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Nose blocked
For my son nose blocked and snoring at night what remedy we can
surya2089 2016-07-18
4   kadwa 2 years ago

Headache and migrane
Hi, I am suffereing from headaches or migrane from quite few years, 40 years of age. I
karanraj 2016-07-18
3   kadwa 2 years ago

Piles problem - Dr. Kadwa please help
Hello Dr. Kadwa I had started a couple of forums a few years ago where you have helped
GHonour 2016-06-21
5   kadwa 2 years ago

Dr kadwa please help me.
I stammer since childhood but not able to find the correct medicine and get rid of

vaibhavkalra 2016-06-27
15   kadwa 2 years ago

piles problem protruding sometimes bleeding for 15 years
1. Age 38 i got stomach problems also 2. Male or Female or other male 3. Single/Married
pentaganinfotek 2016-07-21
1   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

Baby takes milk only in sleep
Dear Doctor, My son is 4.5 months old. Since last one month he has stopped taking milk
abuhami 2016-07-20
12   John Stanton 2 years ago

Allergic eczema
Hello! I've suffered couple of years from allergic eczema in my hand caused by soap.
annie_ha 2016-07-04
3   annie_ha 2 years ago

For Ladies. re Hepatitis b treatment
Can I also take Lycopodium 200 for my hepatitis. No symptoms
San1 2016-07-20
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vocal nodule
i have been having problems with voice for over a year now . i had some nasal allergies ,
cindy58 2011-05-22
2   aftabalam8c1 2 years ago

vocal cord nodule
Greetings, I need help with a vocal cord nodule. I was diagnosed 6 months ago with a 2mm
lasapiencia 2014-12-26
9   aftabalam8c1 2 years ago

piles protruding bleeding sometimes
pilesprotruding bleeding sometimes pls help

pentaganinfotek 2016-06-28
13   nawazkhan 2 years ago

Irregular periods causing acne and weight gain- HELP PLEASE
hey, I seriously need help in weight loss and irregular periods. Age : 24 years
Kiranaltaf04 2016-07-15
11   nawazkhan 2 years ago

Good Quality Medicine
Hallo,What are the good quality Homeopathic Medicine available in kolkata?Here lot of
Toal 2016-07-18
2   gavinimurthy 2 years ago

Toddler help
My daughter is 2.5. She has always been a poor sleeper. Wakes about 2 times at night
Drewa 2016-07-20
1   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

For AkshayMohal
I was under treatment from Telescope, but unfortunately he is not available
MKN 2016-07-20
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sheep with mastitis
My brother has a sheep with newborn lambs and she has mastitis. Is there a remedy that
bwill13 2016-07-20
1   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

am 26. I am suffering from excessive night fall it's frequency is alternate night or
Mukesh kumar2 2016-06-14
5   RajdeepOjha98 2 years ago

gluten free/dairy/corn/lactose free
I need a homeoapathy medicine which above all free. where I can get in Mumbai.i was
surya2089 2016-07-19
2   gavinimurthy 2 years ago

Urinary Tract Infection -klebsiella
Have been diagnosed with UTI with klebsiella bacteria causing left kidney pain and
baddiver 2016-03-21
5   vk804 2 years ago

hairfall dandruff
Meri umra 26 saal hai mere Baal jhadte hai Maine scalptone tablet Lena shuru kiya hai
Lugopie 2016-07-17
2   riyazahmad5 2 years ago

kid - head injury
hi all Our 4 year young kid fell off shelf (1.5 ft height) on this Friday, only Saturday
dpnctl 2016-07-19
3   dpnctl 2 years ago

Calf is paining like a boil
Dear Sir, My left leg calf muscle is paining very severely since last 3-4 days.there is
ishtechmech 2016-07-19
2   ishtechmech 2 years ago

Anal Itching
Hi i went for dental (root canal), that time i was used some antibiotic medicine, after
Srieph 2016-07-13
7   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

Penis injury - Having mild pain
Dear Doctor, Thanks for reading this post. I recently met with penis injury while doing
anil_kumar1 2016-07-18
2   anil_kumar1 2 years ago

Speech delay mild autism
Hithere, My son is 4.8 years old he has mild autism high functioned non verbal only start
Saaania16 2016-04-03
3   Saaania16 2 years ago

Kiranaltaf04 2016-07-15
27   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

My Cat Has Thirst and Copious Urination
I live in Costa Rica and unfortunately the only veterinary homeopath in the country
Homeopathy Fan 2016-07-17
5   Homeopathy Fan 2 years ago

stammering in young child
My son,aged 5y4m weight 18 kg is suffering from stammering.Beside this he is suffering
Toal 2016-07-07
11   John Stanton 2 years ago

Need treatment for scalp psoriasis...!Plsss help me...!
Hi My husband 43 yrs old from hyderabad suffering from scalp dermatitis/ psoriasis.
ponangi.anu 2016-07-18
1   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

Very less appetite, reduction of breast size and heavy hairfall
My fiance is 21 years old and she's 5'4" her weight is 53 KGS approx .she
Hkjbs 2016-07-18
4   Hkjbs 2 years ago

Diff. B/w China 6c and China 30
For which ailment is China 6c is prescribed and a doctor prescribed me china 6c but in 6c
hp1990 2016-07-18
1   John Stanton 2 years ago

sir one of my girl friend have thyroid problem..her tsh is 17.5.....can thyroid is
harry250513 2016-07-18
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Sexual weakness and weak penis erection
Sir my age is 27 I masturbatrd more than 8 year but now I have no penis erection if some
Arif2349 2016-07-11
4   harry250513 2 years ago

small stye on lower right eyelid
Dear Drs. I have a stye only lower right eyelid that is not healing. No pain, but a

cath1 2016-06-11
29   cath1 2 years ago

tdsgadjahhda ahda adsda
gopal18 2016-07-18
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pain in testicles after weight lifting
Sir, I used to go to gym some 8 yrs back and lift heavy weights. Since then i have pain
sumit.birla 2016-06-28
8   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

mother tincture
I want to buy mother tincture but just want to know is it palliative and whether they
surya2089 2016-07-18
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worms/parasites related to eczema/psoriasis?
last summer i went to india. got really sick w/ amoeba & severe diarrhea. began getting
caryn 2006-07-31
6   eman805 2 years ago

Chronic Nocturnal Emission/Very Serious
Dear Dr. Kadwa Sir, Sir, i was just 14 when i started doing masturbation,i did a lot of
sukdev 2016-07-17
1   kadwa 2 years ago

treatement for nightfall
hi Dr. i am suffering from heavy nightfall problem due to mastarbution. my age 21
xyz 2016-07-17
2   xyz 2 years ago

Black head on top head of penis
I got a black head on top of my penis please suggest remedy. Also i have many warts on
Oujol 2016-06-05
1   deoshlok 2 years ago

I am posting and I cannot see post its urgent
My son have stomach pain since November 2015 recurrent coming /going since November
surya2089 2016-07-15
1   deoshlok 2 years ago

Swelling in cheek after cataract surgery
My wife 59 years had cataract surgery first in right eye and after one year in the left
aks_thakur 2016-07-15
1   deoshlok 2 years ago

Erectile dysfunction
Dear homeopath. As per meteria medica I am using Lycopodium 200x. Agnus castus200x.and
reinven8 2016-07-17
1   deoshlok 2 years ago

anti dote
first of all I am grateful for the informations and suggestions which i read on this
Iqbalahmet 2016-07-14
4   Iqbalahmet 2 years ago

Possible impetigo-
My daughter, 4years old with a history of severe chronic eczema (mostly controlled now)
Drouqu 2016-07-17
2   Drouqu 2 years ago

Dear doctor As per meteria medica I am using the following remedy alternatively in weak
reinven8 2016-07-17
1   John Stanton 2 years ago

food allergy - toddler
My kid aged 5 is allergic to cakes, few chocolates , may be pollen too It starts with
dpnctl 2016-07-17
1   John Stanton 2 years ago

Arthritis, joint pain
Hello All, My mother has arthritis, joint pain, she is advised for Rhostox 1M, 10 drop
mkkhatri109 2016-07-16
1   John Stanton 2 years ago

my homeopath advice
me to buy mother tincture and other doctor is telling its palliative. shd I buy
surya2089 2016-07-16
1   John Stanton 2 years ago

I have itching on my thigh and groin area. I am taking sulphur. Someone told me to apply
riyazahmad5 2016-07-16
6   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

Dr Udaya please take my case
I am 36 years old. First time i felt sciatica pain 18 years back left side..Tried
snavtej 2016-07-11
1   bapu4 2 years ago

Eczema 1 year old boy
Dear doctors, My 1 year old son has eczema on his trunk. It started 5 weeks ago. I dont
nathaliem 2016-07-17
1   nathaliem 2 years ago

Sagging skin
Dear doctors I'm 37 yr woman 1 child, 168 cm, 54 kg, dark circles around eyes,
azade 2016-07-15
5   nawazkhan 2 years ago

My fsuffers from stiffness in neck, upper arms, thighs, feet soles. Doctors say it is
Lalji 2016-07-16
1   homeo_helper 2 years ago

Help -Ignatia 30c is stopping my grief.
Help - I lost a beloved cat 4 days ago, and I was traumatized due to way she died so

polastraus 2016-07-15
13   John Stanton 2 years ago

Is this a good aggravation?
Hi, The remedy made the vibration on left side to move to right side. Is this a good

ramheight6 2016-06-04
40   mnaari 2 years ago

Dear Doc Nawaaz Plz help
Dear Doctor, I had Baryta for confidence and it worked miraculously. But gave side
Aks000 2016-07-12
2   Aks000 2 years ago

Remedy abbreviation
I have a question about remedy abbreviation. what is the full name of remedy that
fmkoshki 2016-07-16
no replies yet

burn marks cream
Dear sir my sister when she cooking in the pan, pa contains some oil, when some drops of
Nitesh Kamal 2016-07-10
4   Nitesh Kamal 2 years ago

why my thread getting deleted
why I post 3/4 thread but all
surya2089 2016-07-16
no replies yet

Degenerative disc disease and more
I am 27 YO male, from India(eastern part near tropic line), weight 60 kg, height 5 feet 7

Ashhar 2015-06-24
71   telescope 2 years ago

15 yr old dog swollen left side of face
I have a 15 yr old rat terrier dog. Weighs 9 lbs. The left side of her face is swollen

nmbarden 2016-06-27
32   John Stanton 2 years ago

Homeopathy for autism
Hello friends.. i am an acupuncture doctor who has also studied homeopathy(not from
manoharan1 2016-07-15
5   anuj srivastava 2 years ago

Adult chronic left ear infection
please advice me homeopathy for recurring chronic middle ear infection, am having this
harmin24 2013-03-18
7   John Stanton 2 years ago

Mother tincture
Hello! I have been using mother tinctures agnus cast,yohimbinum and damiana for about 45

Ridgo 2016-06-24
19   John Stanton 2 years ago

internal urethral scar tissue
Have been through numerous surgeries to clear urethral scar tissue (original cause was
Jadolphin777 2016-07-14
3   Jadolphin777 2 years ago

Scalp psoriasis ...need medicine
Dr sharma garu my husband 42 yrs who is diabetic and hypertension for 7 ys has scalp
ponangi.anu 2016-07-15
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Regarding male pattern baldness
I am 30 years old male.suffering from mpb. Tried lots of medicines. Plz give advices to
Abhi.genie 2016-07-02
4   Abhi.genie 2 years ago

For snoring and nose block
My son 6years old and he snore and nose block what we can
surya2089 2016-07-14
1   kadwa 2 years ago

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