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Hoarsness and raspy voice
I have a friend that has a shaky / hoarse/ raspy voice . She's had a deep voice her
Prettyp1983 2017-11-03
1   dranam last year

Dr Deoshlok need remedy for cataract in eye pls!!!!!
Hi I appreciate your remedy for my mother without doing any eye operation. My mother

Erann 2006-05-19
16   Papli35 last year

Irregular periods
Hello I need suggestion for my irregular periods ....my period's always delay
Saumya2 2017-11-02
1   healer21 last year

High dose, zero effect. How long to try new remedy?
Hi I took nat mur 10m a week ago and I have had zero affect, nothing good or bad. I have
AloeVera 2017-11-02
1   healer21 last year

B"HI am writing again on behalf of a friend. You asked for symptoms. She had none- she
faigi 2004-07-28
5   Dididecho last year

h.pylori and High Cholestrol
Age - 24 Un married male .. High cholestrol 220 H pylori Positive Blood pressure
asad3 2017-10-21
3   healer21 last year

sore throat from November to February
Full Name: sajid Sex: Male Age: 42 Weight:86 Height:5'7'' Temperature:may
sajidullah1 2017-11-02
8   saml last year

tracheal stenosis
About 1.5 months back i was intubation due to hepatitis E and liver failure for 9 days

anjan42 2010-05-01
13   Froupauze last year

Dr please read my symptoms
I am male single. Age 31. Weight 78 kg. 5.10 height. I feel thirsty every 30 minutes. And
Imran30 2017-10-05
7   0antivirus0 last year

over masturbation since childhood plzzz help to recover...
Sir, I suffered from over masturbation.and it ruin my life and my carrier. I don't
Uirtaufok 2017-08-15
10   akshaymohl last year

Reflux acidity
4 years back i had reflux acidity and i was advised Domstal-O for 30 days followed by

rashmi4jan 2005-04-23
177   prakash1 last year

anybody recovered from effects of over masturbation
Hellow, anyone of you overcome from effects of prolonged over masturbation e.g penis do
hp1990 2016-06-26
1   raj18 last year

Premature ejaculation
Dear Doctor, I am 30 years old, male. My problem is PE. I masturbated from early age at
Ngk1988 2017-11-01
1   kadwa last year

Prediabetic, Please Help to Reverse
I am male 60, height 5,6", weight 65. I am a school teacher. For a year I have been
sandy3 2017-10-24
7   healer21 last year

Trigeminal neuralgia
Hello. My partner has been experiencing severe facial pain on his left side which he
pclin 2017-10-27
4   kadwa last year

Swelling of anus
There is a swelling around my anus like formation of a ring and to some extent difficulty
harimeghadri 2017-11-02
1   healer21 last year

nat mur 10m
Hi I know this may be a broad question but I was wondering what sort of thing Nat Mur 10M
AloeVera 2017-10-30
5   JS123 last year

5 months fussy baby
I have a 5 month old baby boy. He is doing good , no colic problem. He is absolutely
Abihmeelas 2017-11-01
2   healer21 last year

Which remedy and potency for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.
My wife, 33, has been having pain in her right wrist and thumb. Sometimes, the pain
asim7r 2017-10-29
3   healer21 last year

please guide me for it
Dr, I just ordered following bach flower remedies, my question is can i take all at a
sagarshinde78 2017-10-30
2   sagarshinde78 last year

Constant worry and fear about loved ones
Hello I have had a problem of being very scared of my loved ones dying since I was as

pclin 2017-07-10
33   pclin last year

Suspected ADHD emotionally disturbed 5year old
Hi there, I am desperately seeking advice from anyone who can help. I have a 5year old
Aidiesmomma 2017-10-22
7   Reva V last year

High FSH no ovulation
Hello, I am going through issues of secondary fertility. I am 37 years old. I have one
Aditid 2017-10-31
3   Reva V last year

pain and burning sensation in anus with Liquid coming from anus
i am 26 yrs old male no smoking and drinking habit 1.having burning sensation in my
sameergupta1 2017-10-31
3   healer21 last year