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Canine Papilloma Virus
I have a 1 yr old Brittany Spaniel that got a little white dot (growth) on the side of

mgmacha71 2013-08-08
34   Zady101 5 years ago

8 week old son with colic and acid reflux
my son has acid reflux and colic. the first four weeks were very hard. he cried most of

erinkev44 2013-10-07
16   moderator 5 years ago

Dr Kadwa pls help(5 yr child on PDD)
Child 5 yrs on PDD. Would like to consult you over the phone. Pls help. HISTORY OF
TarunAarav 2013-10-06
4   TarunAarav 5 years ago

Stone in gall bladder
Dear Dr.Nawaz How are you? Thank you for the help you have given me. I m posting a new
soniamirg 2013-09-29
7   nawazkhan 5 years ago

having severe pain at lower back radiating to thigh and foot numbness. my details are
arumugham 2013-10-09
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Masturbation - common misconceptions
Its interesting to see so many posts on trying to stop masturbation and mostly from Asia
fitness 2013-10-09
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Infant Gas, and reflux, and sleep problems
Hello, My son is 3 months old and has been having these problems pretty much since we

jennn 2013-09-29
14   Zady101 5 years ago

Fordyce Spots
Hi, Is there anything you can recommend for trying to remove/lessen the effect of
Juis1 2013-10-09
2   fitness 5 years ago

3 apples a day can drop pounds away!
If an apple a day can keep the doctor away, three can send the pounds away. The
jean2013 2013-10-09
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i have head ache concentrated near the eyebrows , at times pain in the head ( but not in
reena gud 2013-10-09
1   anuj srivastava 5 years ago

weight loss n breast reduction
i am 27 years old married,having 2 years baby..my weight would be about 63kg n breast

amishu 2013-08-15
32   anuj srivastava 5 years ago

Please help me about my piles problem
My age: 28 Weight: 54. I had pilesoperation 3 months back. Till now, I am taking stool
brami 2013-10-09
3   shouse_nsk 5 years ago

my son is 4 yrs old... he has gerd...
Hello, First of all sorry for my english.. This forum is very helpful.thank you!!! Can

klodi 2013-08-23
16   simone717 5 years ago

Antidote for Bryonia
Please what is the antidote for Bryonia

brownbird 2013-10-07
17   simone717 5 years ago

hair loss n less desire for sex
i am 28 year old man. . I am suffering from hair fall 4m last 6 months. . Daily 40-50
kanwar brar 2013-10-08
5   fitness 5 years ago

Antidote for Lachesis
Hi, is there any antidote to Lachesis30. Just wondering what it is so it can bought and

sujisuji 2012-11-26
13   AsadGhumman 5 years ago

iodium cm
In one of the post a doctor has suggested above but without dosage it is available in 10
JustinBond 2013-10-09
1   mani_jee 5 years ago

Costochondritis Disease Treatment
Chondreton is a herbal medication designed after careful research by the experts which
saleenaclerk 2013-10-09
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What medications are useful for scars and stretch marks?have used graphites 200c and

hownow 2012-04-02
24   Nicwill7 5 years ago

Hi. Pls help me !! I started stammering since i was 3 years old after my dad passed away

Saqlain Hassan 2013-09-26
22   Saqlain Hassan 5 years ago

long time constipation
Hi all, I'm a turning-18 year old male, weight 132 pounds, 5'10 height and
bonton 2013-09-24
12   bonton 5 years ago

Tinea Versicolor Symptoms, Definition, Causes, treatment
Tinea versicolor is an inoffensive skin disorder produced by yeast, Malassezia furfur,
bryonyalice 2013-10-09
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cat skin condition
I had sent the skin ailment of a stray cat who is now living with us in our house has
noshiahmad 2013-09-28
8   noshiahmad 5 years ago

i am 23 years old male and i have bad habit of mustribution from 4 years costantly due to
awais6167 2013-10-09
1   simone717 5 years ago