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need urgent response- stomach issue below
I had bal gladder surgey in april. i was all fine but recently 3 weeks ago down with sever
123dana 2010-11-23
5   123dana 8 years ago

1. Each symptom in as much detail as possible. -Not really symptoms but a) I love spicy
livestrong 2010-11-18
9   livestrong 8 years ago

exessive of masterbate
SEX Problem 'need solution to increase SEX power' From onirban66 on 2007-05-09 9
antonyraj 2010-11-27
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Hives or Urticaria
I have hive or urticaria since yesterday . I have redness ,itchiness and lines appear afte
nikkikumar 2010-11-19
7   brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago

Urgent help for Stage 2 hypertension
hi my mother is 60 years old. she is suffering from hypertension with systolic bp 160-250
aloowala 2010-11-26
1   nawazkhan 8 years ago

your assitance needed/carcinison
your assistance needed/carcinosin Hi to all, I would kindly ask for your assistance in
SAKVA 2010-11-23
7   SAKVA 8 years ago

Carc 30 for Autism
Hey All, I have a 2yr old son diagnosed with a few autistic features. He regressed at aro

anxiousma 2009-04-04
13   SAKVA 8 years ago

potency size?
which is the highest? c/ch or LM or CM or in which order do they go from lowest to hig
girl2010 2010-11-26
1   brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago

kadwa sir:
Hello Sir, I am helping a friend out. His consitiutiional remedy is Arsenic to a T. Very

dragonfly1976 2010-08-22
37   maheeru 8 years ago

Polio preventative available OTC?
I live most of the year in a country on the African continent which has not eradicated pol
fofomebunny 2010-11-24
1   maheeru 8 years ago

lactating mother
Age 33 Female lactating mother Excessive thirst without relief too much sweating rough hai
lifecycle31 2010-11-24
3   maheeru 8 years ago

im male 20 yrs old, i had pimples till 17,but now i have new problem of whiteheads,and bla
arifshaik 2010-11-26
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dr kadwa help with 4 year old son
age 4 year Problem: Eating likes crispy things Aversions sweets Doesnot want to do Stoo
lifecycle31 2010-11-21
5   lifecycle31 8 years ago

18 month toddler recurring fever
for the past 5 days my toddler has been spiking a fever of 39.9 deg celcius, which starts
razakk 2010-11-26
5   razakk 8 years ago

Warm Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia
i am suffering from Warm autoimmune hemolytic anemia doctor already remove my spleen but i
bahurdu 2010-11-24
2   kadwa 8 years ago

skin troubles,acne,boils..
Hi. I am 24 year old,suffering from acne since past 8 years ,it wasnt acute.. but since pa

keep.in.touch.111 2010-02-23
64   adampitt587 8 years ago

anyone's here to help please!!!!!
hi. Im a boy of 18. Im suffering from a frequent weight loss :-( . I cant eat a sufficient
ahmed khaled 2010-11-24
2   mazharmhm 8 years ago

bleeding piles.
Sex: Male Married Age: 74 Nature of work: Office work Manager. Habits: Calm and sympathe

zahur74 2010-02-25
41   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

Enlarge Prostate
I am 57 years old and have been diagnosed with enlarge prostate.Doctor prescribed medicine
Kohat 2010-10-10
3   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

High blood pressure
Dear doctors..Please suggest medicine for my uncle, who had under gone bypass surjgery 10
pradeepx28 2010-11-24
3   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

Semen Liquefaction time problem
I have a problem on my semen. It does not liquefy. I am seeking a homeopathic medicine or
jueru 2006-04-27
3   geewai2010 8 years ago

coffee for aggravations
Coffee for Aggravations It happens sometimes, that the most violent pains are increased v
gavinimurthy 2010-11-25
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Acute & Chronic remedies
Hello all, I would be grateful if the homeopaths on this board could help me with a matte
MrBrightside 2010-11-19
7   brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago

I am 57 years old, have enlarge prostate and no semen at all, not a single drop, I feel ej
Kohat 2010-11-25
1   nawazkhan 8 years ago

Precise information of various treatments and cure around the Globe
Click the link below to get the precise information of various treatments and cure around
infoprecise123 2010-11-25
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testosterone lmbalence
Dear Sir i m 27 male and my problem is that I have almost no facial and little body hair
farsi_007 2010-11-25
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i m 33y / male
ajay ji 2010-11-25
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weeping mood
i m 28 male, allways got imotional, as i think about my familiy and carrier. pls suggest s
farsi_007 2010-11-24
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plumbum iodatum for gynecomastia ???
i have red on some site that plumbum iodatum is very useful in treating gynecomastia so i
furiousmicron 2009-02-09
10   uiqbal 8 years ago

vericocele and reckeweg R42
hello, i had an advice online to use reckeweg R42 to treat vericocele. 10 drops 3 times/da
jonytivon 2010-11-24
1   brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago

Premature greying of hair.
Hi, I'm 24 years old. Few months ago I've suffered from chicken pox. and after t
angel4u 2010-11-24
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Dr's Help with dosage of RHUS TOX for Arthritis.
Hello, my mom 58 who is having a terrible shoulder and arm pains (both of them) and also h
samur420 2010-11-24
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My mother is around 30 years old patient of Arthritis. She is now 64. As a result of Arthr
sam1971 2010-11-21
5   sam1971 8 years ago

Subclinical hypothyrodism and increase in LDL cholestrol
Iam a male 38 yrs age and in recent routine check up my LDL cholestrol is high i.e 145 and
rajarammohan 2010-11-18
9   Dr. Rakesh Km Lko 8 years ago

Countinue cough in a child age 6
Hi There, I am bit of offmood here as I can see my son coughing a lot while doctors treat
tarchei 2010-11-24
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Hello Dr. Sir, As per my semen analysis report, my sperm count is zero. I have gone for bi
dhruba 2010-11-24
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Post-Nissen reflux
I'm an opera singer and I had laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication surgery in August fo
Ssofija 2010-11-22
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Cure for Polycystic ovary syndrome
Hello, I am here to help my cousin who is suffering from Polycystic ovary syndrome (PC
rohit123 2010-11-16
12   kadwa 8 years ago

Knee/Shin pain for 6yo
My DD has knee/shin pain which I don't want to call chronic, but once the late fall a
donnaj24 2010-11-23
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Thyroid and weight loss
Dr Joe Please give me a remedy for my thyroid and weight loss. thanks
Nilanthi 2010-11-14
7   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

Frequent Urination- Dr Saravanan, Brisbane,Gavini & Maheeru help plz.
Hi, One of my relatives is 33 year old and recently she has frequent urination problem whi
samur420 2010-11-23
5   samur420 8 years ago

Swimming sickness
I have noticed that I tend to get a kind of nasal congestion whenever I go for a swimming
nksinha 2010-11-23
3   nksinha 8 years ago

Acidity - Please help
I am writing about my mother. She is 55 years old. she is on bisiprolol to control her blo
Midwhori 2010-11-20
2   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

Aromatherapy to Quit Smoking
There are aromatherapy combinations which are known to induce a feeling of calmness and he
sayed 2010-11-23
1   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

High frequency loss with tinnitus
I have high frequency loss(atleast observed in 99). I also had vertigo for a year. This wa
ibmsreekanth 2010-11-23
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Supplement help..
Hello, I am 23 years old. In early 2009 I had a brain mri done indicating 3 lesions on my
kevinnader1 2010-11-23
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Swimming sickness
I have noticed that I tend to get a kind of nasal congestion whenever I go for a swimming
nksinha 2010-11-23
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suffering from low libido,depression and anxiety
Hello everyone...i am suffering from low libido,pre mature ejaculation,weak erections and
friendlyguy2010 2010-10-20
10   brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago

Cold with nasal irritation
I am 26 year female,I frequently get cold since last 4 years. Frequent cold due to climat
Divya123 2010-11-22
2   Divya123 8 years ago

Permanent cure for Hydrocele
Dear Meharoo, I took Pulsetilla 30 C just like you had recommended, but it does not seem t

Sharman 2010-02-16
51   maheeru 8 years ago

Varicella for 9 month old
I want to use Varicella for my 9 month old to prevent Chicken Pox as we are travelling sho
Snowi_d 2010-11-23
1   maheeru 8 years ago

breast enlargment
hi please help me out ... I m 24 years old 48 kgs and 5.4 My chest size is 30 , please hel
yuktha 2010-11-23
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fatigue, weakness
For 10-11 years i feel very fatigue, nervousness, weakness , memory weak, sleepnessness,
gurdas 2010-11-23
1   gurdas 8 years ago

My mother is suffering from leg arthritis from around 10 years. So want to know the treat
Ram_1980 2010-11-09
3   Ram_1980 8 years ago

A question about Tissue cell salts
Hi, Since tissue salts are form of salt can they be given to hypertension (High BP) patien
samur420 2010-11-03
2   kbrao84 8 years ago

Oily Face Help
hi guys, i am 20years old boys.my face is also suffered by oily problems but when i
deependrarasaili 2010-11-23
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Depression, Anxiety - please help Dr Sameer/Other doctors
I am 38 years old male suffering from depression, anxiety from past many years off-and on.
ravi9 2010-11-23
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Urgent Help Plzzzzzzzzzz
Hello. Its me, Hassan (assistant professor ) age 31, year, married ,2 kids, I am sufferin
chemist 19 2010-11-23
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after effects of chikungunya
My wife had chikungunya three years back. Last year she got fever, red rash and joint swel
subbuperumal 2010-11-21
6   subbuperumal 8 years ago

Rhus Tox 6C for FM 2 time daily
for 3 months. I found an article on Rhus Tox 6C for Fibro and Arthritis and basic muscle
joyce martino 2010-11-22
5   joyce martino 8 years ago

Home Treatments for Nail Fungus
Here is a list of the top 5 home remedies for nail fungus: (these are best when fungus is
sean123 2010-11-22
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Tissue Salts?
what is the difference between homeopathic remedies and tissue salts, or are they the same
samikirk 2010-11-22
2   samikirk 8 years ago

high blood pressure, arthritis, and obesity
hi my mother is 55 years old. she is suffering high blood pressure, joint pains (arthriti
aloowala 2010-11-22
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dear dr mehfooz
sir ive some problems i*d a problem of hair falling since last 10years but
cancerian007 2010-11-07
5   cancerian007 8 years ago

A few questions related to Labyrinthitis
I was wondering what drinks are good to drink when you have Labyrinthitis? What does smoki
Twinfan 2010-11-22
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Worsening of acne and fatigue
I am eighteen years old, female. I have never had any major chronic health problems, and h
stevana 2010-11-20
1   yogeshrajurkar 8 years ago

fibroid adenoma of left breast
Hello, My original post was lost also. Will try again.I am a 36yr old female that has had
Jessie 2004-03-10
7   pradeepx28 8 years ago

Unwanted hair in females
Dear doctors, Doughter of my sister , aged 9 year have unwanted hair on face and body.It i
pradeepx28 2010-11-22
1   pradeepx28 8 years ago

Breast fibroid & knee pains
Dear doctors, My sister aged 30,is suffering from Breast fibroid (left side) & knee pains(
pradeepx28 2010-11-21
3   yogeshrajurkar 8 years ago

Nat Mur 200 taken for a week
I (Male 31) took Nat Mur 200 once a day last week since most my of the mental conditions m
kethaanparakh 2010-11-22
1   brisbanehomoeopath 8 years ago

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