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Calcarea Carbonica for infants?
Hi, My homeopath has prescribed Calc Carbonica 30c 2x daily for my 10 week old son to
Skhan 2006-05-20
3   simone717 5 years ago

Underweight- 3 year old child
My son is 3 years old & weighs only 26 pounds. Though he is quite active & smart, but he
ritu30 2013-10-17
1   fitness 5 years ago

Happy Eid Al-Adha
AoA, I would like to pray for the good health of all members and wish a very Happy Eid
nawazkhan 2013-10-15
4   nawazkhan 5 years ago

polio and homeopathy
I know that homeopathy has polio vaccinations. I am just wondering if there is any cure,

periopatient 2005-07-04
21   fitness 5 years ago

Harmonal imbalance and hair loss
I am 19yr old college going girl ..I have irregular periods with a cycle of 60 days...i
Diya Saklani 2013-10-17
1   fitness 5 years ago

Feeling bad from my new remedy
Hi all, I have a 'homeopathic' dillema , so I have to ask for help... At first I
anya972 2013-10-17
2   simone717 5 years ago

mouth ulcers and thyroid
my wife suffers from repeated eruption of mouth ulcers including multiple ulcers.does she
andy_65_in 2013-10-16
3   fitness 5 years ago

Ear Congestion/Eustachian tube dysfunction
Hi All, I am 33 year old male. For approx a week now I have ear congestion/Eustachian
katchmeat 2013-10-16
7   fitness 5 years ago

Reactive to energy work, silicea gone bad. Please help!!!!
Could a homeopath please help me?!? Before I start please know I am VERY hypersensitive
Hauster 2013-10-17
1   Hauster 5 years ago

I am 60 years old, having prostate for about 8 years,first I used Acidum Phos:now I take
Kohat 2013-10-16
2   Joe De Livera 5 years ago

Need treatment for IgA nephropathy in homeopathy
Dear Doctor, I was diagonized with IgA nephropathy in March 2013. Current pathology
prasanay 2013-10-17
1   Parakletos 5 years ago

sebaceous Cyst on top of the head
Doctor, It's been about 8 months I see a Sebaceous Cyst on top of my head, litte

trymoon18 2013-10-03
14   simone717 5 years ago

adrenal fatigue and pregnant
Hi I am 35 year old female suffering from adrenal fatigue. And I am also 7 months
IlonaK 2013-03-18
2   Sjn27 5 years ago

travel medicines
Hi All, I would be traveling to some different country for some work and would
memocast 2013-10-10
1   memocast 5 years ago

Remedy suggestion(s)
Hello. I recently posted the following in the forum on another homeopathy website, to get

mahavishnuuuu 2013-10-10
15   mahavishnuuuu 5 years ago

Hair loss treatment
how long tuja occidentials uses for hair loss and no of
nn9282 2013-10-16
1   simone717 5 years ago

Hair loss treatment
how long tuja occidentials uses for hair loss and no of
nn9282 2013-10-16
1   simone717 5 years ago

recurrent UTI Baby girl (15 months old)
Hi, my daughter who is 15 months old is suffering from recurrent UTI (each time causes by
ether 2013-10-16
3   Zady101 5 years ago

Chronic Fatigue and Depression
I have been suffering from reoccuring Chronic Fatigue and Depression for 30 years. I
Lovelee 2013-10-15
5   fitness 5 years ago

Finger Nail Fungus
I am 46 years old male. An engineer by profession. My problem: Last 15 years only one

bhattacharyya 2007-01-27
23   D.N.Barola 5 years ago

Hypothyroid symptoms
Hi, I have hypothyroid symptoms which are somewhat improved since I started taking

rush2ady 2013-10-02
26   Parakletos 5 years ago

Prostate enlargement
I am a 62 year old male. Prostate gland enlarged.As it needs long medication, can I take
sankaram 2013-10-15
1   akshaymohl 5 years ago

Book for start clinic
Dear All forum Doctors AOA I have done my DHMS in Nov.2006 but uptill now I have not
hussain fayyaz 2009-01-19
10   libra981 5 years ago

understanding dosage
can someone tell me what does one dose ,dose on alternative days and weekly dose
jewan 2013-10-15
2   jewan 5 years ago