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Help with weightloss
I am looking for help with weightloss I have tried everything counting calories
Rissaj82 2013-07-03
5   kadwa 6 years ago

Please reply experts only.
Please suggest remedy for: Gas in Abdomen, bloated and functions are blocked, wind passes
mrtayyab 2013-07-06
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hair loss
I have a severe hair loss due to excess use of homeopathic remedies especially from the
faheem_bhat41 2013-07-06
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hepatitis b
hello everyone as i am hepatitis b petient.i would like to welcome any sugestions from
LaaLaa 2013-07-05
1   LaaLaa 6 years ago

shoulder muscle weakness and enlarged the breast size
hi my age is 33y married wt 51kg height 5' my problem is sharp shoulder muscle
honykhan 2013-07-04
4   libra981 6 years ago

How to antidote ars alb and bry?
Recently I was suffering from vomitting and loose motions. I visited my homeopath.He gave
akki94 2013-07-06
1   simone717 6 years ago

Which remedy dislikes fish?
Hi, I've always refused to eat fish and seafood in any form. I really dislike the
williamr 2013-07-05
1   simone717 6 years ago

I have been taking Pulsatilla for some time. the potency has changed several times. The
joy21942 2013-07-05
6   simone717 6 years ago

Shoulder impingement and tennis elbow, please help.
Suffering from this since october 2012, done 20 sessions of physiotherapy and still have
Ilaih 2013-07-03
11   anuj srivastava 6 years ago

Dr. Joe De Livera - Natural Heartburn,GERD, Acidity Remedy Help Please
Hello Dr. Joe Livera, I am a 35 yr old male living in the US. I am 5'11' and
FLGuy 2013-07-06
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Sinus Infection Continues; bladder incontinent
In the past aprox 8 weeks I had a upper respiratory brochial/bronchitis/sinus problems.
evefriday 2013-07-05
2   evefriday 6 years ago

Beer/Cigarettes & Staphysagria
Hello, I'm on dosage of Staphysagria. I'm a regular smoker & I usually take 1
yelah 2013-07-03
5   simone717 6 years ago

Hello, can anyone suggest remedies for autism. I have a 16 year old grand daughter who
Krishna Iyer Naray 2013-07-05
1   Zady101 6 years ago

Dr Mahfooz ur Rehman plz reply
On this post I am waiting for your reply. http://abchomeopathy.com/forum2.php/372889/1 I
thenewone99 2013-06-12
4   thenewone99 6 years ago

homeopathic lady dr abida mumtaz answers...female face hairs problems
Hi, Respected ladies do not worry about face hairs problem i am here to answer queries
drabida 2011-09-04
12   Sana khuram 6 years ago

Chin hair problem
Hello doctors.. please help me i have lots of dark course hair in my chin.. even i have
Sana khuram 2013-07-05
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Cure for Psychological problem in Homeopathy
My sister has some psychological problems and I want to know if there is any cure in

kash-mala 2013-06-04
24   anuj srivastava 6 years ago

Answered questionnaire.Please help!
Hello! I would greatly appreciate if I am able to receive any advice about my hair loss
lisa1981 2013-07-04
5   lisa1981 6 years ago

help kashif ant bite
plz help lots of ant bite to a child near of my house severe itching & red
Nitesh Kamal 2013-06-20
5   mani_jee 6 years ago

[message deleted by come121 on Thu, 11 Jul 2013 06:29:33

come121 2013-05-17
30   come121 6 years ago

Burn & Blister Help Kashif
Dear sir, Tommorow on my finger there is hot water fallen. after one days blister comes
Nitesh Kamal 2013-07-03
2   Nitesh Kamal 6 years ago

Achilles tendon partial tear - advice needed
I would like to ask for some advice considering the following situation. Two weeks ago I
emma79 2013-07-05
2   emma79 6 years ago

baby's health
my baby of 3 years. She has sign of sort tempered mood,very frequent mind,upper part of
sunanda30 2013-07-05
3   anuj srivastava 6 years ago

One month Cystitis - Please Dr. help
I am a woman, 22, I have my first cystitis ever and it is getting really depressing after

mariasmith 2013-06-05
60   elenastefanova 6 years ago