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Hompath MD - True Expert System
Software designed for Homeopaths who have deeper commitment for Practice, Research Work an
dr.k.s 2010-03-26
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Anxiety or confidence?
Hello. I'm not sure whether I have an anxiety or confidence problem! When I am with
weisse 2010-03-26
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one stone in both kidneys
Respected doctors, my cousion has stones in both the kidneys: 2mm. please suggest some rem

apnasi 2010-03-23
13   kadwa 8 years ago

potency of nux
friends, pls clear a doubt of mine. if nux is indicated for constipation, is it necessary
pcthahir 2010-03-25
4   Dr.Sabadra 8 years ago

constipation in new born infant
my 27 days old infant girl has very infrequent bowel movements, once in five or six days.
pcthahir 2010-03-25
1   rishimba 8 years ago

Social Anxiety and Stage fear/anticipation anxiety
I am 35yr. old male. I have 2 main issues: Issue 1: I am over sensitive to what people
ashish1t 2010-03-26
2   ashish1t 8 years ago

postpartum care in homeopathy
friends, can anyone please give me the URL of websites or blogs where i can read about pos
pcthahir 2010-03-25
1   dragonfly1976 8 years ago

Lichen sclerosis, Lichen pLanus, yeast infec plus more
HII have been diagnosed with oral lichen planus and I am 99% sure that i have L.P and Lich
Miss K 2006-03-10
9   stevelord 8 years ago

Penis Problem
Hello Doctors. I am 29 years old married person. My penis has shriveled. My penis is only
naimkhan2001 2010-03-18
3   Shaikh Waseem Ahme 8 years ago

Back Pain
what medication can be taken for back pain after a C Section Delivery.
hasanmuneeb 2010-03-25
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friend off the drugs
like heroin, coain, weeds, ... I am looking for help for my friend who has been off the t
tiredova 2010-02-27
1   Abdulkareem 8 years ago

please reply
My wife aged 45 years has been diagnosed with CKF. her present test results are as foll
raj701 2010-02-27
8   Parakletos. 8 years ago

Mentals vs Heat/Cold
Could someone tell if the mentals of the patient matches but the temperature(heat/cold nat
hisam 2010-03-25
2   Dr.Sabadra 8 years ago

salam doctors plz give me kidney stone medicine
aneeka 2010-03-24
3   aneeka 8 years ago

Most common prostate symptoms
There are some ways to know about prostate symptoms. The symptoms of an enlarged prostate
vnspramod 2010-03-25
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homeo remedy made out of urine
this might sounds nuts but what could be better than a remedy made out of our own urine???

tiredova 2010-02-17
15   willduit 8 years ago

Need natural remedies in place of ADD meds
I am looking for natural options for my boys to stop taking ADD meds. Everything I read sa
jadee1208 2009-12-29
8   jadee1208 8 years ago

recurrent herpes - please help
Hello, I am 43, female, have had herpes for 15 years, outbreaks now almost every 2 weeks,
prisc327 2010-02-23
8   kadwa 8 years ago

weakness of my pennis
hi, its kamaljot . i am 24 year old.last year , my pennis lost full power of erect...so pl

kamaljot123 2010-02-13
21   kamaljot123 8 years ago

Please help me! Staph. aureus.
Hi! I have a problem, I am for this winter was sick 3 times, and the disease was scored by
lilymu 2010-03-23
2   lilymu 8 years ago

Improper Heart Functioning - 56 year old lad
My Mother-in -law had not been keeping well for sometime now - digestive disorders, headac
Indu04 2010-03-19
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Getting Fair & whiter skin
Hi Dr. I am Alika, I have read in your website about homoeopathy Fragaria Vesca 3x 5 drop
Alika James 2010-03-24
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For Moderator
Dear Simon, One complete thread is missing...started by me. Could have retained the good

PANKAJ VARMA 2006-10-01
53   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

Wet Dreams
Hello: I am 44-year-old married man with two kids. I have been suffering from a problem w

alpha123 2009-12-17
17   alpha123 8 years ago

Sameer / Kadwa a case of thyroid
1. Age/Sex/Country/Climate: 29/male/hot climate (uae) 2. Current complain - from how lo
alice2010 2010-03-24
3   alice2010 8 years ago

Dr kadwa a case of chronic tonsilitis
My daughter who is 9 years old has chronic tonsilitis always her tonsils are swollen. She
alice2010 2010-03-23
3   alice2010 8 years ago

URL for searcheable "twelve tissue remedies"
I left my hard copy, I am buying on Amazon, but it will take some time to come. Is there
dhundhun 2010-03-24
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Allergic Asthma for the last 1.5 years
Dear Sir.., My Son is approx 5 years old for the last 1.5 Years he is suffering from Alle

bampu05 2010-03-04
25   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

Difficulty in communicating/expression (mild autism + ADHD)
My son SID, 9 yrs finds difficult to communicate/express himself and lacks attentiveness.
Raju Gupta 2005-11-28
6   sammys1 8 years ago

to doctors::: about urine drops..
i am 20 years old.some drops of urine comes very late even after 10 minutes of finishing t
lonly0012 2010-03-23
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To moderator- about log in problem
Simon Recently i am facing a problem - i cannot log out and whenever i open the abc hompag
kamrul 2010-03-23
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coffee & arnica
I have heard that drinking coffee while taking arnica basically deactives the arnica. My
interested2010 2010-03-23
2   kadwa 8 years ago

15 month old with severe cough
My little boy joined nursery about 4 months ago and has had persistent colds and bugs, thi
daisylonghurst 2010-03-23
3   kadwa 8 years ago

Continuous period in puberty
Could you please help me what to give to my daughter. She is 14 and for the past 2 years s
anxiousmum14 2010-03-21
4   anxiousmum14 8 years ago

Asthma and cat allergy 5yrs old
Hi my daughter is almost 5 yrs and has just become allergic to cats in the last 6 months.
Mimimum 2010-03-19
6   kadwa 8 years ago

Pollen Allergy - Tree pollen
Hi, I am male 35 yrs old.I am in US and i am new to homeopathic world. i have been getting
kumsv2005 2010-03-22
5   kumsv2005 8 years ago

Cat with slight swelling in right eye
My cat has slight swelling in his right eye since last night. He has seemed out of sorts f
saman0415 2010-03-23
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Stubborn Warts
My son, who is 3 years old, has a cluster of warts on the back of his hand. The are round
saman0415 2010-03-08
9   saman0415 8 years ago

Anxiety, fear and lack of confidence
Can anybody suggest me how to take the Mimmulus Bach Flower Remedy for anxiety and fear, d
bipin 2010-03-23
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Need help with 21mo old toddler with multiple health issues since birth
Hello, was wondering if you could add insight into issues with my daughter. She is 21mo o
dawnb122200 2010-03-12
6   dawnb122200 8 years ago

Painful sore throat-gerd?
Hi, I'm a usually fairly healthy 28yr old female. Have been noticing for last few wee
green 2010-03-22
6   green 8 years ago

Samer vermani Attn please
I am bleeding since last 45 days & have become very weak please help urgently I dont want
alice2010 2010-03-21
2   alice2010 8 years ago

abdominal pain crohns disease
i have been suffering from abdomen pain since last 30 years now detected from crohns disea
MCKAUSHAL 2010-03-23
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Attn sameer vermani for my daughter
My daughter 15 year old has this problem of severe body odor even her scalp smells bad. I
alice2010 2010-03-23
1   alice2010 8 years ago

crohns disease
asca positive, ibd positive, illeul ulcer, still not confirmed as suffering from crohns di
MCKAUSHAL 2010-03-23
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Attn Sameer, Kadwa for my son
My son is 11 years old born premature. He was ok till the age of 3 years with normal weig
alice2010 2010-03-23
1   alice2010 8 years ago

Lump in throat
I am currently undergoing a lot of change in my life, I am returning to study in September
daisylonghurst 2010-03-22
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Pain in breats before mensuration
Hello Doctor, My Wife is 26 years old. She has pains in both breast before the mensuration
saifmohdarif 2010-03-16
7   kadwa 8 years ago

HELP PLZ!!! ill effects of masturbation`from pakisatn
hi im facing the PREMATURE EJACULATION problem and im worried alot by this.... plz suugest
Eternal Damned 2010-01-10
2   drahmedaslam 8 years ago

Premature ejeculation, due to diabetes
Sir, i am suffering from premature ejeculation as i am diabetic and suffering from hi
irohit4u 2010-02-26
1   drahmedaslam 8 years ago

Stammering Problem
Hello..my name is snehit..age - 25..Male.. I have stammering problem since 6..the cause o

snehitap 2009-05-09
27   AkashGuidance 8 years ago

digestion problem and frequent loose stool
hello! i am 28. i have been facing bad indigestion since a long time. if any one of you ha

nostradamus 2010-03-15
16   moderator 8 years ago

my father had a renel failure last dec .he is on dialysis .can i know some measure to red
charukohli 2010-03-23
1   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

Kadwa ,Reva,Sameer,Bhagyavasan Ear piercing
Tomorrow my daughter (2 years of age) Ear piercing ceremony.Any medicines to be taken to p
amraghuhyd 2010-03-20
3   amraghuhyd 8 years ago

I am 28 yrs old .I am suffering from mild genetic acne. I come office daily morning 8am &
kumard66 2010-03-23
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is merc cor safe during pregnancy
Hi, I have been taking Merc Cor 200 for ulcerative colitis. It has been really helpful. I
uc_patient 2010-03-21
3   uc_patient 8 years ago

Clingy baby after hospital visit
Hi all, I was wondering if I could get some help with my friends little 8 month old girl.
smac79 2010-03-22
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Bleeding Macular
5 yrs ago diagnosed with wet AMD caused by an electrical flash and luckily it healed itsel
wetneck 2010-03-22
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signs and symptoms of remedy puira puama
I have searched so many materia medica but i have not found benefits, sumptoms of remedy m
drsalehsiddiqui 2010-03-22
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HbA1c levels
I need a homeopathic medicine for high levels of HbA1c 10.1 as tested on February 24, 2010
Black Tulip 2010-03-22
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Hello! Anyone know where to buy placebo-pills? Grateful if someone know!
Pingoo51 2007-11-25
3   moderator 8 years ago

prolonged menstrual periods
Dear Dr, I am having periods for about a month.. recently I have been diagnosed with hypo
msm84 2010-03-22
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suspected candida - continuous farting
I have this farting problem since last two-three years. I keep on passing gas irrespectiv
bad.shape 2010-02-21
8   kadwa 8 years ago

Baby with poor appetite
My 4 month old baby has a poor appetite and his weight gain has slowed down. He now eats s
hapshepsut79 2010-03-20
4   hapshepsut79 8 years ago

Can homeopathy cure Sensorineural hearing loss
I think I have this partial hearing loss or impairment in my right ear, especially during
ganesh2280 2010-03-22
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Right Ear Deafness
Dear friends and Doctors of this forum. Please help me since a long time. I do not remembe
ganesh2280 2010-03-22
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11 yr old G.Shep. Dog/Enlarged Prostate/ Blood in Ejaculation, Please HELP!
Hello, My Q is about my 11 yr (guessing because was a stray)Male/unaltered G. Shep. Dog. H
Doodles 2010-03-21
2   Doodles 8 years ago

obesity and nat phos....jeo di livera
My elder brother age 25 has 96KG weight adn 40 waist. lack of confidence due to overweigh
ridha89 2010-03-22
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Keloid Problem
Hello Doctor, I am Barnita Biswas from Mumbai. I have a problem of keloid formation . Ther
bbiswas 2010-03-22
3   kadwa 8 years ago

formic acid 85%, calcium foramte 98%
We are factory specializing in the manufacture and export of calcium formate 98%, formic a
davidshanghai 2010-03-22
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