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Congested baby and ongoing sleep problems

I guess my post is really two fold. My 7 1/2 month old son came down with a bit of a cold about 3 days ago. He has quite a bit of nasal congestion. He is mainly breastfed with occasional solids (although since being sick he hasn't wanted any solids). I have been vigilant about taking my prenatal vitamins along with a whole food vitamin C supplement to help him kick his cold but he doesn't seem to be recovering so quickley. Hy husband and I also both got sick but got over it within about 48 hours. We still have slight runny noses but for the most part the cold is gone. What can I do to help him heal faster?

Also, he has never been a good sleeper. He is a very active baby and is on the verge of crawling. I know that sometimes when babies hit new developmental milestones it can affect their sleep but like I said, he's never slept well. The longest stretch of sleep he'll take for a nap will be 45 mins but usually it's closer to 25 mins. For bedtime the longest stretch will usually be 1 1/2 hours but usually closer to 45 mins. With his cold things have just gotten worse, understandably so, but I really feel like if he got some decent sleep he'd heal faster. What can we do? We also need to get some sleep.
  RenaLittauer on 2006-07-10
This is just a forum. Assume posts are not from medical professionals.
Please give Calc carb 200 weekly one dose only.
dr.deoshlok sharma
deoshlok last decade
We gave him the Calc Carb last night. Disolved in water, I hope that was ok. Didn't know how else to give it to him. We had a bit of confusion with doseage...On the label it said 3-6 pellets. For babies half the dose. Granted we weren't sure what the full does was, 3 or 6. So we gave him 3.

His congestion is slightly better but I think it mainly came from time to heal. His sleep was just as bad if not worse last night. He's been extremly fussy today and wanting to nap a lot but not for long stretches. He will sleep better when either me or my husband sleep with him but obviously nothing would ever get done if we did that. At night he sleeps with us so he does get plenty of mom and dad sleepy time.

I'm sure he's also experiencing teeting pain. He's 7 1/2 mos. and still no teeth.

Sorry to drone on but I wanted to give you as much info as possible.

He has a very mild case of eczema on his left cheek. Sometimes it gets bad but doesn't stay bad for long.

Also he is one of those babies that just wants to be held all the time, you even think about putting him down and he'll scream. He's gotten better with this over time but being held is still his number one option.

He's been diagnosed with low tone but not such low tone that the PT & OT recommended therapy. Like I said in my last posting, he's extremely active and hyper so most doctors wouldn't even notice the low tone.

Please help. We need to all got more then 45 mins sleep at a time.
RenaLittauer last decade
Our baby is going thru something similar. Have you found any answers? I am wondering if the low tone is contributing to the congestion.
jonahandjacksmom last decade
I would have said Calc Carb too but since that is not helping, I would try Pulsatilla. 30c. Put 3 pellets in baby bottle with 4 oz. of spring water. Let baby drink a few sips of the bottle after pellets have dissolved. Tape a piece of paper with Pulsatilla written on it to bottle and keep it in the fridge.
If it helps right away, the baby should drift off nicely. If not, give another dose in an hour or 2. Stop after 3-4 doses if baby does not improve. If baby improves right away, stop dosing altogether but keep bottle in fridge in case it happens again.

Pulsatilla covers clingy, wanting to be held, stuffed up nose, profuse discharge, anxious at night, insomnia, sleep restless, frequent waking, and teething.

Calc carb should help long term to push those teeth out.

Is baby vaccinated? Hypotonia (low tone) could be result. I would contact homeopath for vaccine nosodes.

If Pulsatilla does not help, write again as there are several others you can try.
Good luck!
P.S. If cheeks are noticeably red and hot, or opposite - pale and cold and baby is angry, try Chamomilla, same dosing as described.
busymominme last decade
Our son is no longer congested, the congestion was strictly from a cold I don't think it had anything to do with low tone. The cold has cleared now but we are still dealing with sleep issues.

For sleep issues and teething we give him Camilia from Boiron. It seems to help a bit during the day with his fussiness and constant need to be held. We would love something to help with sleep, we are still doing the 45 minute to 1 hour sleep stretches.

Please help.

Rena Littauer

P.S. Our son has not been vacinated. We are holding off until he is much older or possibly not doing them at all.
RenaLittauer last decade
Oh good - glad the congestion is cleared up... perhaps the calc carb helped him clear up.

As for the sleep. I would still try Pulsatilla.

How much camilia are you giving?
It only has Chamomilla 9C plus Belladonna and Ferrum Phos - is it possible he is proving the remedy? I would stop this and try the Pulsatilla.

Let us know how it goes.

Smart mommy - re: vax. :)
busymominme last decade
If Pulsatilla does not work, (give it 48 hours), try Chamomilla 30c.
busymominme last decade
I'll pick some up tomorrow and I'll keep you posted on how things go.

Thank you so much for your help, as a new mom I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help.

Rena Littauer
RenaLittauer last decade
Hi Rena,
No problem - I'm more than happy to help. My 3rd is now 13 months. I did not have homeopathy with the first one, second one is recovered from autism - mostly due to homeopathy, 3rd is my remedy kid! I experienced the same thing you are going through beginning at about 5 months. She goes through a routine ... started with calc carb but she has a distinctive sour smell when she needs this and sour diapers.

You may want to pick up Sulphur too as you mentioned the spot of eczema. This helped her when she started getting eczema and was also restless and not sleeping well.

Borax also helped but she had terrible yeast. This fits if they are anxious and don't like being thrown up in the air or downward motion. Can have thrush and/or diaper rash.

Sometimes with babies it takes a little trial and error as it is harder to 'get a picture' of them.

But don't give up because when you get the right one, your little guy will be a happy camper and sleep, sleep, sleep. When we finally hit the nail on the head, she started sleeping 6 hours at a stretch and then boom - sleeping through the night. She now sleeps 7p.m. - 6:30 a.m. with two 1.5 hour naps! Can't beat that! :) And she's happy, happy, happy. She still needs a dose now and again but I can now tell what remedy she is fairly quickly. Such a change from the 45 minute to 1.5 hours at a time and always crying we were doing back at 5 months! I thought I would lose my mind from sleep deprivation!

Good luck! Keep us posted.
busymominme last decade
We are new to this homeopathic stuff. We are now on day 27 of my 5 month old being congested. He is also sleeping in 90 minute intervals. We are so tired. I would like to heal his congestion first, and then hopefully work on his sleep training. I have been nursing and/or soothing him every time he cries because he is miserable, but now he doesnt know how to self sooth.

I read thru the posts and I am a bit confused but it sounds like there is a solution out there! Should I try the Pulsatilla stuff? Which one? It lists two on this website. Also, interestingly he was vaccinated at 4 months. He got sick 3 days later. Do you think the vaccinations cause this? I am wondering if his immune system is just not working. Please help. I am so worried and tired.
jonahandjacksmom last decade
Please give pulsatilla 30 and nux vomica30 alternating 2doses each . you can give in pellet form. Nux vom should be last dose . Congested meaning -running nose, nose blocked ?
robina last decade
My son's congestion his nose is blocked. In the 27 days it has only run perhaps 1 or 2x. We have not been able to suction either. In the last two days he is sneezing more which is producing a clear liquid, but at night he is just totally stuffed up. He is probably not nursing as well as he could be. Where do I buy the remedies you mention? Thanks
jonahandjacksmom last decade

I don't know where you live but I was able to get the pulsatilla at Whole Foods Market.

Hope this helps.

RenaLittauer last decade

I administered the Pulsatilla last night, Rowan only took a few sips. Sleep was no different than usual but today he has a very flemmy/mucousy cough along with a runny nose. I'm assuming that the Pulsatilla is working and clearing all that has been lingering. I'm letting him continue to sip as much as he wants and we'll see how tonight progresses.

RenaLittauer last decade
Any improvements?

Only give a few sips once every 2-4 hours. STOP as soon as he improves.

Yes, I don't think it is coincidence it was following vaccination. Email if you want to read more links regarding that and immune system.
busymominme last decade

His cough seems to be maybe a little better, maybe. His head congestion seems worse and his sleep in considerably worse, I'm guessing due to congestion. Now he's up every 20 mins. It's been fun, grrr.

RenaLittauer last decade
Oh! That stinks! These times are so hard to see him suffering and hard on you too!

Let's see if we can get a good match. Can you describe the mucus -
Is his nose running or plugged?
If running, what color?
How much (often, off and on)... Is he sneezing a lot?
When is it worse?
When is it better?
Does heat or warmth improve or make worse?
Does fresh air make better or worse?
Is he thirsty/asking to nurse?
Is he not thirsty?
What color is his tongue?
Is his face red or pale? If red, are both cheeks or one?

Describe his cough...wet, dry, better or worse at certain times?

Any other symptoms? BMs? Constipation? or diarrhea? Diaper rash?

Is he clingy? Whiny?
busymominme last decade

Ok, his nose is stuffed but clear mucous comes out when he sneezes. He's not sneezing a lot. Like I said today does seem a bit better than yesterday.

He is still coughing but started coughing more towards the evening. I haven't noticed if heat or warmth makes things better or worse. Today was kind of an overcast day here in Southern California and a bit chilly, well for us at least, lol.

Is he thirsty or asking to nurse, this is a funny one because we've been struggling for about two weeks now with solids. He's 9 1/2 months and really wants nothing to do with solids, he's perfectly content nursing for what seems like the rest of his life.

I haven't noticed the color of his tongue I'll have to check in the morning when we wake.

His face is not red so I guess he's more towards the pale side of things. A new patch of eczema showed up on the lower left side of his cheek/jaw line about two weeks ago and is red and stubborn. Just fyi about his eczema, it never seems to bother him it's just red and unsightly but he never itches at it or pays any mind to it.

His cough sounds wet and still very mucousy and is worse when he's napping/sleeping which of course wakes him up. I was only able to get him to take two 20 minute naps today, ouch.

No other symptoms, BM's are good, several a day. No constipation, diarhea or diaper rash.

He is pretty much always clingy and whiny. Always wants to be held. I am smaller now then before I was pregnant with him, I hardly ever have a chance to eat because he'll throw a fit if I'm not playing with him or holding him.

Aside from all this is a very happy baby, everyone comments on how happy he is. I really try to be very attentive to his needs but we need sleep and I really need him to let me take a moment or two to eat.

Let me know if you need any other info. Thanks again for all your help.

RenaLittauer last decade
Did you give him nux vomica 30. This helps after dose of Pulsatilla 30 to clear his phelgm through stool since babies cannot take out from nose. Gibe hom one dose of Belladonna 30 once every morning. This will also help if his throat is red. Then give puls30 and nux 30 alternate three hours -two doses each. Belladonna 30 will help him with cough also.
robina last decade
i have been following this post for the last few days as my 5month old had the same symptoms. i tried puslitilla and he got thouroughly congested. i mean badly, stuffed nose and it seemed that the mucus went to the chest....his coughs were deep and hoarse.

what i have always observed with my 2 kids is what i am gonna write here. Antimonium tartaricum 6c works like a charm for them when they cough and have congestion. try giving the baby 2-3pills diluted in 1-2 teaspoon of water. and wait for response.

nux vomica is also a very good choice and can be given at the same time, atleast i give it to my baby. what robina wrote is true, it helps baby take out the mucus thru the stool.

i am a mother, not a doctor, but believe in homeopathy with all my heart. it is bound to work provided you give the right medicine. have faith and hold on. it has no side effect and you can always antidote a medicine if things go wrong.

hope this helps.
nineclouds last decade
Hi Rena,
You're probably just waking up there... or rather ... not gone to sleep!

I would do as Robina suggests. Give him one dose of Nux Vomica, 30c. Put 3 pellets in baby bottle with 4 oz. spring water. Let dissolve. Bang bottle on palm of hand 5 times. Give 1 T. or let him take one big sip. Wait. See how he responds today. Keep the bottle (labeled) in the fridge as you may need it again and this way you can succuss (bang the bottle on your palm) before dosing and it will gradually increase the potency each time.

Has he been congested off and on since July or did he have some amelioration since your first post? Has he cut any teeth since your first post? How frequently were you giving him the Camillia? I think it may be possible he is proving the remedy (has developed those symptoms).

I am going to respectfully disagree with Robina about the alt. doses of Belladonna and Pulsatilla, and Nux. That, in my opinion, is too much remedy at any given time. One remedy should cover all the symptoms and that is an awful lot of remedy for a baby (or anybody).

Don't fret about the nursing v. solids just yet. Some babies are slow to warm up to solids and each has his/her own time table. However, it is important that you are getting nourishment otherwise you will not be well (and you're already not sleeping). If you aren't well, he won't be well either. Big cycle... I know it's easy for me to say. But you need to take care of yourself in order to take care of him. EAT!

Do you have a sling? This would make your life a whole lot easier. And he may be comforted enough to go to sleep. If not, I can recommend the kinds I liked the most.

I'm going to think more on what should be the next step. He may need a little bit to rest and get rid of all the remedy so that a clear picture can emerge. At this point we are treating the cold symptoms as an 'acute' with the Nux. I think as a 'chronic' he is probably a Pulsatilla given his sweet, happy nature otherwise.

If you don't mind, a few more questions.

Has he cut any teeth yet? I know delayed but with difficulty?
Does his head have a sour smell?
Does/did he have cradle cap?

Have you tried eliminating dairy from your diet yet? If not, please try to do this for at least 48 hours if you can and see if that makes a difference. A week is best but I realize sometimes that can be hard. He may be reacting to something in your milk.
When he wakes at night, is he playful? Does he want to wake up and be busy or is he waking and just irritable and not wanting to sleep?

Was he born in the hospital or at home? Are you 100% sure they did not give him HepB at birth (as is routine in most major hospitals) along with the Vitamin K. If he was born at the hospital, you may want to call and ask if they give HepB at birth as routine or even look it up on their website. Our son was given it even though we asked he not receive it. And I have talked to so so many parents who believe their child wasn't vaccinated only to find out they received HepB at birth either against their will or without their knowledge.

Also, next time you go to the Healthfood store, pick up some Bach Olive flower essence. It is in the remedy section. This will help with the exhaustion.

P.S. You may want to give yourself one dose of Nux Vomica, 30c. (3 dry pellets under the tongue). This will help with exhaustion - caused by loss of sleep (broken nights).
busymominme last decade
Nine clouds has made a good suggestion. Antimonium Tartaricum may be a good fit here if the Nux does not work. However, I caution you. Homeopathy is not a 'one size fits all' medicine. Each and every cold, illness, etc. may require a different remedy. Even if every person in your house has the same cold, they may require a different remedy as they may experience it differently.

Antimonium Tart has as general symptoms, exhaustion, face pale, sweat cold, profuse, thirstless, tongue white coated. Irritable, angry babies, apathetic, clingy, screaming if touched. They are drowsy, whine, complain and are clingy. They do not want to be examined and scream if touched in a way they don't like. Cough is loud, rattling, whooping, breathing is asthmatic. Mucus is difficult to expel. Chest rattling which can be heard upon entering the room.It also has vomiting as a key symptom.

It didn't appear your son was this severe. It aso seemed he wasn't quite so irritable or angry. However, a low dose might work. I would not repeat this remedy frequently.

It is more likely the Pulsatilla for nineclouds' baby did nothing but the cold progressed to the next stage. A remedy is less likely to make symptoms worse and more likely to just not work if it isn't the right fit. Although it is not impossible.

Lastly, I never mix remedies. It confuses the picture, confuses the vital force, and if the situation improves, you will not know which one worked. But that is just me.

If you look at what homeopathy does, it is not allopathic medicine. It is not a this for that approach. It's principle is 'like cures like.' So a remedy that has similar symptoms as the person is given so that the person's own immune system can respond. This is why a good picture is necessary. Sometimes it takes some good trial and error to find the right remedy and the right dose, but when you do, the results can be miraculous.

Sometimes, if caught early enough, a remedy can completely ward off an illness. But sometimes, no matter what the fit, a cold will just have to play itself out and hopefully the remedies will make the suffering a bit more tolerable and the symptoms shorter and will not progress to a worse scenario.

With all that said, I think there is a constitutional remedy which can help 'cure' your son's propensity to get the colds in the first place and ease his clinginess and sleep issues. If you can hang in there with us, we can help you get there!
busymominme last decade
One more thought... if you are going to the healthfood store anyway, pick up Dulcamara which can come on after the weather turns cool or moist and if there aren't enough symptoms to indicate another remedy.

Also get Kali Bichromicum which is for later stages in a cold (like the Ant Tart). This is for when the mucus gets thick, stringy, and yellow. The Ant Tart is more for when there is a rattling chest full of mucus.

Ipecac is indicated when a head cold goes to the chest fairly rapidly and quickly turns to bronchitis. Coughing ends in retching, gagging, and/or vomiting. It doesn't appear your baby is this ill though.

Do you think his cold symptoms are related to his teething or do you think they seem worsened by it?
busymominme last decade
busymominme knows a lot more than i do. i am a novice, trying to read and learn. whatever she said is very true, so whoever following this post think about what she wrote. i only wrote what worked for my son. no 2 kids are the same and neither is their illness.
nineclouds last decade
Thanks nineclouds. You made a great suggestion with the Ant Tart.

For anyone reading who wants to learn more about homeopathy, especially using it for your babies and family, I *highly* recommend Miranda Castro's books - specifically Homeopathy for Pregnancy, Birth, and your Baby's First Year and The Complete Homeopathy Handbook. Either one of these are a great way to get started in homeopathy and/or learn more about finding a good fitting remedy once you are already familiar with it. I have many homeopathy books and these are the two I use most frequently. In fact, they're worn thin and the covers curl from so much use! :)
busymominme last decade

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