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Dr. Mahfooz Please Respond
Dr. Mahfooz, what about in my case where I have ulcerative colitis, severe allergies to

nbk1103 2009-03-20
19   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

Bad Habit Of Masturbation.
my age is 27 year. i am very distrube of habit masturbation. when i sleep automatically so
junaid ali 2009-04-23
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

Bedwetting in oldest three boys and none of the 5 youngest siblings. HELP!
Hi, I am a Mother of 8. My oldest three (ages 10,9, and 8 are all bedwetters. None of the

MommyofMany 2007-02-27
13   Qtpies7 9 years ago

lump in breast
I have been diagnosed as having a lump in my left breast. As a result doctor has prescribe
snidhi 2009-04-22
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

Cydonia valguris
Cydonia valguris ???? How can I Get Above Medicine India. And Where It is Available In Ind
purshottams1 2009-04-22
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attn Dr Mehfooz,Dr Rishimba and some other
Dear Drs below are my replies please help me in this regard Sex: Male Age: 36 Nature of

kamran.cisco 2009-04-15
14   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

Irregular periods and probably anovulation
Hello, We have been married for 4 years now.Trying to conceive from past one year.I have
sarachandra 2009-04-21
3   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

Lookin for help w/ Migraines & ect...
I am a 35 yr old Female that has Severe Migraines. I see a Neuro. on a regular basis. I ta
leigh12 2009-04-21
2   kadwa 9 years ago

Attention Dr.Gumby
Hi Doctor, i m 29 yrs old male, weighed 75 kg. Doctor, in the age of 22 i started masturba

jimmycarter 2009-03-06
36   gumby 9 years ago

Hi, I have couple of neurofibromas on my arms and legs, they r growing slowly..visible to
preetideepak 2009-04-17
7   preetideepak 9 years ago

Anxiety Attacks Treatment
Panic and Anxiety Gone is a very good solution. Itís very affordable and easy to use. It
Anxiety 2009-04-21
2   Zahid)2 9 years ago

Blood Sugar Level
Dear Dr. Sameer, I have read your advises to patients who had requested for remedy.Hence
K Rangaswamy 2009-04-22
no replies yet

recurring staph infection(MSSA)/weakened immune system.
To all the trained homepaths, please help me. I had a culture test for Staphylococcus aure
AshnaC 2008-08-13
1   britanyd 9 years ago

Tonsil Stone=Bad Breath?
OMG! I feel so embarrased about my breath all the time. I have 'tonsil stone'. Doe
poopballs 2008-09-06
1   justmebyanyname 9 years ago

What Are Tonsil Stones?
Hello... Its Anna...some people might be wondering what exactly are tonsil stones. Here a
annawatson 2008-12-12
1   justmebyanyname 9 years ago

Tonsil Stones Cure
Hello, My name is Anna Watson and I have been a tonsil stones sufferer for 7 years. In
annawatson 2008-12-12
1   justmebyanyname 9 years ago

tonsil stones
i almost forgot, does anyone know of a way to flush them out? if there are ones i can see
dcampbell 2008-02-10
2   justmebyanyname 9 years ago

Tonsil stones and tooth extraction
I have been reading through the threads trying to see if anyone has experienced what i
jellybean 2006-10-16
2   justmebyanyname 9 years ago

What I've learned about tonsil stones.
As a truth seeker I've done a lot of research on these stones and have come to some i
cece27 2006-06-28
2   justmebyanyname 9 years ago

tonsil stones / pus balls
I have just reviewed this website and am pleased to see that these are called, "tonsil sto
razzy59 2006-01-08
2   justmebyanyname 9 years ago

lodged tonsil stone!!
well i went to the doc a few days ago thinking i had glass shardes hung in my tonsil he in
Ewing 2006-12-23
3   justmebyanyname 9 years ago

New Tonsil Stone Crypts
Hey folks, I'm developing NEW crypts where tonsil stones are hiding. I have only one
Okrafeet 2006-09-04
3   justmebyanyname 9 years ago

tonsil stones ad nauseum
I started my foray into the smelly breath arts in 1992 after being intimate with a smelly
canman 2004-10-02
3   justmebyanyname 9 years ago

tonsil stones
wow, i never knew they had a name. it might sound gross but a long crochet hook with a tin
dcampbell 2008-02-10
4   justmebyanyname 9 years ago

Tonsil stones
I also suffer from tonsil stones, any quick cures?

ph01319 2006-01-29
46   justmebyanyname 9 years ago

Food Allergy=Tonsil Stones
Just wanted to share a quick story. I started taking Chlorella about month and half ago. I

Ryelink 2007-09-14
79   justmebyanyname 9 years ago

Hello Doctors: My sister (age 56; married;one child;housewife) is experiencing Vertigo.
footpain 2009-04-20
3   footpain 9 years ago

Sameer: Can you please take a look - Eczema on legs
Hi Sameer, Can you please advise if possible. I had pinged you earlier, but you said you w
aske123 2009-04-20
7   aske123 9 years ago

Dr Sameer please advise on hypothyroid case
I am new to homepathy and I would really appreciate some help from you for my problem. I

francesa 2008-12-31
23   sameervermani 9 years ago

delayed milestones in my child
Dear Doctors , I shall be very thankful to u if u could help me regarding my son. He is 5
boney 2009-04-21
1   akshaymohl 9 years ago

Thoughts on Bioplasma Cell Salts
When I read about it - it would seem beneficial for anyone to take a course once in a whil
bohomama4 2009-04-21
1   kadwa 9 years ago

Irregular periods, Obesity, cervical spondilitis
[message deleted by serenity2906 on Sat, 20 Aug 2011 06:41:20 BST]
serenity2906 2009-04-21
1   kadwa 9 years ago

I m suffering frm PCOD . I am 30 yrs old, delayed periods........once in 4 mths, darkening
priyamvada 2009-04-20
2   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

I m patient of hepatitus+diabetes plz advise me treatment
sial1 2009-04-20
2   Mahfoozurrehman 9 years ago

autism in children
sir, I want to know whether there is permanent cure for autism in homeopathic treatment
psnmurty 2009-04-08
3   psnmurty 9 years ago

i'm new. can someone pls expl. what is all this, 6x, 3c, 1m, etc?
3x, 6x, 12x, 30x, 3c, 6c, 12c, 30c, 200c, 1m, 10m, 50m, cm what does alll these 'x&#
miumiu 2009-04-21
1   kadwa 9 years ago

Dear Friends, I have been diagnosed with sarcoidisis i my longs about 2 years ago. I didn&
Macbuch108 2009-04-20
4   kadwa 9 years ago

blood sugar level
I am Type II Diabetic for the past 6-7 years since last three years. I am taking insulin 1
K Rangaswamy 2009-04-21
no replies yet

Piles & Urinary incontinence
Hello I am 35 unmarried female.I am suffering from piles& Urinary incontinence since

rashma 2009-03-22
24   Ashis 9 years ago

high bp, cholestoral & diabetes.
Dr. Sameer, I'm a married women aged 52 years, suffering from HIGH BP, High CHOLESTOR
geetajag 2009-04-21
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Ulcer in mouth
I will appreciate if you can suggest a good remedy for my mouth ulcer. I ate a pinapple a
homeolearner 2009-04-20
2   homeolearner 9 years ago

My 10 year old daughter has been diagnosed with molluscum and i am at a loss as to what ho
roadwife 2009-04-20
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Dr. Mahfoozurrehman, Plz... Help
About Me : 32years Married male, Height 5'10', Weight 90kg a shy person by nature
remington78 2009-01-27
10   remington78 9 years ago

Warts and Molluscum
I had a wart on the middle joint knuckle on my right ring finger for most of my life. My
LFiala 2009-04-18
1   Dr.Ravi Singh 9 years ago

Need advise for vaginal dryness, burning and irritation
I am 32 years old and I have had 2 vaginal deliveries in the last 3 years. I have been suf
mamaof2 2009-04-15
6   mamaof2 9 years ago

ocular herpes
Does anyone know a good remedy for herpes of the eyes?
myhairsos 2005-12-15
5   Zahid)2 9 years ago

Cholestrol and Thyroid
I am having cholestrol 275 and Thyroid 10.58. Taking Thyroxin for Thyroid and limitrol-20m
redgarden 2009-04-20
5   kadwa 9 years ago

My son is 6 and a half months old and he is having diarrhea for 5 days now , his paediatri
xpire2wice 2009-04-20
1   Zahid)2 9 years ago

Diabetes & Dementia
My 83yr old mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and put on meds that only had bad s
thndrbrd 2009-04-20
2   thndrbrd 9 years ago

Bleeding in the Eye due to injury
Dear sir/Madam, My daughter aged 2 years and 3 months fell down on a lamp glass while play
siddharth.mohanty 2009-04-19
5   siddharth.mohanty 9 years ago

want to cure spermatorrhoea
1. Name rehman 2. Age 24 3. Sex male 4. Married/Unmarried unmarried 5. we
rehman 2009-02-23
9   rehman 9 years ago

sinking feeling in chest
hello there, i am 53 years old male, also i am depressed because i am going through divorc
babapoint 2009-04-18
3   mazharmhm 9 years ago

Scalp eczema
Hi, i'm hoping you can help me. I'm a 32 year old female and have been suffering
jody69 2009-04-14
5   jody69 9 years ago

excessive sweating in palms,feet, underarms
excessive sweating in palms,feet,underarms. 1. I start sweating as soon as i wake up. 2. t

qwe786 2009-03-05
23   vikas_grower 9 years ago

1 year old waking sleeping late but waking at 5am
Hi, My 15 month old has fallen into a very bad pattern of sleeping. She won't go to
JMalik 2009-04-19
2   JMalik 9 years ago

Hi I have just purchased Bacillinum 200 8g but do not have instructions on how or how man
AMAIN 2009-04-19
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baby puffy eyelids
Hi---My baby is 8 months old and has had puffy eyelids since he was 2 months old (he was 6
dahliatop 2007-01-19
9   Charbswims 9 years ago

Burning sensation in legs including soles
1.Cronic burning sensation in both the legs and maximum in both the soles. 2.Before one ye
gcranka 2009-04-18
5   kadwa 9 years ago

Sickle cell anemia
I have undergone thalasemia profiling. All of sudden I found HB A = 59.2% and HB S 39.9%.
sanatan28 2009-04-19
1   deoshlok 9 years ago

stammering problem
hi, Dr my name is amit and i have stammering problem my age is 23 when ever i have to t
amit ranjan 2009-04-17
2   deoshlok 9 years ago

hello can homeopathy treat the 'schziophrenia ' easily and how long does it ta
kimlee 2009-04-17
9   kimlee 9 years ago

Calf pain only every Summer-Wondering For Cause
Calf pain only every Summer-Wondering For Cause
Dr. Rakesh Km Lko 2009-04-18
4   kadwa 9 years ago

Help, cannot study!
I have decided to get myself some better education, so I can have a better job and a bette
cicka 2009-04-13
3   kadwa 9 years ago

Help for 2yr old with Autism
Hello, I have a 2yr 5 mth old son who was diagnosed as autistic 7 months back. He was gr
anxiousma 2009-04-19
3   sameervermani 9 years ago

post shingles pain
Is there anyone who has found somthing to help with nerve pain,sensetive to clothing and t
jumping judy 2004-04-10
4   saritalove 9 years ago

Success with Herpes/Shingles?
I would like to hear any suggestions out there for my clients that suffer with these disor
indigo 2003-04-15
3   saritalove 9 years ago

Thinning hair - Desperate for help - cry all the time - feel old and like a monster but only 35
I am 35 (female) with androgenic alopecia due to I guess hormones? I've been tested

littlebit 2009-03-23
27   sameervermani 9 years ago

Erection Problem
Respected Sir, I am 25 years male.I used to mastrubate from 15 years.Now i have erection p
dinidini 2009-04-17
7   dramitkarkare 9 years ago

Genital warts
I have observed a certain genital warts of white in color, somewhat like hard boils on the
shaikh47 2009-04-18
no replies yet

i m 22.i hav the lecoria problem but my mentsorial perid is fine 7 days and not other prob
mulaan 2009-04-18
1   kadwa 9 years ago

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