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Chill; Dangerously cold

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Chill; dangerously cold; apis., 1arn., 2ars., 2bell., 2cact., 2camph., 2caps., chin-s., cur., elat., 1gels., 2hyos., 2lyc., 2nat-s., 1nux-v., 2op., 1psor., 2puls., 2stram., sul-ac., sulph., tarent., verat-v., 1verat.

Chill; dangerously cold; with red face, delirium and bursting headache, pale face when lying down, red when sitting up; 2bell.

Chill; dangerously cold; violent congestion, suffocation in warm room, chill beginning in chest; 2apis.

Chill; dangerously cold; violent congestion of head, cold body, with thirst, chill felt most in pit of stomach, body feels bruised; 1arn.