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Tinnitus with night terrors
my tinnitus started with high b/p and numbness but after 4 months and several tests done,

fizspace 2019-08-19
49   Gentle1 10 months ago

num vox, thuja antidote, please help!!!
Hi I suffer from Rosacea, digestive complaints, seborrheic dermatitis and chapped lips,
Michaeluk 2009-12-03
4   maheeru 10 months ago

Phosphorus lm potency
Hi there, my homeopath has suggested phosphorus lm potency as my remedy for hyper acidity
Mban 2019-10-29
3   Mban 10 months ago

Enlarged belly and hair on chin
I am 26 Yr old unmarried girl. My belly is enlarged appears like a pregnant lady. There
renukar06 2019-06-02
9   freehomeoforall 10 months ago

Chronic cough
My two twin kids 3.5 yrs have chronic cough since 2 months. Sometimes fever comes nd
ahila 2019-10-29
3   Tui 10 months ago

need for antidote for medorrhinum and thuja
Dear doctors, Last several months I had been using homeopathic medicine for the
Nitish 2007-03-26
18   homepath 10 months ago

Pls help with antidoting Thuja
I was prescribed Thuja 1000 as a constitutional remedy. I weigh 46 kgs and I was on a 2
swati_12345 2012-07-06
6   homepath 10 months ago

antidote to thuja
plzz help me I was given 3 doses of thuja 10M at an interval of 14 days in a month.I have
hpathyisgr8 2009-04-11
5   homepath 10 months ago

Need antidote to Thuja
I'm a female, 33 years old. In august 07 I was given Thuja 1M. Afterward, I
cicka 2009-03-31
7   homepath 10 months ago

Crazy Heart beats and sometimes missed/fluctuations during physical activity or times of stress
Hello Doctors. I am 39 year old Male old. decent health.bit obese but im working out for
calmlife 2019-10-28
1   Tui 10 months ago

DR Maheeru advice
I have swollen tonsils and lymph nodes in the neck for two years after chicken
ZANE 2019-10-23
1   Gentle1 10 months ago

Rheumatoid arthritis problem in a 69 year old woman
Hi, the problem is for a 69-year-old woman who has suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for
mistercomp 2019-10-27
1   Gentle1 10 months ago

Penis girth and skin improvement
hi i was wondering if it was possible to fix skin blemishes and maybe enhance girth on
Diartowrl 2019-10-25
2   Diartowrl 10 months ago

Echinacea Mother tincture vs Dilution
which is better Echinacea mother tincture or
Ourgia 2019-08-19
11   simone717 10 months ago

Homoeopathy & Its treatment in Diabetes - By Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Homoeopathy & Its treatment in Diabetes : Homeopathic treatment does not target a
deoshlok 2019-10-27
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case taking form dr deoshlok sharma
Regd No. Date : Name : (Mr./Mrs./Miss/Mast/Baby) First Middle Surname.
deoshlok 2019-10-27
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Hydrocephalus - Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Hydrocephalus and Homoeopathy Meaning of Hydrocephalus:- Hydrocephalus is a primary
deoshlok 2008-03-23
19   deoshlok 10 months ago

Post orgasmic illness syndrome, Sexual weakness, fatigue, chronic prostatitis like symptoms
Dear Doctors, I have been suffering with symptoms which are similar to post oragasmic
mumairb 2019-10-25
4   Gentle1 10 months ago

Morning Mucus flem
Every morning I have mucus in my chest that inhibits breathing at night when sleeping.
gupta6 2019-10-25
5   Gentle1 10 months ago

Please help
I have swollen tonsils and lymph nodes in the neck for two years after .chicken pox is
ZANE 2019-10-23
5   homeo_helper 10 months ago

Syria ---For the time being let's have a new thread
Syria Old thread has a technical problem and our recent posts are not being displayed.
maheeru 2019-10-22
6   maheeru 10 months ago

What is the Med for Sinus tachycardia
Dear List, Recently I got a Panic attack, I did Echo 2D and EKG and the findings are
forfeit 2019-09-27
5   simone717 10 months ago

Constipation in 4 yrs child
Dear my child is 4 yrs old he is suffering from constipation pls help
Vinod4 2019-10-08
2   Gentle1 10 months ago

Weak Hair Roots, Brittle and Rough Hair
I am 38 years old Male, 76.5 Kgs, 5'7", Married, living Sedentary Life Style,
Sinnu 2019-10-13
1   Gentle1 10 months ago

Dr Maheeru Please Save My Daughter
Dear maheeru Previous thread is making problem. Today my daughter seems like as
jannat.lackey 2019-10-23
1   Gentle1 10 months ago