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Living in terror
Don't know what to do. I am subject to occasional dizzy spells/blackouts that
Shaye 2006-02-10
3   last decade

shy gsd
Hi,I ahve a GSD who always had difficulties in going out but now is worse after 3 things:
Miyuki 2006-02-03
11   last decade

gotu kola
how much gotu should i take a day for help with varicocele. keeping in mind i previoulsy
masterp 2006-02-10
1   last decade

How to start fresh/detoxify/remove remedy
Hi, My child was given a remedy which I think has made is symptoms 1000 times worse. How
infosearching 2006-02-10
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Psorinum - Dr. Sajid Please reply
Dr. Sajid,To my post regarding my son with eczema, you had prescribed Psorinum 1M. I gave

val0822 2006-01-23
17   last decade

Lefft testicle too small: Loss of Libido
I am a chronic bachelor in my early forties. At the age of 14 years my left testicle had
Vir_goan 2006-02-07
5   last decade

Pink eye
My son in law has got pink eye and has had it for almost three weeks. Could someone tell
tweetystone 2006-02-10
2   last decade

minor penis infection (i hope)
i have small flesh-colored bumps around the lower part of my penis. They dont itch, burn,
SomeGuy 2006-02-10
1   last decade

2 remedies
Can belladonna and sulphur be used at the same time for different things? The belladonna
tbarbie 2006-02-10
2   last decade

breast trauma
My 9 year old injured her breast about 3 months ago on a bicycle causing a terrible
tbarbie 2006-02-10
1   last decade

On Atopic Diseases
Include asthma, rhinitis, eczema, food allergies and other conditions where there is a
WNCGirl 2006-02-10
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splinter in the hand, help
Hi,While playing in the park my daughter touched some wood stick and got splinters in her
anon99 2006-02-09
1   last decade

dr.sajid mahmood - strept throat
Usually one dose of any remedy clears up a problem within a half hour or so. Two days
luckyme 2006-02-09
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took nux vomica got chest pain ...
Took 2 pills 12c of nux vomica 3 times yesterday, in the evening got upper middle chest
vardhar 2006-02-09
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Please help with speech problem
Hello,I am 22 years old and have had a problem speaking, progressively getting worse over
jbrian00 2006-01-31
8   last decade

Body hair growth through Arnica
Hello!I was just wondering if anybody has noticed body hair growth through the use of the
idrol 2006-02-08
2   last decade

Low white blood platelets.
A friend of mine has had a recurring condition of low white platelets for over 12 months
megsy 2006-02-08
1   last decade

Watering eye and skin rash in old lady
A 70 year old lady, complains that quite often her right eye is watering non-stop.
Cecilia 2006-02-09
2   last decade

Dr. Sajid: Please suggest for my infant's problem
I have been using helpar sulph and kali bich 30 for my infant for the belwo symptoms.
anita_raj 2006-01-18
3   last decade

hi i m zaki 29 yrs old live in pakistan , karachi.i m facing two main problem 1 is that
zakishah 2006-02-04
6   last decade

More then 50 year want perfect sex.
If some body is more than 50 years. and he want to be perfect in sex. Is there any
Homeo_lover 2006-01-24
1   last decade

Canker Sore
A Canker sore appeared on left side of my tongue about 10 days ago. It was healed in
razz 2004-01-07
8   last decade

anxiety of dog
We just got a dog from the pound. They vacinated him for five things before releasing
rustyb 2006-02-08
2   last decade

Abscess, silica. arnica & blood
Dear Sajjad/Joe,To treat the abscess and drainage on my butt, I started taking silica 5
izaac 2005-11-20
3   last decade

kali birch
Hi again been using the self diagnosis. do you think this would help me "Kali Bich".
merc 2006-02-07
7   last decade

for santaclause
bonjour,sometiem back you posting website actionlove.com. i take your advice and looking
jacques 2006-02-03
1   last decade

hai sir..
hai sir. me is indian in mah early twenties.. i got serious problem. my problem is with
sporty 2006-02-08
2   last decade

hyperactive thyroid, stress, fever
Hi,So Iíve been diagnosed with a hyperactive thyroid. I still havenít gotten my
smashy 2006-02-08
1   last decade

Strept throat - help.
The last time I had a strept throat one dose of Merc took care of it. This time the pain
luckyme 2006-02-08
4   last decade

What is Probiotic?
Hi All,I have recently read this word few tmes on the forum. What is it? How do you get
val0822 2006-02-07
6   last decade

8 y o with fear of people/surrounding
What would you recommend to give an 8 year old boy who has a general fear of people. He
conniec 2006-02-06
5   last decade

Burning and tingling senstions all over
Six years ago it started, burning and tinglng sensations all over my body, Two
rpazzani 2006-02-07
1   last decade

Healthy hospitals
Nice but unlikely!!Infection teams to target hospitals failing to halt MRSA rise Tuesday
walkin 2006-02-07
1   last decade

longterm antibiotics bad for you?
I'm 18 and have always had acne, but in over the past 6 months it's
babydoll87 2006-02-07
1   last decade

Enlarged Tonsils
Since yesterday I have been feeling pain in my throat. I took one dose of Belladona 200
Dungi 2005-12-25
3   last decade

Improving your immune system
Is there any remedy to improve your immune
manpur 2006-02-08
1   last decade

fistula in anno
Sir, I am sufering with this problem from last 3yrs.Initialy I was feeling wetness and
omprakashnehra 2006-02-08
1   last decade

pilonidal sinus
respected sirsir i am doing my post graduation in homoeopathy(org &hom phil).my
dr.lingaraj magadu 2006-02-06
2   last decade

Toothache, please help
Hi,From two days i have toothache, which extends to cheeks and eyes, in the right upper
anon99 2005-12-19
12   last decade

keloid scar, with silica?, help kuldeep
Hi, in August 2005 I got scraped (by accident)on the upper part of my chest ( against a
elviriux 2006-02-02
4   last decade

Crystal Rock and Baking Soda Caused Lumps
About a year ago I began using a crystal rock deodorant sticks that I purchased from the
macman 2006-02-05
6   last decade

smell and taste lost
36 age female lost her taste and smell. any remedy
kplavunkal 2006-01-31
6   last decade

Weaning from Effexor
I have been on a 6 week program to wean myself from 75 m perday. I am now at 37.5 and
Lilly White 2006-02-06
1   last decade

Generelised Anxiety Disorder
Hello,Can Anyone suggest a good remedy for GAD? I am hvg fear of taking Allopathic
scorpioncan 2006-02-06
1   last decade

abilify and weight gain
I have gained weight on Abilify althought it is supposed to be weight neutral. Thinking
justok 2006-02-06
1   last decade

The Seasons and Depression?
which are the seasons of depression i have came to know that spring is the season of
Homeo_lover 2006-02-07
1   last decade

Pilonidal cyst
Hi, i have a problem with pilonidal cyst and i would like to know if it's possible
tadziocg 2006-02-06
1   last decade

help me some1
hey....this is ricky i liv in kolkata.............I wanna know the names and addresses of
jojomike007 2006-02-07
1   last decade

Dear dr.indian-faggot
_____ || || |___/| | | | |
sporty 2006-02-07
1   last decade

hai sir
me are indian. 29 yrs old. get attacherd to old woman. i want f.ck up da ass, back yard.
sporty 2006-02-07
1   last decade

bad reactions to horsechestut
hey im having a bad reaction to horse chestnut. its an astringent and it cuts off the
masterp 2006-02-07
2   last decade

Male's sex power
Hi,I hooked up with a girl and before proceed to any further, I would like to improve my
secret 2006-02-07
1   last decade

Infant Reflux
I've seen quite a few posts about treating infant reflux with Silica, but I'm
stacyann_1 2006-02-03
4   last decade

Want to quit smoking....
I am planning on quitting smoking. I have plenty of failed attempts behind me and was
naydies 2005-08-19
7   last decade

Shelf Life
What is the maximum or minimum shelf life of a Homoeopathic Medicine...do they have any
shaikh47 2006-02-07
2   last decade

about eczema
http://www.mercola.com/2006/feb/7/eczema_creams_finally_meri...Eczema Creams Finally
Astra2012 2006-02-07
1   last decade

Walkin, Sabra ,any experienced homeopath
This is in continuation of a long ago post - child Eye issues.My 6 year old son has had a
new2town 2006-01-28
5   last decade

tonic for nervous system
please suggest me tonic for vitalising the nervous
ASHOKSJ 2006-02-04
6   last decade

Need Remedy for Heartburn and Acidity...?
Hello All,I have been suffering from acidity and heartburn for last more than 2
ezeevivek 2005-03-07
8   last decade

planter facitis treatment in biochemic
is there any treatment to plantar facitis in
manayya 2006-02-07
1   last decade

Question for Nesha-India
Hello Nesha,i am suffering from halitosis for a long time.I have read all you posts on
gita_a 2006-01-22
6   last decade

sore throat, achy, runny nose, headache
My son has a sore throat, feels like it's burning, is red, better with cold drinks,
maryo 2006-02-06
1   last decade

Anxiety prone person who has acute panic attacks..
Hello everybody, I have been a great fan of this site.Especially of all the
Gautam 2006-02-06
2   last decade

Athritis /Rheumatism
My husband suffers from athritis pain and he's only 42 now. It started 8 yrs
Ysobel 2006-02-03
2   last decade

2mos baby w/ diarreah
My baby was suffering from diarreah for 5days now. Lab result shows that she had drank
Ysobel 2006-01-30
6   last decade

bacillinum 200
My relative (age 16 years boy) was given Bac 200 6 doses at 1 week interval and
kvsanilkumar 2006-02-06
2   last decade

Solution for High Blood Pressure
I am Bala, working as a software engineer. Last year i went for medical checkup lastyear,
balan1977 2006-02-03
3   last decade

switching remedies
I was wondering how long you wait in between to change remedies if you believe something
tbarbie 2006-02-06
2   last decade

Trigger finger
My husband has a trigger finger. He has had to have a steriod shot twice, and the pain of
tweetystone 2006-02-03
4   last decade

pregnant and coughing
i am 7 1/2months pregnant and am coughing badly. its a dry cough which increases at
nineclouds 2006-02-06
1   last decade

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