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can i take almonds while on homeopathy?
Im on homeopathy... Can i eat 25 soaked almonds
saranaaz 2017-11-13
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Jenneedszen 2017-11-12
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Benefits of 12 salts for patient suffering from hypercalcemia.
In what way 12 salts are benefit for patient who is suffering from hypercalcemia, where
Ramchander 2017-11-13
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Its so hard to get reply for any post... please help
Hello, I am taking aloe socotrina 30c 3 times a day but its not helping me. So i am
saish 2017-11-13
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diabetes, sleep apnea and overweight.
Dear Doctor, I have taken the medicine u prescribed me and taken it now sleep is more ,
RadhaKrishnan Nair 2017-11-06
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Heel pain in left foot..help
Hi I am 31 years, 6 feet, 97 kgs computer professional. I am feeling pain in my left
earthangel 2013-03-05
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Severe canker sores
hello, im 23m india. i have this strange illness where every year religiously, in the
aby123 2017-11-09
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7 years old boy stammering
My 7 years old boy having periodically stammering problem , 1. he stuck between
Crerdo 2017-10-26
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Lumbar canal stenosis
Can L4-L5 lumbar canal stenosis be
Ordoirt 2017-11-12
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Shrinkage of Penis after 45+
Today night when my penis was erect on sleeping I have noticed that it was smaller than
anlene 2017-11-12
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HiI have been operated once from an anal fistula but it seems to be recurrent every now

jricur 2003-09-22
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Low sperm Count, Motility, Morphology and premature ejaculation
Recently did seman report analysis and found that having Low sperm count(20 million/ml),
sam_alpha 2017-11-12
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poly cystic – left ovary and thyroid
I have POLY CYSTIC – LEFT OVARY and my periods is irregular now a days suppress by
sam_alpha 2017-11-12
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Ecessive Gas formation in stomach
This I am posting on behalf of my father My Father age 53 He suffer from excessive gas
Evui 2017-11-12
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Winter Allerg
I am 34 years old,facing the following symptoms; Excessive sneezing Dry cough Flu like
mc060401019 2017-11-07
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Where to begin?! Looking for my cobsititional remedy...
Hello! I came accross homeopathy a few weeks ago while looking for a natural way to stop
kiki2 2017-11-02
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Zinc picolinate 50 mg for prostate health
Thinking of imported supplement which offers 50 mg zinc picolinate capsules.is this safe
andy_65_in 2017-11-11
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Pressure on heart
Hello there Im 30 years old. Im taking alot of medicines already. Recently i started
Djay5 2017-11-11
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Speech Delay in both children advice
I cannot afford to got to a homeopath, but was hoping for recommendations. My son is 3,
Hopeful3 2017-10-20
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Help! Suspected Hypothyroid Issue
Hello. I am a 40yo female. I have had a lot of issues over the last few months. To begin,
lotusreiki 2017-11-11
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Please help with anal fissure and hair loss
Hi, I have chronic anal fissure with sentinel pile that became acute some days ago. And
Abau 2017-11-11
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Infant reflux/hyperacidity/pain
My son is 8 1/2 months old and I believe has silent reflux/hyperacidity. Until he was 7
Shannonea13 2017-11-09
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Dr. Mehfooz, Pls Help Increase the Penis Bigger, harder, longer lasting and Thickness
Dear Mahfoozurrehman, Thank You very much.Also takem my slam. Please can you give one
funenjoy6 2013-07-02
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Condyloma. Anal wart (flat, white, smooth) just inside sphincter. HPV unconfirmed
Good morning. I had a routine colonoscopy screening (age 52--my first one) and all was
porkchop1 2017-11-01
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