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There is No Way to avoid homeopathic Proving

In my own experiences with homeopathic remedies there is no way to avoid Proving. This forum is filled with people posting about proving and new symptoms appearing that they had never had before taking any homeopathic remedy.

Anyone wanting to use homeopathy must be ready to deal with Proving especially if they are given higher dilutions by the so called homeopaths. The whole principle of homeopathy is based on like cures so how is it possible to avoid Proving. These proving can sometimes be short lived and then they could also remain with a person for months or years or maybe in some case permanent.

The only way to minimize Proving in my opinion is to always start with the smallest dose like 3x, 6c and 12 c etc. Even a 30c can cause issues. These remedies are highly diluted energies from plants, Acids and poisons that can effect quite deeply as they give a jolt to the body. Once a remedy is taken there is no way to know or predict how it will effect and for how long.
  Axe on 2022-11-21
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
You are right. But not all right.

You did know little.

Obviousely we have to be careful about the quantity of any remedy and about the right potency and repitation.

Do you know about Hepar Sulph?
Only one example.

Is it right to apply lower potency like as 3x in every case?
And do you know about Tuberculinum? Or Phosporus?
Is it right to apply these medicines less than 200 potency?

Search more about these 3 medicines.
Potency, dilution, repitation depend on the deepness of symptoms, deepness of remedy and depend on the condition of patient.
It is a great skill everyone can not achieve that easily.

[Edited by mrmhm on 2022-11-21 18:28:21]
mrmhm last week
You said “ I did know little “ I would like to answer that by saying I know what needs to be known about this” so I am sharing my own personal experience and understanding.

So in my opinion yes any homeopathic remedy can be given or taken in any potency as their is no set protocol about this. What the so called homeopaths of today are doing is that they are simply following the protocols of the real homeopaths of the past.

To explain William Boericke used to prefer low to medium potencies with frequent repetition whereas James Tylor Kent was a proponent of higher potencies with less repetition. Hence if the homeopath was following
Boericke he would use lower potency and another homeopath who likes to follow Kent would use higher potencies. So the modern homeopaths don’t posses any so called skill as you were mentioning. They just go by their own trial and errors on unsuspecting patients and develop their own techniques which has nothing to do with proper homeopathy.

A homeopathic proving can or will happen whether 6c is administered or a 1M is administered. To experiment with lower potencies is still a safer and better option to see how ones system is effected and then if there is a need to move on to a higher potency .
Axe last week
Have you read about Hepar Sulph?
Can you apply lowest potency of Hepar Sulph in all cases?
Have you experienced before?
Read and know more.
mrmhm last week
As per Material Medica by BOERICKE

The dosing for Hepar Sulphur is mentioned as following:

Dose.--First to 200th. The higher potencies may abort suppuration, the lower promote it. If it is necessary to hasten it, give 2x.

So yes it can be given in lower potency .

Any homeopathic remedy can be taken in low potency.
Axe last week
Can be.
Yes can be. But depending on condition.
mrmhm last week
“In your experience” which is not much.
Have given aconite 30c to ppl who began a flu after exposed to cold and wind. They felt better in 15 minutes. Needed one more dose for cure.
I have given Nat mur 30c to 30 or more ppl with a cold sore. They ALL had shrinkage in hours and took another dose only if they felt healing had stalled 48 hours later. No proving. Ppl who did not follow directions and decided to take more doses bc they thought more was better? yes-they had proving-more sores showed up.
I had 3 doses of3 remedies months apart for grass allergy-NO proving, just felt gradually better till cure.
I have Tons of examples of No proving -That’s what happens when you get the remedy , dose, potency Correct.
[Edited by simone717 on 2022-11-22 18:00:07]
simone717 last week
Well I don’t know about your experience either but how would you explain all the postings in this forum where people report proving even from taking a remedy in 6c or in Q and even 30c and just by taking a single dose???? A lot of these people were being treated by homeopaths as per their own accounts.

In my own experience homeopathic proving is a reality and higher potencies have more of a chance for such episodes as the dilutions are much stronger. Remedy selection and potency is a matter of perception as their is no set protocol being followed by the homeopaths. There are many remedies for a single disease so it all depends on the choice of the person giving the remedy. A proving can happen with any remedy and any dosage. I just want anyone wanting to listen to understand that.
Axe last week
The owner allows anyone to participate on this forum-often bad advice has been given. There was a person on here giving out 10m prescriptions(dangerous) and using quotes from A very famous India homeopath while assuring ppl they would be well in 2 weeks(nope) then giving another 10m prescription! People believed and she was banned but kept coming back under other names.Finally left for good.

Just bc there is proving, it can often wear off to be an aggravation, whoch wears off into healing and then dosing potency can be more accurate.
I have used homeopathy for 30 years on fam and friends. Also gone to excellent and not so good homeopaths.

I prefer (now retired) Dr Luc De Schepper method of dosing. After studying the case he starts with one 30c. Then watches for 24 hrs. If no actionhe tries 200c a few days later. Then nothing? The remedy is not right. If proving? Then wait to see it wear off and what happens. If aggravation, wait to see healing and how long to determine another dose time.And evaluate if potency should go up or down.

A person’s health history and other meds etc must be evaluated. Bc some remedies can worsen existing conditions.

But there are a lot of bad prescriptions out there.
simone717 last week
Simone717 it’s good to know that you follow a protocol that starts off on 30c and then depending on the action increase the potency. Yes there are way too many bad homeopaths who are starting cases with 1M and even 10M potencies and then on top of this recommending frequent repetitions of high potency. The results as you put it worsening of existing conditions and proving.

Also I do not consider anyone a homeopath who does not disclose the name and potency of the remedy that he or she is administering to an unsuspecting patient. This is a standard practice in developing countries like India, Pak , Bangladesh etc. Infect I have seen this being practiced even in US. In this situation a patient has no idea what remedy was given to him and in what potency. Then if they end up with severe aggravations or develop new symptoms they have no way to know. This is also one of the prime reasons that so many are in the situation that they end up worse.

I would like to ask you in your experience why do prolonged homeopathic proving occur and then what is the best way to treat such cases.
Axe last week
I do not believe one can generalize. Every case has to be studied.
Some ppl are extremely sensitive and they need LM potencies or extra water dilutions where they take the remedy after dilution in 1 to 6 or more cups of water. Others are often taking herbs or other meds that interfere
And they refuse to stop them(seen that on here a few times) I have had ppl get acupressure massages/shiatsu massages to antidote a proving, when homeopathic antidotes did not work.The massages worked everytime clearing the body. And retaking the case including the proving symptoms has worked.
simone717 last week

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