could not help me. Homeopathy helped: Ferrum Phos 6x once a week and Thyroidinum 30CH once a month.

For the past three weeks, every time I eat a meal my body becomes cold. I have to use a heat source to warm up.
Calc. Carb 200 makes my symptoms worsen (weakness, etc)

Four years ago: very heavy periods for one week with clots (this went on for 2 years)
Spotting lasted the whole month. So basically I would get two days off from period/spotting each month. Have been anemic for 10 years.
Two years ago, I passed out from low blood and iron so I was given two blood transfusions.
Detailed ultrasound shows that the uterus and the area around it is clear. .No fibroids. Physically there is no nothing that would cause my period to be heavy.
I feel that my period is linked to my thyroid but the doctors do not see it.

Had to get IUD inserted two years ago and now my period is much better:
I have my period every four weeks.
Day one: light
Day two and three: heavy with clots. Pain.
Day four to day six: light.

My mother has had a medical history of heavy periods but she had fibroids and no thyroid issues. Her mother also had a history of heavy periods.

For the past two years: I do notice that once a month and a week before my period I feel internal swelling in my body:
Suppressed urine from swollen urethra, constipation from swelling in anus, all the muscles in my body are painful if someone hits me hard or presses on me, and the most painful symptom is the swelling of the inner lining of my mouth and sensitive tongue (I become sensitive to spicy food and tongue will be red and burning.) I have spoken to my doctor and dentist but no result.

I take an iron supplement daily - a stronger dose.
On my last blood test: my TSH is normal, hemoglobin is in the safe range (after 12 years),
But my ferritin level is below 1 (lowest normal range is 6).

Sensitive to heat (feel light headed, heart racing, trouble breathing, feel like passing out) Cooling down alleviates symptoms. I am usually warm and my palms are warm when I am tired.
At night, if I am warm, then my soles are restless and I have to pull my feet out of the blanket.

Like: salty food, drinking water, being near water, quiet, cleaning, milk, snow, cold weather, pickles, soft food (like custard,) and nature (mountains, lakes, fields etc.)

Dislike: crowd, desserts, coffee, chaos, messy or dirty places, cooking, warm weather, crowds and noise.

I have cut down on certain foods that caused my period to be heavy and never reverted back to them: dates, nuts, fish, chocolate, eggplant, and cinnamon.

I eat homemade food only. Due to my teaching, I have had poor eating habits for the past six months (skipping meals - breakfast and lunch while busy at work, or eating unhealthy foods).

I have been feeling drained and tired for two months and have been dragging myself until I did the blood test to discover that my ferritin level is very low.

Fingertips and hands sometimes become numb upon using them.
pollen 2 weeks ago
No milk after Ferrum Phos or iron tablets. Calcium prevents iron's optimal absorption.
syria 2 weeks ago
Continue Ferrum Phos 6X and China 30 accordingly.

Please answer to another some questions:
1. Do you feel dull in mind maximum time?
2. Do you feel sad maximum time?
3. Do you become angry for little reason?
4. Do you become more angry when anybody tries to give consolation?
freehomeoforall 2 weeks ago
I am taking Ferrum Phos 6x as you suggested.. I cannot find China 30CH in my area. Will China help me with the iron or the period?
I will try to get it. I have never take it before.


1. Most of the time my mind is dull or foggy

2. I only feel sad a few days before my period. I would even cry for two days. Otherwise I am fine.

3. I don't become angry easily. I am very patient.

4. I want consolation all the time (at home and at work)
pollen 2 weeks ago
Okay. Continue Ferrum Phos 6X and China 30 accordingly and make a blood test after 7 days. And keep updating.

Collect Nat Mur 200- Pill form also.
[Edited by freehomeoforall on 2020-03-19 15:09:23]
freehomeoforall 2 weeks ago
I am trying to buy China and may Mur. Will update you in a week.
pollen 2 weeks ago
It has been a week and I am reporting here.
I took Ferrum Phos 6x for a week, but could not find China 30CH.

I am feeling better in terms of less tiredness, less light headed, less dizzy. But, I do get tired if I go up a long set of stairs or large physical exertion.

I am unable to do any blood work now because of the medical system in the country.

I forgot to mention something earlier: I am an anxious person when it is about me (for example: missing a flight, being late, etc.)

When anxious: I start to feel my head is warm, my hands are cold, etc.

I do not get anxious for others. I am good at supporting them.

I also notice that my body becomes very cold after meals. Is this related to low ferritin?

The inner lining of my mouth is usually swelled. My tongue is usually dark pink or red and slightly swelled. Eating spicy food make my mouth burn.

My hand nails chip/break easily.

I have to search for Nat Mur 200. How frequently do I take it?

pollen last week
You shouldn't repeat Nat Mur. At first take single dose. See the change and report me.

Continue Ferrum Phos accordingly.
Trt to collect China 30
[Edited by freehomeoforall on 2020-03-24 23:43:52]
freehomeoforall last week
I bought the Nat Mur 200CH in pills today. The stores are closing are not ordering any more medicines because of the Corona pendamic.

Is there a specific time of the day when I should the Nat Mur?

Also, I remembered one more thing:
My hair has been falling out due to anemia.
My hair has been early-graying for the past 10 years.

pollen last week
Take a dose (6pills only) in the morning in empty stomach.
Don't drink or eat anything within 20 minutes
Single dose only.
Don't repeat it.
Observe the change in 3 days.
Report then.
freehomeoforall last week
I have not taken Nat Mur 200 CH yet as I am waiting to take it after my period. My period is 10 days late. I think the IUD is working in slowing down my periods.
If I take Nat Mur 200CH tomorrow, will get a heavy period?
I am afraid to loose blood because of my low iron.
Also, I am taking Ferrum Phos 6x daily but cannot get China 30 because the stores are closed due to Covid-19.

Another question: For the past few years I am having some dental issues. I have almost no tooth enamel.
My mouth is sensitive to spicy, salty, citrus foods.
Spicy foods cause my gums to swell and my tongue become dark pink and burns. I don't know if this is related to anemia.
On the days that my gums are swollen, I feel a few of my teeth are slightly lose. When the swelling goes away, then the tooth are not lose any more. Do you think Calc. Flruo 6x would help me? Or what should I take?

pollen last week
Okay. Wait for next period.
freehomeoforall last week
May I please consult you about my gums and teeth.
No tooth enamel. Many cavities because I was snacking all the time a few years ago due to weakness and neglected my teeth.

My gums are now swollen, painful.
My mouth lining is swollen and gets worse after spicy and salty foods. Tongue feels burnt and feels worse after spicy food.
Gum do not bleed. Tooth have plaque build up.
I am starting coconut oil pulling.
Please help.
pollen last week
When I brush my teeth, I gag to the point of throwing up.
I think this is from the swelling in my mouth.
Please help. My gums are swollen and hurting.
pollen last week
Do you like meats but discomfort after taking meat?
freehomeoforall last week
I like meat but sometimes causes discomfort on my gums afterwards.
pollen last week

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