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Lump in the throat and white tongue
I have these problems for the past seven years most likely due to GERD and Hiatus hernia.
anythingatall 2010-01-13
7   kadwa 8 years ago

dr mehfooz please read my case carefully and reply me soon.
Sex: Male Age: 25 Nature of work: Student+Doing job in private organization. Describ
sweet_amazing85 2010-02-04
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Antral Gastritis
Hi, i have been suffering from gas and sometimes stomach pain also for almost 7 years.
iamy2rams 2010-01-26
12   kadwa 8 years ago

dr tahir
male, 23, unmarried working in a bpo suffering from hypertension for 4-5 months. High salt
pka2008anand 2010-02-03
1   dr_tahir 8 years ago

attention to dr mehfoozurrahman
SALAM O ALIKUM sir how r u? i m very embaressed now its my promise to u n myself that i&#
alizafarpk123 2010-02-04
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Itching in testicl & auns area
Dear friends In last days i feeling very itching in testicular & anus area,specialty incre
Krish7474 2010-02-02
3   dr_tahir 8 years ago

long time trigeminal neuralgia
Hello everybody! I am wondering if I can get some help for my mom. She has been suffering
pomplin 2010-01-02
6   kadwa 8 years ago

Fibro girl with headaches
Last month I posted and was recommended to take Lycopodium 2ooc (at that time I had dizzin
kb philly 2009-12-25
7   kadwa 8 years ago

So i have had acne all of my life pretty much. I found out that I had polyacystic ovarian
bergerl 2010-02-04
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mono with extremely enlarged tonsils
Daughter, 11, diagnosed with resolving mono. Tonsils are huge, speech is affected, sleep i
tlr1106 2010-01-24
3   kadwa 8 years ago

Reacurring Abcsess
Hi i am posting out of desperation really i have had an pilonidol abcess for about 12 ye
gazbalious 2010-02-03
1   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

hair pulling anger irritation anxiety heartburn
hi, all, I have problem of hair pulling, Anger & Irritability anxiety,depression,hyperaci
hiteshpatel2k 2010-02-03
2   kadwa 8 years ago

Cervical Herniated Disc at C6./7
Hello below is my history and the very kind response by the very kind Dr.Kadwa, but I real
Priscilla 2010-02-04
2   Priscilla 8 years ago

estomach flu
my two yr old son has vomiting for the last 4 days gave him liquids and jello need so
sajor661 2010-02-04
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Please help me find my constitution
25 year old male 1. Describe your main suffering? I have social anxiety disorder. I have
ben555 2009-12-23
12   mani_jee 8 years ago

I am too fast to ejakulate during sex with my wife. She always feels sad for i could not c
mulugeta 2010-02-03
2   zafer_sm 8 years ago

See Crystal in Urine or Mani (Semen)
Dear Doctor I need your help i am masterbating since 20 years now i am 31 year old i hav

osama0809 2009-09-15
25   zafer_sm 8 years ago

Compulsive spending
Dear Doctor I have this problem of buying mobile phone for almost 10 years. Its a crazy mi
lemon 2010-02-03
1   Homoeroticapathy 8 years ago

In deep depression
I am 24,male,pursuing CFA.All was good to me but i have ruined myself.I used to masturbate
Helpseeker 2007-09-06
11   Homoeroticapathy 8 years ago

continous cold and sneezing problem
Hi, Iam 26 year old married and iam in bangalore from last 5 years i have a problem from
a200784s 2010-02-03
1   Homoeroticapathy 8 years ago

my feelings are hurt
hi, my wife has hurt my feelings before my marriage since then i have lost erectile power

xiang 2010-01-05
20   Homoeroticapathy 8 years ago

a question about grey hair
Hi, Grey hair in a very young age is a desease. So is it possible to get cured out of it?
zafer_sm 2010-02-01
6   zafer_sm 8 years ago

re: dr. mehfooz / sadeq help needed
Leaking Of Fluid while having erotic thoughts From sam111 on 2010-01-24 6 replies 74 view
sam111 2010-01-29
1   sadeqahmed 8 years ago

Treatment for PCOD
Dear Doctor, I have been digonised PCOD 15 years back. I have been taking metformin regua
sarasu_uma 2010-02-01
7   Parakletos. 8 years ago

Ferrum - Iron - too much Iron in Body
I would appreciate some recommendations from those with some experience working with patie
La Bohème 2010-02-03
3   kadwa 8 years ago

dr mehfoozurrehman its my promise
SALAM O ALIKUM sir how r u? i m very embaressed now its my promise to u n myself that i&
alizafarpk123 2010-02-02
3   dr_tahir 8 years ago

Tantrum Hyper Toddler Issue
I have written here in this forum before. My son is now 27 months old and has always been
kaban2009 2010-01-24
10   maheeru 8 years ago

problem child
Hi My brother's daughter is 1 yr old. From the beginning, she is very stubborn. She
earthangel 2010-02-02
3   srisri 8 years ago

hepatitis c
Sir i am male 30 i have 2leg,s pain doctor says hepatitis C kindly help me i am thank,s
rafi_5217705 2010-02-03
1   dr_tahir 8 years ago

Dry cough
My daughter is 5 yrs old. Regularly she suffers from Cough & cold. She is very fond of swe
cpratap68 2010-02-02
7   homeopathtv 8 years ago

hirsutism n small breasts
hi,m 23,female, my problem is dat i hv excessiv dark manly hair on my face,and i hav small
pinoo 2010-02-03
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Hi there, just writing to see what would clear up my dandruff condition. My hair is always
JohnG 2010-02-03
1   dr_tahir 8 years ago

Seminar By Dr Harry van der Zee
the homoeopathic medical association of india date: 27th & 28th february 2010 speaker:
dr.k.s 2010-02-03
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Homeopathy Seminar
Date: 19th, 20th & 21st February 2010 Speakers: DR. PRAFULL VIJAYAKAR DR. SURMEET SINGH MA
dr.k.s 2010-02-03
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Baby with Eye problems
Hello,I am looking for a remedy for my almost 2 year old. She has had this problem since s
mama23 2004-06-11
9   Dr Riaz 8 years ago

FOlliculitis on my scalp
Hi i am wondering for the last1/2 a year or so i have been experiencing scalp folliculitis
Dubldigit 2010-02-03
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Dr Rishimba/Dr sameer/Dr Neil - advice please...
Pl refer to http://www.abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/214302/ Appreciate your help in the p
new2town 2010-02-02
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Griding teeth ,Please help
My daughter 7years old. sh egrinds her teeth a lot inthe night ,It is like as if her teet

champa 2008-12-22
155   sameervermani 8 years ago

Seborrheic Dermatitis
Is there any cure for Seborrheic Dermatitis ?There is redness and itching behind the nose,
homeop1975 2004-12-15
10   thierry 8 years ago

Can't grasp mathematics
Hi, A 45 year old Caucasian American male is going to college for the first time. He canno
ruth45 2010-02-02
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low platelet - only 3,000 - need help
My wife who is now 37 was diagnosed with ITP(low platelet disorder) for last 10 years. Wh
NeedAdvise 2010-02-02
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Want to increase breast size at the age of 35
I want to increase my breast size. My breast size is 34A. I never had big breasts. But I w
aradhna 2008-06-16
5   aradhna 8 years ago

Can I Take BOth Gelsemium and Aconite at a time?
Can I Take Both Gelsemium and Aconite at a time?

pocari 2009-12-27
36   pocari 8 years ago

three days workshop on first module of predictive homoeopathy
Date: 12th, 13th & 14th February 2010 Speakers: DR.PRAFULL VIJAYAKAR D
dr.k.s 2010-02-02
2   dr.k.s 8 years ago

Can amy one help me in finding out any Homeopathy drug shop in Delhi
Can amy one help me in finding out any Homeopathy drug shop in Delhi where I can buy Nuxvo
santosh_it4u 2006-10-18
8   mukesh4oct 8 years ago

attention all doctors
i am only 23 years old and iam suffering from Hypertension of 180/100. please suggest any
pka2008anand 2010-02-01
1   dr_tahir 8 years ago

saggy breast
I am 31 yrs old women with 1 yr old daughter got it through surgery. my problem is my brea
anshul1323 2010-01-31
5   Krish7474 8 years ago

attention to dr. mehfoozurrehman
DEAR DOCTOR, my age 25 and i masturbate very hard and even now skin of penis is very rough
alizafarpk123 2010-02-01
1   zafer_sm 8 years ago

can you get std without having sex
can u get std without having sex. can u still get it even if ur born healthy and u dont ha
madeline 2010-02-02
2   zafer_sm 8 years ago

Small Breast
I am 26 yrs old married.I am thin and weak. My breasts are very small and loose . I want t
sukhdaraani 2010-01-09
5   zafer_sm 8 years ago

melanosis and homeopathy
Arsenic Toxicity from Homeopathic Treatment Dipankar Chakraborti‌, Subhash Chandra M
mazharmhm 2010-02-02
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Herniated Cervical Disc in spine at C6/7
Hello I am hoping that someone can help me.11yrs ago I was in an accident and needed disc
Priscilla 2010-02-01
4   Priscilla 8 years ago

Veterinary Homeopathic Question - Important
Hi there, My dog is 12 years old and has been sick for a while. She also has a very pron
maddie37 2010-01-29
7   kadwa 8 years ago

breast enlargement
hi am pranavi .23,please suggest me the remedies to improve my breast size which is very l
pranavi 2010-01-26
2   Krish7474 8 years ago

coffee enemas during first trimester
My daughter is in her first trimester with her second child. She's not been well and
barbaraannyoder 2010-01-29
1   Krish7474 8 years ago

Benign lymphoid hyperplasia of the terminal ileum
ASCA positive IBD profile positive ANA weekly positive ileal biopsy indicate Benignlymphoi
MCKAUSHAL 2010-02-01
5   MCKAUSHAL 8 years ago

Left eye pressure and thyroid constriction
Hi, would appreciate help, I am new to homeopathy out of desperation and not having health
Biali 2010-02-01
2   Biali 8 years ago

Any doctor please help...
Recently, Dr.Reva posted a documentation which is about the treatment for the ill effects
Jirvankar 2009-12-20
3   Parakletos. 8 years ago

Recurring choclate cyst
Dear All, Iam suffering from this dreadful chocolate cyst for the past 1.5 yrs.Had a surg
happygirl 2010-02-01
5   Joe De Livera 8 years ago

Cervical Ataxia
Can anybody suggest any remedy for this disease in Homeo.
Rajendra 2010-02-01
3   kadwa 8 years ago

hair regrowth
Hi All, Please help me in knowing a medicine for hair regrowth.I had an extensive hair fa
Ritsy 2009-12-22
1   zafer_sm 8 years ago

Osteo Arthiritis and Hair fall
Dear Dr Joe Read about your expertise in handling Osteo Arthiritis and hair fall problems

ac24365 2010-01-21
15   ac24365 8 years ago

Hair loss treatment..
Hi guys, i am suffering from hair loss problem nowadays.I want some natural treatment for
imbrad07 2009-12-29
2   zafer_sm 8 years ago

Throat itching.
whenever i sneezes there is itching in upper part of my throat and it becomes red.Please t
shaanigi 2007-03-23
4   shaanigi 8 years ago

Is Lycopodium a correct remedy for ' Headache in occipetal region after sex'?
zafer_sm 2010-02-01
no replies yet

Detachment of muscles from Bones
Is there any remedy for this type of problem?
Rajendra 2010-02-01
1   kadwa 8 years ago

for Dr Mahfoorzrehman
Dear Doctor, You prescribed remedy for albumin in urine. Intially Solidago Vir Q. But it d
sal160us 2010-01-31
1   Mahfoozurrehman 8 years ago

Okoubaka D-6
This patented remedy has been used so successfully for treating diabetic patients that the
iftikharsyed 2010-01-31
1   kadwa 8 years ago

Arthritis in cats
I have a 14year old cat who suffers from Arthritis she also has had in the past a mild kid
robinson 2010-01-31
3   kadwa 8 years ago

Dry /break falling hair
I am 33 year old female. After my first pregnancy (4) year back , my hair started bceommi
meenaj 2010-01-30
3   kadwa 8 years ago

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