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Sunil Anand's address
Hi friends, after much googling I found out details of Dr. Anand from the internet. Basica
mom2003 2005-08-22
1   last decade

Hi,My partner has taken Nux Vomica 6C and Sulphur 6C for a week for his IBS and bleeding p

reni2005 2005-08-09
14   last decade

Anxiety or true tetanus symptoms ?
About six weeks ago a cat scratched me on the arm.The wound was a deep pucture wound.I did
minibramble 2005-08-21
5   last decade

gastric - ibs
How does Aloe socotrina compare with Podophillum for severe gas problems, constipation and
DaVinci 2005-08-18
6   last decade

In trouble
I have given my husband c instead of xI gave him 6cWhat shall I do?
habeeba 2005-08-21
3   last decade

ongoing problems.
Hi,I am posting on behalf of my husband.For as long as he can remember he has had a proble
habeeba 2005-08-01
3   last decade

Chlorinated Water ... ILL-Health Effects
Chlorine (Cl) is a very2 common and very2 cheap water disinfectant with potent germ-killin
HA21 2005-08-21
2   last decade

Walkin...... Carsinocin/ Acne
I read an excerpt about acne and carsinocin. Would this be appropriate for all types of ac
jentoun 2005-07-17
6   last decade

Does Arnica 6 (for hair loss, succused solution) interact with..
Does Arnica 6 (for hair loss, succused solution) interact with Caullophyllum 9 and Bellado
belciuge 2005-08-20
5   last decade

Constipation in 2 yr old
Hello, my son (1yr 10mth) gets constipation almost regularly since birth. After my frustra
aryan_mom 2005-08-21
3   last decade

Body Dysmorphic Disorder
hi,I feel I suffer from Body Dysmorphic Disorder. I have done a detailed search and then c
varun 2005-08-16
4   last decade

urgent- burn
i poured boiling chicken broth over most of my left hand tonight. (have been alternating
Rebecca 2005-08-20
7   last decade

nat mur help
Hello. I am new to utilizing homeopathy. I have experienced healing using a few remedies

joy50 2005-04-30
19   last decade

Sore swollen vagina
My vagina is sore, red and swollen inside, and has been for 5 weeks. The doctor has tested
raleigh 2005-08-19
3   last decade

Could it be true??
My 8 year old is has trouble sitting still in class. his mind wanders and he can't st
suzie 2005-08-19
2   last decade

dizzy with sense of numbness on feet hands and nose
Hi,Since 1 May 2005 I have been dizzy. I feel like I have been all day on a boat and now
nthaby 2005-08-14
8   last decade

pingueculum - eyes
I'm a contact lens wearer, and relatively healthy although tired. My eyes have devel
rebeccahindle 2005-08-19
1   last decade

speech uninteligibility
My 5 year old has speech intelligibility issues due to fast rate. Many syllables get dropp
mwagoner 2005-08-01
9   last decade

Arnica Hair Oil and Capsules
Where can I buy Arnica HAir Oil and the Capusles for it online? Specific website links wil
jaspreet_inc 2005-08-20
no replies yet

Attn Mr. Joe De Livera --- Wana update you on my medicine
Hello Mr. Joe De LiveraPlease refer to my post about Acid Reflux and Hiatus Hernia where y
A2Z_A2Z 2005-08-17
6   last decade

Urticaria help needed
I am a male (40) and developed these symptoms couple of years ago when I used to live in A
hohabaki 2005-08-20
2   last decade

My husband's snoring is driving me crazy. I was awake until 3:30 last night because o

ruth45 2005-07-20
20   last decade

Hi there. I need some help with a UTI. My N.D. doesnt' work on Friday and I'm go
bex528 2005-08-19
1   last decade

I am 32 years old looking for some advice. i have a meningioma brain tumor and i had an o

chacha48329 2005-08-08
25   last decade

Baby's cold&congestion
I'm a worried mom of a 8 month old daughter. She keeps getting colds very frequently.
saiphm 2005-06-23
6   last decade

Patches on the joints
My daughter was originally diagnosed with "Chemically induced Vitiligo" by a dermatologist
Harjinder 2005-08-18
2   last decade

Can anyone help me?
I had a sexual encounter with a prostitute about 7-8 yrs ago.after some days i found some
jack2003 2005-08-18
2   last decade

herpetic gingivostomatitis
please i need urgent helpmy child has herpetic gingivostomatitis. he has a fever near 38.5
homlover 2005-08-18
2   last decade

What is difference between Gelsemium and Arg-Nit
I feel have symptoms of what prescribed for both Arg-Nit and Gelsemium. Can anyone tell wh
pattaswamy 2005-08-18
3   last decade

humphrey's 11
late periods
shabblai 2005-08-18
1   last decade

Enlarged adenoids
Hi,My 5 year old daughter has enlarged adenoids which frequently interferes with her sleep
toto_mama 2005-08-17
2   last decade

Schizophrenia - Urgent, please help
My son 32 years of age, a 3rd year university science student suffering from severe sympto

sthillaiyah 2005-08-12
23   last decade

zincum met. and phosphoricum ac.
are these 2 remedies zincum met. and phosphoricum ac. complementary?they are not antidotes
Mahatma 2005-08-18
1   last decade

to joe: arnica 6c sensitivity to long term use???
Joe,I, like many here, have been successfully using the arnica 6c split dose suggestion fo
Jane525 2005-08-11
8   last decade

Knee Pain : Osteo-Artirits
My mother is having problems with her left knee. She is 62 years old. She weighs 65Kg and
ajne429 2005-08-12
6   last decade

Homeopathy side effect : Big Problem.....
Big trouble : Homeopathy side-effects(i got fever after taking homeo medicine , below are
raju_m 2005-08-12
6   last decade

muscae ventanillas
Dear Doctors,I would like some advice on a case of muscae ventanillasI am a practicing hom
khanna555 2005-08-16
3   last decade

Baby does not take any fruit
My daughter who is 4 years old now, does not take any fruit. We always tried that she shou
aamirlodhi66 2005-08-17
2   last decade

Adult sudden acne on Neck and shoulder
Hello-I have this sudden problem, I'm not certain what is happening but I doubt a reg
starbelly 2005-08-17
no replies yet

heart tension stagnant circulation
I am looking for homeopathic remedies for an express purpose right now , I am recovering f
changeling 2005-03-11
2   last decade

AIDS cure by homeopathy
Hi!If anyone of you has any experience regarding treating or curing AIDS (both the full bl
Alfalfa Q 2005-08-13
2   last decade

whitehead spots on face
i wake up in the morning only to find about 5+ whiteheads on my face. i wash my face when
spowell 2005-08-17
1   last decade

What should I do if I think I was exposed to an antidoting factor?
I ve been under homeopathic treatment for 2 months now with the hope for a positive result
GoodFella 2005-08-16
1   last decade

Heavy Metal Detox
My 2 yr old son has been dx with PDD ( mild autism). My Homeo Dr has prescribed him with
julie05 2005-08-17
1   last decade

always anxious, nervous and social phobia
Sir,I am 36 male. I have following symptoms.always nervousanxiety, restlessness especially
pattaswamy 2005-08-16
2   last decade

Impetigo , stye and boil
Hello , i first started getting a boil , after one week a went to the seaside and i got a
jackal 2005-08-15
3   last decade

Joe de Livera, Kuldeep, John Stanton, walkin, passkey HELP PLEASE!!!
Please read my detailed posts here:http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/33863/(depressi
Alfalfa Q 2005-08-16
5   last decade

two-year old girl with asthma
My daughter cecilia has asthma and was diagnosed at six months. She uses a nebulizer and a
ashwin86 2005-08-17
1   last decade

Scalp and Face acne & balding
Hi!I am 30 years old female and have been suffering from hair loss and acne problem (earli
simoune42 2005-02-14
9   last decade

New Among You
Hello Friends.I am ishtiaq Mahmood.I am from Pakistan & I did joined this form today & Hop
doctorishtiaq 2005-08-16
2   last decade

very urgent help needed
My daughter is studing away in Maharashra interior. She has developed erruptions on her bo
wahijs 2005-08-16
2   last decade

what is normal
NORM !. Never was and never will be!. As I have said elsewhere , the totally normal invas
passkey 2005-05-16
6   last decade

always nervous, anxious and social phobia
Sir,I am 36 male. I have following symptoms.always nervousanxiety, restlessness at night e
pattaswamy 2005-08-16
2   last decade

10 week old gas and frothy stool, pus eyes
I posted about my son when he was newborn with painful and smelly gas. Carbo Veg seemed to

3carolyn 2005-07-27
18   last decade

Arnica the Miracle Remedy
i would like to place on record the many ailments for which i have used arnica as the reme

Joe De Livera 2005-08-11
14   last decade

phosphorus vs. arsenicum album
hi! can someone please explain to me the differences between phosphorus and arsenicum albu
mol5055 2005-08-15
2   last decade

Depressed with severe hair loss please help
Hi am 25 yr old male. I am having sever hair loss for past 9 moths or so. I dont know what
karan22 2005-08-16
4   last decade

Dog - Homeopathic healing and skin eruptions
Thanks for reading this. About 2 months ago we went to see a homeopathic vet, after our l
mmuelle 2005-08-15
5   last decade

8 month old diagnosed with allergy !
My 8 month old son has been sneezing a lot since yesterday(20-30 times yesterday). The Dr.
mommyexel 2005-08-15
1   last decade

scar tissue inside lip
Two and 1/2 weeks ago I was stuck under the nose and above the lip with a softball. There
lasttryatx 2005-08-16
1   last decade

i am a lady of 29 years unmarried suffering from severe menorrhagia since onset of menses.
sanober 2005-08-16
1   last decade

severe allergic reaction after eating fish
My close relative living in Australia has got very severe allergic reaction after eating f
raj005 2005-08-13
4   last decade

New Among You
Hello Friends.I am ishtiaq Mahmood.I am from Pakistan & I did joined this form today & Hop
doctorishtiaq 2005-08-16
2   last decade

And now we have SuperAids , will we ever learn that if you challenge a micro organism , it
walkin 2005-08-11
9   last decade

what is this
Hi,When I was pregnant and I needed iron tablets the homeopath gave me something already m
habeeba 2005-08-14
1   last decade

KULDEEP- re constituional personalities
dear kuldeep,i read ur forum, where in u have stated that silicea and silicia, helps to cu
jasmine_191 2005-08-13
8   last decade

Fake Schwabe remedies
Hi!in some countries, due to the vast popularity and trust in schwabe remedies, many suppl
Alfalfa Q 2005-08-13
2   last decade

How much a Homepathic doctor may Earn by practising in Canada .
As I am thinking of carreer in homeopathy, I would like to know how much on average a home
raj005 2005-08-16
1   last decade

Assistance--Surgery to take place in 4 days.
Hello everyone,This is my first time to your site.I am delighted to find this site and wou
SahuKa 2005-08-15
2   last decade

proper dosing for Graphites as a simillium...
Hi.After much trial and error and research, I took graphites 30 C 2 pellets 2x daily (more
happyandhealthy 2005-08-13
3   last decade

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