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URGENT:Leg calf muscles and feet pain - To Dr Mohla
To Dr Mohla, My wife, age 40 years is having pain in both legs calf muscles, feet and

vjhos 2017-08-23
25   akshaymohl last year

Anal Fistula+stomach problem
Hi.. I have anal fistula. I don't know about the depth of it.. I have no pain in
Mian Azeem 2017-10-15
10   Mian Azeem last year

Abdominal pain,hepatitise B,pain in belly left side
Hi, Folks can only give views on your case if you reply in time REGULARLY. (save your
Odayhussain1 2017-12-12
9   Odayhussain1 last year

Hyperpigmentation around mouth...
Respected Dr.. I hav been suffering fr hyperpigmentation around mouth since 10 years.it
jayab 2017-12-16
1   healer21 last year

Erectile dysfunction treatment
common homeopathic remedies used for erectile dysfunction treatment or allopathic
gbt25 2016-02-22
2   john8998 last year

Long masturbation history, need advice
Dear Homoepath, Age: 30 I want to state my condition and want your opinion on how to
nahom25 2017-12-15
2   nahom25 last year

Pee (Unrination) while bathing is good or bad does it a disease? If What Kind Of
suman10 2017-12-15
1   healer21 last year

Help for chronic digestive issues
I have chronic digestive issues (gas, loud gurgling noises on lower left side); Mostly

xploreorganics 2017-12-12
13   healer21 last year

Im thinking of buying the 100 remedies Kit how much doses should I take of each treatment
soniaatoms 2017-12-15
1   maheeru last year

substitute of calcarea carb
Vkg, age 54 All my main points meet with Calcarea Carb, But the nature of calcarea carb
vkg1 2017-12-13
3   maheeru last year

Kidney cyst
Hii...My baby is 1.5 years old....he has cyst in his left kidney...wht the treatment for
Pashu222 2017-12-15
1   homeo_helper last year

Hair loss and Oil skin.
Hi. I am Male 33. My body is too much oily. Even I take bath and shampoo my hair after
seoulite 2017-12-14
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

3 years old with hypotonia
Hi my daughter is 3 years old with hypotonia. She had enlarged right ventricle during the
orlina 2017-12-12
5   0antivirus0 last year

Enlarged turbinates
Hi, age 34, male I suffering from swollen/enlarged turbinates in the left nostril. I am

adnan012 2015-06-16
22   adnan012 last year

Help for chronic anal fissure with sentinel pile without having surgery?
Chronic anal fissure with sentinel pile. No bleeding; Some pink mucus
xploreorganics 2017-10-26
7   xploreorganics last year

Memory problem.
Hi. I need help. I am loosing ability to remember. Also have problem concentrating. I am
johnd1 2017-12-14
1   healer21 last year

germanium metallicum
what is this remedy used for? does anyone know or have any literature on
misslmodest 2005-08-13
3   kwgrid last year

Mental & physical problems
Hello, I suffer from few problems like stage fright, anxiety, disappointment from

Moonstone 2016-11-12
32   Moonstone last year

Anuj shrivastva, read about your help regarding tinnitus, can you plz, help me as
Gubbu 2017-12-14
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weak erection
i am kunal 21 yr boy..i am doing masturbation from last 5-6 years due to which my penis
kunal2 2016-03-22
6   john8998 last year

cure eczema and acne
I used to suffer from acute eczema. But i got 95% cured after using Himalaya drug
asbking 2006-06-05
10   removeacne last year

Sir , I want to know if tinnitus is curable in homeopathy? Has anyone been cured ? Plz. I
Gubbu 2017-12-13
1   kadwa last year

Regarding Obsessive compulsive disorder
Sir, which remedy we can give to Obsessive compulsive disorder with
habib86 2017-12-12
1   kadwa last year

Deworming cats using Homeopathy medicine
Hi, I am from India and it's kinda difficult to get a hold of Homeopet clear WRM.
Jhelum 2017-12-11
1   kadwa last year