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Arcnic 6c before going to bed
Greetings, I've read in these forums that taking Arnica 6c daily, before going to be
b99109 2007-01-13
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Conquer HA?
Has anyone heard of Conquer HA for pain relief for the back in the thoracic area of the sp
De Yone 2007-01-13
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somethings wrong with me
i have grayish brown chunks of stuff coming up when i cough....can someone help me out and
tiffy 2007-01-01
4   john34 last decade

Homeopathy During Pregnancy
I have a question about homeopathy during pregnancy. I have been working with a practition

Malvinka 2007-01-12
13   KHATTAK last decade

this is very important question and i desperatly need answer.
tomorow the drs will do a test on my abdomen and i will have to drink contrast for it to s
phiryulovehua 2007-01-10
2   ZepOz last decade

to : start1
to start1 regarding breasts, affections: onosmodium berylium-met sabal serrulata pituit
nmgdes 2007-01-13
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Lipoma in a pet rat
My rat Doris has just been diagnosed with Lipoma (she's got a fatty lump on her right
ratchick 2007-01-13
2   ratchick last decade

Frequent Urination problem in 9yr old boy
My son is 9 years old and he is suffering with frequent urination (micturition) and this p
kailashpant 2007-01-10
4   ZepOz last decade

Excessive sleep
Hye I need a remedy for a person who has excessive sleep problem. The problem runs in the
hisam 2007-01-11
6   ZepOz last decade

oain in right and left shoulders and neck
i have severe pain in left shoulder starting from neck to finger tips. I have swelling als
satya45 2007-01-11
1   rishimba last decade

Help me get off Protonix and Reglan!
I'm 35 and have been on Protonix and Reglan for almost 2 years. My GERD is due to an
jakella 2007-01-11
1   rishimba last decade

Pytolacca Berry Q side-effects
About a month back, after searching 'llustrated guide' and numerous homoeopathic f
chiongguo 2006-12-19
5   kuldeep last decade

Graves disease
My dear cousin was just diagnosed with Graves disease and intends to try a combination of
PeterK831 2007-01-12
2   kuldeep last decade

I need assistance
In my early years I was bombarded with allopathic medicine to remedy tonsilitis and ear in
kirsten13 2007-01-11
1   deoshlok last decade

Kidney disease
I've been diagnosed with second stage kidney disease. The cause is mysterious: a nee
PeterK831 2007-01-12
1   deoshlok last decade

Finding my constitutional remedy
Hello friends, Just wanted to get some input in finding my constitutional remedy. Age: 2
seven 2007-01-12
1   deoshlok last decade

Dog with itchy ears, driving us all mad!
Our 2 year old white American Bulldog (large breed) suffers with terribly itchy ears which
dandilion 2007-01-12
2   dandilion last decade

my 'credentials'
As much has been incorrectly written about me here, predominantly by 'Mr' Varma,

j2000 2006-11-21
43   chaaya last decade

Severe depression and social anxiety..Kind attn. Dr.Pankaj Varma
Dear Sir, Since childhood I have been very sensitive.Everyday after coming from school,I
vinay_a 2006-12-27
5   PANKAJ VARMA last decade

Plzz look at my case...
Age: 19 MARRIED Weight: 63kgs Height: 157 cm My periods started at the age of 11, they

phiryulovehua 2007-01-02
113   sergiorvil last decade

need of vitamins plz reply
guys is it possible 2 have vitamins in homeopathy or general tonic containg them, i know
livex 2007-01-11
3   livex last decade

To Dr Deoshlok and Dr Murthy
I have used arsenic alb 30c for my son and myself. My son was better but he has started ag
grchakraborty 2007-01-10
5   deoshlok last decade

my son age 3.5 years mind groth problem
hi friends and doctors my son age 3.5 years but he have not grow with age mind wise its
geosaleem 2007-01-07
9   ZepOz last decade

low cortisol levels-Joe
Has anyone been told that they have low cortisol levels? What does this mean? What is it
foggy 2006-09-09
9   nmgdes last decade

chronic dermatitis etopic
my 1 years old baby have a dermatitis atopic since 2 months. we already try 'apolar&#
pratiwi 2006-12-11
3   Dr Tejal Desai last decade

Help requested for runny nose, sneezing
Dear Doctors, My son who is three years old is suffering from runny nose (some times like
grchakraborty 2006-12-14
8   robina last decade

kindly help me out
Kindly let me know is lycopodium is antidotes of nat.mur,kali phos, calc. phos in equal qu
khurramkausar 2007-01-12
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phytolacca berry's mother's tincture
has anyone tried this for there weight loss
natalya123 2007-01-11
1   PANKAJ VARMA last decade

calcarea carb
has anyone used it to lose weight?
natalya123 2007-01-11
6   PANKAJ VARMA last decade

Infant with Nasal Congestion
I have a 6 month old boy who has had nasal congestion for months now. He is a good eater a
hnb13 2007-01-10
4   drprodip last decade

Help - Allergies for 9 year old
This is for my 9 1/2 year old son, who has been suffering from allergies all along. He is
MominVA 2007-01-09
7   drprodip last decade

need help!!!!!
i have a weight problem i had 3 kids now i have more weight then i want i need to lose 20
natalya123 2007-01-11
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help for chapped finger tips
Hi, I am a normal guy 29 yrs... 80 kgs 5 feet 10 inches i have chapped skin on my fingert
poor_skin 2007-01-10
4   kirsten13 last decade

Grow Tall
Hi friends...I am 24 years old and am jus 5ft tall. i want to grow taller atleast 2-3inche
sruthi 2007-01-11
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need t get remedy now for 1 year old with broncitis.
hi,i`m in a hurry to start my kid on a remedy for broncitis.studying my book the most appr
mollydalton 2007-01-09
5   mollydalton last decade

Homeopathic store in Scarborough/Toronto?
Can someone please direct me to a Homeopathic store in Scarborough area or Toronto. Than
swhaque 2007-01-10
1   blanderist last decade

On Homeopathy for one month
Hello to all. I have been on Homeopathy for one month now. Can anyone please be kind eno

Lavina 2007-01-05
18   john34 last decade

Fatigue Issues, Are There Arsenic
based remedies to deal with fatigue associated with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndr
joyce martino 2007-01-11
4   Daisy43 last decade

cavities for my two year old
My two year old has several small black spots on the inside of his teeth as well as a very
filledwithgrace 2007-01-08
3   ZepOz last decade

Psoriasis or something else, I am confused
Hello Everyone I am new to this website forum but find that there are lots of explanations
neshat 2005-12-15
3   avid123 last decade

Am I going in right direction
I gave Rushtox 6 to a my aunty age about 50yrs, based on the simillimum. The pain was on t
baruasanjay 2007-01-10
1   baruasanjay last decade

My hubby has had itching for about 2 months. Mainly upon standing and located directly be
Newcreation 2007-01-02
3   rishimba last decade

Holy Basil
Does anyone have any thoughts about this herb? I have tried it for stress and found that i
TreeFrog 2007-01-09
1   PANKAJ VARMA last decade

Seeking a remedy for lichen planus
iam a 34 year old male who has been suffering from lichen planus both in the mouth (in the
1   deoshlok last decade

sleep apnea
Hello, My spouse's complaint of loud snoring caused me to visit an over night sleep d
c4479 2007-01-01
1   royhitch last decade

anxiety emerges when meditating
hi there, a few months ago, in august, i decided to include a twice-daily 20-minute rela
dontpinch 2007-01-11
1   TreeFrog last decade

sleeping and sepia...
Hi sergio isnt online and i really need somone to help me out. A week ago when i took sepi
phiryulovehua 2007-01-10
2   phiryulovehua last decade

Eczema and stiffness of joints
my five year old son is being treated for eczema by a homeopath. he has been under treatme

nineclouds 2006-05-11
15   drprodip last decade

Can Homeopathy cure allergies?
We have explored a whole lot of options - ayurveda, accupressure (NAET) etc...so before em
MominVA 2007-01-09
2   drprodip last decade

Gain weight with homeopathy
Is it possible to gain weight using homeopathy? I'm very skinny so want to gain wight
aryandelhi 2007-01-10
1   drprodip last decade

Pitta Imbalance Skin Problems
I already know I have a Pitta imbalance by filling out certain questions on another site.
starfisch 2007-01-10
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tachycardia and aching legs
Hi New here. Today taking Nux.vom 30 for nausea and vertigo which coincided with bad mens
vintagevix 2006-09-28
4   sparvez00 last decade

3yr old with congestion
Please Help... My 3yr old has been suffering from congestion and cold symptoms since Octob
hnb13 2007-01-10
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Polycystic Kidney Disease
Hi. My name is Irfan and i am from India. My younger brother who is 17 yrs old is sufferin
irfan_lai 2007-01-10
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Intestinal Metaplasia
Hi, My friend have the inflammation caused by H Pylori. This is a bacteria that is assoc
Mohammadali 2007-01-08
5   Mohammadali last decade

my moms case in detail
Plzz can u suggest any remedy for sleeping and hair fall also a remedy that can be combine
phiryulovehua 2007-01-09
4   rishimba last decade

Boil in Rectum - Burning and paining
Hi,Had taken 2 doses of Sulphur 10M. This week there was swelling/boil in the rectum and o
pimathew 2005-11-12
6   needhelp911 last decade

Do medicines for Acidity aggravate BP?
Three months back, I went to doctor with backpain, palpitations on upper left chest, in ha
ramesshbabu 2007-01-10
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Hair loss Dry flaky itchy scalp HELP!!!
Hi, I am currently 18 1/2 years old and since this summer i have been experiencing hair lo
trouble 2007-01-10
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left ear fullness and psycosomatic disorder
I have this left ear fullness and pressure symptom occasionaly. CT and MRI scan (BRAIN PLA
cajahan 2007-01-08
3   rishimba last decade

"Danger" can we discus?
written by Dr William.E.Thomas MD TOXICITY Homeopathic medicines are drawn from animal,

Seena 2006-12-30
61   Daniel Iype last decade

Acne, bloated, Ulcerative Colitis,
CAn anyone help with a remedy for my wife please? She has ulcerative Colitis, but recently
tomski 2007-01-10
1   tomski last decade

Stickiness/tackiness, soles of feet
One of my children has been having various problems with his right foot incl. swelling, jo
ddfpa 2007-01-10
1   kuldeep last decade

Ring ear and dose amout
I have read a lot about ring ear on this forum. But what should I take and how much? There
fordnascar 2007-01-09
1   fordnascar last decade

When to use constitutional remedies ...
When using homeopahy, when do you know if to find & use the contitutional remedy for someo
tomski 2007-01-10
3   gavinimurthy last decade

Hello, does anyone know how you would describe a stramonium type person, and what the rem
mike2305 2007-01-09
1   gavinimurthy last decade

mgh01 2007-01-06
6   purdaysee last decade

Indigestion after using Tramadol
I was recently in an accident and was in extreme pain, so this doctor perscribed Tramadol.
Elliecats 2007-01-09
2   Elliecats last decade

DAYDAY 34 depression post here
original post by dayday34..'..Some please help!!!Every month I go through this major d

John Stanton 2006-05-05
63   alangail1 last decade

I've got bloated/puffy face and deep rooted allergies and have been prescribed stramo
hammy 2007-01-09
2   hammy last decade

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