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This is a listing of the Homeopathy Repertory used in our remedy finder. It is provided here for professional scrutiny, if that is not your purpose, you will probably find the remedy finder more useful.

Homoeopathy is a safe and natural system of medicine. It is also holistic, which means it relies on gathering a detailed picture of all of a patient's complaints before prescribing any remedy. Our online homeopathic remedy finder app collects all your symptoms, and gives you information on which remedies apply to which symptoms.

Chest; fullness; heart; evening;1puls.
Chest; fullness; heart; night;colch.
Chest; fullness; heart; while lying on left side;colch.
Chest; fullness; if desire to urinate be delayed;1lil-t.
Chest; fullness; morning;con., lyc., 2sulph.
Chest; fullness; morning; after smoking;cycl.
Chest; fullness; morning; while walking;acon.
Chest; fullness; morning; while writing;fl-ac.
Chest; fullness; open air;lyc.
Chest; fullness; sitting;2caps.
Chest; fullness; waking; con., ph-ac.
Chest; fullness; walking;ferr.
Chest; fullness; when ascending stairs or hill;bar-c.
Chest; fullness; when breathing in deeply;kali-n., nat-a., sulph.
Chest; gurgling; heart;bell., 2psor., rhus-t.
Chest; gurgling; heart; when lying;2psor.
Chest; gurgling; in breast;crot-t.
Chest; gurgling; right side;nat-m.
Chest; gurgling; when breathing;cina., ind., mur-ac.
Chest; heart;1acon., 2am-c., 2ars-i., 2ars., 1aur-m., 1aur., 2bad., 2brom., 1cact., 2calc., 2caust., 2cench., 2coll., 2crot-h., 2cupr., ferr., gels., hydr., hyos., 2iod., 2kalm., 1lach., 2laur., 2lil-t., 1lith., 1lob., 2lycps., 2mosch., 1naja., 2nat-m., op., 2phos., 2psor., 1puls., seneg., 1spig., 1spong.
Chest; heart; accumulation of fluid, pulmonary; 2am-c., 1ant-t., 2apis., apoc., 1ars., aspar., 2aur-i., 2carb-v., chel., coch., colch., crot-h., crot-t., 2dig., 2hyos., 2ip., kali-c., 2kali-i., 2kali-p., 1lach., 2lyc., 1merc-sul., 2nat-m., 2phos., puls., seneg., squil., sulph., verat.
Chest; heart; accumulation of fluid, pulmonary; in alcoholics;crot-h.
Chest; heart; aneurysm; of the heart; 1cact., 2carb-v.
Chest; heart; aneurysm; of the large arteries; 2bar-c., 2calc., carb-v., 2lyc., lycps., ran-s., 2spong.
Chest; heart; angina pectoris; acet-ac., 2acon., 1am-c., 2aml-n., anac., ang., 1apis., 1arg-n., 1arn., 1ars., 1aur-m., 1aur., 1cact., caust., 2chel., 1chin-a., 2chin-s., chr-ac., 2cimic., coca., 2cupr-ar., cupr., 2dig., 2dios., 2hep., ip., 2jug-c., 2kali-c., kali-p., 2kalm., 2lach., lact., 1lat-m., 2laur., 2lyc., 2mag-p., 2mosch., 1naja., 2nux-v., 1ox-ac., petr., 1phos., phyt., 1rhus-t., 2samb., sep., 1spig., 1spong., 2stram., 2tab., 2tarent., 2ther., 2verat.
Chest; heart; angina pectoris; 2aur., 2chel.
Chest; heart; as if heart were turning around; aur., 2cact., stram.
Chest; heart; as if the heart were swimming in water; bor., bov., 2bufo., sumb.
Chest; heart; dilatation of heart; 2alum., am-c., 2ant-t., 2apis., 1cact., coff., cupr., hydr-ac., 2iod., 2kali-i., 2lach., 2laur., lil-t., 2lyc., 2lycps., 2naja., 2nat-m., 2nux-v., ph-ac., 2phos., plb., psor., 2puls., tab.
Chest; heart; exudation in valves of heart; 2spong.
Chest; heart; fat about the heart with nervous irritability; 1aur.
Chest; heart; fatty degeneration of heart; 1arn., 2ars-i., 1ars., 1aur-m., 1aur., 1cact., 2calc., caps., crot-h., 2ferr., 2iod., 1kali-c., kali-p., 2kalm., 2naja., 1phos., phyt.
Chest; heart; fears unless constantly on the move the heart will cease; 1gels.
Chest; heart; fluid build up around heart; 2apis., apoc., 1ars., 1colch., 1dig., 2lach., 1lyc., 2sulph., 2zinc.
Chest; heart; from over lifting;2caust.
Chest; heart; gouty heart; aur., 2benz-ac., 2calc., 2carb-v., 2caust., 2colch., 2kalm., 2led., 1lyc., 2puls., 2spong.
Chest; heart; heart feels like its hanging from left ribs; kali-c.
Chest; heart; hypertrophy of heart; 1acon., 2aml-n., 2arn., 2ars., aspar., 1aur-i., 2aur-m., 1aur., 2brom., 1cact., 2dig., 2ferr., 2glon., 2graph., 2hep., 2iber., 2iod., kali-bi., 1kali-c., 1kalm., 2lach., 1lith., 2lyc., 2lycps., 2naja., 2nat-m., nux-v., 2phos., plb., 2puls., 2rhus-t., 2spig., 1spong., staph.
Chest; heart; hypertrophy of heart; from over-exertion;2calc., 2caust., 2kali-c., 1rhus-t.
Chest; heart; hypertrophy of heart; with numbness and tingling of left arm and fingers; 1acon., 1rhus-t.
Chest; heart; palpitations; 1acon., aesc., 2aeth., 1agar., aloe., 2alum., alumn., 2am-c., 2am-m., 2ambr., 1aml-n., ant-c., 2ant-t., 2apis., apoc., 2arg-m., 1arg-n., 2arn., 1ars-i., 1ars., art-v., 2asaf., asc-t., aspar., aster., aur-m-n., 2aur-m., 1aur., 2bad., 2bar-c., 2bar-m., 2bell., benz-ac., berb., 2bism-ox., bor., 2bov., 2brom., 2bry., bufo., 1cact., 1cadm., 2calc-ar., 2calc-p., calc-s., 1calc., 2camph., 2cann-i., 2cann-s., canth., 2carb-an., 2carb-s., 2carb-v., carl., 2caust., 2cedr., 2cham., 2chel., 2chin-a., 2chin-s., 1chin., cimic., coc-c., 2cocc., coff., 1colch., 2coll., coloc., 1con., cop., corn., 2crot-c., 2crot-h., crot-t., cupr-ar., 2cupr., 2cycl., 1dig., 2dios., dulc., 2elaps., 2eup-per., eupi., 2ferr-ar., 2ferr-i., 2ferr-p., 2ferr., form., 2gels., 1glon., 2graph., grat., 2guai., ham., hell., 2hep., hydr-ac., 2hydr., 2hyos., hyper., 2ign., 1iod., ip., 2kali-ar., 2kali-bi., 1kali-c., 2kali-chl., 2kali-fer., 2kali-i., 2kali-n., 2kali-p., 2kali-s., 1kalm., kreos., 2lac-d., 1lach., lact., 2laur., 2lec., led., 2lil-t., 2lob., 1lyc., 2lycps., lyss., 2mag-c., 2mag-m., 2manc., 2mang., 2med., 2meli., 2merc-c., 1merc., 2merl., mez., 2mill., 2mosch., mur-ac., murx., mygal., 1naja., 1nat-a., 1nat-c., 1nat-m., 1nat-p., 2nit-ac., 2nux-m., 1nux-v., ol-j., 2olnd., 2op., osm., 2ox-ac., par., petr., 1ph-ac., 1phos., 2phys., pic-ac., 2plat., 2plb., 2podo., 2prun-s., 2psor., 1puls., rhus-r., 2rhus-t., rumx., sabin., sang., 2sars., 2sec., seneg., 1sep., 2sil., 1spig., 1spong., squil., stann., staph., 2stram., 2stront., stry., 2sul-ac., sul-i., 1sulph., sumb., 1tab., tarax., tarent., tell., tep., ter., thea., 2ther., 2thuj., tril., valer., 2verat-v., 1verat., vesp., 2viol-t., 2zinc.4d
Chest; heart; palpitations; after a surprise;2coff.
Chest; heart; palpitations; after dinner;calc., chin., crot-t., hep., ign., phos., 2puls., sil., stram., sulph.
Chest; heart; palpitations; after drinking;benz-ac., 1con.
Chest; heart; palpitations; after drinking; beer;sumb.
Chest; heart; palpitations; after drinking; coffee;bart., 1nux-v.
Chest; heart; palpitations; after drinking; cold water;thuj.
Chest; heart; palpitations; after eating;2abies-c., 2acon., alum., am-m., aspar., 2bov., bufo., 1calc., 2camph., 2carb-an., 2carb-v., coc-c., cop., crot-t., cupr., hep., 2ign., kali-c., 1lyc., manc., merc., 2nat-c., 2nat-m., nat-p., 2nit-ac., 2nux-v., phos., plb., psor., 1puls., 2sep., sil., sulph., thuj.
Chest; heart; palpitations; after emission;2asaf.
Chest; heart; palpitations; after excitement;alum., 2ambr., 1arg-n., 2ars-i., 2ars., 2asaf., 2aur-m., 2aur., 2bad., 2bell., 2cact., 2calc-ar., calc., 2chim., chin-a., 2cocc., 2coff., 2crot-h., 2dig., ferr., 2kali-p., lith., 2lycps., 2naja., nat-m., 2nit-ac., 2nux-v., 2ph-ac., 1phos., 2plat., 2podo., 2puls., seneg., 2sep.
Chest; heart; palpitations; after excitement; after sudden excitement;alumn., 2cact., 2lach., 2nux-v.
Chest; heart; palpitations; after fright;1acon., 2aur-m., cact., 2coff., 2nat-m., nux-m., 2op., 2puls., stram., verat.
Chest; heart; palpitations; after headache;cimic.
Chest; heart; palpitations; after intense happiness;2coff.
Chest; heart; palpitations; after joy;2bad., 2coff., puls.
Chest; heart; palpitations; after masturbation;2dig., 2ferr., 2ph-ac.
Chest; heart; palpitations; after period;agar., iod., 2nat-m., nit-ac., seneg.
Chest; heart; palpitations; after sexual intercourse;am-c., 2dig., 2sep.
Chest; heart; palpitations; after stool;2agar., 1ars., caust., 1con., grat.
Chest; heart; palpitations; after supper;2lyc., 2ph-ac., 1puls., rumx.
Chest; heart; palpitations; after suppressed foot sweat;2ars., 2sil.
Chest; heart; palpitations; after suppressed out-breaks on skin;2ars., 2calc.
Chest; heart; palpitations; afternoon;arg-n., bell., chel., chin-s., colch., crot-t., dig., euphr., form., gels., 2lyc., lyss., phos.
Chest; heart; palpitations; afternoon; 1 p.m.;chel.
Chest; heart; palpitations; afternoon; 3 to 5 p.m.;agar.
Chest; heart; palpitations; alternating; with loss of voice; ox-ac.
Chest; heart; palpitations; alternating; with pain in lower limbs; benz-ac.
Chest; heart; palpitations; anger;arn., 2phos., sep., staph.
Chest; heart; palpitations; anxiety;1acon., aesc., agar., alum., 2am-c., ant-t., 2apis., 2arg-m., 2arg-n., 1ars., aspar., 2aur-m., 1aur., bar-c., 2bry., 2cact., 2calc-p., calc-s., 1calc., 2camph., cann-s., carb-s., carb-v., 2caust., 2chel., 2chin-a., 1chin., 2cocc., 2coff., 2colch., croc., cupr., 1dig., elaps., ferr-ar., ferr-p., 2ferr., 2graph., 2hep., 2hyos., 2iod., ip., kali-ar., 2kali-c., 2kali-n., 2kali-p., kali-s., 2kalm., 2lach., 2laur., 2lil-t., lith., 2lyc., 2merc., 2mosch., 2nat-a., 2nat-c., 1nat-m., 2nat-p., 2nit-ac., nux-v., 2olnd., 2op., osm., 1ph-ac., 1phos., 2plat., 2plb., 2psor., 1puls., 2rhus-t., ruta., 2samb., sars., 2sec., 2sep., 1spig., 2spong., 2stram., 1sulph., thuj., 2verat., 2viol-t., 2zinc.
Chest; heart; palpitations; at menopause, or male menopause;2crot-h., 1lach., 2tab.
Chest; heart; palpitations; audible; aesc., agar., am-c., apis., 2ars., bell., 2calc., camph., colch., 2dig., 2iod., lyc., nat-m., sep., spig., thuj.
Chest; heart; palpitations; audible; at night;am-c., 2ars., colch.
Chest; heart; palpitations; bathing; am-c.
Chest; heart; palpitations; before chill;1chin.
Chest; heart; palpitations; before convulsions;2cupr., 2glon.
Chest; heart; palpitations; before epilepsy;ars., 2calc-ar., 2calc., cupr., 2lach.
Chest; heart; palpitations; before period;alum., 2cact., 2cupr., eupi., ign., 2iod., 2nat-m., 2sep., 1spong., zinc.
Chest; heart; palpitations; bending chest forward;kalm., 1spig.
Chest; heart; palpitations; breathing deeply; carb-v.
Chest; heart; palpitations; burping, belching; aur., bar-c., 2carb-v.
Chest; heart; palpitations; cold bathing; 2iod.
Chest; heart; palpitations; comes on suddenly; 2acon., 2aur., 2lach., 2mag-p., merc-i-f., 2nux-v., 2plb., 2puls.
Chest; heart; palpitations; convulsive; 2nux-v.
Chest; heart; palpitations; daytime;1acon., 2iod., rhus-t.
Chest; heart; palpitations; drinks; nux-m.
Chest; heart; palpitations; during chill;gels., lil-t., 2merc., ph-ac., phos., sep., sulph.
Chest; heart; palpitations; during cough;agar., calc-p., 2calc., cupr., kali-n., 2nat-m., psor., 2puls., stram., 2sulph.
Chest; heart; palpitations; during digestion;1lyc., 2sep.
Chest; heart; palpitations; during fever;2acon., aesc., 1ars., bar-c., 1calc., 2cocc., crot-h., merc., 1nit-ac., phos., 1puls., 2sars., 2sep., sulph.
Chest; heart; palpitations; during headache;aeth., arg-n., brom., bufo., plb., 2spig.
Chest; heart; palpitations; during hunger;2kali-c.
Chest; heart; palpitations; during period;agar., alum., 2arg-m., aur., 2bov., bufo., 2cact., 2croc., cupr., 2ign., iod., kali-n., merl., 2nat-m., nat-p., 2nit-ac., 2phos., rhus-t., sep., 2sil., 2spig., 2sulph., 2tab., thuj.
Chest; heart; palpitations; during period; eupi.
Chest; heart; palpitations; during pregnancy;2arg-m., 2con., 2laur., 1lil-t., 2nat-m., 2sep.
Chest; heart; palpitations; during sexual intercourse;2calc., crot-t., 2lyc., 2ph-ac., 1phos., visc.
Chest; heart; palpitations; during sleep;am-c., 2aur., 2calc., 2cann-i., ferr-i., kali-bi., kalm., 2merc-c., 2merc., 2nat-c., 2sep., sulph., zinc.
Chest; heart; palpitations; during stool;2ant-t., cycl., nit-ac., petr., 2sulph.
Chest; heart; palpitations; evening;2agar., alum., arg-n., brom., bufo., cact., canth., 2carb-an., 2carb-s., carb-v., 2caust., chel., cycl., dig., dulc., 2graph., 2hep., 2kalm., 2lec., 2lyc., 2lycps., 2manc., mez., murx., 2nat-m., par., 1phos., sep., sil., 2sulph., tab., thuj.
Chest; heart; palpitations; evening; in bed;2arg-n., calc., kali-n., 1lyc., 2nat-m., 2nit-ac., ox-ac., petr., 2phos., 2sep., 2sulph.
Chest; heart; palpitations; exertion; mag-m.

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