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Violent Temper Tantrums
My 5, almost 6 year old daughter has violent temper tantrums: biting, kicking, hitting, sh
LFA123 2014-01-10
6   anuj srivastava 5 years ago

Alopecia aerata.(Hair loss)
My daughter who is 13yrs old has developed some bald patches on the back of her head. The

father 2003-11-27
27   chinmoyee 5 years ago

Erection problem
I am a healthy 41 year old male who has had erectile dysfunction problems for the last dec

frequrination 2013-11-13
15   fitness 5 years ago

Advice / Suggestions Please
I am looking for help, please. I am a 35 year old woman, standing 5'5' and weighs
afuller 2014-01-09
3   fitness 5 years ago

Prostate inflammation and epididymitis
Hello there, my urologist told me that i have a recurrent prostate inflammation and epidid
thuderblast1977 2014-01-08
10   fitness 5 years ago

Seeking help from a Homeo Doctor !
I m 24 male. I have some problems. i have written about myself & about the symptoms below.

haris9450 2014-01-05
14   haris9450 5 years ago

authentic medicines
aoa, plz tell me that homeopathic medicines of masood homeopathic pharmacy(near railway st
kamraan ali 2014-01-09
1   mani_jee 5 years ago

anti histamine
I need anti histamine. For hives. for 1 year old .
Elen Harthy 2014-01-08
7   fitness 5 years ago

Excess Masturbation Effects
Hello, I'm 26 years old. I've been masturbating since I was 13. But the last
Genuine joe 2014-01-08
4   fitness 5 years ago

Pain from bottom of left foot to knee through the calf muscle
47 years Old Male Pain from bottom of left feet upto knee from calf side since last 4 year
sukhibawa 2014-01-05
6   sukhibawa 5 years ago

Wind passing burning and loose motions
Dear DR mahfoozurrehman My son 14 years has been having irritable bowel for the last 4 mo
ktsuda 2014-01-09
1   Zady101 5 years ago

hello sir, i am suffering from constipation last couple of month. my stomach not clear at
ribhupanwar 2014-01-04
9   ribhupanwar 5 years ago

Mucosa lining of the gut
Hi , I need a treatment for healing mucosa lining of the gut and respiratory tract. for an
Elen Harthy 2014-01-08
1   rishimba 5 years ago

over weight & gas problem.
hi, i am Sanjib, 37Years male. Height 5.5ft & weight 75kg. Before 3 years my triglyceride
sanjibroutray 2014-01-08
1   anuj srivastava 5 years ago

Back Acne
i am a 21 year old female with serious back acne. I have tried acne creams and they do not
mack21 2014-01-06
9   mack21 5 years ago

side effect due to overmastubation
I am 30 years old masturbating from 16 years old now i am too mach weak sexually and physi
chat4ashu 2014-01-08
1   akshaymohl 5 years ago

Looking for Kent reference
I am looking for the exact reference where Kent says it takes almost 3-5 years with homeop
kenthahnemann 2014-01-07
2   kenthahnemann 5 years ago

organon 5th edition liquid dosing of homeopath in bangalore??
Hi I am looking for homeopaths in bangalore who follow liquid dosing according to samuel
ramheight6 2014-01-08
no replies yet

Would be so grateful for help
My lovely daughter has full blown poison oak mainly on face and genitals. It is day 3. Its
angangel 2014-01-01
11   angangel 5 years ago

Back Pain after 1yr of childbirth
I am 27 female. My first child born in Oct 1012. Still I give breastfeeding to my child. A
surjoshekhar 2014-01-08
4   simone717 5 years ago

Cervical Herniated Disc
I often herniate a disc in my neck area due to years of sitting at a desk with bad posture
kai_from_london 2014-01-08
2   simone717 5 years ago

Blood Sugar
Hi Doctor’s Last six month my 31 years old friend is suffering from blood sugar. Before 6
Sharma Naveen 2014-01-07
6   fitness 5 years ago

small nodules on sides of neck
my friend has small 4-5 nodules on both sides of neck since last 3 months. Alopathic docto
ankit125 2014-01-08
1   fitness 5 years ago

hairs genitals and allergy
hii. i am a 24 yer old male a student. i am having heavy stomach, no clear stools, hairs t
anaana 2014-01-08
1   anuj srivastava 5 years ago

scalp bumps and cold
Dear Sir greetings i am a 23 year old male. from past few years i am having red itchy

abhabh 2013-09-19
31   anuj srivastava 5 years ago

my son is suffering from ASD. I heard there is a lot of remedies could cure ASD. can anyon
kathy810112 2014-01-08
1   rishimba 5 years ago

Zady travelling
Dear patients, I am travelling next week for 5 days, starting Sunday, and I am not sure w
Zady101 2013-11-12
3   Zady101 5 years ago

sir i have digestive problen my letin is thin daily & gas problem plz convex heavy medici
biharibabu 2014-01-07
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Hypericum stimulate EBV or lyme herx
Hi, I recently had a bad bout with mortons neuroma and a really painful thumb both on the
brook29 2014-01-08
2   brook29 5 years ago

My child (4 yrs. old) has a gagging problem. Every time he sees a food he doesn't lik
Shenoy 2014-01-07
3   fitness 5 years ago

Anxiety in 11year old..fears of growing up and big trouble in sleeping.
My 11yr old son is struggling with anxiety and fears of growing older. He can be happily d
pixiesmomma 2014-01-07
1   fitness 5 years ago

suffering from hair fall and dandruff
Hi, I am 31 years old software engineer, I have very good growth of side hairs, but since
gaurav007eng 2014-01-07
1   fitness 5 years ago

3 year old fever and cough
Yesterday in the early evening my three year old's voice became raspy. In the middle
jazmine7 2014-01-07
2   jazmine7 5 years ago

can i go for ginseng tablets..?
Sir am masturbating from the age of 16 and within few days my habit became addiction...m 1
aditya19 2014-01-07
4   aditya19 5 years ago

Tissue Salt vs Homeopathic Dose
Hoping someone can shed some light on dosing/use of tissue salts vs 6C and up. I have no d
shining_light 2014-01-07
8   simone717 5 years ago

Woman 50 with swollen knuckles
Also numbness in right hand & right side of face, but faint mostly. The swollen knuckles a

hawaiidionne 2013-10-09
15   hawaiidionne 5 years ago

Need help increasing my breast milk supply for 3 month old twins
Hello. I had identical twin boys 3 months ago. I was breast feeding for the first 5 days
Dls339_1999 2014-01-06
5   fitness 5 years ago

old standing varicocele with impotence and no desire
I have bilateral varicocele grade I and II. This has lead to erectile dysfunction and comp
oldstandingvaricos 2014-01-07
6   oldstandingvaricos 5 years ago

Stomach Problem
Dear Doctor, I am suffering of stomach problem for past many days. I go for motion but I d
abhijitsarkar74 2014-01-07
2   abhijitsarkar74 5 years ago

over masterbation
sir hello, iam 21 years old and doing masterbation since 5 years and now i am feeling its
nomi334 2013-11-04
6   nomi334 5 years ago

How to take camphora officinarum 30c liquid ??
Hi doctors, I was prescribed this medicine as an antidote to Baryta Carb 200c side effect
ramheight6 2014-01-07
2   ramheight6 5 years ago

Best homeopathic book for beginners?
Hello, I am kind of new to homeopathy and would love to learn more about these remedies, e
bluesky77 2014-01-06
4   simone717 5 years ago

1 yr old kid suffering from frequent fever
Hi , I am mother of 1 yr old kid.He is suffering from frequent fever,cough and watery stoo
Palluzmelody 2014-01-07
1   shouse_nsk 5 years ago

low blood pressure 7 months pregnant
My daughter is 7 months pregnant and her blood pressure is 90/60. She often feels dizzy an
pearl1 2014-01-05
1   fitness 5 years ago

please diagnose me
hi , i am 29 year's older male, my problem is that, like now when i have to start inf

Bpatient 2013-05-06
78   Zady101 5 years ago

R40 and R41 together
Hi, I am 45 years old. My weight is 59 Kg and height is 165 cms. I am pure vegetarian and
gop1410 2014-01-02
1   gop1410 5 years ago

Creating homeopathy globules from liquids (Dr Murthy or others)
Hello, as I have described in other threads, I have bought 30c and 200c liquids for homeop

aske123 2008-05-25
13   gray_tuesday 5 years ago

Pilonidal cyst
Reading through other posts, i have come to understand that each remedy depends on the ind

thillu 2013-11-26
25   anuj srivastava 5 years ago

reflux laryngitis
After eating very spicy food I started having problems with swallowing, like clump in the
BartonFink 2014-01-05
3   simone717 5 years ago

anxiety,depression, dementia
Sadly I don't live in Mexico, I made the mistake to marry an American man and Have l
Jacinta 2014-01-05
1   simone717 5 years ago

anxiety, depression, dementiaI have suffered
I have suffered of my emotions since 1982, had horrible constant fear, a doctor in Mexico
Jacinta 2014-01-05
2   simone717 5 years ago

anxiety, depression dementia
Sent my information, but I could not read all in the forum
Jacinta 2014-01-05
1   simone717 5 years ago

Reaction to Belladonna
Hello, I used this sites Remedy Finder a few days ago to find a remedy for my back pain a
kattitzii 2014-01-05
2   kattitzii 5 years ago

Lazy eye in 9 year old-Dr. Kadwa please help
Dear Dr. Kadwa, you helped us tremendously with my son's eye blinking issue so I want
maryasha 2014-01-05
2   maryasha 5 years ago

how i can increase my stamina.
my penis is 5'. very thick. my age is 37. i discharge with in a minute this is my prob
vickyclassic 2014-01-05
no replies yet

Tetanus for 8 yr old please help
I am hoping someone can respond quickly but my son stabbed a dart into his hand whilst pic
pixie wood 2014-01-05
6   pixie wood 5 years ago

tooth paste for cavities
Hi My 2 year old has developed vaities in uppar 4 teeth due to bottle milk, she takes mil
vidyap 2014-01-04
7   simone717 5 years ago

My son is 11 month old breastfeed. He go eczema on his forehead , checks and mostly his le

Elen Harthy 2013-12-01
18   fitness 5 years ago

respected professional doctors please analyze
I would be realy gretefull if you can advice me some med 1. age & sex 27 yaers, male 2.
nishitho 2014-01-05
1   anuj srivastava 5 years ago

Childhood Cough
My grand daughter is 3 years and is suffering from Cough since last one year. The prominen
mittalrtm 2014-01-03
3   anuj srivastava 5 years ago

plz help in my mental illness
i have filled the questionaire plz read and give suggestions thx (1) I get anxious befor
gossip_khan 2014-01-02
1   kadwa 5 years ago

Sex time increase
my penis size is 5' , very thick but i released with in one minutes. how i can increas
vickyclassic 2014-01-05
no replies yet

Psycotic disorders,sexual orge
I'm Nazif Abubakar 24yrs,Nigerian.i would like you to help me with suggestions,perspe
Nazif Abubakar 2014-01-02
1   kadwa 5 years ago

hearing loss with pain
two month back i was suffering headech & feeling nauses with ear pain,the doc ask me to do
rgppl 2014-01-01
3   kadwa 5 years ago

Vomiting during period- over a year on a monthly basis please help?! :(
Hello, I am an otherwise healthy 24 year old female. Ever since I got my period I have had
cierraxo 2014-01-05
1   anuj srivastava 5 years ago

My son loves nearby street dogs in our locality.he regularly feeds them and takes care of
sh1shah 2014-01-05
1   simone717 5 years ago

Endometriosis & Cyst
I'm 29 years old, I was diagnose with endometriosis 4 years ago, going on 5. I went 1
Lydiam0013 2014-01-04
1   anuj srivastava 5 years ago

Snake bite in dog
My 1 yrs dog got swelling oaroung his mouth this morning .vet is suspecting he got bitten
nikkikumar 2013-08-29
7   listensister 5 years ago

7 yr old boy with Nocturnal enuresis
My son is dry all day... this only occurs during sleep. He is a VERY deep sleeper! We�
jshenne 2008-07-09
6   CristinaGoji 5 years ago

remedy manufacturing
Dear friends I have been looking for the remedy argentum sulphuratum(argentum sulphide)for
hpathyisgr8 2014-01-04
1   simone717 5 years ago

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