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Need Advice
Can i take cinnamomum while on homeopathic
Pran7 2015-09-16
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Schuessler tissue salts - No 28 - General tonic
Hi all: How good it is to take schuessler tissue salts no 28 for general well being?
Daisy1234 2015-09-12
3   vk804 4 years ago

is bee pee aid used to lower triglycerides
hi, I have very high triglycerides and Uric acid.Doctor prescribed BEE PEE AID and B
manafpc 2015-09-16
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excessive sweating in feet and palm
May I take silicea 200 ,or siliea 1m for my problem .few months ago I was took botox
pritish Kumar Bar 2015-09-16
1   telescope 4 years ago

Telescope Sir Plz Help
Plz reply me sir, i am experiencing pain in my left testicles, spermatic cord(left) is

Pran7 2015-09-13
24   Pran7 4 years ago

graham57 2015-09-14
5   Nishat Parveen 4 years ago

bruise on wrist?
My sister got a bruise on her wrist, she is not sure how (probably bumped it, I would
bluesky77 2015-08-21
5   simone717 4 years ago

I Don't know what this is. Maybe OCD?
Hi i am kokhow 20 from Singapore. Recently i had a issue which is unusual and can't

centive10 2015-08-21
51   simone717 4 years ago

Sir, I am 50 years old lady and housewife, doing everything whole day for my family.

dmitra59 2015-09-11
13   sabkamalik1 4 years ago

Allergic rhinitis 5 yr old boy
Hello All, My 5 year old son has been suffering from allergic rhinitis since last 3
anouska25 2015-09-16
1   telescope 4 years ago

height grow
sir, my age is now 21.and my height is 5.3'' i want to increase my height
abhijit8999 2015-09-16
4   abhijit8999 4 years ago

Treatment of Alopecia Areta
Hello Everyone, I am suffering from Alopecia Areta from last 2 months. I have 2 patches
Ashish_K 2015-09-15
2   Ashish_K 4 years ago

motor delay 18 month old baby boy
Dear DR ,my 18 months old baby boy, was born as healthy 4kg baby. Never vacancies was

kasiadziubinska 2015-08-07
17   AsadGhumman 4 years ago

homemade homeopathic remedies
This is a strange one!! - I make my own homeopathic remedies. To help with outbursts of
Liblaa 2015-09-16
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Toddler cold
September is here with his weird weather and my toddler woke up with sneezing and a mild
bluesky77 2015-09-16
1   mani_jee 4 years ago

Disc bulges at L3-4 and L4-5 with central herniation
Hi, I am 29 year old male.Recently I am diagnosed with slip disc in L3-4 and L4-5. I am
riteshksingh 2015-09-16
1   telescope 4 years ago

Sir I am facing the following problem Anxiety, Dipression, lack of
TONYG 2015-09-13
5   Nishat Parveen 4 years ago

Sexual Weakness and Hairfall
Age = 25 years Sex = Male I have been suffering from sexual weakness since I was 20
raviverma 2015-06-09
3   sabkamalik1 4 years ago

Plz advice Doctors.
I am currently taking homeopathic medicine, can i take suppliments like spirulina s noni
Pran7 2015-09-15
3   Pran7 4 years ago

please suggest medicine for liver parenchymal disease, gall bladder collapsed, age 74 years suggest homeopathy medicine
sir, my father age 74 years suffered from liver parenchymal disease, gall bladder
arti kotak 2015-09-15
1   Mahfoozurrehman 4 years ago

Bach remedies
Can homeo remedies be taken with bach remedies ?
INHOPE 2015-09-15
1   akshaymohl 4 years ago

latent tb infection
I have diagnosed with latent tb infection . Please suggest me homeopathy or allopathy..i
samthakur 2015-09-07
4   Reva V 4 years ago

Kidney stone pain.....urgent
My sister has done a laser treatment for her kidney stone 8 months ago. She is still

ansarishoaib 2015-08-23
23   Reva V 4 years ago

3 week old baby believe to have reflux need remedy
My 3 week old was switched from similac sensitive formula to similac allementum for a
Danicir 2015-09-10
5   0antivirus0 4 years ago

Less Facial Hair Growth
Dear Team of abcHomeopathy My Self Gaurav and i am a married 29 year old male . i have a
gaurav_kumar 2015-09-15
1   gaurav_kumar 4 years ago