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Pet renal stone
Sir, I have a dog (Doberman Pinscher, male, 6 years old). He has been suffering from
Debabrata1990 2015-11-09
4   Debabrata1990 3 years ago

Regarding arnica motana
I met with scissor which lead to my blood vessel burst in my brain 2 years back..leading
khurana76 2015-07-27
4   khurana76 3 years ago

Brain haemmorage after stroke resulting in left leg paralysis, urine and bowel incontinence, and spasticity
I was affected by stroke in 2013, and though i had around 30 percent recover, but i still
khurana76 2015-08-08
9   khurana76 3 years ago

Choosing arnica dosage
I got scissor and as per mri reports i had internal haemmorage in right side of brain
khurana76 2015-10-22
10   khurana76 3 years ago

Suggestion required on arnica 6c
I had scissor in 2013;leading to brain haemmorrage and blood vessel burst on right hand
khurana76 2015-11-11
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Celiac Disease and no periods for 11 years!
I had regular perods from the age of 14 and then at the age of 16 they just stopped! I

starlight12 2015-08-27
38   telescope 3 years ago

sabkamalik1 2015-11-10
2   sabkamalik1 3 years ago

girl2010 2015-10-19
12   girl2010 3 years ago

cyst in the left overy
my wife is suffering with cyst in overy. we are using 1.apis q 2.medhorinum 30 she

bhavanarayana 2014-03-06
124   anuj srivastava 3 years ago

1 year old cough and mild fever at night
Hi all, I desperately need help. Brief history: my 1 year old had pretty strong croup
kasyan_s 2015-11-09
3   telescope 3 years ago

Hepatitis B & Sexual weakness urgent help please
I am 21 years old , I started masturbation at the age of 13 accidentally.. Earlier i

mougheeshussain 2009-10-31
44   gerrad645645 3 years ago

Avascular necrosis of femoral head with bone marrow oedema
I am 38 year old Male and maried. Pain in both HIP Joint. after MR Report dr. Suggestive
mmqj92 2015-11-08
5   telescope 3 years ago

aggravation/healing crises / What happens if the constitutional remedy was a little off?
Hi! A few months ago I consulted w/ a homeopath who said she was familiar w/ determining
SuzanneL 2015-11-04
8   SuzanneL 3 years ago

need suggestion of medicine provided by my homeopath
Hi , plz help i am 25 yr old I went to homeopath in my city I am suffering from 1)
djrjsskak 2015-11-03
4   djrjsskak 3 years ago

My cat has a nipple cyst
Hello-My cat was recently diagnosed with a nipple cyst. It bleeds from time to time and

magicandmiracles1 2015-07-31
21   kadwa 3 years ago

Cervix cysite
Hi One young couple working on my farm, they have 4 yesr ols son,her age around 25year,
Veer7661 2015-11-08
1   kadwa 3 years ago

Hernia operation
my hernia Inguinal operation 10 year. right side hernia, but problem belly look like big
maneek01 2015-11-07
1   kadwa 3 years ago

Rishimba need help for mental problem
Simone has told me to take your advice after she left. Please visit my links u will get
nobita 2015-11-08
1   rishimba 3 years ago

adhd problem and ambliopia professional help
Hello, My son is 6 years old at the moment I am administrating Baryta Carbonica 30c
fresa 2015-11-07
5   rishimba 3 years ago

Please help, my cat can't stop vomiting after Thuja 30c - Pleaase help!!
Hello- I administered Thuja 30c to my cat for a nipple cyst on instruction from
magicandmiracles1 2015-11-08
4   magicandmiracles1 3 years ago

Lipomas on Back and Arms
Hello Doctors.. My name is Bilal and I have been a victim of these ugly fat balls for a
bil4u 2015-11-05
6   telescope 3 years ago

excessive hunger,thirst,weakness/heaviness
I have been feeling excessive hunger, thirst,dry mouth,gas,weakness or heaviness of
fmsryp 2015-11-07
1   rishimba 3 years ago

Sleeping problems - rishimba pls help?
My husband is going to answer the questions he has no patience to type so I write for
bluesky77 2015-11-07
1   rishimba 3 years ago

Detox Lungs/Respiratory System
Hi. I am 30 years old, female. 130lbs. Been a heavy smoker for almost 20 years. Im in the
nicole74412 2015-11-08
1   Mahfoozurrehman 3 years ago