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Homeopathic Tincture
Is a tincture not really the same as homeopathy? I was sold a tincture, Lobelia, at the
Pat2006 2006-01-03
2   last decade

Don't know what to give...Lyc, Ant Tart, influe??
My 9 month old has had a fever 101-103.6 for about 3 days. On the 2nd day, she developed
jtlaharder 2006-01-04
1   last decade

Tonsils and exercise
I have chronic tonsil problem. I keep it in control by preventing very cold drinks,

tjalal 2005-05-13
19   last decade

Nose blow with heavy blood
First let me say hello, My name is Carol and I live in Egypt. I've been on
c_hammal 2006-01-04
2   last decade

coffea cruda
I was wondering if anyone had any information about coffea cruda. I am giving my infant
kutacat 2006-01-04
1   last decade

Does Homoe pills work?
Hi friends,I never believed that homoeo pills would work. Just imagine a sweet pill with
Snigdha 2005-12-20
7   last decade

did you know
General The oldest national medical professional organization in the United States is the
deoshlok 2006-01-03
7   last decade

mercurius / staphisagria
hello! i'm new to this forum and would like to ask some advice. my partner is
iwiat 2006-01-03
2   last decade

14 month old with an UTI
My 14 mo daughter was diagnosed with an UTI. I was informed that her protein levels
DeAyn 2004-11-17
5   last decade

Dr Sajjid Mahmood,Dr Sharmaand Dr Kumar..you would recognise me..please help !!!
dear dr sajid,i am suffering from severe anxiety and agoraphobia for the last 5 years.in
rana7 2005-12-29
4   last decade

generalized anxiety with severe agoraphobia !!!
i am suffering from severe anxiety and agoraphobia for the last 5 years.in these 5 years
rana7 2005-12-27
11   last decade

WHO Recognition for homoeopathy-Thanks to Lancet
Lancet editorial say?The editorial was titled ‘The End of Homeopathy’ and it basically
deoshlok 2006-01-04
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WHO Recognition for homoeopathy
After 200 years WHO recognise our system:--WHO recognition for homeopathyExpress news
deoshlok 2006-01-04
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Breastfeeding and homeopathy
can breastfeeding moms take homeoptahic remedies safely? Are all remedies
okezin 2006-01-03
3   last decade

cal.phos. doses
Hi,My Daughter is 11mths. I was giving her cal.phos 6x 2 tablets at a time twice a day
vatsi 2006-01-04
1   last decade

Is there any permanent treatment for the prostate
rajboms 2006-01-02
3   last decade

To Dr.Sajjad, Dr, Sajid ,Mr Joe and the rest.
Hello I am posting a case of my cousin who is round about 3 years now. I Hope that i will
kashifjan 2006-01-03
2   last decade

Constant weight gain - help
Well now I am posting for me. I have been nursing a 1 year old now since birth. At first
erika1 2005-12-16
3   last decade

Dog suffering from Chronic Kidney Failure :(
Hi,My 8yr old cocker spaniel was diagonised with kidney failure 5days back........... i
kamini_pemmaiah 2005-12-29
7   last decade

I want a medicine which can be use to decrease the libido or can cause loss of
imryag 2005-12-31
2   last decade

Hidradenitis Cure...?
To fellow Hidradenitis sufferers: Has Homeopathic meds worked well for you? I have been
MeganPat 2006-01-03
3   last decade

elevated liver enzymes
elevated GGT (370) and Alk.Phos (157). have had battery of tests and liver biopsy. liver
Catieco 2006-01-02
1   last decade

carpal tunnel syndrome
My hands and wrists ache a lot. Especially my right wrist and fingers give me a lot of
okezin 2006-01-03
1   last decade

9 mos baby fever 3 days and pink and muscousy eye
I was wondering if Belladona30c would work....and how many gobules and how many doses?
jtlaharder 2006-01-03
1   last decade

How long can someone be on the same remedy?
How long can someone be on the same remedy? I have been using a remedy for more than 2
Pat2006 2006-01-02
1   last decade

Dr. Sajid, 1year old w/bronchiolitis
Dr. Sajid,My daughter, who is 1 years, is also coming off of bronchiolitis. She is
erika1 2005-12-31
4   last decade

Preeclampsia - please help before it's too late!
My friend is in a hospital with preeclampsia and they are threating her with a c-section
Pavlina 2006-01-02
2   last decade

Sleep problems
Hi all, I am currently taking Solian 800mg and during the night before I go asleep i get
godspeed 2006-01-02
1   last decade

Skin breakouts and fever
I have been on Berberis for gallstones for the last couple of months which seems to be
London Gal 2006-01-03
2   last decade

prostate tuberculosis
Dr.Deshlok,Sajjad,Joe,Is there a permanent tretment for Prostate tuberculosis?is this is
rajboms 2006-01-03
2   last decade

Acute Gastric
Hello Friends, My mother is having an acute gastric problem since 1991. She was also
sachin2701 2006-01-02
1   last decade

Cold hanging around
Any advice on how to finally kick off a cold that has been hanging on for about 10 days
FJ-369 2006-01-03
1   last decade

head achne
my boyfriend gets pimples on his head. What is a good medicne for this. And it is cause
angle 100 2006-01-03
1   last decade

Red eyes!
Hi,Can you advise me on what I can do about my red eyes? My blood vessels are practically
safina 2006-01-02
7   last decade

Plantars Warts
I have 2 plantars warts on the bottom of my left heel. One of them is about 14 years old.
greenclovers 2006-01-03
1   last decade

Sexual Desire/Erections
Hi! I'm a 27 year old male and am having some issues with getting and maintaining an

Herbalguy451 2005-11-30
37   last decade

sajjadakram635 , passkey, sabra, any experienced homeopath
Pl viewhttp://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/37208/ Child eye issues. Please advice. I

new2town 2005-12-02
28   last decade

Sweetest kitty w/ itchy ears and skin, , runny eyes
I rescued a number of kitties in 2001 - had them vacinated, treated for other ails nd

Ann05 2005-12-12
22   last decade

Namaste - Follow up on kitty using sulphur
Hi there Namaste, it Ann.My kitty is Pippy, the girl cat about 5 or 6 who had acne, eyes
Ann05 2006-01-01
2   last decade

Preventing febrile convulsions
My son who is 2 1/2 years old, had a febrile convulsion earlier in the week. I am
lajaw 2005-12-23
2   last decade

Attn:MrJoe de Livre ....Ibs And Acid reflux
hi my sister has ibs (irritable bowel syndrome)...and acid reflux problem whenever she
rachna79 2006-01-02
3   last decade

11 yr old non-verbal son
My son has been doing fairly well the past 2 yrs on Stramonium, he always had severe
sherryb 2005-12-19
3   last decade

Influenzinum 200c seems to prevent Flu
Members may like to know that none of the members of our staff numbering about 150
Joe De Livera 2006-01-02
2   last decade

Format and Potency Question
Hi i am new to this homeopathic thing so i may seem kind of dumb but honestly its not
on_a_mission 2006-01-02
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Eczema for 21 years
Hi My name's Jeremy and have been suffering from pretty extensive eczema all my
jeremynks 2005-06-22
10   last decade

Migraine/Sinus pain
Hi EveryoneI am new to this site. I am training as a homeopath, but am stuck as to how
serfrano 2005-12-27
7   last decade

Happy New Year!
Wishing all of you a healthy, happy and prosperous new
moderator 2006-01-01
9   last decade

sexual problem pls help all of you
Respected sirMy name is prevez sheikh .my age is 32 ,since last 20 years i was doing
pervez sheikh 2006-01-02
4   last decade

friend has renal failure
i have a freind that has renal failure (kidney failure)they want give her surgery. is
edaja 2006-01-02
1   last decade

I need a remedy for acute upper respitory & gastro-intestinal inflammation
Hi,I have acute digestive and respiratory disturbances. I have been told it is my
niki1 2005-12-30
3   last decade

Sinus Problem
I have been suffering from heaviness in the head this winter. I think it has to do with
sdoodala 2006-01-01
4   last decade

I have a problem, my Penis head (Glans Penis) is extra sensitive, due to this whenever i
shaikh47 2005-12-28
6   last decade

Question about potency
hi there I have been on here for a while and still dont understand what is the highest
hotty198 2005-12-31
2   last decade

My Merriage Is Very Near
i merriage is very near i am feeling sexually weakness plz seggest me homeo medicine i

kamran2005 2005-12-28
13   last decade

Dr Kumar....Please help with scalp problem
I have a hair problem. I'm 26 years old. I did not oil my hair for several years
freakster 2005-12-31
3   last decade

Losing Hair
Dr. Kuldeep My hair is thinning and falling ,my scalp is always greasy and it does not
cortelyou 2005-12-31
2   last decade

All body treatment
I am new to this forum. The first thing i read is that this type of medicine treats the
miffin 2006-01-01
no replies yet

painful breathing
I have been having breathing difficulty associated with eating or drinking fluids that
Pat2006 2006-01-01
2   last decade

Dr. Kumur, Is this related to Sulfur?
Dr. Kumur, Is this related to Sulfur? On your recommendation, I took sulfur 300c and have
sheilab 2006-01-01
no replies yet

less hair&dandruff!
hello!im 19 years old.my hair used to be quite thick but after cumn back frm a holiday of
fresh 2005-12-31
3   last decade

colloid goitre & miscarriage
My wife is having a lump on the left side of her throat.this is from the last three
manojkumartomar 2006-01-01
no replies yet

11 yr old non-verbal son
Dear Doctor , we tried the belladonna and it seemed to help, he didn't wake up
sherryb 2006-01-01
1   last decade

7 week infant with reflux
was a very happy, easy baby unil the reflux sympoms startedformula fedarches neck and
bellec 2005-12-31
3   last decade

Dr. Kumar pls help me in my hair loss
I had started hair loss from the age of 19. Now I'm 25 and i've lost a lot of
indianboy 2005-12-31
no replies yet

Rather unusual pilonidal issue
My pilonidal is as good as dead.. My Myristica and Silicea came in the mail about an hour
Maskt 2005-12-31
no replies yet

cold hands
my hands are very cold.what is couse of cold hands.please write me remedy for cold
samuiljohn 2005-12-30
1   last decade

Joe De Livera..Question
I've read about your Arnica30 suggestion and I've ordered it from the website
freakster 2005-12-31
3   last decade

Sperm Dischanrge After Urine
HII have a problem, after urination, sometimes i feel that sperm is coming out of ,
kamran2005 2005-12-29
4   last decade

Aconitum napellus
Could someone please help...I got directions to take a dosage of 2-3 Aconitum C200 or C30
Mortvile 2005-02-22
3   last decade

New baby arrives and my cat is defecating in house & has developed dry eczema
Can anyone help?I have a 17 year old cat who since our first baby arrived a year ago has
webbsite2 2005-12-30
1   last decade

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