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Tips for healthy life from the view of Homeopathy
Hi All, Greetings and Good Day for everyone. Iam having two kids of 4 and 2 age. I
Gruckoz 2016-09-19
1   DrKulkarni 3 years ago

Stomach spasms and stomach pain?
I have stomach spasms and stomach pain. I came from the doctor and I am on medication but
dwest2419 2016-09-19
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multifocal myelitis, with swelling and rupture of the hemato-medullar barrier
Dear Dr. I have been diagnosed with myelitis with following complications in MRI test,

Poonam2 2016-08-31
26   Poonam2 3 years ago

Wrist fractured - aged above 65
Hi, My grandma aged 65 slipped in the bathroom, and got fractured at wrist joint.. As
Ahemadally 2016-09-19
1   kadwa 3 years ago

Weak Stomach gets disturbed after using medicine for weakness!
Dear All, I am a 32 years old Single Male. I masturbated for quite a while leading to
Raana84 2016-09-17
1   kadwa 3 years ago

Need help
I'm Sony age 26 height 5'10" weight 73 chain smoker , friendly, love to have
Sony1 2016-09-17
1   kadwa 3 years ago

Flat black mole on nose
Sir i have flat black mole on my nose. Its of a small size and developed approximately
Mazmaz 2016-09-17
1   kadwa 3 years ago

I recently received influenzinum for the 2016 through 2017 flu season because I am
wyatt415 2016-09-17
7   DrKulkarni 3 years ago

Help with female homones
Hello, My daughter (age 20) has bad period problems, pain, spotting etc. and we were
sparkies 2016-09-16
1   kadwa 3 years ago

bladder stone
a large stone of measuring 3.60 cm found in my bladder 3 month aga i have never feel pain
javed anjum 2016-09-16
1   kadwa 3 years ago

natrum sulphur and calc carb for all doctors only
My mom had skin itching problem but not cured after two years of allopathy and 7 months
msdfan 2016-09-18
1   msdfan 3 years ago

chikanguniya fever
Hello Sitlr this is third time in 15 days i am having fever with pain in joints.and
Mandeep4u 2016-09-16
2   kadwa 3 years ago

watery sperm
give me medicine for watery sperm.rules of
nripen1 2016-09-15
1   kadwa 3 years ago

Short height, 8 year old girl, loud voice
hi my daughter is the same height as her 6year old and 5 year old siblings. and she is
Oohia 2016-07-10
6   kadwa 3 years ago

Constipation ~mysthania gravis
Hello, My self sanjay,age,41,I am suffering from mysthania gravis from year 2005.Also
sanjydp75 2016-09-18
1   radhey1504 3 years ago

need guidence
i was dignost with polycystic overies ovluation induction medicines (lezra for 3 cycles)
mrs.jawad 2016-09-16
1   DrKulkarni 3 years ago

Any one can help me plz
I'm Sony age 26 height 5'10" weight 73 chain smoker , friendly, love to have
Sony1 2016-09-17
2   Sony1 3 years ago

Skin dryness in the feet
Hello, I have extremely dry skin in both my feet. I apply mositurizer on a regular
Josephnirmal 2014-05-26
4   ranu4 3 years ago

Looking for that remedy? Need help
Hi. I am looking for that remedy I read on here someone that there was a remedy for a
dwest2419 2016-09-17
1   DrKulkarni 3 years ago

Is Asthma prevention possible?
My mom and elder sister have asthma ( adult onset). Other siblings do not have asthma.
Selina1 2016-09-18
2   celine1 3 years ago

L4 - L5 lumbar compression
My mother is aged 65 years and for the past 2 years she is having acute pain in the lower
Ashley1 2016-09-17
1   nisha301 3 years ago

Early discharge
My friend weighing around 140kgs and aged 40 years is having premature / early discharge
Ashley1 2016-09-17
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I have palpitations It misses 6 or 7 beats in a minute Could you please suggest a
alishahryar 2016-09-17
1   nisha301 3 years ago

Two year back I fell down from wooden stairs. Spondylthesis in 10-11. Very difficult to
Shibu2 2016-09-16
2   Shibu2 3 years ago

Suggest medicine for stammering
Hi, I am 26 year old guy. I tried speech therapy for a year but it didn't worked. I

vicky321 2015-12-11
13   Niashibe 3 years ago