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Wounds not fully healing

Dear sirs,

i am posting on behalf of a family member. She is 28. Since the beginning of July, she has been some small wounds on her right leg and they are still not fully healed. The homeopath she has been consulting, prescribed first Arnica, then Arnica+Calendula, then Sulfur, then Hypericum but so far, no improvement; they heal very very slowly and they are still there, red and very visible. Caused by the following: on a very hot afternoon in the bus, legs freshly epilated (no new shaving device though, no new rasor, no new creme, no change in diet, no obesity, no weight gain, no smoking, no alcohol), she had sudden itching on her right leg. She ignored it but taking a closer look at home, there were many red spots with ingrown hairs. She never had that before. Almost all of them wit pus. She pushed them open and after the pus flowed, the small wounds started bleeding. They have not fully healed ever since and it is almost the ende of August now. She never had problems with summer heat but ever since that day, she sometimes finds heat unbearable when we are outside. For all wounds, she used to be amazed at how quickly Arnica and Calendula worked and was telling everyone how great homeopathy is (so far, nobody listens but anyway). Do you happen to have any suggestions? Thank you.
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  roberta1 on 2022-08-22
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Apia Mel 200 single dose early morning
Silicea 200x /12x/6x either in the this priority whichever is available 04 Tabs thrice a day for 10 days
If the remedies are not available readily order Rhus Tox 200 too
It is not an injury or infection it appears to be an insect bite which she did did not feel so Apis Mel will take care
In case it is related to heat or hot weather Rhus Tox will be effective
How is your ganglion ?

The homeopath has me the sequence wrong ha shud have given Hypericum first as it affects the nerves which have to be dealt with before other soft tissues
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Kaps last month
Ok, great, thank you. She has all these remedies, so she'll start tomorrow and it'll hopefully go away. Actually, that other homeopath had suggested Silicea but last time he had given her Silicea 6-7 months ago for some respiratory issues (i don't know more details), she had got extremely dizzy and fell, so she has been afraid of that remedy ever since. She is afraid that it'll happen again if she takes it tomorrow; i don't have any comforting answer because i have no idea.
Concerning Hypericum: I asked her again about the sequence to make sure i had got it right, it is indeed the one he prescribed last. So it sounds like she should find another homeopath.

Concerning my ganglion: it is inactive, it causes no pain at all but it is a visible bump and it refuses to go away like it did the first time some 15 years ago. The homeopath i consulted told me it went away the first time because the body reacts best when one is new to homeopathy but it becomes less and less effective with time. I have my doubts about that but anyway, sometimes, when i play comparatively more, i get reminded it is there, so i stop immediately. I have a lot of knots in my shoulders and my back, like all other females in my family, so from time to time, i go to therapeutic massage (i don't know exactly what to call it in English) and they massage the hand as well, so it feels a bit better. Once, i did with one of the employees who had a wholly different technique; it was like he touched with his very strong fingers some very thin strings within the hand and untangled them (i don't know how to describe that even in my mother tongue). That brought immediate, immense relief in the whole wrist area but they fired him, so that first time was the last time...
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roberta1 last month
There has been no improvement at yet. Only on the 3.day did it get better but then it stagnated again and never improved ever since. All of the small wounds are still red around the wounded area and the biggest of them looks like the skin got dug in although it all started just with a leg hair growing inwards. No itch, no pain at any point.

Meanwhile, 15 days ago, a heavy object hanging on the wall fell on her right hand, the wound is still there and very red.
Then, she injured her right foot 7 days ago while wearing a new pair of shoes. Similar picture: the skin looks dug in, it is red all around the small wound and it hurts underneath the skin.

5 days ago, she suffered a burn on the left foot, the area was the size of a palm. It got better with Cantharis 200C and Bach rescue creme and there was a big improvement on the second day but it too looks as if the healing stopped/ slowed down very much ever since.
All her wounds heal very very slowly and she is worried they too won't heal fully. We too are troubled by the unprecedented frequency of those odd incidents because she has never been accident-prone.
roberta1 2 weeks ago
For burn injury
Repeat Cantharis give it frequently 2-3 drops / pills thrice a day
Get silicia 200 for the late healing of wounds as the biochemic potency is not helping
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Kaps 2 weeks ago
Ok, thank you!
Silica 200 how many globuli during the day? For how many days?
roberta1 2 weeks ago
She wants me to add that her eyesight has become extremely weak these weeks and she worries. Esp. when she is at home, she has become extremely short-sighted even with texts in 20 cm distance, while somehow the eyes get more willing to become more active when she is outside and it worries her a lot.
roberta1 2 weeks ago
2-3 globules thrice a day for three four days
Repeat Aconite for eyes
04 pills twice a day and post outcome
Kaps last week
Aconite 200 or 30?
roberta1 last week
Kaps last week
So far, things appear to be going better with the 3x Silica 200, it looks like all wounds restarted healing, some showing bigger changes, some smaller. A question on that: what could have caused such Silica deficiency(?) / repletion (?) ???
Question on 4xAconite 200: some hours after taking them, she felt very sleepy, very hungry and as if she were about to catch a cold. Today she says she is ok, only very sleepy. Is this a good sign?
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roberta1 last week
Silicea acts deep and a bit slow the wounds which are deep will show less response keep up with silicea reduce the dose to 2/3
Aconite serves two purposes one it acts like Arnica for the eyes , you did not mention anything about eyes , two it helps in anxiety that is why more sleep as she must not have slept well for quite sometime in the recent past. Aconite does have the sleep symptoms too

How is she overall?
Kaps last week
So far, no provement in the eyes but it might come.
She has been sleeping well (7-8 hours, no nightmares, no interruptions) but i know she went through a lot of stress+a lot of intensive brain work (not at the computer)these 5 months, although she kept saying she was fine. She often looked very tired all these months and a few times, she dropped things by mistake. Once, very recently, while we were waiting at the traffic lights, she thought it was green and walked ahead. When the driver honked at her, she startled and she told me she really thought the lights were green. I don't know if this information helps but i hope it does. She herself says she is fine.
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roberta1 last week
3 days have passed now and there is a visible, steady improvement in the wounds, the bigger ones showing more changes, the smaller ones very small so far. She is very sleepy very often but as the days go by, much less than during the first days.
Concerning the suddenly very much weakened eyesight, so far no improvement with Aconite.
Question: there is only a few globuli Silica 200 left now, so instead of ordering per mail+waiting till the package arrives, is there a possibility to continue with Silica 30 or Silica 1M because those two bottles are almost full?

Yesterday afternoon, she felt a sudden pain in the inside area of the left ankle while driving and it has not gone away yet. It is in the very area where the skin got burnt 10 days ago, so she cannot ice it at all because the skin is still healing. At night, she woke up around 2.00 AM because it felt like pulsating in the tendons (?) around the ankle, then it all went away. It is not swollen but hurts somewhere in the soft parts of the ankle in a way she has never had before.
Arnica 200 did not bring any improvement so far, neither did Ruta 200. Do you happen to have any suggestions?
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roberta1 last week
You can stop Silicea for a while if you feel that there is considerable improvement 50% or so and restart after three four days
Cantharis is to be used for burn injuries immediately anyway
Her eye sight did the doctor say what is the cause ? If you consulted an eye specialist
Try Gelsemium 200 twice a day for three four days
Aconite is like Arnica for eyes
Kaps last week
Ok, thank you.
It does look like considerable improvement in some of the wounds but not all; those on the left leg are healing somewhat more quickly than on the right.
If stopping and restarting Silica after 3-4 days, what dosage do you suggest?
Eye specialist said myopia but cannot explain the sudden increase of that magnitude. Keep going with 4 x Aconite 200 until improvement takes place?
roberta1 last week
Do not give Aconite any more
Try Gelsemium first
Silcea update after three four days let us see how much more improvement occurs
Ankle pain is it different from the initial burn injury and how do you know it is the tendon was burn so deep that it affected tendon or is it an after effect of the burn, post then ,
I ll look up for something for that ankle pain
Kaps last week
Ok, no more Aconite then.
Tendon is just a guess because we can't find a better word to describe for the area of the sudden pain from yesterday. It is not the muscle, nor is it on the skin though. It is somewhere in the flesh where it is soft and deeper, reaching the area of the Achilles tendon too.
No pain had resulted 10 days ago from the burn anywhere, full mobility of the area was no problem, just the skin looked rather bad during the first days. Now, certainly due to all this Silica, the skin there is looking better and better every day.
Coincidentally though, it is the very area where the sudden deep pain appeared yesterday. But because the skin is damaged by the burn, it is impossible to apply thermal cream there to address the pain in the flesh which is what we usually do with such ailments. Bad coincidences coming on top of the previous bad coincidences.
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roberta1 last week
Wait for a day I feel it is healing which causing pain as burn injuries heal that way
Try Cantharis 200 or higher potency
Kaps last week
Ok, thank you!
roberta1 last week

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