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anxiety pennic attack due to mastrubation
hello sir,i am 19 years and i mastrubate since 12. i was a very confident person i like
i ahte anxiety 2016-02-17
3   kadwa 3 years ago

for dr. kadwa , dr.nawaz khan ,dr.akshaymohl very argent
sir i m suffering from very quick ejaculation before intercourse & erectile
Hasankhanazhari 2016-02-25
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Prevention and Treatment of Hemorrhoids
Today I present you the results of my own research and my conclusions about the painful
PitterRicherd 2016-02-24
1   nawazkhan 3 years ago

White marks on Hands
Dear Doctors My mother is suffering from some kind of skin disease. The back of her both
tipukhan 2016-02-24
1   nawazkhan 3 years ago

8 month old baby with excessive burping during and after feeds.
My 8 month is on formula since he was 2 months but startting at 4 month he struggles with
Bunty4165 2016-01-25
10   Joe De Livera 3 years ago

Att: Dr. Kadwa for remedy suggestion
Dear Kadwa: I would like to know if you can take my case....here is the
seroquel 2016-02-24
1   seroquel 3 years ago

Ad1234 2016-02-23
1   fitness 3 years ago

Dosage for Cina or Thuja for Pinworm
Hi In sweden I can not meet a homeopath due to the strict laws here. My daughter 3,5
andreasnilsson81 2016-02-24
1   fitness 3 years ago

PCOD, not conceiving
Hi, I am 32 years old and suffering with PCOD problem. its creating lot of problems in

Manjari2013 2013-12-04
54   Manjari2013 3 years ago

My son is on homeo for ADHD/OCD, but i don't see it is working with present doctor.
azmi 2016-02-23
3   nawazkhan 3 years ago

Sir I have pain in right leg joint and my tasticale is enlarge my doctor prescribed me
Bunti 1976 2016-02-23
3   nawazkhan 3 years ago

premature ejeculation
Hello Dr. Mt name is Rahul and I am suffering from premature ejaculation from many
rahul4 2016-02-22
1   rahul4 3 years ago

age:20 sex:female rashes on bending of joints since 2years on&off.. itching increase
archithlal 2016-02-23
3   Joe De Livera 3 years ago

eczema treatment
Hi I would like to find out more about treating my eczema homeopathically. I believe
Weena Girl 2016-02-24
1   Joe De Livera 3 years ago

Premature hair whitening
Hello Dr Joe, I am 35 year old female and recently I discovered premature hair whitening
rosy agarwal 2016-02-22
3   Joe De Livera 3 years ago

For Infant Gerd
My 8 week old son has silent reflux. It took the doctor over a month and a half to
Khush Engineer 2016-02-23
1   Joe De Livera 3 years ago

pilonidal sinus
My husband has a pilonidal sinus just above the butt cheeks since 2-3 years.Every doctor
Jyot Grewal 2016-02-24
1   Joe De Livera 3 years ago

3year child complaining about lower back pain
Dear sir My three year child make a jump over the body of his 10year old sister during
Nitesh Kamal 2015-09-25
8   Nitesh Kamal 3 years ago

Help To Quite Smoking
Hi Sir, I am doing smoking from last 10 years . But now i decide to quite smoking. By
himanshubaijal 2016-02-23
2   Joe De Livera 3 years ago

avoiding pregnancy
Iím a married woman for last 2.5 yrs and I have one 1.5 yrs son. I think this month I
rash0581 2009-03-27
4   agrawal1 3 years ago

Case Male 24 Head injury
Symptoms Injury of Head/ concussion from Sports Fears insanity Nose swollen left Skin
Casino94 2016-02-23
1   akshaymohl 3 years ago

Have a black spot in my vision
Hello. I recently caught and noticed a black spot in my vision that apparently does not
dwest2419 2016-02-19
3   Nishat Parveen 3 years ago

Diabetic Constipation - Dr Deoshlok
Dear Doctors and Respected Members, My father is 84 years old. He is diabetic for last
scrotaldermatitis 2016-02-23
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please help...2 years old daughter, falls sick every now and then and suffers from cold and cough
Dear Doctor, Please suggest some remedy for my 2 year old daughter.Details are mentioned
aftabuddin 2016-02-21
4   aftabuddin 3 years ago