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fear & anxity
My age is 32 years, i am suffring from fears,always feel fear & anxity in mind .....plz

sandeepnema 2012-04-30
24   tabish007 7 years ago

Remedy for rapid linear progressive
aoa, recently, on my wife's doctor advice i carried out semen analysis and its
Ghazanfar 2012-05-11
2   Ghazanfar 7 years ago

Low appetite, weight loss and acne at age 33
Hello , I am 33 years of age, male. Since age 13 i had the worst case of acne vulgaris
Amet21 2012-05-17
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Hi Dr, I have posriatic arthritis since 4 years, I am currently on biological
Bibigi 2012-05-16
2   hporwal 7 years ago

Alternate to root canal
I have done root canal in three of my tooth. Two in left side, both are adjecent tooth
Bijeta 2012-05-17
3   kadwa 7 years ago

trigeminal neuralgia
hello sir, I am Dr.Lordson from chennai, i had a patient with trigeminal
Dr.Lordson 2012-05-17
1   kadwa 7 years ago

Dust allergy, sneezing and breathing problems
Hi, Im 30 years old lady. I have been suffering from dust allergy, sneezing and
Aradhana Dobhal 2011-09-14
3   Dr Zaair Husain 7 years ago

Scalp burning and hair loss
Hello, I too am loking for help, I have a burning scalp with hair loss, for close to a
hairwanter 2012-05-14
6   simone717 7 years ago

enlarge of adenoid Gland
Dear all doctors, please help regarding my doughter is 5 years old, we got STN ex-ray
wasaf 2011-05-23
5   simone717 7 years ago

Brisbane Homeopath
Hi David, For some reason I am unable to bump up the thread about my son so I am making a
allicando2 2012-05-17
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Pregnancy with severe constipation..Plz Help Dr. Kadwa
Im pregnant and into 5th month with the second child.Iam suffering from problem of

sonalika 2010-04-05
15   zemy2007 7 years ago

beryllium nit please
Hi i cannot find a store where i can get beryllium nit anyone got any ideas
sunnyj 2012-05-15
4   simone717 7 years ago

Pelvic organ prolapse, HPV
[message deleted by GtWell457 on Fri, 30 Sep 2016 02:07:08

GtWell457 2012-03-05
56   nawazkhan 7 years ago

multiple lipomas
Hi docter I m suffring from mulitple lipomas in all over my body from last 6 yrs
amzadkhan 2012-05-16
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Help needed Vulvo Vaginitis for my 4 yr daughter
dear all, My daughter is diagnosed with Vulvo vaginitis.the part is

homeopatient001 2012-03-05
13   nawazkhan 7 years ago

Blinking of right eye
My 9 year old son suddenly started blinking of his right eye. Though the same is not
ravi2 2012-04-16
7   homie 7 years ago

Chronic piles
Hi, I have external pilesfor 2 years. It was a small lump. I haven't taken any
wiray 2012-05-06
8   nawazkhan 7 years ago

Please can someone help with reocurrent coughs and asthma in my 2 year old please
If anyone is willing to help me i will post more info. my 2 year old keeps getting these

pixie wood 2012-01-08
81   pixie wood 7 years ago

Synovitis, multiple large joints, skin problem
just need the view or suggestions. some of the homepathy remedies like lycopodium,

hporwal 2012-02-09
26   hporwal 7 years ago

baby fever at night only
my baby boy 4months old sufering fever only after midnight or last night almost every
Jakir Hossain 2012-05-15
2   Mahfoozurrehman 7 years ago

Loss in erection during intercourse
Hi, I am 31 years old married man with one child. I have been masturbating regularly
cooltalli 2012-05-13
11   Mahfoozurrehman 7 years ago

pleas advice me
pleas advice me can i take cilicea 12x,baryta carb 200,sabel serilota Q and yohambinium Q
alok pandey 2012-05-16
1   Mahfoozurrehman 7 years ago

Need help to cure Mental Health and Delusional Disorder
Dear Doctors, My father is 58 years old. He has problem with his sleep since 1997. He is
yas111222 2012-05-14
3   kadwa 7 years ago

Complicated C section recovery
I had 3 c sections, the latest one was 2 and a half weeks ago. They also cut my bladder
olesyapoberezhnyy 2012-05-15
1   kadwa 7 years ago

Dr.Kadwa please help
Dear Dr.Kadwa I am 29 years old female troubled with severe cold, sneezing and cough

spark2306 2011-12-07
26   kadwa 7 years ago

Dr.Kadwa please help me
Hello Doctor I seek your help in managing my ankle swelling Age: 34 Colour of Eye:
jovial2306 2012-05-16
1   kadwa 7 years ago

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Fresh fruits and raw vegetables are more beneficial for our health and fitness as compare
Declan125 2012-05-15
3   raheel777 7 years ago

reducing weight
i am 17 yrs old.i want to reduce my weight.can i use phytolacca berry for this. i didnt
bhanumati 2012-05-09
3   bhanumati 7 years ago

Hi everyone, I am Declan from California. I am new one for this forum and recently
Declan125 2012-05-15
1   brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

mama's boy---please help
Hi! My husband of five years, happens to be a mama's boy. He can't make
crystal33 2012-05-15
8   simone717 7 years ago

Bleeding Piles
Dear Sir, I have got bleeding pilesfrom 1 months back, and have constipation and acidity
kuldeep_katiyar 2012-05-15
1   shouse_nsk 7 years ago

Sore Scalp & Hair Loss (to Joe)
Hi I have had hairloss for years - recession of frontal hairline - temples and sides of

Sore Head 2006-06-18
188   lucky83 7 years ago

BV Misery!
Im a 27 yr old female and i have been fiighting a BV infection for 8 years. Im active,

kyletaylor23 2012-05-11
16   simone717 7 years ago

General instruction about dose
how many dose can i use for acute case and many for chronic?what is the common
Jakir Hossain 2012-05-15
1   brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

Regular beconase user and blood in bogeys
Hi I'm 44 and over the years on and off I've used beconase every summer or when
Hursty 2012-05-15
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to Nikkie-depression, anger
Hi, again. Now I want to address my problems.! 2 years ago Dr. gave me Zoloft because I
barb.chadha 2012-05-15
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Anal Fissure and severe constipation Dr nawaz plz help
Iam a 34 year old lady suffering from the problem of anal fissure from last 16 years.This

sonalika 2012-03-21
59   nawazkhan 7 years ago

acid reflux disease
i am suffering from acid reflux disease for the last 01 year. symptoms are after taking
GUNGUN06 2012-05-15
1   Nikkie 7 years ago

sir,This is for my father He is a diabetic patient from 1994. He use Cephalandra, Acid

syamsankar 2005-04-12
28   nages 7 years ago

need weight loss remedy
i need a remedy for weight loss and i need in homeopathy. can anyone help? i need
nehagarg 2012-05-15
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Increase in height
My daughter is 10 years old and she is smaller then all her friends. I am worried about
mrs nnms 2012-05-06
3   Declan125 7 years ago

Weight gain and height increase
I am 29 yrs old male. My height is 5 ft 3 inches and my weight is 50 kgs. I want to gain
dipak06nitp 2012-05-11
2   Declan125 7 years ago

5 Kidney Stones - Please help !!
Hello Everyone, I am having 5 stones in my kidney- although they are very small ones,

AllisWell 2012-05-01
13   AllisWell 7 years ago

problems after giving birth
Dear doctors, I gave birth to my second child 8 months ago and I'm experiencing
SofiaF 2012-05-13
5   SofiaF 7 years ago

improving eyesight
My son is 18 and studying architecture. He has 4.5 numbers in both the eyes. It is
sonalmtrivedi 2012-04-29
3   kadwa 7 years ago

alternate nostril blocked PND SOB, no alleygy, POTS syndrom
Hi dr. I have alternate nostril blocked and post nasal drip problem with no other
ppp17 2012-05-13
7   kadwa 7 years ago

Remedy for height grow , 11 years
Hello, 1. My daughter is 11 years and has 134 cm 2. We did analyses and cartilages are
Juanitabanana 2012-05-15
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I am suffering from Constipation for the last 6 years. I do have any desire/urge to pass
ruchica 2012-05-14
7   shouse_nsk 7 years ago

hi sir, i am mrs saeed.i am 29 years old and i am suffering with pcos and i am also
nirdbaan 2012-05-14
7   shouse_nsk 7 years ago

Acidity and Piles Problem.
Hi, I am male 25 Years.5ft 9 inch. 96 kgs. Single. No habit of Smoking or Drinking. Work
kadir786 2012-05-14
1   simone717 7 years ago

help with infertility
looking for any suggestions that might help me be able to get pregnant.i want to be able
leslie82 2012-05-15
1   simone717 7 years ago

Nail biting 7 yo
My son has been/still is a thumb sucker and has been progressively getting his nails and
koiato 2012-05-14
2   koiato 7 years ago

hai docter.....i am reena i am 17...when ever i catch a cold it leads to cough and more
reenamelkyoor 2012-05-14
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Infection in muscle
We need help for infection in the right quadriceps. There is a periodic stinging
Sidney 2012-05-14
2   Sidney 7 years ago

Pulmonary Valve Stenosis
My Age is 29. I have congenital PS. I have been done echo four times at the ages of 12,
imjohny 2012-05-12
9   simone717 7 years ago

Numbness of face
Hello, I have a friend who woke up one morning with numbness on the left side of her
gvankra 2012-05-12
4   gvankra 7 years ago

Can Acid Phos 30 and Bio combination 16 be continued simultaneously?
Dear friends and doctors, Can Acid Phos 30 and Bio combination 16 be continued
arijit_forever 2012-05-14
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Menstrual problem, age 40
Severe pain & cramps in lower abdomen during 5 days of Periods.cramps in thighs. Flow is

tripti_j 2011-08-25
54   tripti_j 7 years ago

12 year old with Asperger's syndrome
Hello Forum Members, My son was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome at age 9,he also

anjali77 2009-02-25
82   pushi1 7 years ago

Homeo' treatment req'd
Dear Dr. My elder Sis' vitals: Ht. 144cm Wt. 60kg Waist 39-40' BP arnd
fedka 2012-05-12
3   kadwa 7 years ago

Doctors plz help me
Doctors here plz help me as soon as possible! Personel information: age: 32
DSP Ijaz 2012-05-13
2   DSP Ijaz 7 years ago

pcod + ovarian failure
Hello doctor, I'm 34 yrs old,hAvind PCOD and ovareian failure. Suffering from
nehakapoor 2012-05-12
11   nehakapoor 7 years ago

To Dr Joe De Livera
Hello Joe, I have high uric acid level in blood. Please suggest aremedy. This was

AllisWell 2012-05-04
14   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

Natrum Muriaticum and Natrum Phosphoricum together?
Can I take Natrum Muriaticum and Natrum Phosphoricum at the same time? I seem to have
Sakura8 2012-05-13
3   brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

ED, Low testosrerone, and High Lipids
Hi, I am Usman 28y old Male single From Pakistan. I am facing problems abt. my sexual
ashdown55 2012-05-13
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Very low milk supply with my first baby, now I am pregnant again
I am 34 years old and I am 7 months (30 week) pregnant. This is my second pregnancy and

minnabi 2012-03-02
20   Guddus 7 years ago

17momth old with a temp
hi, Please can someone help me, my daughter has a temp of 38.8 it has reached 39.3, here
alexa12 2012-05-13
5   gvankra 7 years ago

mental retardation
I have a brother in-law who is 32 years old. He was diagnosed as being mentally retarded
lajaw 2012-05-13
1   simone717 7 years ago

suggest me a good homeopathic dr.
hi, i m kashish khan from aligarh. i m facing a skin problem which includes black spots
taiba khan 2012-01-24
10   dr.alex 7 years ago

lupus medication
homeo medication for lupus to the mouth can be please posted on the site for many
sri_ramsri 2012-05-13
1   dr.alex 7 years ago

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