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Uterine Fibroid, Dr.Mahfoozurrehman
Respected Dr. Mahfoozurrehman I am posting this as new topic because I did not get your r

chittattukara 2011-01-08
19   chittattukara 7 years ago

I am producing lot of precum, ejaculating in seconds, no strong errections
Dear All, I am producing lots of precum in sexual acts and viewing porn without actually t
varun38m 2011-02-19
1   mani_jee 7 years ago

Cycleable attacks every 3 to 5 days
I have been having cycleable attacks every 3 to 5 days. I know an attack is coming when:
MamaBear 2 2011-02-19
1   mani_jee 7 years ago

Omega 3 fatty acids: Beneficial in many ways
Due to the rising popularity of vegetarian diets as well as increasing fears about PCBs in
carstenantoon 2011-02-19
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Homoeopathic treatment for chronic renal failure-------a proof
Dr. Amit claims reports of the patient became normal. Please follow below link to read it.
anupam180909 2011-02-19
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Hi. I'm 27 years old and in november last year I was diagnosed with 2 large ( 10 and
Ewelina 2011-01-25
9   Ewelina 7 years ago

wheat Allergy
am binish from Pakistan. I am suffering from same allergy (gulten). I found this allegery
Binish 2011-02-18
1   Reva V 7 years ago

Attention to Dr. Deoshlok sharma
Dear Sir your wrote this on 1-1-2008. ++++++++++++++++++++++++ Now I am working on the h
rehanbd 2011-02-11
3   nawazkhan 7 years ago

WilliamP 2011-02-18
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anal fissure
I am a 45 yr old male recently diagnosed w/anal fissure located at 6:00 position w/a skin
ramishi 2011-02-18
2   nawazkhan 7 years ago

Sebaceous Prominence (fordyce spots)
Does anyone know a homeopathic remedy for fordyce spots?? Ive searched high and low lookin

SPbumps 2010-03-23
18   thefeetus 7 years ago

Wheat Allergy
Beside avoiding food with wheat / gluten, is there are medication or treatment that will r
wacjohn 2008-03-24
7   Lluis 7 years ago

Tissue salt and same homeopathic remedy question
My question is , when taking prescribed homeopathic doses of kali sulph 30c(one tablet per
mike321 2011-02-18
1   mani_jee 7 years ago

Using Lycopodium Clavatum LM3
Hi I have been taking Lyco. Cla. LM3 for two weeks now. I have noticed overheating of
stellarstars 2011-02-18
1   mani_jee 7 years ago

Homeopathy - Vitamin supplement
can vitamin supplement be taken with homeopathic medicines?
sanj8 2011-02-18
2   sanj8 7 years ago

Hi Please help me my 3 year old is suffering from severe cough and doc confirmed that he has allergy
Hi my son is going to be 3 years old this April.We have recently moved to mumbai in Septem
dhannu11 2011-02-18
1   mani_jee 7 years ago

Tissue Cell Salts Question
Hi, I would like to know what is the proper way of taking tissue salt remedies, are they t
samur420 2010-12-01
3   maheeru 7 years ago

Need help to treat my Muscle Dystrophy
Hi there, I am 29 years old, comming from Zagreb(Croatia) and looking here for some help
igorbrzi 2011-02-18
no replies yet

Crohns Disease diagnosis
Hi I was recently diagnosed with crohns disease 3 months ago via blood test. I just had su
big12 2011-02-16
2   big12 7 years ago

Psoriasis cure with homeopathy
I have been suffering from psoriasis for a year now and tried many medicine. Its like ever
joy1234 2011-02-16
5   Niel Madhavan 7 years ago

materia medica information please
i have two requests: 1.can someone tell me where to refer about alcohol as a homeopathic
citizen 2011-02-17
3   citizen 7 years ago

Inimical remedies - question
Hello, I am very upset because I read that Mercurious and Silicea are inimical remedies. I
Andorinha 2011-02-18
2   Andorinha 7 years ago

Erection and Fall down Penis
i am 60 man and after the erection it fall down before start the intercourse and face bad
fayyazahmadsheikh 2011-02-18
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Possible sulphur overdose
Hello I fear I may have overdosed on sulphur 30x by taking four pills four times a day for
Lluis 2011-02-17
1   mani_jee 7 years ago

Get ride off from blood pressure
I have diabetes and take insulin 2 time a day and high blood pressure, ther is any remedy
sondhi 2011-01-29
7   sondhi 7 years ago

I was operated in 1992 for multiple renal calculi. Thereafter, the renal function of this
rkb100 2011-02-17
1   Reva V 7 years ago

my symptoms are bit diffrent from every one as far as Im concerned. i think too much what
mohitkaran 2011-02-13
11   nawazkhan 7 years ago

please help
Can anyone please help us with our daughter.... we cant go on like this http://www.abchom
anabellajj 2011-02-03
11   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

[message deleted by girl2010 on Wed, 06 Jul 2011 02:40:09 BST]
girl2010 2011-02-17
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IgA Nephropathy - Kidney Issues
I was diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy, which basically is kidney inflammation, which causes
guynftl 2007-01-24
10   aymj23 7 years ago

for enlargement of penis
my penis is 4feet when is errected.plz tell me which medicine is best for enlargement of p
simpleman2 2011-02-17
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Sleeplessness after 11 PM
My mind starts getting alert soon after 11PM and I find very difficult to fall asleep the
hpadda 2011-02-16
1   nawazkhan 7 years ago

Scleroderma, Rheumatoid Arthritis and drug induced probs
I've had scleroderma (and fibrosing alveolitis) for 15 years. Developed Rheumatoid 5
R L 2003-05-21
4   drminhas 7 years ago

girl2010 2011-02-16
4   brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

hair loss
I have loss over 60% of my hair in the last 7yrs I am a female and it's very devastat
LENETTE 2011-02-17
1   mani_jee 7 years ago

Need Help with Sepia issues
Hi, I am all new to the homeopathy world. My homeopathic doctor had put me on a dose of
Marry 2011-02-16
10   mani_jee 7 years ago

Homeopathy - Things to avoid
can anyone plz tell me the things (food and others) to avoid when taking homeopathic medic
sanj8 2011-02-17
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arnica q+lypodium and olive oil
Sir, Please suggest me how to mix these three oils. i mean how much quantity should i tak
hnm.gainsay 2011-02-17
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low appetite, cough, cold
I am 54 years old. So far keeping good health and working in computerlines including night
razen 2011-02-16
3   Niel Madhavan 7 years ago

Batten disease
I am doing investigation about this disease and the use of homeopathics medicaments.I am m
waldus 2009-05-13
2   waldus 7 years ago

increased eyeball pressure
my wife is of 50 yrs myopic having detached ratina in both eyes. One left eye was operated
shashishekhar 2011-02-16
1   Reva V 7 years ago

I am lactose intolorence and cannot digest food properly
Hello. I want to say that when i drink milk product i get severe diarrhea and after
fagp1rpp 2011-01-29
8   Joe De Livera 7 years ago

Fainting episodes
My daughter is 15 months old. Recently she had some fainting like episodes. Similar episo
Srupa 2011-02-15
4   Reva V 7 years ago

Best way to take homeopathic remedy
Could someone plz tell me what is the best way to take homeopathic remedy....on tongue or
sanj8 2011-02-16
3   brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

Anxiety, Depression
I was given Hura braziliensis 10M (tend to avoid people). I am taking it for 15 days. Ano
KATERINAZ 2011-02-16
1   brisbanehomoeopath 7 years ago

8m.o. baby up in night with cough
Hi! I'm new to this forum, and extremely interested and overwhelmed by the help homeo
suzisea 2011-02-15
11   Parakletos 7 years ago

Heavy Menstrual Clotting
I am 48 yr old female, having very heavy menstrual bleeding for last 3 weeks, and with clo

suna711 2011-01-13
34   suna711 7 years ago

please help me
hi Guys here in below mentioned link is my complete homeopathy form. please have lo
madi83 2011-02-16
1   mani_jee 7 years ago

Acute desease
Could someone help please. my son got sick, has very high fever 39C for 3 days, a little c
Nataly 2011-02-15
2   Nataly 7 years ago

dr.joe de livera help hair fall and gray hairs
Dr.JOE my hair are becoming gray and they are getting thin also, what should i take...
jasim_2k 2011-02-13
4   jasim_2k 7 years ago

Endometriosis and cysts/ Infertility?
Could anoyne suggest a reasonnable cure of endometorsis, please? Three yrs. ago I had a la
Mitra 2006-01-18
5   kakku47 7 years ago

Lichen Planus Pigmentosus
I am 25 year old women suffering from lichen planus pigmentosus for the last 3 years. The
docm21 2011-02-16
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skin allergy due to excitement in winter
Hi everyone. I am 23 years old. I don't have any allergy from food related things. My
saptarshi 2011-02-15
2   saptarshi 7 years ago

To dr.deoshlok and dr. Niel
Dear doctors, I just want to ask you for a help with my fear of people. I guess it goes fr

aishan 2011-01-15
18   Niel Madhavan 7 years ago

Antidoting Mother Tincture
How to antidote mother tincture of any particular remedy?
sadeqahmed 2011-02-16
no replies yet

Problems bcoz of Mucus..
Hey doctors, Iím Meena and my age is 50 years old. I got married before 21 years. I have
Sanam16261 2011-02-14
1   kadwa 7 years ago

horse question
I noticed in a web search for horse info that ABC came up numerous times. So, I am hoping
thunderbunny 2011-02-14
1   kadwa 7 years ago

Libido increase after Miscarriage
Little research is available to validate changes in female libido verhogen (libido increas
felixbleeker 2011-02-16
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someone please help!!!!!
i am desperate. i have systemic candida which is causing me terrible pain and disability a

samikirk 2011-01-05
18   Info.rahiq 7 years ago

please help emergency!!!
my 90 year old grandmother had a aortic dissection. it made a 4cm tear at the top and bloo
Kimmysmomma 2011-01-23
6   kadwa 7 years ago

Dr. Kadwa need your help.
Hello, Thanks dr. Kadwa for suggesting me to send complete questionaries in one of my othe
hemant_kop 2010-12-15
12   kadwa 7 years ago

Muscle Jerking During Sleep
Hi gang, Very difficult to pinpoint what I need. Recently, I've developed muscle twi
Health_2011 2011-02-14
1   Reva V 7 years ago

High Pitched Noise and Sensitive Hearing
54 yr old female have high pitched noise both ears with sensitive hearing for 3 years. No
ngiaconia 2011-02-15
1   Reva V 7 years ago

10 month old with urinary tract infection
Hi there! My sweet little man has been fussy, irritable, doing a lot of verbal complaining
yllwcrystls 2011-02-15
2   Reva V 7 years ago

Hydrastis - To Pankaj Varma/Sameer
My daughter had severe cough and cold from birth. Now she is 6 yrs old. Its cured with P
victory786 2010-12-13
10   nawazkhan 7 years ago

Child sexual abuse and homosexuality.
Hi, I was wondering if there is a remedy one can use when memories (until now removed) of
Ahava 2011-02-15
5   Ahava 7 years ago

Attn Any doctor
My daughter (3 yrs old) is suffering from cold,cough with yellow phelgam.The sound is hard
homeopatient001 2011-01-22
9   homeopatient001 7 years ago

Please help me for Anxiety and Depression.
Sex. Male Age 23 Unmarried. 1. Describe your main suffering? Ans. Anxiety and Depressio
treatment20 2011-02-11
6   treatment20 7 years ago

My baby gets Asphyxia, grunt, agitated while feeding
Hello, Could anybody help me? My baby is presenting problems while feeding him by bottle
Blanquita 2011-01-31
5   Parakletos 7 years ago

Steroidal effects?
hi iam 20 year old female. last year i used cortical steroid ointment on a dermatologists
kimaya 2011-02-14
3   kimaya 7 years ago

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