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Vision; Moving

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Vision; moving; 2agar., 2aloe., am-c., 1arg-n., 2bell., 2bor., calc-p., 2calc., 2cann-i., 2cic., 2con., 2euphr., 2glon., ign., 2lach., laur., lyc., meny., merc., mosch., 2nux-v., 2olnd., par., petr., 2psor., sabad., 2sep., stram.

Vision; moving; evening, while reading; merc.

Vision; moving; letters; 2agar., con., 2hyos., iod., merc., phys.

Vision; moving; letters; towards noon; am-c.

Vision; moving; Objects seem to be moving

Vision; moving; something moving; lyss., psor.