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Re: alcoholism is eating me! From javaaid81 on 2006-11-03 the cure of youer problem

gavinimurthy 2006-11-03
95   last decade

Congrats ABC
Dear Simon I don't know about the past,but,since I started my secong innings

gavinimurthy 2006-11-16
186   last decade

Any suggestion on reducing HA1C. I have a reading of

rajbhansaly 2006-11-14
17   last decade

Does The Pill interfere?
Does the birth control pill interfere or cancel out a remedy? I know the ideal situation
ruth45 2006-11-21
1   last decade

practice homeopathy in usa
i have received many e-mail asking same info over and over, so thought let me write
Tejas V 2006-11-20
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have been suffering with pilesoff and on for as long as I can remember but recently the
sarenone 2006-11-18
8   last decade

attn: dr deoshlock
sir how many days i can take psorinum 200 and how to take either directly or put in some
asimattar 2006-11-20
1   last decade

Ear Gunk
My mother, 75 year old Caucasian living in southern part of USA, has chronic ear gunk
ruth45 2006-11-20
1   last decade

question about ears
hi all my symptoms are following Hardness of hearing ; the ears become closed with
asimattar 2006-11-20
5   last decade

GERD, asthma and hoarseness
I was recently diagnosed with GERD and was prescribed Nexium. My only symptom, loss of

sultryvoz 2006-11-07
16   last decade

ear infection in 70 year old
My father is having severe infection in ears, more in left ear. I am not able to take him
chiru71 2006-11-20
2   last decade

URGENTNo solids and very poor appetite 14 month boy
My son was born 6 lbs 12 ounces and was diagoned with GERD around 2 months of age. He is
vsinha 2006-11-20
3   last decade

please guide
hi all i have seen materia medica in which dose is written like this Dose.--Tincture, to
asimattar 2006-11-20
6   last decade

Lump on the neck
My son 8 years old compleained of a hard lump on his neck 3-4 days ago but today he is
naushadakhtar 2006-11-19
4   last decade

Arthritis Pain
Hello I am an aged man. I had a right knee replacement 7 years back. It took a long
arthur67 2006-11-19
3   last decade

combinations are not so bad...
Scientific Evidence for Homeopathic Medicine ©1995, Dana Ullman, M.P.H. (Excepted

asimattar 2006-11-18
14   last decade

Kidney Diet
Anything you experts can add or make comments on. I know that it should be a low salt,
cks689 2006-11-20
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21 yo daughter, insatiable hunger, GERD, hiatal hernia, was scoped...
My 21 year old daughter has GERD, Hiatal hernia, High Risk HPV, Surgical removal of
sweetjaneb 2006-11-20
1   last decade

bad acid reflux and allergies/asthma
Hello, I've never tried homeopathy but have tried many other holistic treatments
Reb1505 2006-11-17
8   last decade

Spring Catarrh
I m a victim of spring catarrh for nearly 12 years .My eyes are affected they get very
anthony.gonsalves 2006-11-19
4   last decade

I want to know what are the Homoeopathic remedies given for Thalassaemic patients, also
Hakeem 2006-11-19
3   last decade

Do's and don'ts for homeopathic patients
Do's and Don'ts for Homeopathic Patients Judyth Reichenberg-Ullman N.D.,
gavinimurthy 2006-11-17
8   last decade

ibs help
I have had chronic IBS symptoms for at least l0 years following ovarian cancer. My
Serenity 2006-11-17
2   last decade

My Quirky Approach
Greets to all, I appreciate everyone's responses to me on my previous posts and I
Melva 2006-11-19
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Dislocated right shoulder
Hello I'm look for advice on homeopathy remadies. I've just dislocted my
jamesshoulder 2006-11-19
1   last decade

Nat Phos not wrkng for acidity. Continue it?
I have dyspepsia (burning in stomach). I'm taking Nat Phos 6x for a week. I
phildis123 2006-10-28
10   last decade

gastric problem
I am 52 years old. I am suffering from serious gastric problem since last 10 years.My
rajpal 2006-11-18
2   last decade

why to follow guidelines?..part 3
Never alternate two remedies for a chronic problem. Five reasons why the alternation of

gavinimurthy 2006-11-14
41   last decade

Lichen Sclerosis in Children
I am 27 years old and my four year old daughter was diagnosed with Lichen Sclerosis on
Marion 2006-11-01
1   last decade

fingernail fungus
hi. i have had fungus on 3 of the fingernails of my right hand for years. the flare-ups
violetsonia 2006-11-07
1   last decade

5 year old son skin peeling- using hydrocortisone???
mysons skin started peelingon his fingers first and now it is on his hands. it is been a
fireheart 2006-11-18
1   last decade

5 yr old - hyper
I have a 5 yr old son who is exhibiting signs of ADD. He has much trouble listening. When
lisamumto2 2006-11-15
4   last decade

For Dr,Deoshlok sharma
In response to your querry on porstate enlargement dated 17th nov, I may submit that the
bughi 2006-11-17
1   last decade

foamy urine
i suffer from chronic renal failure for the last 15 years,one of the symtoms i always get
ad765 2006-10-23
8   last decade

burnt tongue, please help
Hi Everyone, I thought i may had thrush on my tongue it was since i ate a pkt of crisps

elainesmyth68 2006-11-13
47   last decade

Any medicine for the purpose of Family Planing
is there any homoeopathic medicine for the purpose of Family
Rabia 2006-11-17
2   last decade

Potencies X Vs C
Hi: I have been advised by a homeopath to take 30X potency 'Pulsatilla" for
shimpybhamra 2006-11-17
4   last decade

hair greying
i am having a premeture hair greying.plz suggest me the best homeopathy remedy to get rid
mahen222 2006-11-18
2   last decade

14 Mth Old with ear infection
Hi All Was wondering if anyone knew a good rememdy for ear infections? My 14 month old
shellnelliot 2006-11-18
1   last decade

About taking remedies
I'm quite new to homeopathy and I'm going to take sulphur and petroleum for a
Dalia 2006-11-15
11   last decade

Is there a reliable medicine for a person diagnosed as SchizophreniaSome one suggests

sthillaiyah 2005-06-24
17   last decade

Self Diagnosis Software
I am learning a lot from the forum and also the on-line self-diagnosis software. Before
Melva 2006-11-17
2   last decade

i was wondering if anyone knew what potency and dosage is recommended for juglans regia?
my_happiness 2006-11-16
1   last decade

Skin Problem
I have dark marks on my skin. only at exposed parts. it is heredity(i think) because my
shivali 2006-11-16
2   last decade

For Maya_ hari
Re: why to follow guidelines?..part 2 From maya_hari on 2006-11-13 Dear Murthy, I
gavinimurthy 2006-11-13
11   last decade

Refrigerators and homeopathic remedies
Hi, everyone! I would like to ask just how much harm refrigerators can do to homeopathic
Nejlika 2006-11-16
6   last decade

Potential Dangers Allergies People should avoid arnica if they have a known allergy
gavinimurthy 2006-11-01
8   last decade

Aversion to Telephone
Hi Guys, I'm working with a friend and the most striking symptom that he has is that
danpelensky 2006-11-18
1   last decade

overdose of drosera now a rash
2 days after too much drosera he is still coughing,not as bad now but has a big rash all
mollydalton 2006-11-11
7   last decade

Heart arrythmias
I have been using homeopathy on myself and children since 1993. I have had excellent
Melva 2006-11-17
5   last decade

atypical neuralgia
hi, i am 34 and last christmas i had chicken pox! in july i had a draft from the car
zipster 2006-11-17
1   last decade

Larry King Transcript - Positive Thinking
Dear forum once again some proof about our brain capacity CNN LARRY KING LIVE The Power
Alexthink 2006-11-17
1   last decade

Nonsense talk should not be allowed- Dr. Deoshlok Sharma
Nonsense talk should not be allowed- Dr. Deoshlok Sharma I request you no nonsense talk

deoshlok 2006-11-16
26   last decade

sore throat from intubation tube
My husband had outpatient surgery yesterday and his throat is bothering him from having
ruth45 2006-11-16
7   last decade

red/hot scalp
Hello, I have a red scalp no itching my hair is not falling out, but it haven't
clinicnewby 2006-11-17
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Asthma in 4 year old Want to try homeopathy after singulair side effects
My son had asthma since he was 4 months old. Had RSV and would cough a really hard cough

alimarie 2006-11-16
19   last decade

Dear Nesha-India
Dear Nesha, When you call me 'rajivprasad' i feel a bit sad because i am used
rajivprasad 2006-11-09
5   last decade

2 types of Cold remedy - Confused
My 3 and half year son suffers from frequent colds and coughs. If cold persists more tahn
sonals 2006-11-15
9   last decade

Strongest way Ive ever found to heal diseass and injuries- free ans simple
Hi gang. I postd two other ways to stimulate my/our immune and allother healing systems
stevelord 2006-11-16
2   last decade

Kidney stone
Hi was suffering from the kidney stone, (in right kidney). After the treatment of JENOSIN
nadeem4u 2006-11-16
2   last decade

how much quantity
i want to ask that in how much water i can take 15 drops of ph-ac
asimattar 2006-11-17
5   last decade

prostate enlargement
My father 64 yer' has been advised the following five homeo medicines for his
bughi 2006-11-17
3   last decade

Coffee doesn't antidote in all cases
There is a lot of debate whether coffee antidotes homeopathic treatment or not.I for one

bandarbabu2000 2004-09-20
169   last decade

Confused again
Ok so Im going to take sulphur tomorrow and it's my first time trying a homeopathic
Dalia 2006-11-16
2   last decade

hypothyroid, weight gain
41 year old female 55-210 lbs. HYPOTHYROIDISM: started on ARMOUR THYROID after I was
KUMARS 2006-11-16
1   last decade

Thin Hair and Low density
Hii everyone, I am 26 years old and my hairs are getting really thin. Also i have minor
vkothari80 2006-11-15
1   last decade

Eye problem: "Ratinopathy", any remedy for it
My father is a patient of Blood sugar, because of blood sugar his one eye had accoured a
nadeem4u 2006-11-16
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for elainesmyth68
You may get disgusted if you visit your 'burnt tongue' thread now. Don't
gavinimurthy 2006-11-15
8   last decade

which one is best
after reading all the postes about costochondritis can anybody tell me which is the best
asimattar 2006-11-16
1   last decade

Do's and Don'ts While Taking Homeopathing Remedies
To all of you expert homeopaths: Will you please whare your knowledge on the above. I
cks689 2006-11-16
2   last decade

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