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L5-S1 disc herniation
Dear Mister Doctor, I have really bad pain in the middle of my lower back. It is pressing
Painpain 2017-04-15
8   drthoufeequebhms last year

keratoconus treatment
Is there any permanent cure for keratoconus homeopathy worked partially I took myself doct
mihir1 2017-04-13
1   kadwa last year

Cina dosage
Hi, Would like to know the good dosage for Cuba because i noticed in this forum different
Jane77 2017-04-13
1   kadwa last year

please advise on lower back and hip pain
i m male 31years old, problem- Pain in lower back right side, right hip, and heel and in
Nitesh Kamal 2017-04-12
12   drthoufeequebhms last year

Arnica before surgery?
Hi, My mom is going to have uterine fibroid surgery in about a week. Since I am studying
MellaKenney 2017-04-16
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

Unexplained weight and semen loss
Age 31 male.weight loss with too much night fall causing impotency.pain in kidney region.a
sh.asim666 2017-04-16
3   drthoufeequebhms last year

M 30 years old i used to take antipshycotic meds due to which my one eye started twitching
Mhk 2017-04-16
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

multiple lipomas
age:17 ethnicity:indian body: healthy (not fat) problem:multiple lipomas - around 20 in ea
arham1 2017-04-15
3   drthoufeequebhms last year

wrinkles on hands and legs
Hello doctor...its really urgent...my cousin has wrinkles on hands and feet..her hands are
irfankhan1 2017-04-16
6   drthoufeequebhms last year

extreme gas in stomach and gastro track
hi i was having gerd, heartburn and lot of burping so visited homeopathy dr,,,and dr gave
Rameshbangalore 2017-04-16
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

Kadwa, urgent please
Hi Kadwa, so you're saying it doesn't matter what caused urgency and frequency,
Fatigued 2017-04-16
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[message deleted by fatigued on thu, 20 apr 2017 01:50:30 utc][message edited by Fatigued
Fatigued 2017-04-14
6   Fatigued last year

Fordyce Spots
I need a constitutional remedy to cure fordyce spots by an experienced practitioner who de
irahman95 2017-04-15
2   irahman95 last year

Att Dr Mohla
Dear Sir, My brother Age 51 diagnosed kidney cyst and kidney stones on right kidney. He t
manaser2005 2017-04-09
4   manaser2005 last year

Erection problem
Hi there, I am 34 years old, My marriage is in 4 months but I have erectile dysfun
qwerty4 2017-04-02
7   drthoufeequebhms last year

Colorless Pre-cum during sexual stimulation
Hey Doc I want to share my problem and hope that you will suggest a perfect medicine for t
hammad333 2017-04-15
4   drthoufeequebhms last year

semen fall
I am 22 years old, My problem is- When I talk woman as soon as semen fall. i am suffering
amit kumar1 2017-04-15
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

Regarding testicle size, epidydimal cyst and varicocele
sir my age is 24...height 5ft 11inch..weight 80 kg...i had habit of masturbating 5 times d
harry250513 2017-04-15
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early ezaculation
Sir Mai. Complete information send jar chuka hu
jitender1 2017-04-15
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

21 year old. Chronic Depression. (Serious post. Doctors please help me.)
Hello Sir/Madam. This is my desperate attempt to set my life straight. I've been suff
Uenkoo 2017-04-10
8   drthoufeequebhms last year

Learning homeopathy - direction of symptoms
Hi, I would like to know what does direction of symptoms mean? Like for example, they gave
Jane77 2017-04-13
1   telescope last year

need a remedy for pimples and scars
i am 24yrs old suffering from acne since 7 years. i have acne on chin and jawline and some
aanchaljau 2017-04-04
9   drthoufeequebhms last year

Short temper-Need Help!!!
I am 32 year old female.I get uncontrolled anger during full moon,otherwise i am ok.Can an
chutki 2017-04-14
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

Interdigital furuncle in canine - Attn Kadwa
Hello Kadwa, We had a forum exchange a few years ago regarding a dachshund with an interd
whatsmyremedy 2017-04-13
1   whatsmyremedy last year

Two mysterious problems
Hello, I am 35 yr old male with following two problems since I was 13. 1. Sounds louder
Lev 2017-04-13
3   drthoufeequebhms last year

early ezaculation
Mane each midison 30 potancy ki din me char bar 15-15 din me ek bad ek le hai .
jitender1 2017-04-13
3   drthoufeequebhms last year

Treatment for Costochondritis?
Hi,Doctor's diagnosed me with costochondritis.I feel pain in my chest & ribs section

san001 2006-01-19
20   sanjeev822 last year

I have a 23 year old cat who is rather healthy except the vet says he has sinusitis. There
kt808 2017-04-13
1   kadwa last year

Kadwa sir please help my mother.
Dear, Kawda sir please help my mother My mother's age is 47. She has been suffering
Shemul 2017-04-06
3   kadwa last year

early ezaculation
Age 31 Sex - male Body moderate Complexion - fair Ocu- farmer Married Cont- india My seme
jitender1 2017-04-12
3   drthoufeequebhms last year

H phyroi treatment
I have been taking 2weeks of allopathic treatment for h pylori. And was gradually having s
rp1414 2017-04-09
3   kadwa last year

Cough when husband kisses me, feel
Hi, I'm hoping for a good remedy recommendation (in USA). I have an opportunity befor
Yramliz 2017-04-12
1   akshaymohl last year

Hypertension -- blood pressure out of control, please help
My husband, age 57, has had his blood pressure under perfect control -literally cured- for
BrownBryant 2014-05-26
10   Jondonson last year

Son with Chalazion
Hello, my eight-year-old son has been dealing with a chalazion for about two months now. I
JustynaJD 2017-03-31
6   drthoufeequebhms last year

attn: dr thoufeeque or homeodr
I am a 47 year old male that is suffering from chronic panic and anxiety. Symptoms: Vo
Hopidorje 2017-04-06
7   drthoufeequebhms last year

Masturbation addiction
Hello sir I had taken ustilago maydis q for my masturbation addiction i hadnt mastubated f

Gaurav444 2017-03-24
21   drthoufeequebhms last year

early ezaculation
Age 31 Sex - male Body moderate Complexion - fair Ocu- farmer Married Cont- india My seme
jitender1 2017-04-12
2   drthoufeequebhms last year

Constitutional Remedy help
Hello, can someone help me figure out my children and myself constitutional remedy?
Nataliesammi 2017-04-12
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

Right eye twitching after eating peanuts
Hi Can you help me please? My right eye twitches after eating peanuts and I am very angry
Csaba 2016-11-23
10   Csaba last year

Help please, Too Much Ignatia Amara ???
I saw an extremely well respected Homeopath just over a week ago. He gave me Silica Terra
Orzowm 2017-04-09
10   simone717 last year

Please, Joe De Livera can you help?
Hello, I suffer from food allergies and bile reflux. Although I am trying to deal with my

angela08 2016-01-13
18   Shanti2 last year

Seeking advice for treatment of Parkinson's disease
Dr. Deoshlok Sharma Sir i am suffering from Parkinson since last two years along with burn
babu13 2017-04-12
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Seeking advice for treatment of Parkinson's disease
Dr. Deoshlok Sharma I am suffering from Parkinson since last two years with all the sympt
babu13 2017-04-12
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72 yr old had stroke
My 72 yr old father had a stroke due to occusion of the right carotid artery. Now he has e

4myaddguy 2005-11-01
24   vivek2 last year

Seeking advice for treatment of Parkinson's disease
Dr Sharma Mostly all the symptoms of Parkinson are there with tight waist upto knee and re
babu13 2017-04-12
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Parkinson disease
Dr. Deoshlok Sharma please tell me the homeo medicines that should not be taken after Lol
babu13 2017-04-12
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Swollen turbinates
My 2.4 years old son is having swollen turbinates He can't sleep at night He has po

Biya 2017-03-01
14   sameervermani last year

Can anyone recommend?
Please suggest suitable remedy. 1. Child Age 6 years, slim and tall with silky hairs. 2.

sameena sameena 2017-03-26
45   drthoufeequebhms last year

Dear sir my height is 5.2ft and i am 20 years old so plz sugesst me what shuld i take for
yadkri30 2017-04-12
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

improve Blood Oxygenation
is anyone familiar with techniques to improve blood flow/whether diet, device, or vasodila
Jondonson 2017-04-11
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Anal sensation,pain and hole type wound..
Sir my only problem is... My job is sitting job from 8 am to 6 PM. Am suffering from pile

SinghNK 2017-02-20
20   mnaari last year

Remedy For Flat & Big Moles on Face
Hello, I am 27 year old Male from India. I am having 19 Moles in my face & most of th
Prakhar476 2017-04-10
4   drthoufeequebhms last year

treatment for height icreasing
Dear sir my height is 5.2ft and i am 20 years old so plz sugesst me what shuld i take for
yadkri30 2017-04-11
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Reflux 5 mnths old (for joe de livera)
Dear sir My son is 5 months old and is suffering from reflux . I have changed his formula
Mrs goh 2017-04-11
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Lycopodium Clavatum & Sepia side effects
Hello, My wife was recently taking Lycopodium Clavatum & Sepia in 15C to address her
bexinul 2017-04-05
8   HealthyWorld last year

Aversion to housework, lack of arousal
I used to get panic attacks and had strong anxiety for some time until a doctor prescribed

Phibu 2017-03-05
13   Phibu last year

Asthma and diabetic
I am 45 male with Asthma and diabetic please suggest me
atiqakhan786 2017-04-11
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

early ezaculation
Please give me a good midison quic
jitender1 2017-04-10
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

Erectile Dysfunction
Hi, I am 36 years old, Currently i an suffering from erectile dysfunction, My sperm become
Nasir2017 2017-02-08
2   Zeers last year

Need help
Hello Everyone, I am vasu from Bangalore India . I am 32 years old Male, height: 5'
Vasu10030 2017-04-09
1   kadwa last year

Low Lithium
Effects of Low lithium level
Sumeet2 2017-04-08
1   kadwa last year

Treatement of gynecomastia
Sir i am 30 years old suffering from gynecomastia. My chest nipple are puffy having little
Braikiers 2017-04-07
1   kadwa last year

aggravation from Sulphur 30c
I have been treating a woman with atopic dermatitis. She had thick rashes at all the folds
moxamama4 2017-04-07
1   kadwa last year

Treatment for ASD
Hi My daughter recently diagnosed as ASD.I could not able to travel India so I called a k
Anu5 2017-04-07
1   kadwa last year

Need help desperately!!  7 years old non verbal son with Autism.
Hi, I have a 7 year old son with ASD diagnosis. He is a very active and sharp kid. Main ar

Surreymom 2017-03-25
26   0antivirus0 last year

Pain, dull ache lower abdomen with more symptoms
Hello, I have a wierd feeling of ache in my lower abdomen becomes words when I hold mysel

Winkleloss 2017-03-16
15   kadwa last year

Belladonna for teeth grinding - has given aggravation - can anyone advise?
Hello, I'm wondering if anyone could help me, I have recently taken Belladonna 30C

reb25 2017-03-26
19   reb25 last year

Adenoids and sinusitis
I have a 3 year old son. He has been suffering from enlarged adenoids from one and half ye
Zaipea 2017-03-10
5   Zaipea last year

What are the foods that MAY act as antidotes for Homeopathy medicine?
There are some foods that are well known to act as antidotes; Tamarind, coffee and mint. D
Sanjukta_95 2017-04-09
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erectile dysfunction
Hi , My husbands snores with high pitch at night and has erectile dysfunction also , no ot
Lakshmi5 2017-04-09
1   drthoufeequebhms last year

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