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Feeling drunk

Hi everyone, I would be very greatful if anyone could help me to find the „right remedy“ for my drunk and disconnected state.

I have many symptoms and they change very often, I tried many remedies and they also helped alot, but did not cure the problem yet.

I am 42 year old white female, short, mostly slim. I am married, have 3 years old daughter. I am a vegetarian, I dont drink alcohol, dont smoke. Meditate often. The main problem is my foggy brain and overeating. I need to have something in my mouth all the time. It is like a drug. If I dont eat I feel empty, sometimes emotional pain. But if I eat very very little, I feel better and better and all bad symptomes go slowly away. Also after burping. And also most of the time if I don eat until noon, I get better and when I eat it gets worse. I am depressed and extremly tired, that I can only do the most important chores. Feel like top of my head is closed and also bottom of my body. I fell like having no feelings, sometimes none and sometimes only horror imaginations. I feel like I am behind the glass. Like I am not living this life. Everything touches me. I do not know who I am. I feel energy of others and eaisly take their energy on and after spending short time with them, I am like them, or even tv character. Recently my joints started to hurt, they gets stiff, it gets better with movement or hot water. I am very sensitive. I have no libido, no sex drive. I have an eczema, thick nails, sun allergy. I dont feel grounded. Recently I felt very old and had fear that I will die soon, and my daughter will dont have a mum. I have very weak sleep, many thougts. I have to have everything organised and straight in my house, all the furniture and no mess. I have poor memory, poor concentration, I can not remember words, I mess up words. Everything irritates me. I feel blurry and drunk all the time. I have to have my legs crossed all the time, because I feel there is no energy in my pelvis. I love cuddles. Sometimes I feel like a little unprotected child. I love keeping warm even hot. I feel cold all the time. I have to force myself walk straight. I want snuggle in my blanket all day long, but walks in fresh air helps. Sometimes I feel a lump in my throat and need for deep breath. I feel like there is a ball in my bum or my bum is squeezd to much (I dont know how to describe it). Pressure in my tailbone.I am thirsty but dont like drinking, the biggest thirst is in the evening recently. The worst things is that it affects my family, ecpecially my husband with whom I almost lost bond and my daughter who wants her mum, but doesnt feel me as her mum. As I said before it is difficult to state current symptoms because they change from better to worse according to my level of overeating, that is why, if I find something for that, everything will fall out in place.
Other long lasting symptoms:
- Born with ichthyosis (skin disorder, dry scaly skin)
- Oversensitive
- Have to have everything in order
- I am allergic to milk, probably have histamine intolerance, allergic to pollen
- Sun allergy on my legs, they have to be covered, otherwise I get blisters, but only on my legs
- Thick nails that are seperating for the nail bed
- 20 years foggy, behind the glass, eczema, overeating or dieting
- Poor concentration, poor memory, feeling like drunk, low libido

I exeprienced out of body state, when I drunk alcohol couple of times when I was young or when I heard loud music. I never drunk too much or smoked. But I have probably weakened liver due to corticoids creams doctors put on me when I was a baby. They also put me on corticoids a year before I got foggy, at that time I did not know what it was. I was taking prednisone honeopathic remedy and it seemed to clear it.

My past: I was born in 8th month with legs coming out first and with skin disorder ichthyosis. Amniotic fluid was not clear. Because of ichthyosis, children in nursery and school did not want to play with me, later on I was bullyied. I was born as second child. Doctors was experimenting on me, I did not trust them. I was very sensitive and felt like I do not belong here and so I started to imagine things and found my passion in nature, animals, music. I started to play guitar and write songs. I became a singer. I never felt supported by outside world, I felt like I have to earn everything by myself. Although I was very loved by my mum, sibilings, grandparents. I wanted to be loved and accepted by people outside my family. I would do anything for someone to love me. I built a cage around me and supressed my feelings, I became a hard woman (but hurt child inside). I did not get on well with women and wanted to be a friend to men. I had low selfconfidence. My older sister was pretty and talented one, I was not. I was very organized and strict and hard on myself. I was very connected to my mum. When I was fourteen I went to my auntie for holiday and cried so much, that my mum had to came to take me home. I could not imagine my life without my mum. I wanted to prove everyone I am enough. When I was 21 I went to live and work in England. I was a care assistant for disabled people, it was hard job and long hours and I cried all the time. I was homesick and wanted to go home. I lost all joy in life. One day I woke up and realised that I can not wake up completly, like I am behind the glass, I lost my feelings, I felt like I am trapped in pc game, playing horror. I felt like my soul could not stand pain in my body anymore and got out of the body. It has been 20 years since this happened and it gets worse and better. Everytime I get on diet and fasting I came back to my body and it gets better. But it is difficult, withdrawl symptoms. I started to meditate, went to Peru 5 years ago to drink ayahuasca and that was the FIRST TIME, it got really better, in fact I felt better than ever, but when I got back home to my diet, after two years bad state was back. (My parents dont have nice relationship and are still together. My dad didnt get love from his mum and he didnt know how to give it to me and my sibilings. I was never dads princess. He now drinks a lot and mum is mad at him.)

I am very sensitive to homeopathic remedies and they work very well with me. With each medicine I see pictures what is it doing to me. For example after taking carcinosinum I saw like big fence/boundries are growing around me etc. After taking nux vomica I saw my past lives etc.

Remedies that worked well with me in the beginning of my homeopathic journey: nux vomica, ignatia amara, pulsatilla, carduus marianum, arsenic, cuprum, carcinosinum, calcarea carbonica, apis mel, hepar sulphur, lac humanum, maternum, vernix and all matridonal remedies. Recently I took cannabis and that worked great too, First time after long time I did not feel horrible food adiction and enjoyed playing with my daughter. But after couple of days it wore off. Cannabis helped me with fears and horrors that I am seeing, and made me less foggy, I feel more in my body. Maybe I need this remedy but different potency or more doses? After taking calcarea I saw that my bones and body is getting younger, fresh and I didnt feel hundred years old anymore. Graphites also got me in my body, but the pain did not go away. With cannabis pain did go away. Today I tried vernix 200 after a year of taking it and feel better. Not so sensitive and I had pictures from my childhood.

Final words: looking for a remedy to get me ridd of overeating so I can feel/live the life again. Hopefuly one day I will not feel disconnected and foggy like drunk because when you are drunk you can not do anything. I believe that if I solve overeating everything will heal itself.
Please advice.I am happy to answear any question.

Wish you all beautiful day and happiness. Love,
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  Ivana2 on 2023-01-22
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Try SPONGIA TOSTA 30 TD for few days and observe each and every changes.
HealthyWorld 2 weeks ago
Thank you, I will try
Ivana2 2 weeks ago
Did you try Argentum Metallicum?
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mrmhm 2 weeks ago
I have not tried it yet. I feel like argentum metallicum was me as a child maybe,but not anymore. I am not performing anymore and not trying to get energy from the audience. I dont care what other thinks.I am only concentrating on me. To break that circle food-tired-foggy.
I state lots of symptoms because they appear time to time. But for example at the moment I feel tired and drunk and dont care about nothing much... surrender or giving up state. Dont know really.
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Ivana2 2 weeks ago
Any effect of Spongia or Arg Met if u had those
Kaps 2 days ago
Mr Kaps
So many patients visite to me like that. It is actually tough to handle these type when they communicate lonely. It is for their mood repulsive condition. They need to be ordered by their guardian. They seek help to overcome, but after prescribing hesitate to take treatment. It is also a state of despair. Continuous follow up is needed after applying one remedy. And should go gradually. What may not be possible when they are lonely, without guardian, who can support them.
mrmhm 2 days ago
Dear mrmhm
That is the reason I m not very active here
I feel discouraged by the response unless there is regular feedback how can a person be helped anyway this will keep on happening.
Let those people who get better and respond properly be helped here.

Somewhere i had read food turns into alcohol,as if
Canine hunger is the major symptom here Lac C and Ant Crud comes to mind
Take care and keep up the good job here
Kaps 2 days ago
Thank you very much for your input,I have tried ant crud. Felt better the first day,than horrible the following days. I have not tried lac can yet. I am gonna look it up.
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Ivana2 2 days ago
Hi guys, I am doing well on all medicines that are bringing me back to my body, lac maternum, cannabis. At the moment I am on hydrogen and I might stick to it for a while. I think that I was overeating because the food kept me grounded. When I am on these medicines I dont have need to eat constatantly. I will keep you updated.
[Edited by Ivana2 on 2023-02-05 08:28:05]
Ivana2 2 days ago
Hydrogen is wonderful remedy for me. My awareness is returning to my centre, not above my body. I started to feel conected, to enjoy life, rather to act than think. Now to work out the potency :)
Ivana2 yesterday

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