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How can I increase sex stamina?
Hello sir I am 29 years old man, My sex stamina is really very bad, Within 5 sec I am
Shyboy 2009-09-16
3   erik44 3 years ago

For breast enlargement
Hi .. I am 22 years old.My height is 148cms and weight is 38kgs.I took human growth
Afaa 2016-05-27
5   Afaa 3 years ago

Intestinal Weakness - Digestive problem
I have been suffering from fungal infection since last 3 years, consulted many doctors

fizspace 2014-02-26
274   fizspace 3 years ago

Calcarea carbonica and carbo veg. On alternate days
Hi, Age 24, M Symptoms: feel lethargic, like open air, sweatingof palms, foul smell
Nav 2016-05-29
2   Nav 3 years ago

Premature ejaculation due to hyperactive dorsal penile nerve
My husband is suffering from ED (not all the time) and Premature ejaculation possibly due
Katherine2016 2016-05-30
3   anuj srivastava 3 years ago

hypogastric region externaly enlarged due to masturbation
Hello i want to seek proper remedy for multiple problems. I used to masturbate daily 1
rizwansaleem43 2016-05-21
4   harry250513 3 years ago

China reaction?
Hi, my 4yr old girl suffering for digestive problems for last few weeks and also has cold
inpain1 2016-05-30
1   anuj srivastava 3 years ago

Mushy, unformed stools, no other symptoms...
Hi everyone, Can someone advise... I am Adult, Married, Male (33 years
clickwhale 2016-05-30
1   anuj srivastava 3 years ago

memory loss/hairs loss/eye sight weak
Anyone help me please from previous 6 months, i got the following immediate
DO DO 2016-05-24
5   mnaari 3 years ago

Use of China 200
I have symptoms like Flatulence, bloating, stools sometimes hard and sometimes loose,
Staipurkou 2016-05-29
2   Staipurkou 3 years ago

Rattling cough
Hello, my 3.5 years old had a cold 2 weeks ago now he is left with some mucus, he coughs
Mika80 2016-05-29
3   anuj srivastava 3 years ago

hot flashes intense anxiety depression
Greetings, I have been suffering from menopause for 7 years. The hot flashes are intense
missynlas 2016-05-25
5   anuj srivastava 3 years ago

Dr Kadwa: Leukoderma
I have leukoderma all over my body. It started when I was about 10 years old after I took
Sona 2016-05-30
1   kadwa 3 years ago

I have MND from march 2015. I have fasciculations on tongue,hands,legs.Let me know can
Ramals 2016-05-29
1   kadwa 3 years ago

Iron infusion damage, pls help....
2 years ago I was given an iron infusion. Which is when they put 6 weeks worth of iron
Nikky10 2016-05-29
1   kadwa 3 years ago

A biting cat !!
Hi friends I have a new cat. he is nice but... he is scratching and biting me and
Ronen 2016-05-28
1   kadwa 3 years ago

nipple discharge
Hello doctor kadwa.i have been suffering from brown nipple discharge for a year.
Antivirus 2016-05-28
1   kadwa 3 years ago

Parkinson's excess saliva
My grandfather is 84 years old and has been suffering from Parkinson's disease for
bala-krishna 2016-05-27
1   kadwa 3 years ago

ears sensitive to high pitch sounds some vehicle horns
Dear sir I am 49 years old male. Only For the last two months I started to have one
kotaak 2016-05-10
3   kadwa 3 years ago

Dark patches on face
I am a young person of 68 years . I have no illness other than hypertension for last 25
abha ayan 2016-05-30
1   homeo_helper 3 years ago

want to gain some height
Hello sir.. I am 20 years old male... My dad is 6feet my mom is 5.5.. When i was 14 i
Mr_Singh 2016-05-29
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Acute sinusitis after nose job
Acute sinusitis after I had a nose job. Face swells up. Nose blocked...extreme
Kanza 2016-05-29
1   anuj srivastava 3 years ago

Prostate, extreme pain
I would request Dr. Kadwa to take my case and help me out since I am in great pain day
vtechy1 2016-04-26
5   vtechy1 3 years ago

Homeopathic HCG
There seems to be a lot of material of late written about a remedy called human chorionic
slimaid 2011-07-11
3   adamues 3 years ago