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help please - antidote?
will camphora safely antidote phosphorus?
emmjay 2011-05-22
1   brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

37 days old girl child
sir my 37 days old girl child is showing signs of trouble with stools i am giving her grip

lifecycle31 2010-12-06
48   maheeru 7 years ago

Question about homeopathy
I understand the basics of homeopathy. You take a substance and dilute it in water until n

tuxcomputers 2011-05-14
75   moderator 7 years ago

Help for my post CKG joint pains..
Dear Dr.Joe, I am a resident of Mumbai ,India ,female,in my forties,married.I got infecte

cinaraK 2011-05-16
14   cinaraK 7 years ago

dr. mahfoozur rahman please reply
Sir, I had Fistula earlier and with your medicine, I was cured but since few days, I am ha
mateen 2011-05-22
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Urgent Help w/Prescription for Masturbation
I need help with symptoms from masturbation...the worst is my twitching... it is aweful an
boko9223 2011-05-22
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Cradle cap, eczema in 8 month old
My grandbaby has developed cradle cap and has some eczema patches on his arm and back. He
Michelle J 2011-05-21
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menses problem
hi, doctors i am discharging dense white color water daily since May,01 2011 with pain on
nabiz 2011-05-21
1   tuxcomputers 7 years ago

consultant at Jeddah, saudi Arabia
I recetly come to Jeddah, i am having mygran from childhood. i under went tratement for th
vijayagopal 2011-05-21
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Anxiety, stomach, digestion
Hello I am new to this forum. I am 44 years old male, 5'9', 165 pounds, living i
sanjaytan 2011-04-25
5   kadwa 7 years ago

Looking for medicine for my sleep apnea
I will be grateful for suggestions. My details are given below: 1.Age 45 yrs 2. Sex -

Sverma 2011-02-02
21   kadwa 7 years ago

please help! anxiety/shyness/skin issues
Gender: female Age: 28 Body Type: overweight Height: 5'3 Weight: 180 General appeara
jeecra 2011-05-16
3   kadwa 7 years ago

Excess sweating in summer
Hello, My mother aged 63yrs sweat a lot during summer season. She feels very hot and sweat
Nikkie 2011-05-17
2   tuxcomputers 7 years ago

Anxiety while studying
Hi there, I suffer from anxiety as well as eating disorder. I eat too much and always in
esn.k 2011-05-18
3   kadwa 7 years ago

lack of libido and vaginal dryness
Hi, for many months now during foreplay i have dryness, i think i make it worse because i
floss17 2008-07-20
8   kadwa 7 years ago

tailbone pain
had a fall recently. am 5 0year old lady. pain in my tail bone. a friend suggested hype
layla 2011-05-20
1   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

2 yrs and not sleeping
i have a 2 yrs old who is blonde and blue eyed, he was a non crawler but has caught up wi
happyaby 2011-05-20
5   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

Any experienced doctor can help!!!!!
Any experienced doctor can help regarding Dr. Rahiq. He is treating me but from last few d
carebd 2011-05-15
3   brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

Re: Attn: Any Professional Homepath - Your advice please.
hi optimistic,you should take acidphos preferably in the 6x potency single dose only, and
scientifichomeo 2011-05-20
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dry vagina
my wifes age is 24.v r maried from da last 5 years wid a kid of 3.5 yeras...her vagina has
zainrafique 2011-03-28
8   lickylouie 7 years ago

pls reply its emmergency
my aunt is facing a problem of growing gland under the ear on the left side.its just simly
ladoo 2011-05-19
1   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

sweating after taking calcarea carb 200
my uncle is taking calcare carb to reduce his tummy.Actually a homeopathic pharmacist told
simkhan06 2011-05-18
5   brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

irregular periods
hello , I'm 18 years old (virgin) and my periods are very irregular and now I am taki
sairaa 2011-05-18
4   tuxcomputers 7 years ago

For Dr Nawaz Khan
Dear Nawaz, Writing to you as I see you being the most active :) in this forum. My Pro

ratish 2011-03-05
55   ratish 7 years ago

Warts and skin tags treatment.
I am 37 years old. At the age of 4.1/2 years I developed very minute warts on my face and

savinirs_22061971 2007-09-18
17   bapu4 7 years ago

[message deleted by girl2010 on Fri, 08 Jul 2011 20:36:09 BST]
girl2010 2011-04-06
6   girl2010 7 years ago

skin tags
Does anyone have remedies for removal of skin tags? They're so very unattractive and

Renee 2004-06-09
16   nellie1208 7 years ago

Swollen lymph nodes in neck
Hello, everyone. I have swollen nodes in my neck and they are becoming rather irritating
Kristy G 2011-05-19
1   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

[message deleted by girl2010 on Fri, 08 Jul 2011 20:34:55 BST]
girl2010 2011-05-20
1   girl2010 7 years ago

Reuters: Jewish "intactivists" in U.S. stop circumcising..........
Published in TABLET, A NEW READ ON JEWISH LIFE, March, 2011 From Foreplay, By Michelle Gol
Homeopathy International 1 2010-09-14
1   Homeopathy International 1 7 years ago

emmergency pls suggest a remedy
my aunt is having a problem of swollen glands under the ear on the left side.there is no p
ladoo 2011-05-20
1   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

My 4 year old with Autism
a boy, non-verbal, sound sensitivity, very picky eater (gfcf diet), holds ears, hums, eye
lcmoncivaiz 2011-05-20
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masturbation side effects
Hi I am a 22 year old boy from Pakistan. I started masturbating since the age of 13 and d
21boy 2011-02-21
5   human being 7 years ago

[message deleted by girl2010 on Fri, 20 May 2011 05:22:19 BST]
girl2010 2011-04-15
11   girl2010 7 years ago

acne / pimples
Dear Dr.Brisbanehomeopath I see lot of youth struggling with this problem of acne and dep
bapu4 2011-05-19
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urinary tract infection
I am feeling a lot of discomfort from what I believe to be a urinary tract infection. Ple
deb29 2011-05-09
12   deb29 7 years ago

patient of avn
hi i m saba age 25 suffering from AVN since last yr 18 may 2009 and i need remedy to get o
sabafatima 2010-04-18
2   Dr.Dinesh 7 years ago

Fragaria Vesca 3x
Hello ... I m in need of a product. Fragaria Vesca 3x is not availabe in any of the hoemop
IshuIND 2011-05-19
2   IshuIND 7 years ago

Dry and Tired Eyes
Hello, I have very dry and tired eyes, this started many years ago with BellsPalsey that
rosedale 2011-05-18
3   yogeshrajurkar 7 years ago

Lumbar epidural injection please advise
Hi, I have been diagnosed after MRI with a tear to two of the lumbar discs in my back, wit
backpain 2011-05-18
2   backpain 7 years ago

jaw cavitation solutions?
can someone please help. I have been having infections that come on slowly in the same pat
vickiclairmont 2011-05-19
2   vickiclairmont 7 years ago

sir mere 2 teeth me choto chote hole ho gyye hai or dhire dhire badh rhea hai kya karo.
jitusingh 2011-05-18
1   deoshlok 7 years ago

Some STD Problem
Dear all, I am 35 years male and I am suffering from STD from Past 17 years.I came to kno

homeopathylover 2009-08-21
88   homeopathylover 7 years ago

Sir in my right anus khujali hoti hai or anus ka right side ka skin rukhara or hmesa khujl
jitusingh 2011-05-19
2   deoshlok 7 years ago

newborn digestive disorder, bad flatulence. please help
I have a 2.5 week newborn who developed a horrible digestive disorder (aka colic) in his s
aazhaz 2011-05-04
8   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

Arnica Montana 30c Pills
Can this herb help the pain I'm having in my mouth after dental implant surgery. This
ankaserb 2011-05-18
1   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

PMS, pigmentation, acne and dandruff
Hi, I am a 33years old female who suffer from chronic PMS, acne, dandruff and respirator

Blue123 2011-01-07
59   sameervermani 7 years ago

nat phos 6x
Why not drink COFFEE This is something i diffently wont to try. But I love my coffee in th
margitargie 2011-05-18
1   brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

BreastFeeding: Low milk supply
I am breastfeeding and have a low milk supply, I was wondering what should I take to incre
kitern 2006-02-07
10   aazhaz 7 years ago

newbie question on "wet dose"
I am little confused on 'wet dose'. I want to use Arnica 6c in wet dose. My questi
malikhj 2011-05-18
6   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

suffering from night emission...really need help plz.
hi my name is dill ,i am 26 years old .i have a problem of night emission from last 6-7 ye
dillsandhu 2011-04-12
2   dillsandhu 7 years ago

Homeopathic Doctors Don't Agree With One Another
Hi, I consulted with 3 homeopathic doctors for my son's condition and got three diff
spkcaccounts 2011-05-17
2   brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

Boils in Summer
As soon as the summer season starts, all our family members (My Wife/Age-32, Daughter/Age
xuseronline 2011-05-18
2   xuseronline 7 years ago

higherurea and creatinine level
my husband aged 63 years is having urea88 and creatinine 9.9. uric acid4.2,calcium10,phosp
suthanthira1948 2011-05-18
1   deoshlok 7 years ago

Low libido and errectile dysfunction ... need help
Hi, 1. I am 50 year old, 220 lb, mostly sedntry. I go on and off on exercis e regimen quit
tmalik43 2011-05-17
2   Mahfoozurrehman 7 years ago

calcare carb for heart patient
my uncle is taking calcare carb to reduce his tummy.Actually a homeopathic pharmacist told
simkhan06 2011-05-18
1   Mahfoozurrehman 7 years ago

what is the remedies for overflow of urination after passing urine at the age of 52 male
drkris 2011-05-17
1   Mahfoozurrehman 7 years ago

Hi, I am 30 year old living in Saudia Arabia I was diagnosed with pcod in December 2009, t
wakleo17 2011-05-18
3   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

Homeopathic HCD with other homeopathics?
Hi, I'm starting homeopathic HCD drops to lose about 10 lbs. I'm wondering if
Hollyms 2011-05-17
7   HoneyKhanna 7 years ago

Attn; Dr Nawaz : migraine and back ache problem
1. ID: Shahid 2. Age 51yrs 3. Sex male 4. Single/Married married 5. weight 1
Shahid Khan 2011-04-06
7   nawazkhan 7 years ago

lost libido,erectile dysfunction
Hi im 38,male,slim build,fit and healthy. Im suffering premature ejaculation,sometimes ej
Joxer 2011-05-16
2   mamsha 7 years ago

i don't want to suffer chronic insomnia anymore
I'm ready to put this behind me once and for all. I've never been able to fall a
Hollyms 2011-05-17
4   yogeshrajurkar 7 years ago

Reoccuring Pilonidal Cyst
Hey all, I am a 20 year old caucasian male, 6'5 and 240 lbs. When I was 17, I was i
CampArawak 2011-05-18
1   yogeshrajurkar 7 years ago

Dr. Yogesh! low grade squamous intraepithelial lesions
Hello, Plz help my mother. Recently my mother was diagnosed with LOW GRADE SQUAMOUS INTRA

cool_princess 2011-04-13
14   yogeshrajurkar 7 years ago

Need Urgent help Regarding Quitting Masterbation habit,
I m 24 year. i have problem , that i too addicted of masturbation, nowadays i am trying to
iqbalzafar 2011-05-11
5   daktersaab 7 years ago

height increase
is it possible for a 25 year old female to increase height through homeopathy.if yes then
taru8881 2011-05-16
2   brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

Help with my fatigue-symtoms...
Ive had big problems with fatigue in 10-15 years, and I now go to a homeopath. He has trie
Cluteus 2011-05-17
1   brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

Adult female acne
Dear friends, My wife is 29 and has moderate to severe acne from time to time as well as
Nasim Ahmad 2011-05-17
1   sarup 7 years ago

sex weekness
i am 39 year old man, my problam my peins tight for sex but after 2 or 3 stroke drop pleas
sanjay16 2011-05-16
1   drahmedaslam 7 years ago

grey hair control/and regrowth
is it possible to stop grey hair? i have only 3-4 hair grey color.i want so that other hai
Mammam 2011-05-17
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