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Antidote to platinum and sulphur
I am looking for the antidotes to platinum and sulphur homeopathic remedies - can anyone
dragula 2005-10-06
6   last decade

Hair Loss in dogs
I have three dashounds one two of which have had problems with balding hair loss along
bourlon 2005-11-13
2   last decade

Crust formation on Glans Penis
I am 37 male...i had genital warts & was advised to take Thuja 200 a few drops for three
shaikh47 2006-01-19
3   last decade

tingling numbness in fingertips
tingling sensation in the fingertips followed by numbness. In the Indian sub-continent
nanhi 2006-01-20
1   last decade

Eczema and Weather Effects
Hello All,My 4 year old son has Eczema since he was a baby. We were in Boston and noticed
val0822 2006-01-12
10   last decade

I want to enlarge my penis. Is it safe to use pills?
What do you say about penis enlargement pills? Can you say something about sizepro
girlshunter 2006-01-19
4   last decade

is there any homeopathic medicine for hypersensitive to food such as eggs,tree nuts,
javaaid81 2006-01-19
2   last decade

finally started treatment
Thanks doctor sajid for your reply and sorry for the delay to reply...finally after a
abdul 2006-01-19
no replies yet

$ 1.9 Billion pledged to fight Bird Flu
Joe De Livera 2006-01-18
6   last decade

Fordyce spots
i have little white-bead like things on the underside of my penis. i know they are called
spowell 2006-01-19
3   last decade

Walk-InCan you give me a brief run-through of what symptoms point to this remedy. I am
Namaste27 2006-01-17
5   last decade

sticky taste in mouth
Hello Everyone,I started experiencing sticky taste in mouth after I came to US back in
himabindu 2006-01-19
4   last decade

Hair Loss, Help Wanted
I am 21 years old and having hair problem since last 1 1/2 years. I have been taking
lpumsun 2006-01-09
1   last decade

About Potency & Power
Hello! What is the difference between between 30c and 30x.Also what is the difference
Yousuf Tahir 2006-01-18
3   last decade

Cold Qn
When do I use Hepar sulph and when Nat mur in case of a cold in
new2town 2006-01-19
1   last decade

acne and acne scars
can anyone suggest remedies to prevent achne breakouts and is there anything that can
Pivonka 2006-01-17
4   last decade

Gall Bladder stone and flatulence
Hi, In Jan 2005 I suddenly began gettin a lot of gas with burping/wind from mouth.Even
kumarpuneet2004 2006-01-16
3   last decade

i got my cats fixed and one is being aggressive towards the other
HiMy name is Stella and I have two beautiful cats one is a female orange tabi and the
stellabanks 2006-01-17
7   last decade

Internal Painful Nose Boils--Herpes??
For the past few yrs I have been getting boils at the tip and inside my nose alongwith
Monika 2006-01-18
2   last decade

My pup has very watery eyes.For the rest she is a very healthy dog,eating is normal,she

doglover 2005-12-25
17   last decade

My dogs paw pads
I have a wheaten terrier...6 yrs old. He has had a problem with his feet ever since i
teejay 2006-01-18
1   last decade

tired/headachey/17 year old with acne
I have a 17 year old boy who is generally a low energy person, but who is very physically
swhitney 2006-01-18
1   last decade

Hi All, I need some help finding a remedy for twitching. Before I go to sleep I shudder
godspeed 2006-01-18
1   last decade

Fatigue on my legs
I've practiced fitness for 18 years, but I had to stop it in 2004 (December). I had
aidacrc 2006-01-18
1   last decade

FAO EX Kidney Stone sufferers
Had a Stone removed in October 05, been feeling great.Last couple of days been getting
Graham 2006-01-18
2   last decade

can anyone suggest the best organ or systemys detoxifying
Pivonka 2006-01-17
1   last decade

Acid Reflux -- please help me
Hi , I have been suffering from acid reflux since the past 2 months and have been on
Cure_me 2006-01-16
2   last decade

sloughing and wrinkling fingers
my daughter has severe wrinkling and sloughing off of skin when she bathes - the is
eugenewj 2006-01-18
1   last decade

Psorium 1M and Dosage Q for Dr. Sajid
Dr. Sajid,I got the Psorium 1M. The medicine is in the form of very small granules. Do I
val0822 2006-01-18
1   last decade

skin break out from staphysagria or sucrose/lactose in pills
i have been taking staphysagria 200ck for two weeks now to help with a chalazion cyst and
Lboogy78 2006-01-17
2   last decade

Cyclical illness since infancy
My son is 19 years old. He has suffered from ill health since age 3 months. He HAd his
j2006 2006-01-16
2   last decade

Husband with eye pain
My husband had a stroke 3 years ago and one of the things it affected was his left eye.
tweetystone 2006-01-17
1   last decade

forhead lift question?
is there any cream for a forhead lift..without going through the whole surgical
alwaysongame 2006-01-17
no replies yet

Investigating the issue of shame
Hi,I'm a final year homeopathy student in London, UK. I'm working on my final
zoodella 2006-01-16
3   last decade

a person with severe depression has been on zoloft for aprox 5 years and does feel better
Pivonka 2006-01-17
2   last decade

kidney stones
what is best remedy to maintain healthy and clear urinary tract of someone who has passed
Pivonka 2006-01-17
1   last decade

Chronic Sub-dural Haematoma induced urine problem
70 year old patient suffering from right side sub dural haematoma(SDH) for the last five
Dr Raj Kumar 2006-01-15
3   last decade

Muscular Dystrophy
Is there any treatment for Muscular Dystrophy in
Homeo_lover 2006-01-16
3   last decade

Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome: Dr. Kumar, please?
Dr. Kumar, My son has had a tendancy to vomit easily since the day he was born. As an
samnbudsmom 2006-01-09
1   last decade

pulse in head
to those people who are complaining of head pulse for me i just found my cure its
italian 2006-01-06
1   last decade

out of control teen
my partner has a 15 year old daughter who is:* unsuccessful in school* been diagnosed
laurelpetal 2006-01-16
2   last decade

feline leukemia
hello!i am the loving mom to 4 cat kids... mu 9 year old female, minnie, has been seeming
laurelpetal 2006-01-16
3   last decade

What are these? are these safe to use? Can these counter male
s2005 2006-01-16
1   last decade

How much is a dose?
I see directions to take however many doses a day, but I haven't been able to find
SpiritualDesert 2006-01-16
1   last decade

Need to urinate during the night and getting pain
I had a Kidney Stone removed in Oct 05 with a General Anestetic. I also had a Stent.Been
Graham 2006-01-16
1   last decade

husbands terrible feet problem--need help
My husband has had a terrible foot problem for over 20yrs now. The skin on the bottom of
jodymac 2006-01-11
5   last decade

Depression after breakoff
Hello,I hope some one can help me!!!I just broke up with my girlfriend and going through
nsjus 2006-01-10
7   last decade

Nat Mur not working..Help
A Homeopath prescribed Nat Mur for my dry, flaky scalp/ dandruff/hair fall condition. It
freakster 2006-01-16
1   last decade

i was treated for long in aurvedic with merc-sublimate.now i feel toxicated& aur.met200&
s2005 2006-01-16
1   last decade

my mother is dignosed with leucoderma. she is 56 years old and asthama patient. the pale
savitha 2006-01-16
3   last decade

Help for stroke
My mom, 81 years old, just had a stroke . She is now recovering thanks to the drug TPA
carolzip 2006-01-16
1   last decade

Does it work??
HiI was wondering if some of the people that have used Arnica and Weisbaden for hair loss
naush 2006-01-15
1   last decade

Cold and cough
My 6 year old started a cold 3 days ago. Gave him fer phos. Then a day later
new2town 2006-01-16
1   last decade

I have been suffering from bronchitis since my birth.I face a asthama like breathlessness
Adixamro 2005-12-30
5   last decade

New to Homeopathy
I am wondering what treatment i can take for anxiety and depression that has been present
mundo 2006-01-11
3   last decade

arnica 30 & dermatosis
hi again, as i told in my previous post i'm suffering of atopic dermatosis (intense
airone12 2006-01-15
4   last decade

advice for pdk
sirmy father is patient of polycysitic kidney disease since 3 yrs before(he come to
mian jee 2006-01-15
1   last decade

Some kind of smell?
Hi,I have a problem and need some help. I wash twice daily and use perfume, but I can
irked 2006-01-14
2   last decade

good morning sir iam 24 guy from india ,my chest developed like women breast sine 10
m.ashok 2006-01-14
3   last decade

body structure
Everybody says my body structure is not well.My friends force me to say the problem to
sraboni 2006-01-15
2   last decade

pilonidal sinus
I have a problem of PILONIDAL SINUS. I am suffering for this. I have been done the
atanu mitra 2006-01-15
1   last decade

frustrated toddler
Hi everyone, I would really appreciate some advice around my 14 month old toddler.He has
Jo Jo 2006-01-15
1   last decade

hair falling out at 27
I'm 27 and have just noticed in the last month or so that I have lost almost half of
LisaMarie 2006-01-15
1   last decade

Trouble with Heartburn/Acid Reflux
Hi. I am a 21 year old female, and I have HORRIBLE heartburn. I'vebeen suffering
LouisianaLady 2005-09-26
6   last decade

Emotions after extreme conflict
What is a remedy to take to help with after effects of extreme conflict? My symptoms
lmhoopes 2006-01-14
1   last decade

Tendon cut
HelloIn the last of Sept 2005 I got cut near ancle as I sleeped in bath room and hit the
4   last decade

Shortness of breath, leg cramps
Pkease recommend something to help!Shortness of breath problems, worse when bending down
blessme44 2006-01-15
1   last decade

Lost - Please Help
Hi there, this is a wonderful forum, I appreciate all of the advice and help you guys
Jucas 2006-01-12
4   last decade

alfafla tonic for Chindren ?
Reading many posts regarind alfa tonic and some of them clearly indicate that not
hsraghu 2006-01-15
1   last decade

stomach disturbance
I am suffering from stomach touble. Often I feel air pressure in the stomach, especially
Masood 2006-01-14
1   last decade

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