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Nasal polyp in Child
I was wondering if someone can help me. My three year old has a problem with nasal polyps
wyno2 2005-11-08
5   last decade

please read and advice
I have been suffering with generalized anxiety disorder it started with low blood sugar be
javaaid81 2005-11-08
2   last decade

coxsackie virus 13 mos old
My son was up all last night refusing to nurse and crying. He has a fever, gets the chill
flowers 2005-11-08
1   last decade

cyst in inner ear
Does anyone have any suggestions for a cyst located in the inner ear. I am not sure which
melissa40 2005-11-09
1   last decade

feeling worse off staphysagria
hello, i do hope someone can help me! my homeopath gave me staphysagria 1 a week for 10 we
sonia- taylor 2005-11-10
3   last decade

sabal ser
i am taking ferrum picricum 200 one dose once in 3 days and sabal ser Q 12 drops thrice ad
samuiljohn 2005-11-09
1   last decade

GallBladder Stone Please Help
My Wife is suffering from gall bladder stone about 1.2cm in size. I am looking for suitabl
Wajid 2005-06-21
6   last decade

What should I do for the sciatica? I don't find a clear treatment for it..Thanks.
Andreu22 2005-10-31
10   last decade

Need Advice on using Sulphur 200c
This is my first post on this Forum. I hope someone can answer my questions.My 60-year-old
laddy111 2005-03-03
9   last decade

Hyper Tension
I am kiran vaidya 36 years old.one year back my BP use to be 110/70. But during last 6 mon
kiran vaidya 2005-11-10
2   last decade

yello type of fluid is comming from my ear.
HELP HELP HELP. Here is my story, I was taking showar then i went somewhere and started to
faisalsahar 2005-11-09
4   last decade

remedy to have long hair
I would like my hair to grow longer and faster and have more hair! is there any remedy?
roberta 2005-11-09
5   last decade

Problem of Short-highted Children.
Dear friends, Does any of uou have tested hight-enhancing medicines and found them perfect
glenwood 2005-11-09
1   last decade

Acidity and chest pain
I have been experiencing hyper acidity since past 1 year. It is accompanied by burbs. I st
Neeraj2 2005-11-08
3   last decade

Young Male hair loss
I just wanted to ask what is the best advice for thinning hair? I've read a bit abou
Karrot13 2005-11-09
1   last decade

irregular periods
hai professional colleques,my patient suffering from irregular periods since 1 year .she
sandhyar 2005-10-07
2   last decade

brain injuries
I suffered a brain injury five years ago. Three years post-injury I started working with
salsaboy 2005-11-08
10   last decade

Weakness, heart pounding, continued...
Anxiety is worse at night - fear of dying. Fear of being alone at night when I have sympt
3whiteswans 2005-10-30
4   last decade

hey joe de livera
hi joe,i noticed that in 90% cases you suggest arnica,can you tell why?showbuckhy.
6   last decade

Attn: Kuldeep and others
I was reading a book 'Accurate hoeopathy' by Dr.Modi.Dr. Modi is a lecturer in a

bandarbabu2000 2005-02-26
56   last decade

Future Homeopathic
Hello. I am 17 years old, and I live in the United States. I am in my eleventh year of hi
lynn07 2005-11-08
3   last decade

attn: Joe Delivera and other docs..Large bumps on 2 yr old
My 2 year old daughter recently had to go to the Emergency Room, because she wasnt able to
youngmommy19nc 2005-11-09
1   last decade

my friend,s wife has sterility problem. doctors diagnosed that her right side falopian tub
3   last decade

not responding to any remedies anymore.help anyone
Can anyone help me with this?I took some remedies a few months ago.They where 200c potency
lansdown 2005-11-06
2   last decade

Conflicting advice - female problem, not sure now if its worse ?
I have recently received slightly differing info relating to a female problem. I think I
female47 2005-11-09
no replies yet

chest infection and diarrhoea
my son is 1 year old, has tendency to catch cold, he is in his dentition age, but the proc
showbuckhy 2005-11-02
1   last decade

Homeopathy for warts when trying for a baby
For the last few months I have been suffering from a wart on the entrance to my vagina. I
cs1980 2005-11-03
1   last decade

Please help me choose!! Dr. Varma, Dr. Stanton, Erika, Someone?
Hello,Iíve been stuck for a few years in a life style (rare social interaction) I canít be
ipslon 2005-11-04
1   last decade

Many symptoms, no answers
I just thought I would post this and maybe someone can advise me on what might be wrong wi
blessed110598 2004-04-20
10   last decade

Sinus Congestion / Infection
Hi AllFor last few days I have been having some acute sinus problems. Currently there has
RandyTX 2005-11-06
1   last decade

sharp pain in lateral heel
Can a remedy bring on a new symptom? Is this a good sign?

virginiawoolf 2005-09-20
13   last decade

Panting in Dog
My dog has been excessively panting and has been sitting right at my side for about a week
maltesemd 2005-04-11
10   last decade

whooping cough
My 8 month old son has been suffering from whooping cough for the last 7 weeks and it does
lvinten 2005-11-07
2   last decade

Breast Milk Production - Question for Joe
Hello Joe,Is there any homeopathic remedy that can safely increase the breast milk product
DP 2005-11-08
1   last decade

Aconitum - Dosage
My constitutional medicine in terms of Hypertension, is Aconitum Napellus. The dosage of t
sthillaiyah 2005-11-07
6   last decade

Ear infection in 3 year old
My son woke up last night at about midnight with ear pain. It became very painful quickl
lmhoopes 2005-11-07
1   last decade

attn Joe De Livera..Belle's palsy (sp?)
My mother has had belle's palsy for about 6 months, and the muscles in her face are s
youngmommy19nc 2005-11-07
1   last decade

Pain after c-section
I had a c-section 3 months ago and everything was fine till today. According to the doctor
DP 2005-11-04
3   last decade

little more news about skin
if you seeking more info about skin look at this
Nicollette 2005-11-07
no replies yet

acid reflux laryngitis
Hello all. My friend has troubles every October after or during her visit to the shore wi
joy50 2005-11-04
2   last decade

Does anybody know if there is an effective treatment for tegenarism which is caused by a H
rogerhawes 2002-09-03
5   last decade

kidney cysts
Please email me regarding this title. Also need to know the difference in kidney cysts an
cdenisec2000 2005-11-07
no replies yet

sinusitis and cough
hopefully someone can help me with this aggravating condition. i have had sinusitis forev
nicksmom 2005-11-07
2   last decade

Alopecia Areata Help Please!!!!
I have been diagnosed with Alopecia Areata and living with it for three years. I am curren
meganv 2005-11-07
2   last decade

Arnica and Thuja
Can any one please tell me whether arnica and thuja are deep acting remedies or fast actin
yogeshnagpal 2005-11-05
7   last decade

Baby with exzema
My 9 month has bad exzema.He was breast fed for 5 months and he got his first outbreak at
amandaukla 2005-11-07
3   last decade

red face !!! :(
I have annoying red cheeks that are permanently red but 10x redder than normal when playin
poncho 2005-11-07
no replies yet

aa few q'ns
I know there are varied opinions about this, but I am new to Homeopathy and like to clarit
new2town 2005-11-07
no replies yet

Attention "Joe De Livera" sports injuries
Hi,I will greatly appricaite any responses. Also I am knew to homeopathy, so I don't

TLMaH 2005-10-01
24   last decade

Please reply, Sahai, tendonitis
Hi,I started a post on my sports injuries, which you posted on.You suggested Ruta Graveole
TLMaH 2005-10-27
7   last decade

unbearable period pain
I'm 23 and go through unbearable period pain each month. I get regular periods every
Portia1 2005-11-01
9   last decade

DVT and Diet
Does anyone have any advice regarding DVT and diet? Once you have a DVT, is there any way
keke1 2005-11-06
no replies yet

Hi all :)Was reading an article on the net today. Was a homeopath talking about anitdotes
GaryD 2005-11-06
no replies yet

mr pankaj varma
I shall be grateful if you could please guide me -1) How effective ECHANICEA is in improvi
Mohan 2005-11-06
no replies yet

My 17 year old daughter has labyrinthitis again - she gets it when she is under stress wit
Linzi 2005-11-06
no replies yet

homeopathy remedy, cell salt for pancreatitis
Hi, I have been diagnosed with pancreatitis, please tell me what is the best homeopathy re
niki1 2005-11-04
7   last decade

Dr sajjadakram please suggest
Dr please tell me the remedy for this problem,I am male 31 and am facing this problem from
hisam 2005-11-05
2   last decade

allergy to certain soaps
i have urticaria (hives). i have written many times about my condition (type hives and loo
spowell 2005-11-06
1   last decade

HELP!My hair is getting thinner...
I am 56.My hair is getting thinner and I can now see my scalp through my hair.I've ju
gungliena 2005-11-05
no replies yet

Arnica 30c versus Arnica 30x
I have seen both of these mentioned in previous emails. Can someone tell me what is the d
idrisss 2005-11-05
no replies yet

Baker's cyst help
I have pain and swelling behind knee into calf. I have tried Ruta and Rhus already, each
virginiawoolf 2005-11-05
no replies yet

Arnica and/or Bromelain pre and post plastic surgery
I am having plastic surgery (a tummy tuck) and would like to know if arnica and/or bromela
Despistada 2005-11-03
1   last decade

White patches on skin
Hi I was worried becuase i have had white patches on my skin since the end of summertime.
beeble 2005-11-04
2   last decade

continuous sleep
hi guys ...my age is 22.....plz suggest a homeo medicine to get a continuous 9-10hrs sleep
poorna_1984 2005-11-05
no replies yet

Problems caused by Lachesis?
Hi Everyone! I would appreciate some suggestions. Thank you!I have been taking lach 6c usi
tatyana1111 2005-11-05
1   last decade

I am male 31 and am facing this problem from a long time. my skin gets oily in the hair re
hisam 2005-11-03
2   last decade

child with migraines
I am searching for advice to offer a neighbor whose 8 year old daughter has frequent and s
samnbudsmom 2005-11-05
1   last decade

Since I'm 18 I suffer from this condition.I get only medication what helps for a whil
Schere2004 2005-11-02
2   last decade

i have researched this over and again but i can find *no* help with this problem. i even
ama2004 2004-08-11
2   last decade

Weakness, heart pounding, anxiety
Hello, I have been experiencing some scary symptoms lately and am not one for going to mai
3whiteswans 2005-10-30
3   last decade

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